Pirates of the Savage Sea: Thunderbird Tactics

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Pirates of the Savage Sea: Thunderbird Tactics

Unread postby maltz » 24 Nov 2013, 14:52

I am truly sorry that I haven't got the time to produce a walkthrough for the Pirates expansion. Here is a pretty good guide:
http://guides.gamepressure.com/mightand ... savagesea/

And here is a pretty good Youtube guide for Thunderbird:

But I will do some write-up here. The tactics works well on Hard difficulty.


Craig Hack Build:
I followed my own walkthrough on the Orc Campaign. Picked very similar abilities.

Thunderbird has four kinds of moves.

(1) Continuous lightning strike

This attacks marks one of our stack with lightning, dealing massive damage. It is easily distinguishable by the static charge on the stack. Whenever you see a stack marked by it, MOVE THE STACK TO THE TREE ASAP. The tree will take the lightning hit at the end of the stack's every action. If a stack is short on movement range, you can use the Shaman (tier 4) unit's spell to buff the movement range by 2.

(2) Chain Lightning

It seems to spread randomly, as the lightning bolts spread to units not adjacent to each other. So there is no good way to counter it other to heal the damages.

- Destiny Weapon Arache. The patches seems to have restored its normal functions (it used to be way overpowered), but even nerfed Arache still offers decent healing. Awesome Destiny Weapon (auto-drain is a level 4 ability).

- Spell Mass Life Drain (45 mana). It stacks with Arache's drain.

- Reinforcement II or III. This is used at the beginning of the battle to buff whichever unit will soak up the retaliation damage. Tier 6 Panther Warrior is the best candidate (so don't use the special attack).

- Regeneration/Heal - if you have extra mana to spare

(3) Disable

One of our stacks is disabled. This, and the Lightning mark cannot be dispelled by the Light side racial special ability Unfetted. There is nothing we can do about it.

(4) Shuffle

Re-distribute our units. Normally this is not a concern, unless the stack marked by lightning strike happens to be moved to a place very far from the tree. For all other units, simply stay and shoot, or move up to melee attack.

[Recommended BUFF]

- Mass Heroism. Does not consume Mana!

Good luck bird hunting!

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