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by anakha
Dec 14 2007, 16:59
Forum: News
Topic: HoMM Kingdoms Announced
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HoMM Kingdoms Announced

Wow... the trailer/preview doesn't exactly inspire hope :(
by anakha
Apr 20 2007, 6:57
Forum: News
Topic: Tribes of the East Clarifications
Replies: 62
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Tribes of the East Clarifications

Heroes V: Pride matters least

reflecting the attitude of ubisoft
by anakha
Feb 16 2007, 19:24
Forum: News
Topic: FedEx and the Dark Messiah Computer
Replies: 22
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FedEx and the DM Computer

I have only one experience with fed-ex, and it was good aside from the fact that I wasn't informed I had to be home to accept a package at a certain time, at the first delivery attempt.

That said, they ought to reinburse arturchix for their horriffic handling of his property.
by anakha
Dec 14 2006, 8:10
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: The Next Stronghold?
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The Next Stronghold?

Wow, that looks really -really- cheap.
by anakha
Nov 19 2006, 13:33
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: First a Tank, Then...
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First a Tank, Then...

What is this, April 1st?
by anakha
Sep 14 2006, 19:54
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: Anyone having problems with the autoupdater?
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No mods, no cracks... the patch still did not work through auto updater.
But manually it did
by anakha
Sep 13 2006, 19:01
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: Anyone having problems with the autoupdater?
Replies: 26
Views: 5985

Same problem for me
Trying out the manual download now
by anakha
Sep 2 2006, 16:55
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: Renegade units in Addon
Replies: 153
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Rapid fire, cleave, battle frenzy... they have been reading too much D&D! All those skills are stolen. I do not like the sound of "cleave" in heroes. It seems out of place, and I am disappointed in the lack of creativity here.
by anakha
Jun 17 2006, 9:12
Forum: News
Topic: New Comic: Ghosts of the Past
Replies: 14
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New Comic: Ghosts of the Past

Ehm, I'm not stupid, but IMO it makes no sense, except for "sandro is back"
by anakha
Jun 7 2006, 10:18
Forum: Articles
Topic: First Heroes V Patch Now Available
Replies: 86
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Patch 1.1

"I dont know how to split my troops Examp: to split 6 angels in 3 + 3 ?"

Hold down 'shift' while you drag the troop between two slots.
by anakha
May 18 2006, 19:10
Forum: News
Topic: Got Heroes ?
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Got Heroes ?

well, I'm the one biting the coin, but I doubt anyone knows me by as "anakha" anyway. So...

by anakha
May 17 2006, 19:40
Forum: News
Topic: Heroes V is Out!
Replies: 87
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Heroes V is Out!

if ubisoft had mailed the package normally instead of trying to deliver it at my home in the middle of the day by fed ex while I'm at work, then I might have had the game already... now I have to hope for tomorrow
by anakha
May 8 2006, 4:51
Forum: Articles
Topic: Spin the Skill Wheel
Replies: 363
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Skill Wheel

Wonderful job, thanks a lot!
by anakha
Apr 21 2006, 7:47
Forum: News
Topic: The Game is Gold
Replies: 34
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The Game is Gold

bring on the champagne
by anakha
Apr 17 2006, 9:17
Forum: News
Topic: An Update to the Layout
Replies: 6
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An Update to the Layout

good luck
by anakha
Apr 13 2006, 5:02
Forum: News
Topic: Ubisoft to Drop Starforce
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Ubisoft to Drop Starforce

ceeeelebrate good times come on!! *sings*
by anakha
Apr 6 2006, 22:03
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: The Collector Edition
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The Collector Edition

As long as that "faction document" is included in the "super collector's edition" that I already ordered I'll be happy.
by anakha
Apr 6 2006, 4:42
Forum: News
Topic: Heroes V Mini Game Launches
Replies: 42
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Heroes V Mini Game Launches

I can't get to the server... guess it's busy or down. It's probably a pretty smart way to keep the interest up until the release.
by anakha
Feb 9 2006, 7:17
Forum: Articles
Topic: Academy Heroes
Replies: 45
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Academy Heroes

gorgeous portraits

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