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The New Map Archives

Postby ByteBandit » Nov 8 2009, 20:15

We have changed the Map Archives around a bit. Many people did'nt like the fact that there were so many groups, so I have decided to do something about it. I have combined HoMM3 Map Archives I, II and III into one Archive and HoMM3 Map Archives IV, V and VI into another.
Along with that, I have added some more utilities and hundreds of maps I found from H3 Trio and Astral Wizard that had never been released for many years.
I have also arranged the maps alphabetically through folders, making it easier to navigate in the files section, instead of waiting and waiting for the pages to load. I have also found more documentations (Around 200) for maps that never had them before.
I have combined Campaign Archives I and II into one Archive as well as the WoG Archives.
And with the HoMM2 Archives, they are also alphabetically arranged with separate folders.
Instead of having 11 group sites, we now have 5! I could'nt reduce the amount of sites anymore since they are pretty much full as they stand now.
So, bottom line here is, less registration, more maps and utilities than before. It should make things easier for those who like to play custom maps from HoMM1 to HoMM3 now.
Here are the sites:

HoMM3 Maps A - L

HoMM3 Maps M - Z and HoMM3 Tools

All Campaigns and RMG Texts

WoG Maps and Tools

HoMM2 and HoMM1 Maps

Translated HoMM3 Maps

HoMM3/WoG Files

I don't know how Pol feels about it, but I have no plans on making a Heroes IV or HV Archive in the immediate or near future. And for a simple reason. H4 and H5 maps can be found here at CH as well as other major map sites. Pretty much everything I have for H4 (Except for maps I made) I got from sites that plan to be around for quite a while. I don't have H5 yet, but from what I can gather, everything for it can be gathered from just about everywhere you can imagne.

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Postby Justas » Jun 4 2011, 11:18

Could you upload to or something like that please? :hoo:

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Postby Pol » Jun 4 2011, 14:29

Nope, it would be too big. Just pick yourself what you would like.
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Re: The New Map Archives

Postby Magelord » Aug 20 2015, 11:48

WOW, That's a lot of work! Thank you! And Astral Wizard maps as well! Who knew any of that was still out there. @.@

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