MMExtension v2.2 + MMEditor v2.1 Level Editor [June 4, 2019]

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Re: MMExtension v2.2 + MMEditor v2.1 Level Editor [June 4, 2019]

Postby Vinevi » Jun 28 2020, 14:25

For me it turned out that portals are too big of a deal for almost nothing. I mean the performance doesn't seem to drop too badly, probably unless going for a really huge map and automap being revealed right away is alright. So the object mode seems fine as for now. I have made a small sample map using textures from Minecraft as a little showcase:
The _Invisible_ texture is really helpful for making invisible walls and movement helpers. For example in this map blocks themselves are too high to just step over them so I've used _Invisible_ texture like that:
To make slides to help moving around. Clip texture is used in Quake to achieve similar results.
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Re: MMExtension v2.2 + MMEditor v2.1 Level Editor [June 4, 2019]

Postby cthscr » Jun 30 2020, 14:45

GrayFace wrote:
cthscr wrote:Oh, I'm already logging them. Problem is two actions 113 are used to quit from subscreen. And I'm unable to do two actions at once [at least yet]. Looks like action 113 supposes to clear actions queue if Param2 is 0. Setting it to something else won't help though.

There's a function for exiting a single house screen:, 0x4BD818, 0x4BB3F8), 0) (or Game.ExitHouseScreen() in current version from Github). You can exit all house screens like this:

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while, 0x4BD818, 0x4BB3F8), 0) ~= 0 do
-- then add action 133 which would close house dialog properly

Also note the ability to call the function that processes actions like this:, 0x4304D6, 0x42EDD8), 0)

Surprisingly, the easiest method to kick party out of shop was to set this shop ban expiration time into the future (even 2 ticks was enough for me).
MM8, for houses 1 - 52:

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mem.i8[0xB211D4 + 8 * HouseId] = Game.Time + 2

Since I tried to set up ban, I've got exit for free. Found at 0x4431C6.

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