News campaign Liberation of Oak Valley

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New campaign "Liberation of Oak Valley"

Unread postby {CH}ArticleBot » 08 Feb 2024, 23:45

Hi folks,
Mctronic kindly send us his new campaign for Heroes V - Tribes of the East. Your journey will be to liberate Oak Valley, as Ylthin, a skilled and respected elven ranger.

As each map is state of art, there's even more. The campaign contains two additional mods, one for music, with more music available over external link and Large Message Boxes mod by Pitsu. Maps has been  tested by Wheeler Deeler.

From the notes:

  1. Installation
    Put the files in their respective directory where you installed Heroes V Tribes of the East (that is : put the content of userMODs in this archive inside the UserMODs directory of Heroes 5 TotE, and so forth).
    To uninstall, simply remove those files from the folders that is located in "UserMODs".
    In the Video and Audio option menu, uncheck the checkbox "No Eyecandies".
  2. Playing
    Launch Heroes V - Tribes of the East.
    Go into Single Player / User Campaigns and select Liberation of Oak Valley to start the adventure :).
    To be played on hard difficulty.


Download "Liberation of Oak Valley"
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Re: News campaign Liberation of Oak Valley

Unread postby mctronic » 09 Feb 2024, 17:20

Hello CH fans,

I'm pleased to share with you a new campaign for Heroes V - Tribes of the East. Should you wish to download the version with the music mod you can find it here: ... BhOTj2E9oE


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