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by Ya5MieL
Apr 24 2006, 19:32
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Topic: Troop Comparison Chart
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Troop Comparison Chart

1: Skeletons/Skel. Archers (one just has to like them :) 2: Archer/Marksman (with every new heroes game they gettin better) 3: Minotaurs (Their charismatic presence dating since heroes 1 just owns) 4: Druids/Vampires (from good old H2 times) 5: Genies/Hydras (just cant decide) 6: Rahshasa (they look...
by Ya5MieL
Apr 13 2006, 18:55
Forum: News
Topic: The Demo is Out! The Demo is Out!
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The Demo is Out! The Demo is Out!

As usual, they release demo just a day after i burned my graphic card, and i doubt my replacement (2MB PCI video card) will manage to run it :P .... but dl is on the way anyway, 122Kb/s... almost reaching my bandwidth limit (1Mbit) :)) yipeee yey
by Ya5MieL
Feb 9 2006, 20:16
Forum: News
Topic: More keys at Fileplanet
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More keys at Fileplanet

Finaly! Yey :) ... time to give H3 a well deserved break :P
by Ya5MieL
Feb 1 2006, 20:38
Forum: News
Topic: Open Beta is... Open to All
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Open Beta is... Open to All

Same here,.... it gets pretty annoying after you spend few hours downloading to find out that you actualy cannot play it ... i expect to be able to get the key soon, couse this freaks me out.. -.-
by Ya5MieL
Feb 1 2006, 16:06
Forum: Articles
Topic: Inferno Creature Statistics
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Inferno Creature Statistics

Infernal succubi cost is rather high compared to unupgraded one -.-
by Ya5MieL
Sep 22 2005, 6:25
Forum: Articles
Topic: Dungeon Creatures
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Noooooo, ma favourite Heroes creature at lowest level in its history (Minotaurs)... Well, nvm... looks good so far!
by Ya5MieL
Sep 2 2005, 18:31
Forum: Articles
Topic: Fabrice Bio
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It bests chess cuz its more fun and easier to master (though it aint so easy, but still easier than chess),... but will never beat chess in overall tactical worth :P ... Chess is untouchable tactic game at the moment :) though i found it quite boring when i moved to senior league :P --- ... As for F...

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