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by m0sh
Jun 17 2009, 12:20
Forum: Heroes I-IV
Topic: Heroes III: how would you rank the towns?
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I'd never had problems beating Conflux ... I'm surprised people are calling it the best town...there are many not so good players yes you can get spells easy (well u need luck also) and another player can disable spells aswell... I love Rampart and my friend likes Tower , but we play XL l...
by m0sh
Jun 17 2009, 12:09
Forum: Modcrafting Guild
Topic: Heroes of Might & Magic III: Horn of the Abyss
Replies: 418
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Well , I've only registered now but I've been looking at this forum for a long time... I never thought this would be done in time , but its a shame that they don't notify us on whats happening...I don't mind waiting ... just give a real date... I predict Q4 2009 ;) I've decided not to play WOG anymo...

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