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by BB Shockwave
Nov 7 2010, 14:05
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: HVI units (images)
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I must say, even the Heroes V demons looked better then these. Why are they all peppered with magma rocks? Also, a lot of creatures are mirroring the (much hated by me) Heroes V Warhammer/World of Warcraft style. Just a few things: - Why do Pit Fiends/Lords use a broken piece of a sword? It's neithe...
by BB Shockwave
Nov 7 2010, 13:57
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: Preview french PC Games (Xmas2010 issue)
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Exactly. They are stealing ideas...

This... thing, btw, looks really more like something that belongs to Diablo or Doom, not Heroes. But then again, the whole art style is exactly the same as in Heroes V, no surprises here.
by BB Shockwave
Apr 29 2008, 20:56
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: Heroes Online Screenshots (55pics)
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WOW! Thanks for taking more screens, especially for the various creature shots! I was surprised to see that the monks became... nuns! :) The Dungeon looks great, the Evil Eye is truly unique, not just a rip-off of a D&D beholder anymore. Cyclopses and Ogres look great - Cyclopses even better the...

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