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by Warmonger
Feb 9 2008, 16:41
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: In general, which School of Magic is Strongest/Most Useful?
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Dunno if it was posted before, but proves the rule might << magic.

Necromancer with a only a few stacks defeats 300+ populations inside Strongold during a siege :S If you are deviant enought to play similar games, answer to our question is obvious.
by Warmonger
Feb 9 2008, 16:25
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: Wishing to cast Divine Vengeance on Nival
Replies: 10
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As soon as I read the game guide I knew that DV damage formula is either incorrect or ridiculously overpowered. Though trough my few days of play I haven't managed to cast it with my own hero yet.
by Warmonger
Feb 9 2008, 16:09
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: Heroes VI Wishlist And Engine Poll
Replies: 75
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My little wishlist: -Fighthing heroes come back! One-man army ftw. -Linear exp progression with no cap... no caps at all! -Various artifact pool - before TotE they could only modify initiative, as any attack bonus was not significant at all. -More customizable skill choice - H4 system with TotE feat...
by Warmonger
Feb 9 2008, 15:53
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: So what's the final verdict on Heroes V?
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After getting familiar with TotE I may say this one is finally playable. Still, loading times, avaliable map pool and general problem with running any mod makes this game daunting.
by Warmonger
Feb 9 2008, 9:48
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: The ultimate powergaming thread
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The ultimate powergaming thread

I need to say the thing I like at most while playing any game is the feel of POWER. In Heroes saga it seems to be easily reachable, though I can't find too much content which could help in this matter. So, here's the wishlist from which I suppose you all could have some benefits - Maps which include...

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