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by diorj
Sep 28 2009, 13:26
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Topic: More Good Old Games
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More Good Old Games

Does anyone know if the Heroes 3 version has widescreen support. I'd love to be able to play it without stretching or switching screen resolutions.
by diorj
Mar 13 2006, 15:32
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Topic: Stardock and Starforce
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Stardock and Starforce

It was lame to post a game's illegal torrent on the starforce forums. I now will never buy a game including H5 if it has starforce. GalacCiv by the way is a great game, and so far their sales have been way beyond Stardock's expectations. SO I guess they are doing something right. Make a good game.
by diorj
May 18 2005, 1:31
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Topic: More Heroes V screenshots
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so far it looks like warcraft and no monster stacks. Not real impressed. The town was the best thing I saw.

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