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by Silverblade
Jan 12 2011, 11:09
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Tribes of the East → Will of Asha → Heart of Dar

Like Dstr says, Puppet Master. If you have it and use it well you can defeat almost anyone with Arantir or Ornella. If your opponent is immune to mind control spells the Avatar of Death or Phoenix and Vampirism/Raise Dead are your friends!
by Silverblade
Jun 18 2006, 12:02
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Topic: Sylvan Creature Statistics
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Sylvan Creature Statistics

@ Sauron True, Warcraft had some big dwarves, but they were exceptions, not the norm. In a normal, physical race with genes such exceptions should exist (like 7 foot tall humans). But designers can and should take some creative liberties with mythological creatures, especially with classical fantasy...
by Silverblade
Jun 16 2006, 12:58
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Topic: Discourses of M&M
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Discourses of M&M

Though I agree on many points with the author's views I must bring up a couple of points. 1. HOMM III essentially improved every single aspect of HOMM II. There are few examples of sequels which justified their existence as much as it did. Every single thing that I found myself wishing I could see w...
by Silverblade
Jun 16 2006, 12:24
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... -Ian "Last of the Heroes IV programmers" Well, if it makes you feel any better, I LOVE Heroes IV. I still play it almost every day. In fact, I have put aside Heroes 5 for now, and have picked up Heroes IV once again. It's really a great game, what with the player-made mods & maps. I love He...
by Silverblade
May 25 2006, 9:27
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Topic: Might and Magic History
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Might and Magic History

Wow Echo_ this brought up some memories :') Kudos for all the typing work!

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