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by Jorgold
Dec 17 2012, 18:00
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: old heroes feel, when is it coming back?
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Anything, as long as the next installment sheds that garish comic look. I find that extremely takes away from the mood, even though I liked the game mechanics of VI and V.
by Jorgold
Dec 15 2012, 17:53
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: Shades of Darkness
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I guess hoping for a map generator in the expansion would be too much?
by Jorgold
Mar 16 2006, 14:23
Forum: Wake of Gods
Topic: Script error in Evil Way Home
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Script error in Evil Way Home

Hello all! First of all, thank you for this mod which already has given me hours of fun. Now, I am at map3 in Evil Way Home and the game goes into a loop with a script error message. The error happens after one enemy cruises a lake and starts taking out stacks of water elementals. Here's the log fil...

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