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by Moondragon
Jun 29 2020, 0:03
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Topic: The Necromancer → The Lord of Heresh
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Re: The Necromancer → The Lord of Heresh

This mission on heroic was laughably easy for me . . . and now I know why. When I fought Godric, I wasn't expecting the Haven reinforcements, so troop conservation wasn't a huge concern. When the Haven reinforcements showed up, they had a HUGE army, but it disappeared instantly and it went to the cu...
by Moondragon
Jun 9 2020, 14:57
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Topic: The Cultist → The Conquest
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Re: The Cultist → The Conquest

My oh my this mission was such a pain on Heroic. I was too stubborn to use Sylvan troops because I wanted to follow the plot, plus gating is a lifesaver. Eventually Gilraen attacked me in the Northeast town and I somehow defeated him with like 1 troop left (I stalled with raise dead for quite a whil...
by Moondragon
Jun 4 2020, 18:37
Forum: Articles
Topic: Artifacts
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Re: Artifacts

I really wish the artifacts carried over in the main HoMMV campaigns . . . And that they had the combo bonuses (eg. Dragon artifacts).
by Moondragon
Jun 4 2020, 18:34
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Topic: Utopia in a Month
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Re: Utopia in a Month

This method would work even better with inferno troops. Put two imps instead of peasants and then you can gate in more one imp stacks . . . The only problem is that the inferno shooter stacks kind of suck and are higher tier only.
by Moondragon
Jun 4 2020, 0:12
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Topic: Skill Wheel
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Re: Skill Wheel

Is there any way the skill wheels could be made accessible once Flash is discontinued? I find these super helpful!

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