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by ShardofTruth
Jul 5 2014, 16:51
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Dead Dragon Online
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Dead Dragon Online

It's a bit dragging considering city development, unit recruiting, level ups and even hero movement, but since it's a free2play game that's pratically a given. The combat is okay (maybe a bit simplistic because there are just a few skills available), the graphics look nice and the story is intriguin...
by ShardofTruth
Sep 1 2013, 15:17
Forum: News
Topic: Jennifer Bullard Interview at Acidcave
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Jennifer Bullard Interview at Acidcave

This was an interesting read, even though some answers were a bit short or disappointing (I can't believe that the Enroth world was unnamed).
But now I really like to know what angels actually are in the old games, is there any chance to contact Greg Fulton about that?
by ShardofTruth
Mar 25 2013, 9:24
Forum: Might and Magic
Topic: Your Favourite M&M
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I'd prefer 7 over 6 if it weren't for some of the nasty bugs I had back then, one even ruined a playthrough (those @$#§%&! lich jars).

Harmondale was a great idea though and it was overall better designed than MM6. I wouldn't have a problem with the bigger dungeons if they weren't repopulated.
by ShardofTruth
Feb 15 2013, 21:59
Forum: News
Topic: Game Collection Contest
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Game Collection Contest

The guy with two (!) PC versions of Crusaders, all versions of Warriors and Shifters and even Dragonrage has some balls. He should win the statue for buying all this crap alone.
by ShardofTruth
Dec 7 2012, 17:56
Forum: News
Topic: H6 Expansion Release Date: Feb. 28
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H6 Expansion Release Date: Feb. 28

No Academy faction addon makes me a sad panda.
by ShardofTruth
Dec 7 2012, 1:51
Forum: News
Topic: New Official MM Portal
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New Official MM Portal

Yeah, they should totally have a trash category for CoMM, WoMM and LoMM and also add Dragonbone Staff there.

Other than that I really like this new site. :D
by ShardofTruth
Oct 4 2012, 20:07
Forum: News
Topic: H6 Expansion Announced
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H6 Expansion Announced

I don't think so, at least that wasn't the case with Tribes of the East.
by ShardofTruth
Sep 2 2012, 21:48
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Soul Forge
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Soul Forge

Please answer these two questions:
1. Is the Pirate Sword from the 1st DLC already in this list?
2. If not and you already have the Pirate Sword, do you can still access the Soul Forge?

I could never use this feature, it never stops loading and nothing is unlocked.
by ShardofTruth
Aug 30 2012, 19:58
Forum: Articles
Topic: Marzhin Q&A
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Marzhin Q&A

Destroying the world of Enroth & Co at the beginning of Heroes IV was the worst mistake 3DO/NWC ever made, I just couldn't get myself to like Axeoth and Might and Magic IX didn't help either. In general I find Ashan more enjoyable, even if there are too many dragons (not in Heroes VI though), so I t...
by ShardofTruth
Aug 1 2012, 10:04
Forum: News
Topic: Poll: H6 Expansion or H7?
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Poll: H6 Expansion or H7?

Straight to Heroes VII? I wouldn't buy it, Ubisoft has to prove that they recognize and remove the many flaws of Heroes VI first and patches/addons are the preferable way to do so.
by ShardofTruth
Aug 1 2012, 9:52
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Dynasty Swords
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Dynasty Swords

To be honest I think the design of the Sword of the Pirate King is uninspired and dull. I'd have prefered to get the Dragon Flame Tongue in the DLC.
by ShardofTruth
Jul 21 2012, 16:42
Forum: News
Topic: Have Your Say: The Pirates Story
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Have Your Say: The Pirates Story

The "I need a Wizard"-trigger worked for me but not the one after fighting Jon, strange.
by ShardofTruth
Jul 19 2012, 12:36
Forum: News
Topic: Have Your Say: The Pirates Story
Replies: 18
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Have Your Say: The Pirates Story

Having never played M&M 1 or 2 (but Legends lol) I really liked the Varn map, although I think I missed the background reference in the quests several times. The map's design was truly unique, making more use of the available resources. Now I really wish for another M&M map but from Terra onwards pl...

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