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by sv398
Oct 9 2016, 21:23
Forum: News
Topic: Heroes VII. - Development cancelled
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Re: Heroes VII. - Development cancelled

Somehow "I told them so" doesn't even cover it for HoMM 7.

FFS Ubisoft should sell the license to someone that cares so we can get something playable for a change!
by sv398
Oct 25 2011, 21:32
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: If I were black hole, I would be pissed
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Personally I think this is Ubisoft's tricks. There were entries about the reception of the game and it's bugged state disappearing from Wikipedia, posts getting deleted in the forums etc. It's only logical for Ubisoft to keep a lid on this. Who would want the game to get reviewed as it is now? Can y...
by sv398
Oct 16 2011, 21:30
Forum: News
Topic: Day 2: Wonders and Woes
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Day 2: Wonders and Woes

The Bug Report thread made by RA_Fox is respectable of course but I've also started one, trying to consolidate bugs in the first page of posts, for people to see in one place.

Can you link that thread also please? ... 3141070459

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