Heroes III - New Saga!

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Heroes III - New Saga!

Postby Tobius » Apr 1 2008, 13:11

Hey folks,
I've read about the "Gettysburg (1863)" project and noticed the motivated comments about a new Heroes III map. I'm not sure whether it's convenient time, but I just wanted to open this thread right now to have a place here to present my current project.

It's a Heroes III SoD map. It's not for WoG since I only want to use it if I was able to write ERM scripts, but sadly I'm absolutely clueless about scripting at all. My project is not a historical scenario as Gettysburg is going to be, my map is going to be a classical fantasy scenario - or rather I hope that it'll turn out as such. However, my map should follow the path Corribus set with his astounding RPG maps, thus my map is going to be a story-driven singleplayer scenario.

And here's the actual problem. Since English isn't my mother tongue, I'm not able to write the story in English. My native language is German, thus someone was needed who thinks to have the time and the proficiency in translating my texts into English. You must know that my map's status is really incomplete in the moment , thus it'll take me some months for sure to finish it, but this topic is going to be a long-term one. So, I think I can yet ask for any volunteers to translate the texts. But consider that there will be really much words since I try to reach for Corribus' maps.

I was in low spirits if there was no one who could translate it because in this case I couldn't get any feedback from your side what would mean that I would never get any feedback from the most experienced players and map makers. That was a tragedy.

Well, I look forward to some interested parties - at least for the project itself.


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Postby Pol » Apr 1 2008, 13:32

If you will kept your main line coherent I believe that you will found enough people to help you out.

You still will be solely responsible for smaller messages, here's no ultimate help. :devious:
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Postby Arkas » Apr 1 2008, 20:58

@Tobius, There is help for scripting as well, and there is alot more you can do for an RPG style map with WOG than you can in SoD...

Also, check my thread in the Wake of Gods forum here, and if you would like to use any of my scripts in your maps for WOG, you are welcome. I will not release them until the end of this month though, when I think I will be ready to have them tested extensively by others.

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Postby Gnoll_Mage » Apr 1 2008, 21:45

Well Tobius, you know I can do corrections, just not complete translations... ;)

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