Does anyone watch HoMM on Twitch?

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Does anyone watch HoMM on Twitch?

Unread postby Banedon » 06 Jan 2023, 14:16

It seems HoMM 3 has quite the following on Twitch, with many streams having over 1k viewers. The playerbase appears to be East-European dominated, and it also looks like they have some unique formats, e.g. "only one hero". The gameplay is very high level and the players all do optimizations like Town Portal home just before end of turn and keep only the fastest unit with the hero.

I occasionally watch for a few minutes. The games themselves make it clear why csarmi said everyone ends up with 8 heroes very quickly, why Expert difficulty is not a problem, why Necropolis is imbalanced, and so on. The maps are so rich with both neutrals and resources that these are only natural. Downsides are the East European playerbase makes it hard to follow the chat (since I don't speak any of the languages), and boy do turns take a long time.

If anyone are familiar with these games I'd be curious about details of the competitive scene :)
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