Ridiculous graphical lag in Heroes 4

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Ridiculous graphical lag in Heroes 4

Postby Senatorial » Aug 23 2013, 20:50

I am having serious graphical problems running HoMM4 WoW. My comp is a gaming notebook running Windows 7 64-bit. The game is in compatibility mode for Windows 98/ME.

When I load up any map, everything begins to lag very quickly. I can barely last a turn until my cursor and screen drag so much the game is nearly unplayable.

If I run the game with no compatibility on, there's a different problem...half of the time, the game doesn't render new screens (like when fliping through a spellbook) until I run the mouse cursor all over it, when it renders the graphics piece-by-piece.

Has anyone else had the same problems or know how to get the game working under W7 64? Thanks!

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Postby Xdarkon » Aug 24 2013, 13:55

Mhmmm, I get that on my 32-bit windows 7 Notebook... But only a few hours of gameplay. I am afraid I can't help you, sorry

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Postby Pol » Aug 25 2013, 6:10

Before playing the game disable graphic acceleration from windows control panel.
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