Describe and/or poke fun at HOMM creatures

The old Heroes games developed by New World Computing. Please specify which game you are referring to in your post.

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Describe and/or poke fun at HOMM creatures

Postby BurntPhoenix » Feb 18 2013, 22:04

In this thread, you describe what the design (or animations) of various creatures throughout the HOMM series are/might be influenced by, or what they remind you of. Have fun with it.

Heroes 1
Ogre- A caveman

Dragon- Spyro the Dragon’s Dad (or Mama, maybe)

Heroes 2
Steel Golem – The Tin-Man from Wizard of Oz bulked up

Air Elemental – The Earth (or Fire or Water) Elemental with a cloaking device turned on

Greater Druid – Someone in a bath robe with a hood

Heroes 3
Lizardman/Warrior – A green Jar Jar Binks (or is it correct to say Jar Jar Binks looks like a tan Lizardman/Warrior ?? ;) )

Black Knight – Batman lost his cape and bat mobile but got a cool sword and horse, not to mention a new set of eyes too

Heroes 4
Troglodyte – A blind frog-man with a stick

Dragon Golem – A 4-legged mechanical spider

Devil - The Red Skull (Captain America's nemesis) goes medieval and thinks a pitchfork serves as suitable replacement for his left hand

Heroes 5
Peasant – The most well-fed peasant out there

Treant – A huge, freaky puppet thing you’d see at an Arbor Day parade or festival

Lava Dragon - Volcanic Godzilla (what can I say though, I LOVE the concept and design… this is coming from someone who generally prefers the classic NWC creatures and looks)

Storm Titan – Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 80’s with an unfortunate choice of fashion after falling in a bucket of radioactive goop (at least H6’s possible Titan resembles a traditional NWC Titan again)

Heroes 6
Ghoul – LOTR’s Gollum, as a bondage slave… with claws

Breeder – A fleshly alien version of the plant monsters called Ochu from the Final Fantasy series (looks like it came straight from a horror-science-fiction setting you’d expect in a DOOM game, ya know? Not something in a FANTASY-based setting… I feel similar with some of the other creatures in H6’s Inferno town)

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Postby Kristo » Feb 19 2013, 17:51

The Goblin from H2 looks like he's carrying a spaghetti server.
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Postby BoardGuest808888 » Mar 20 2013, 6:33

H 2 :

Elf; Robin Hood in Peter Pan cos play.

H 4 :

Earth Elemental; moai (or whatever it is called. U know, giant statue head).

H 5 :

Fire Elemental; hydralisk in gas station.

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Postby PetrusOctavianus » Apr 20 2014, 10:51

H1: Peasants look like a young Richard Garriott. And not by coincidence, I bet.

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