All around worst hero?

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Which, in your opinion, is this game's worst hero?

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Postby konfeta » Jun 17 2008, 20:42

Not really. Wizards can also do it. Seeing as Magnetic Golems get healed by spell damage, they are actually better at it than the dwarves.

While their physical army will be weaker, they can get this going much earlier at much less expense.

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Postby Wolfsburg » Jun 25 2008, 14:24

Sorry guys, Kaspar just doesnt belong in this list. Just doesnt. Excellent creeper, the ideal second hero in any game.

Opposite to Orson, the mighty zombie meatball.

C'mon now.

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Lord Lakely
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Postby Lord Lakely » Jul 4 2008, 18:33

:Shock: I can't belive that no one mentionned Dirael or Talanar, two Heroes with limited uses as a main Hero. Both are extremely difficult to develop into a good hero, that can beat your opponent.

Why are Faiz and Galib doing on that list ? Take them from it immedeately. Judging their specialties, both are the weakest Academy Heroes, but I wouldn't have put the on the list either.

Nebiros is Weak. Point final. but Grawl is handicapped too, with his damned Destructive, and he doens't have a guarantee to get Wild Druids either... :(

Svea sucks a great deal !!! Eruïna can have a similar effect with Lightning and Master of Storms + Expert Irresistable Magic. Give me a break ! And Inga's speciality is weak, so weak :beheading:

Ellaine is a great starting Hero ! When I play Haven, I often pick her, just to get her Peasants. Then I dismiss her of course; her speciality and starting skills are very (El)lame

Orson is handicapped due to the real sluggishness of the Zombies. Nival should have given him +1 initiative per 6 levels instead of attack and defence. Vitality and Defence are additional goodies, but no as important as Dark, Summoning or Sorcery. I also dislike Vladimir and Kaspar, but neither are bad.

Dungeons weakest hero is, without a doubt, Yrbeth. Really who wants to sacrifice up to 10 turns for extra mana. You're better of with Enlightement with Intelligence. Yrbeth is a Warlock and thus not a weak hero.

Gorshak sucks too, but Leadership is handy for his run-away Goblins so that they can attack a lot of times before they flee.

I voted Svea: really really sucky. Maybe a carreer in the Red Light District, but not in Heroes 5

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Postby Asheera » Jul 6 2008, 13:54

Svea is the worst hero. Ellaine actually is pretty good for a secondary hero, but Svea's speciality has absolutely almost no uses at all.
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