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The new Heroes games produced by Ubisoft. Please specify which game you are referring to in your post.

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Postby ecsunotos » Sep 17 2010, 11:21 not really
It's an improvement of HoMM V graphics

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Postby RommeL_666 » Sep 17 2010, 13:29

ThunderTitan wrote:Which disciples are you referring to?! But actually no, not really...

Disciples 3 graphic.
not really,hmm what about area of control for mines from Disciples 2?
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Postby ThunderTitan » Sep 17 2010, 20:55

Yeah, the control area thing does sound like it comes from Disciples, but that's about it... remember that Disciples 3 actually copied the Battlefield from Heroes instead of the previous Disciples games.
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Postby Banedon » Sep 18 2010, 1:30

There's a skip button for town conversion so even though it's slow you can skip it. The combat scenes are really too slow though, after the first few times watching it it'll get tedious real quick. I hope it's possible to speed up like in Heroes 4.

@Kristo - perhaps, but then you would expect an army to be significantly smaller than a town in size right? :)
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