Pillars of Eternity

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Pillars of Eternity

Postby ThunderTitan » Apr 7 2015, 13:04

So way back when i put up some money for the kickstarter for this.

I've been playing it a bit, and in a graveyard i came across an interesting name (i'm assuming those are names of backers).

It was Corlagon. So i was wondering, is it our own Corlagon, or just some other old Heroes fan?


Also, if you liked the BG series, you should play this game... one way or another, i don't judge (well, not out loud).
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Postby Neidhaart » Apr 7 2015, 18:42

MAn, PoE is really cool. Got some bugs but hell, it's like im.. younger again... playing baldurs gate and foo.
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Postby GreatEmerald » Apr 7 2015, 19:25

I redeemed it on GOG and stuff, but haven't gone around to playing it. Might as well wait a bit for all the bugs to be ironed out, anyway.

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