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Re: MMX Preview

Postby jeff » Sep 8 2013, 19:23

Ryder wrote: To me, it's a Might and Magic game in name only.

I agree with many of your points, but I disagree here. It has all of the feel of a Might and Magic game. Remember this version is not much more than an alpha and many items will/should be adjusted; such as the rest cycle, weapons breaking and the long wait for the AI to finish its move. Others need to be improved such as the minimap, the attacking of opponents and though a long shot improvement in the movement system.

There are barrels but most hold items and are not the colored barrels of the past. :(
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MMX Preview

Postby Marzhin » Sep 8 2013, 22:35

The barrels containing colored, stat-increasing liquids will definitely be in the final game though :)
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