Paul Anthony Romero - Concerts in Kyiv

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Paul Anthony Romero - Concerts in Kyiv

Unread postby {CH}ArticleBot » 04 Mar 2024, 07:29

Paul Anthony Romero will be having very soon two concerts in Ukraine with Lumos Orchestra. The dates are:

About the show

Music from the famous game "Heroes of Might and Magic" in Lviv!
On March 11, 2024, at a concert at the Lviv Opera, your fantasies will come true: the music will immerse you in exciting battles with dragons and angels, lead you in search of the Holy Grail or magical towers, or perhaps take you straight to the Necropolis itself!

Paul Romero, the composer of the music for the Heroes of Might and Magic III game saga, whose acquaintance with Ukraine was accompanied by a sold-out show, is back! At the concert in Lviv, you will find an updated program - a concert that will make dreams come true for Heroes of Might and Magic fans: the composer will perform the legendary video game soundtrack live at the piano, accompanied by the unsurpassed geek band LUMOS Orchestra and the Evshan choir!

Concert soloist - Paul Romero (USA)
Conductor - Roman Kreslenko
Artistic director of the orchestra - Diana Koval
Artistic director of the choir - Iryna Kreslenko
Paul Romero - live concert in Lviv!

Paul Romero is a composer who has been accompanied by music all his life, since childhood he spent hours improvising on the piano, then fell in love with Chopin and Liszt, played Mozart with a symphony orchestra, and in his teens wrote and performed his first piano concerto with a symphony orchestra, and later received a scholarship to the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia.

Listening to music performed live by a composer is an experience that cannot be described, it must be heard and felt. In addition, the Heroes of Might and Magic III project has special, unique arrangements with the addition of instruments that emphasize the Ukrainian flavor.

Together with the composer, LUMOS Orchestra, the only geek orchestra in Ukraine, will perform on stage with their colleagues, the Galician chamber choir Evshan, and each of their performances is a real show that combines their own author's arrangements of music, animations by Ukrainian artists, interactive, scenery and costumes, and, most importantly, powerful drama with a well-told story.

The World of Might and Magic is calling! So don't delay, tickets are available for purchase on our website and at the city ticket offices.
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Re: Paul Anthony Romero - Concerts in Kyiv

Unread postby Pol » 04 Mar 2024, 20:26

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Loving who is the Devil here. :tongue:
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