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We are hiring!

Postby {CH}ArticleBot » Mar 24 2020, 21:28

M&M Guild is hiring new players, who would like to set up on the new adventure with Creature Quest mobile game by JVC.
Requirements are level 5+, defense in Guild Wars, ship sharing, attacking and logging in. More is merrier, come and ask your questions if you are new. The ad is valid for veterans too!!

Unicorn Duchy at EU-16 is seeking for a new players for Era of Chaos mobile game by Ubisoft. Nothing common with classical Heroes game but if you are curious you are welcome!

Celestial Heavens is looking for new editors and if you are a php programmer with knowledge of Joomla MVC overrides and would like to help us, let me know ;)
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Re: We are hiring!

Postby Aspiriins » Mar 31 2020, 8:08

* Comments in Contact url not working
* got Mail Delivery System error for lightmage55 email

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Re: We are hiring!

Postby Pol » Mar 31 2020, 16:30

Hello, thanks and sent mail! ;)
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