Wetsuit use can´t use it like this

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Wetsuit use can´t use it like this

Postby MM7isbest » Oct 6 2019, 7:36

I can´t put on the wetsuit after taking all items off all four characters. I have the Rev4Mod R1 by Maestro. I may have double mods Grayface. Can you see my savegame and tell me if this is fixable? I have never reached Shouls before in this game, not even in the 90s.

How to upload the savefile? This is the autosave https://gofile.io/?c=rwY9h3

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Re: Wetsuit use can´t use it like this

Postby MadMax » Oct 6 2019, 12:22

That is Might and Magic VII and not Might and Magic Heroes VII my friend! Have you taken off all rings etc too? :)
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