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Celestial Heavens  → Might & Magic: Heroes VI - Inferno - The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

by maltz


You can tell from the mission's name - this one is going to be Haven vs. Inferno. While you can conquer and convert everything to amass a huge army, a secondary mission interestingly requires you to stick with the "Tear path" and NOT convert any Town and Fort (though you CAN convert creature buildings). Can you win this mission with just one town plus several creature buildings?

Well, the answer is YES since this is a mission 4 with mission 2 enemies! Most areas are isolated from each other so you don't even worry about invasion - but there are zero enemy hero activities anyway (except for one scripted invasion)! Maybe the AI will "wake up" once you start converting towns and forts, but this walkthrough will stick with the "Tear path" and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.

Inferno Campaign Mission 4
Level cap: 30
Difficulty Index: 2/6
Last updated: December 18, 2011

Dynasty Traits: For choosing Tear, once again you will be swimming in resources since you spend at most 50K+ gold on hiring every week. Feel free to get the creature bonuses (as it will actually make a little difference). I still like to have a free generic hero - they mean a lot at the beginning.

Kiril begins this easy mission underground at (start). Just west from the starting point, you can find a very weak stack of Fire Elementals guarding a completely random artifact at (1). This spot is made very famous around the community since it has a low chance to spawn any artifact, including Dynasty Weapons - no matter you already have it or not. Since a few Dynasty Weapons (see list below) are not awarded to the player throughout the campaign, this is the only "normal" way to obtain them:

- Dragon Flame Tongue (Might)
- Perfect Silksword (Might)
- Edge of Chaos (Might) - preorder bonus
- Staff of Sar-Aggreth (Magic)
- Staff of Asha's Eightfold (Magic) - collector edition bonus
- Staff of Cleansing (Magic) - collector edition bonus

If you see something you don't like (most of times you get garbage), simply restart the mission and take a look again. My best result for the full hour of effort was a suit of extremely overpowered Guardian Breastplate - hope you get something nice, too!

Note: Farming your missing Dynasty Weapons here is very inefficient, since most artifacts are not Dynasty Weapons. There is a custom scenario made by ShardofTruth on the Ubisoft official forum. In this custom game (put it into your game's My Document/MMH6/Scenario folder), you can simply pick up your missing Dynasty Weapons from the floor (use it at your own risk; it might take away the fun of collecting and leveling). For the Weapon Master achievement, your hero has to equip a new Dynasty Weapon after obtaining it to make the counter go up.

Update for patch 1.2: This spot no longer spawns Dynasty Weapons. Doh!

Continue on the path north towards Town A. Defeat the unimpressive mini-boss to claim the town - this will be our only base of operation for the "Tear Path" - better build it up quickly! Pick up all resources lying around (you are also given quite a few to start this mission), and make your way to the exit through (2).

Kiril emerges from the top of the volcano at (2') to begin his conquest of the Purple Haven lands. Three roads lead away from the volcano - which one first? Kiril's dominance of the surface is established by conquering Town E - after that the Haven player goes completely dormant. The defense in Town E isn't too powerful, so you should be able to challenge it with a few more weeks of creatures from Town A.

Let's go south first to grab the closest and weakest Town B and boost our income. (We won't convert the towns, but we can still build the economic structures inside the towns.) Clear the area until a Purple hero comes from the east with a mediocre army. If you ignore him, he will proceed to attack Town A. In my game, I moved Kiril back toward the volcano (2'), and the Purple hero chose to fight Kiril even if Kiril was not really on his way.

After dispatching this hero, you can continue expanding southward and take Fort C, flag the creature building and convert it (only converting Towns and Forts will fail our Tear Path). The main quest of this mission involves clearing seven stacks of Dark Elementals, marked as (DE) on the map. In this area, you can fight the first (and weakest) stack of Dark elementals (they usually come with some other creatures). The Town B - Fort C area is not connected to anything else. Consider them your backyard now.

Next let's work on Fort D to the north. You can fight the second stack of Dark Elementals (DE) east of Fort D. Sweep clean the vicinity of Fort D. Now you should have enough units to take over Town E. Ship your fresh recruits to Kiril and do it! In my game, Town E has been built to level-4, and I ended up with two level-4 towns (Town A and E).

After taking Town E, the familiar Purple hero awaits you at (3) (the picture on the left is the army he carries on hard). He is probably too powerful for you now, but don't worry - he does not move at all. The Purple AI has officially entered hibernation (feature or bug?) and you might not even notice your new turn has arrived - don't press End Turn too hard or twice!

The rest of the surface is now open for Kiril to conquer. Fort F, Fort G, Town H, Town I just take them one by one when you feel like to. You can defeat two more stacks of Dark Elementals (DE) in these territories. The shipyard at (4) enables you to explore the sea, where you can bring down another stack of Dark Elemental - probably the most powerful among the seven. From Town I, do not go northeast to use the stairs yet - leave it for the last.

By now you should have accumulated enough units to defeat the Purple hero at (3). Continue east to flag Fort J and meet some interesting family members at (5) (you don't have to fight them - maybe you do for the Blood path?). Knock down yet another Dark Elemental stack.

Almost over! Finish all your business, equip your best artifacts, gather all you have, and enter the stairs at (6-6'). Here comes the last stack of Dark Elemental at the beginning of the underground passage. Follow the passage north to use the stairs (7-7'). Follow the boring path east to use the teleport at (8), which won't be activated until you have defeated all seven stacks of Dark Elementals. Ready for the mission finale battle?

Hm, the picture on the right is what you fight. You might find this fight difficult if you "over-achieve" and reach here too early. But since you have completed the "Tear Path" secondary mission of not converting towns and forts by entering the Invisible Library... you CAN convert them now! Within a few weeks, you should have more than enough units, and you should be gating in so many stacks that you may forget which ones are real! This marks the unspectacular ending of the Inferno campaign. Anyway, congratulations!

Sir_Toejam at 2013-08-27 08:29 wrote:
"After taking Town E, the familiar Purple hero awaits you at (3) (the picture on the left is the army he carries on hard). He is probably too powerful for you now, but don't worry - he does not move at all."

it was a bug. they fixed it. he now immediately tries to retake the city, with decent army, but you should still be able to crush him.... provided you of course stayed in the city.

Things are very different here if you play blood magic. many interesting differences.

already, in taking the first town, all the work I put into leveling Veyer was for nothing. He gets replaced by... SARAH. Oh, and what's more? when he gets replaced... he takes everything you left on him, artifacts, creatures, everything. So, if you're playing blood, make sure to strip him of everything before you take the first town.


ok... recommendations for those who went the blood magic route. Hope you boosted your power, and boosted it some more. really. you can't have too much power. it's worth spending 3 skill points to boost generic magic power by 10, and worth it to spend 3 more eventually on fire magic power. why? because the best way to avoid losing units... is to destroy the enemy army outright before it can even act. firestorm, fireball, armageddon... early on in this mission, even when you face your first hero, you can easily take out entire armies in a single shot. at level 25, my armageddon does 2.6k, firestorm 3k, and fireball 3.5k (using staff of urgash). note: I do NOT recommend getting immolation. It sounds great, with nearly 60% extra damage to your spells over two turns. but... the immolation makes it impossible to use your lillum's seduce ability, which can be critical in more dangerous battles later. Man, if only they made immolation switchable; so you could turn it on and off before the start of a battle, say.

OK, since you are a mage, you need to focus primarily on building magic using ranged troops. You should hit Town A on day 4. immediately build a tavern and hire a might hero (Nymus is the best choice here). give her level 15 realm skills - add spying for good measure so you can see where all the artifacts are, and of course movement and snatch. have her use her 2x build ability every day, starting with building a level 2 town center. build and upgrade your succubus on the next day, and give them ALL to your primary hero. build breeders and juggernauts the next day, and finally town walls and the upgrade to juggies on day 7. build a marketplace and upgrade your breeders on day1 of week 2. build and upgrade your maniacs on day 2. give all the demented, breeders, and lillum to your primary hero. really, that's all your primary hero needs to get started with. why? because the breeders give you the best init, and since they usually get targeted first, their auto-reinforce ability will make sure you take zero losses usually. most of the time, you actually will NOT want to split up your stacks, but instead use the breeders and demented to protect your lillum stack (so stacked together in a corner). Demented, because they make a good choice for a quick gate with their damage-reducing attack, along with another quick lillum gate for pacification or extra damage.

seriously, this is how I wiped out the first half of map 3, and works great for map 4 too. most times you can wipe out everything with a single cast of firestorm or armageddon, but when you can't, you can summon phoenix and or earth elementals in front of ranged units, and then proceed to wipe them out however you see fit.

but, why did you build juggernauts, I hear you asking. ah... those are for sister Sarah (a clint eastwood movie comes to mind here). Once you have a decent stack of those, advance tactics, plus reinforcement, plus cleave, plus counterstrike.... put them in the middle and have the rest of anything she has mop up after. once you have pit fiends, try using intimidate and heroic charge on them after your juggernaut attack. brutal. don't really need any ranged units. use the doggies as clean up crew if necessary, otherwise you can leave them out during tactics and start off with intimidate if facing low level mobs. use the sword of the pirate king once you have a decent army of juggies for sarah, at least level 4, if you have the dlc. it will allow them to reach any unit in the middle with their special attack, and give them a really high chance at a morale trigger as well.

With your primary, if you are facing a haven hero with blazing glories, equip The Oblivion staff (you bought it with your uplay points, right?) as that, plus crag hack's helm you find right as you enter the above ground area, will let you have first strike. otherwise, swap in the staff of urgash for extra firepower that cannot be healed! Or, another good choice for small early engagements is the staff of tides, as the ice barrier forms around everything, gated and summoned included. don't think I ever bothered with any of the other staves. Also good is to puppetmaster a big stack of glories, and let them blind any other threat. win win. Otherwise, just burn everything. muhahaha!

sarah has pathetic might values to start with, but she is blood, so recommend spending 3 points to boost her might power by 9. give her at least 4 pieces of the warlord's set (or all of it, after you find a haste or celerity ring or boots for your primary) and she should be good to go once you assign her skill points properly. recommend everything blood on warfare, mass heroism, heroic charge, intimidate, advanced tacticts, ambush, reinforce I and II only, logistics, assailant III, inner fire, mass regen, mass life drain. that should leave you with a spare point to spend on something to cover anythign unexpected. Most of the time, it will be reinforce the juggies (ravagers) and send them in to tear everything up.

EDIT: ooh, interesting.... Sarah has a special hidden power. Check out what happens to her army on the first day of each new week. :) Edit again.... huh, weird. I have no idea what was going on, but the stacks in her army each grew by one on the first day of the second week. did not happen on the third week. the stacks in my other hero's army didn't do that, so it was something particular to her, but... *shrug* Edit 3: Aha! turns out it happens every OTHER week after the first. great way to get a few extra pit lords. Oh, and it looks like it will only add one to a stack that has at least 5 units in it. tried a bunch of 1 and 2 unit pit lord stacks, and got nothing, tried a 5 and a 6 and they each increased by 1.

it's quite a different game than the might/tears version, that's for sure!

" Now you should have enough units to take over Town E." actually, not so much. probably need at least 5 weeks worth of troops to take that. so many griffins and blazing glories and vestals, it takes a huge chunk of army to whittle it down. I went on week 3 and got my butt handed to me.

finished my armageddon run. Final stats for my primary:

magic power: 98
nothing else matters.

using staff of urgash and full magister set.

armageddon at level 30: 4860
firestorm: 6030
fireball: 6769
firebolt: 7229

my armageddon is about the same damage as 50 pit lords. not terrible, but by the final battle, i had 165 pit lords.... :P

Edited on Wed, Aug 28 2013, 12:24 by Sir_Toejam

Sir_Toejam at 2013-08-13 01:51 wrote:
" There is a custom scenario made by ShardofTruth on the Ubisoft official forum. In this custom game (put it into your game's My Document/MMH6/Scenario folder), you can simply pick up your missing Dynasty Weapons from the floor "

this no longer spawns dynasty weapons. probably as of many patches ago, but certainly with the latest patch. the editor no longer allows you to place dynasty objects.

also the artifact spot mentioned only generated one of 3 different kinds of pendants for me, in over 20 map restarts. fortunately, one of them was a dragon eye pendant, so at least there's a decent magic boost there.
Edited on Tue, Aug 27 2013, 03:51 by Sir_Toejam

sizzlingsquid at 2013-07-09 14:32 wrote:
Kind of a drag that this last inferno mission ends unspectacularly. I was expecting something like fighting a pissed-off Azzie or a darkness dragon or a zillion Faceless or something like that.. instead, elementals. Boring elementals. Which my dogs made short work of.

I was surprised though there's a tear mission. Thanks for the great walkthroughs.
xiilus at 2013-07-06 04:59 wrote:
I like reading these campaign walkthroughs after I beat them once, to see if there's anything I missed, as well as get ideas for future run-throughs. I went Blood, so I was very surprised to read about the Tears secondary mission.

But reflecting on my experience this mission, it makes sense. Nothing told me not to convert anything, so I conquered and converted everything in sight. Everything was such a cakewalk. I couldn't believe this was a "mission 4." Now I understand; it is balanced for having only one town. Sounds like the challenge is low even then, but I can say if you go Blood instead of Tears, the difficulty drops from 2/6 to 1/6.

Reminds me of Kujin's "Mother Earth's Wisdom."

havoc_85 at 2013-05-19 04:24 wrote:
Beautiful inferno campaign. I found the Inferno campaign the most interesting and with the best maps.
Sadly, the last mission was just long and way too easy.

I miss the first mission where we turned into a 5x5 demon (Azkaal / Azziy ^_^) and started burning all of our army.

Thanks for your walk-through mate. Again.
Naki at 2012-12-01 19:06 wrote:
I used a Tears Might Kiril, and did NOT complete the -do Not Convert- quest, and found no difference - even if you convert all towns/forts/etc from Haven to Inferno, the mission was not any harder. I played on Normal difficulty, though.

My Kiril already started the mission as Tears Level II, so there was no point in wanting more Tears points.
Edited on Sat, Dec 08 2012, 09:44 by Naki

gsandro1 at 2012-11-25 12:39 wrote:
I agree this campaign started with a lot of difficulty, especially till I got to level 15, then it was ok.
I played at hard and followed Blood + Might.

The main challenge was to learn how to minimize the losses, since there are no healers, also being a might hero meant no magic to resurrect as much I needed.

In my case the answer was to play aggressively: reinforcements, heroic charge, cleave and life drain, then use succubus special ability to "pause" the last enemy unit, so to regenerate.
sufficiency at 2012-10-11 09:57 wrote:
I frankly think this is the easiest last mission of all campaigns. The enemy has but one town; the only challenge is that the enemy sends a Magic-based hero to raid you every 1-2 weeks to chip your army down. I mostly relied on my Xena to keep him at bay (using Haven creatures... Vestial heal ftw!).

I just station my Xena at Fort F, have a third hero channeling troops to her, while having Kiril (Tear Might in my game) sweeping the rest of the map, accumulate enough creatures and wipe everything out at E. It was far easier than the Necropolis and Sancturary last mission. I even did so only using Haven creatures (I intentionally let the enemy capture Town A, have it converted into Haven, then recapture it).

ToniG at 2012-05-16 19:47 wrote:
The way it started this campaign, with those 2 missions that were the hardest from what I've played so far at that point (followed the normal campaign order prologue-necropolis-haven-sanctuary) I thought I would never finish this campaign. Especially since Inferno (and later Stronghold) did not have any healing units.

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