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Celestial Heavens  → Might & Magic: Heroes VI - Inferno - In the Forests of the Night

by maltz

Jorgen: "Forget about the full-plate armor... where did the other two guys come from?"


Mission 3 sounds like an undead map, but the undeads are gone! In mission 3 and beyond, we will always face living creatures (easy heal!), mainly Orcs and Naga here. Xana, the better-looking Heroes5 Biara, joins Kiril and will be carried over to mission 4.

Resources is no longer abundant due to the endless construction projects going on - lots of towns to conquer, all structures unlocked except the Pit Lord (tier-7) upgrade. It may be worthwhile to assign a town-building specialist hero to get the 20% upgrade discount. Crystals will be in dire shortage as usual, but you can always trade for more. Chances are you will win this mission before you accumulate enough resources to fully upgrade all towns, so you only need to upgrade buildings in your primary hiring town.

Again it is Tear of Asha time! Four moon fragments can be found scattered on the map. As usual, by the time you get the tear, you would be powerful enough to win the mission already. But 3 free phoenixes could help a bit at the beginning of the next mission.

Dynasty Traits: As usual, free first generic hero is great (pick a Might hero for level-3 Realm abilities). There is usually a Hellhound Master who breeds +3 hellhound per week, or a Master Trainer who trains +1 elite creatures per week. I ended up hiring both of them and use Kiril's Mentor to give them enough experience to reach level 15. Hero movement +3 helps, too.

Inferno Campaign Mission 3
Level cap: 25
Difficulty Index: 3/6
Last updated: December 18, 2011

Kiril starts the mission with a very unique volcanic Town A with a very un-unique town name. Grab the free small stack of Pit Fiends by the town (there is an achievement for getting free tier-7 creatures to join you). Take a few days to collect the resources nearby, and go south.

You can quickly flag a weakly defended Orc Fort B. There is Orc's Town C just west of Fort B that you can conquer in a hurry. The highlight of this area is a Warpath Lodge, which gives you additional movement points after defeating an enemy. There are two Warpath Lodges in this mission (the second one is just east of the stairs at (4)), giving you a total of 5 bonus movement points for each victory.

There are various observation towers on the map that will give you a good look of the surrounding territories and possibly some early warnings of invasions. Let's spend a moment to look at the layout of the map.

Town A, Fort B, and Town C are your headquarters. I recommend that you build an Advanced Town Portal in Town C and make it your capital. There are enemies in three directions - west, east, and underground (south). The AI only attacks you from east and south. Getting the Advanced Portal in Town C enables you to defend home efficiently.

Let's look at west first. There is an Orc's Fort D not far from Town C, controlling two creature buildings (core and elite). The creatures blocking the border are actually more powerful than the garrison in Fort D. Further northwest is a powerful Orc hero designed for much later. Fortunately, this hero, and any other hero that stands behind are completely dormant - so we can ignore them all together. Fort D will be the farthest from enemy attacks (although they are actually the closest to enemies).

Let's look at east next. From the observation tower at home you already saw the exit of a one-way portal at (1'). The AI will send an endless stream of very weak heroes (like having "4 creatures" in total) to you. Looks like just another "spawn something right beside your home" trick from Blackhole, but this one is much more easily tackled.

The entrance of this one-way portal (1) is surprisingly close. You can easily push northeast and conquer Fort E and Town F, both are very weak, to put an end on the nuisance. Fort E and Town F are also isolated from the outside world. Take them as early as possible and make them your backyard. (There is something obviously wrong with the foundation of Town F.) The second piece of Moon Fragment can be found just south of Town F.

Finally, let's look at underground. Between Town C and Fort D you can see stairs (2-2'). You can get down here and take the Orc's Town G in the underworld. Now look at the name of Town G! Two is a bit too many. Just south of Town G lies the first piece of Moon Fragment (MF).

In my game, the defending hero of Town G has a bracelet artifact that allows him to cast Implosion. Since the damage of Implosion cannot be healed, I had to resort to Tear II's special ability "Seal of Power" to let the gated dogs replenish the loss. This could be the only spot in this mission that you would lose any unit at all.

East of Town G, you can collect a large number of resources and flag a crystal mine. There are two set of stairs leaving this underground area. The stairs on the northeast (3-3') will bring you back to the road leading to Fort E and Town F. The stairs on the south (4-4') will bring you to the south, where you can reach deep in the Orc's territories to proceed with your mission. The enemies will be progressively more difficult.

Once you own Fort D, Fort E, Town F, and Town G, it is time to go south. Emerge on (4) and continue east. You will be able to conquer Fort H, Town I, and Town J on the way. Between Fort I and Town J is another set of stairs (5-5') that will take you to a small area with two crystal mines (nice!) governed by Fort K.

By the time you are done with Town H to Fort K, you should be powerful enough to tackle the Orc hero in front of Town L. There are two 2-way portals beside Town L. The green portal on the right (6-6') leads you to a Sanctuary island governed by Fort M with a couple of buildings to flag, and more importantly the third moon fragment (MF) on the beach southwest of the portal.

The blue portal on the left of Town L (7-7') leads you to an isolated beach area, where you can collect the fourth and final Moon Fragment (MF) south of the portal. Having all four fragments on the same hero allows you to collect the Tear of Asha (Tear) on the very east of the map close to Town H.

In the same beach area there is a very well-built Sanctuary town, defended by the most powerful hero in this mission so far - but this should be still far from challenging. After grabbing the Sanctuary town but before converting it, you might be able to pick up a few useful artifacts from the Advanced Market.

Now with the Tear of Asha installed in your capital and so many towns and creature dwellings under your command, you can demolish the rest of the mission like a bulldozer. Go back to Town J and descend down the stairs at (8-8'). There is a linear passage that leads you to the exit stairs at (9-9'). Take the nearby Fort K and advance your quest. You can also finish another quest by opening one of the three chests (the top one) at (10). Don't open it with a weak secondary hero or that hero can be kissed goodbye! Take Fort P.

When you are done with everything such as stats boosts (s), gather all you have and march to Town Q to face the boss battle of this mission. It is not a difficult fight since you must have accumulated a huge army by now. After the battle, you can enter the cave at (11) to end the mission.

Sir_Toejam at 2013-08-27 01:15 wrote:
by the way...

anyone ever figure out what's up with the riddling signposts? looks like just a fun side thing, as there does not appear to be any way to answer them.

Sir_Toejam at 2013-08-26 10:08 wrote:
by the way...

anyone ever figure out what's up with the riddling signposts? looks like just a fun side thing, as there does not appear to be any way to answer them.

Sir_Toejam at 2013-08-26 02:13 wrote:
for those going the blood magic route:

by this time, your primary hero should have Armageddon, which can be used here to great effect early on, especially with the staff of Urgash in hand (make sure to UNEQUIP it after use, before saving, and before you end a turn, or you will get bugged, badly). also good when facing stacks you can't wipe out with fire in the first turn, is to use the fully upgraded staff of tides, which gives you a 250hp shield to all of your units (including, btw, your gated units!). while you will be lesser on firepower, you will have good defense to start with, and your tiny gated stacks actually can take 250 damage before dying, which makes them actually useful as distractions. Use the tide staff to get past the big army guarding the entrance to the area that contains fort D, and you should end up suffering no losses (mass regen works well here, along with fireballs and firebolts, and even a time stasis maybe.)

Build a tavern on the first turn and hire one of the magic heroes, since you are only level 19 (at 20, you would be hiring a might hero for the full level 15 realm bonuses). give 15 of that hero's succubi to your primary hero, and the rest of the units to Veyer (don't forget to buy whatever troops are already in the town). Have Veyer take the pit fiends, as your primary won't need them. move your primary to the magic booster, then on to take out the first orc stack. move veyer to the magic booster, then behind your primary. have your hired hero pick up all loose resources.

have your primary take the first fort, move Veyer to take the warpath lodge and the stack guarding the magic power buff, then move him north to take out everything including fort "E"; except the stack guarding the northern underground passage. I ended up needing to swap dynasty weps often with Veyer, depending on the circumstances. Whistlebone is useful here, so are arachne, malathula's cleaver (especially nice for the pit fiends) and the sword of the pirate king. Just depends on what you are fighting. fighting ranged units? the boarding from pirate king works to get your pit fiends on them before they can shoot, for example, and the morale boost gets you double shots a lot of the time. arachne is great for battling stacks of panther warriors (the aoe slow spell is very useful!), and the cleaver for fighting groups of orcs, where your pit fiends make short work of them with double-strike and unlimited retaliation.

Send your primary to take town C, then move to take fort D, and everything between town C and fort D. Have your hired hero follow behind and pick up loose resources, then stick in the town to do upgrades.

using the above strategy, on hard I took everything up to and including the two forts in the first week, and suffered NO losses of any troops. built every creature dwelling up through elite, and even converted all four of the external creature dwellings.



actually, I decided to reload day 6, and ended up taking town F on day 7, too! Though in that case, I lost all of Veyer's army except the pit fiends (fun battle; took several tries with diff weapons before I figured out that Whistlebone was the best for this). Well worth it, since it's unlikely the AI will target town F before I can rebuild Veyer's army back up. So that's everything up through and including town F on this walkthrough, on day 7, on hard.

now that was a fun little challenge :)

Things that have changed as of 2.1.1 that need updating in Malt'z walkie:

-mentor only will add experience up to 50% of your hero's total now, NOT 75%, making it entirely worthless, since the heros you can hire from the tavern, already being within 5 levels of you, have more than 50% of your experience to begin with! so, hopefully you didn't waste a skill point on mentor. Because of this, you're best off hiring one of the magic heros for the extra succubi, imo, which enable you to go very far in the first week (as noted above). switch to hiring might heros when your level gets to 20 or over.

-use summon elemental (your choice, any will work), the staff of tides, and your hero attack (with or without pressed) to deal with phoenixes (they are immune to any direct damage spells, including armageddon). the ice barrier from the staff will protect your units (including the summons) from unhealable phoenix damage for 4 turns, and even your gated units will benefit. just keep them away from your army as much as possible; don't keep your succubi spread out - put them in a single stack and protect them with another unit.

-there are no more "heroes spawning with only 4 units" to attack your towns. Now all the heroes start of with at least a weeks worth of stronghold troops, and you can't just leave a token force at home expecting to swat them. you in fact will have to face endless tides of annoying heroes with actual armies, so plan for it. Or, you can do what I did and simply stretch yourself to breaking in the first week, and you will only have to worry about the underground hero for week 2, whereupon you will have 3 times their army in size, plus way more firepower (their magic heroes all cast mass heal if you let them, but it is more an annoyance, and a reason to take mass regen, than anything else).

-when using Veyer, and if he has some elite units or pit fiends, try out the intimidation skill. :)

Edited on Mon, Aug 26 2013, 04:16 by Sir_Toejam

Sir_Toejam at 2013-08-21 22:22 wrote:
"he starts on a ship near the Sanctuary's starting location"

no longer the case as of 2.1.1. Veyer starts next to you at your starting town.

Sir_Toejam at 2013-08-21 09:27 wrote:

no, that doesn't work. you only get ONE carry-over hero from mission 2. Xana if you went tears route, Veyer if you went blood (that's your overall rep, not the specific decision you make at that fort). it doesn't matter what you do in mission 2 as far as mission 3 is concerned.

You won't have Veyer at all, no matter what, if your rep is tears by the time you hit the fort in mission 2. Instead you just get some juggies.

FWIW, if you do go blood, Veyer is one of the only secondary heroes you can actually level up as you please; all his points are free when you get him. Don't know why they didn't do that will ALL the secondary heroes.
bkknight2602 at 2012-10-30 21:59 wrote:
Well I didn't get Xana, perhaps that is because I have Veyer. Another good item to put in the walkthrough, is that Akasha' Gost is the fianl heroes to clean out, one of the objecties.

ToniG at 2012-05-16 19:45 wrote:
@ 0r4ng3: To avoid having Veyer in that location in mission 3 (I guess you followed the tear path for Kiril), in mission 2, when you encounter Veyer, choose NOT to convert the fort. He will leave and after that dialog, you can convert the fort to your faction (Inferno). That way, you will only have Xana in this mission and in the final mission as well.

0r4ng3 at 2012-04-27 01:08 wrote:
Solution: don't move Veyer, let him be killed.
Edited on Fri, Apr 27 2012, 07:52 by 0r4ng3

0r4ng3 at 2012-04-27 01:03 wrote:
Patch 1.3 here, this mission is impossible!
I'm not sure why, maybe because I have Veyer (he starts on a ship near the Sanctuary's starting location and maybe that intimidates them), but sometime during week 2 a Sanctuary hero clears the whole map with 3 stacks (sharks, frogs and priestesses) of 200-300 units in each.
Am I missing something or is this a bug? Please help!

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