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I don't care.
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Celestial Heavens  → Might & Magic: Heroes VI - Inferno - Angel, Angel, Burning Bright

by maltz

Kiril: "I should not never trust a demon!... just occasionally."

Welcome to the Inferno campaign. Some may find the orange-red theme a little overused; some may be simply excited about playing the bad guys, although Kiril is probably the most harmless among Slava's kids. Even after finishing the campaign I had little idea of why Kiril does this and that.

Demons are not the only race that wins by conquering everything, but it does accomplish it with a unique style - by bringing in lots and lots of helpers through Gating. Each mother stack can support one gated stack. There are three general uses of gated units:

(1) Block enemy shooters - you must have seen the AI faithfully doing this to you. They also create a good sacrificial distraction and allow you to deal more ranged damage before melee takes place.
(2) Absorb counterattacks - in this case you gate in the highest-initiative units, the Ravagers, and hope that it acts before the mother stack. They also have an aura that attracts nearby enemy attacks.
(3) Contribute to ranged damage in a castle assault - Lilim.

The Gating meter is filled up by each lucky attack, so to maximize our Gating efficiency, we need a (1) full 7 stack roster (if you don't have seven, split the Lilim into multiple stacks of one) and (2) high Destiny, which happens to be Kiril's specialty. There are various artifacts that increase Luck (such as the golden Horseshoe, Destiny +8). The chance of getting lucky is capped, but so far how high the cap is and how the cap is achieved is still unclear. There is also a unique building in towns, Heart of Urgash, that increases the Gating meter.

Kiril: "You molesters! Oh wait, I still have my clothes on."


Might or Magic, Blood or Tear? How would you like to play this game? A cliche analysis would sound like "do you want to play by force (Might) or by brain (Magic)?" But in Hereso6 we are really talking about "do you want to be careful and take one step at a time to face only inferior enemies (Might) or over-achieve, and fight unnecessarily difficult battles (Magic)?"

Certainly, only a Magic hero can defeat an army 10 times larger. However, Blackhole is not so mean to make the missions so difficult on Hard that only a Magic hero can succeed. In fact, the Inferno campaign is so relaxed (except for one battle unrelated to Kiril) that you can easily cruise through with a Might hero and use fingers on one hand to count battles where you actually lose units.

So let's go with the game's default Kiril (Might). Might goes well with the Inferno army, where five out of seven units deals Might damage. Even if the only two magic users happen to be the only two ranged units, Kiril will end up with very high Magic Power thanks to various stats boosts.

In the Haven campaign, we went for Blood with the reasoning that increased damage is converted to increase healing by Arache. This time we will go for Tear (Hellcaller) and enjoy free extra Gating (Tear I passive ability) and a "Plan B" healing (Tear II active ability) using gated units (throughout this campaign I only used it once). Kiril is able to cast Mass Life Drain, so he doest not have to wield the Arache.

Kiril: "I must chase down Sarah... to give her a new hair cut!"

Here comes the list of abilities recommended for a Hellcaller Kiril:

Daily unit conservation: Reinforcement I (higher level is not necessary), Tactics II, Mass Life Drain, Mass Regenerate

Close fight tide turner: Mass Heroism (more morale and luck = more lucky attacks = more gating opportunities), Mass Weakness, Mass Stone Skin

Passive abilities

- Logistics, Path Finding. To speed up the expansion.
- Archery I, II, Counterstrike I, II, III, Giant Slayer, Rampage, Cleave. Increase damages dealt.
- Parry, Resilience, Toughness I, Defense I Reduce damages taken.

There are still plenty of ability points to distribute. Please feel free to experiment with other builds!


Maniac/Demented (tier-1). Average melee unit with average initiative and damage. Their attack drains the target's power. But due to their low initiative, they are not the most active units on the battlefield. They are immune to morale effects, which works against you.

Hell Hound/Cerberus (tier-2). Extremely high offence at the expense of defense. Attacks multiple enemies at front (no more friendly fires like Heroes5!) and always retaliates. Look no further - this is your primary damage dealer throughout all missions! The AI loves to focus on them, so you will almost always start a battle with Reinforcement I on the dogs just like you did to Liches, Griffins, and Kappa before. And then you will use them to lead the attacks to fulfill the "primary damage dealer" prophecy.

Succubus/Lilim (tier-3). Your more realizable ranged unit. The upgraded version has one very good ability - enthrall, which Blinds a stack for a couple of turns. However, from experience, sometimes the enthrall effect stays even after damage is taken (like Time Stasis). Very useful.

Breeder/Breeder Mother (tier-4). Your less reliable ranged unit that looks like stage-IV anal tumor. The Imps that come out from the hole don't have eyes, so they have very poor aim (like Skeleton spear throwers). Even with a bow artifact (Unicorn/Emerald), they still don't deal impressive damage. They do suck mana for Kiril, and they do it very early due to their high initiative. The upgraded version comes with a free Reinforcement every battle, but the AI always hit the dogs.

Tormentor/Lacerator (tier-5). Their special attack hits all adjacent enemies without getting retaliated. Due to their high initiative, it is possible to avoid casualty by moving them to stand beside multiple enemies at the end of one turn, and release the powerful special attack at the beginning of the next turn. Other than this, they are just another melee unit.

Juggernaut/Ravager (tier-6). The highest initiative creature on the demon roster. Their special attack is to "run amok", damaging everything on their path (friendly fire possible) without attracting retaliation. It is quite an effort to plan their path in advance while avoiding damaging your own. The upgraded version attracts enemies' attacks in a 2-tile radius. So you will have to either Reinforcement I the dogs and heal them, Reinforcement II them and heal the dogs, or like me - let the dogs and Cleave do all the work.

Pit Fiend/Lord (tier-7). Although their hit-all special attack and counterattack is quite weak, their regular melee attack inflicts a "Frenzy" effect that consumes the target's next action to randomly attack a neighbor, friend or foe, or doing nothing at all if there is no neighboring unit. So we can use Pit Fiend/Lord in a supporting role - to make them wait first, go in and attack and frenzy something at the end of the turn (and hopefully avoid the counterattack), and pull out at the beginning of the next turn.


You will be able to collect three artifact sets from this campaign, the Warlord Set, the Trickster Set, and the Magister Set. But it is always better to forgo the insignificant set bonus and pick the best artifact for each part.

Inferno Campaign Mission 1
Level cap: 10
Difficulty Index: 2/6 (boss battle extra, see below)
Last updated: December 18, 2011


Mission 1 is mostly easy for Kiril - the neutral stacks are small, and the AIs are a lot more handicapped than you, so they are doomed to fail. But there is a very nasty surprise at the end, something completely unrelated to what do to Kiril. We will discuss that when the time comes.

Dynasty Traits: Mission 1 is all about Core creatures, so core creature +3 would be very handy. Any economic bonus would soon be completely useless, since you will have so much unspent resources at the end due to building (spending) restrictions.

Kiril wakes up at the middle of the map (start) to build up Town A from scratch, with a few free creatures to pick up nearby. There is no hurry to rush out, so you can take some time collect everything around here. A hero guarding the gold mine below will point you to the east. After this simple quest, you can recruit hellhound from towns.

With Week 2's new creatures, proceed to (1) and defeat a scripted demon hero. The reward of the fight is the might-oriented Dynasty Weapon Soul Drinker. This weapon has a "Life Drain" ability at level 4, but it is not as powerful as Arache. If a battle is not particularly difficult, you may as well equip Soul Drinker for its Destiny bonus.

Note: Patch 1.2 vows to fix Dynasty Weapon bugs, including permanent bonuses on a previously equipped weapon. So switching between Dynasty Weapons should become a viable strategy.

After defeating the hero, you can take Town B, the crystal mine, and nearby resources. You can solve a quest to recruit Maniacs by collecting a decent helmet set artifact (enemy morale -6) at (2). If you follow the path to the northeast after Sarah, you will eventually hit a temporary dead-end. There is another route to the north that leads you to the Orange territory, but it is probably a little too tough for you now.

With Week 3's new creatures from both Town A and B, you should have no problem pushing west and take Town C. At (3') lies the exit of a one-way portal. The red hero that you just defeated will invade you again and again by entering the portal at (3) to the north, so it is a good idea to setup an Advanced Town Portal in Town C in the near future.

You now have a choice of where to go next. You can continue attacking the Red faction to take Fort D and Town E to permanently stop the invasions, or go for the Orange faction, who owns Town F and Town G. In my game, I went for Town F first, then came back for Fort D and Town E. Strangely, I was not invaded by the Red before stepping into Fort D's territory.

No matter what order of conquest you decided, eventually you will have to take them all. This completes one of the primary objectives and opens the gate at (4). A quite-powerful hero roams the eastern territory, but you should be strong enough to crush it. Continue up the linear path and take Fort I, Fort J to eventually assault the last town, Town K.

Before you attack Town K, just north of the castle lies the last stats boost (s) of the mission that can be easily missed. The defending army inside Town K is more powerful than anything you have fought so far, but this is the last battle of the mission that uses Kiril and his army.

Winning the final town fight gives you a set artifact (boots), but it is handed to you after you receive a few (in my game, 3) other non-set artifacts from the opponent hero. If you do not have at least 4 empty slots in Kiril's top-3 rows (one of them is pocket, so in reality there are just two rows), you won't get the set shoes at the beginning of mission 2. To make sure you do get the shoes, remove whatever boots Kiril is wearing now, so the new boots will be equipped on Kiril and survive the mission.

Now let's talk about the real boss fight of this mission. After finishing Necropolis, Haven, and Sanctuary campaigns, I feel this particular fight is the hardest mandatory battle so far. I fought this battle on hard 6 times, but only managed to win 2.

BOSS: Azkaal vs. Xana's Dogs (Difficulty index: 6/6)

OK, a demon that has only 75000 HP. Shouldn't be too hard for Xana's huge army, right? Let's take a look at Xana's spell book... hm, how come we can't open it...

You ARE Azkaal, the Prince of Destruction! Do you stand a chance against 1120 dogs (on hard), often hitting for 10K+ damage each bite? If there is one sentence to summarize this battle, it is "avoid dog bites". Xana's dogs frequently escapes your hit-all counterattack fire damage (probably from its natural fire resistance), and they also damage you more than all other stacks combined. If you can avoid dog bites, you win.

Azkaal has two actions each round. Here are the options:

(1) Regular attack - very weak. But if you can hit something after teleporting, you may as well swing.

(2) Teleport - The only purpose of moving is to run away from the dogs. But Xana tends to increase the dogs' morale, so they might catch up with you anyway (fortunately dealing only half damage). A much better way to avoid the dogs is to let Xana's other melee stacks block the dogs from Azkaal, and to stun the dogs with the Frenzy attack (see (5)).

(3) Hit-all fire attack - (3-turn cool down period) A powerful attack that reduces all Xana's stacks' size. The faster you reduce the dogs' health with this fire attack, the more likely you are going to win.

(4) Mark for double fire damage - Starting with the dogs, mark all of Xana's real stacks so they will go down more quickly with your fire-based attack and counterattack. Whenever you are safe from the dogs and can't use (3), mark some fat stack.

(5) Frenzy+ - This ability is better than the regular Frenzy, for it will stun the target for 2 turns ONLY IF they have no neighbor to frenzy attack. The only stack that you need to Frenzy is the dogs - but for the sole purpose of stunning them for two turns. If they actually have something to attack, they are only stunned for the current turn.

Xana tends to give the dogs Life Drain. That's a very good reason that you don't want Frenzy to hit the dogs when the dogs can actually frenzy attack a friendly stack. Not only you lose the chance to stun them for one more turn, but you also help them heal thousands of HP! This only leads to your own demise! Besides, Xana has a disproportionally big dog stack, so chances are your hit-all attacks will eventually kill everything but the dogs.

p.s. On the bright side, if the dogs' frenzy attack does wipe out a friendly stack, you receive an achievement for it.

Your counterattack also deals hit-all fire damage, which is less powerful than (3). So it is a good idea to get hit by Xana's weaker melee stacks every round. Your personal luck is also very important - you might be unable to block the dogs with Xana's own units, and the dogs may keep getting high morale and hunt you down no matter which corner you hide in, and escape your fire damage again and again.

So... good luck! You will need plenty.
Ninja at 2014-04-02 02:19 wrote:
Playing the campaigns the second time (Hard):

Most important skills for creeping: Regeneration, Reinforcements (on dogs at start of most combats), Ambush, Tactics, Pressed Attack (scales with hero not army and costs no manna).

Affinity staves are bugged (magic staves with lower manna for fire/light/etc.) -- you lose the benefit of previous +magic power if you load a saved game with the staff equipped. No loss if you unequip before saving. Not a problem with might staves.

Final boss battle in mission 1 is hardest in campaign. As of final patch, marking does NOT work. Frenzy only works if two enemies are adjacent, but the frenzied stack will always attack the adjacent enemy even if next to you. After losing several battles, best on-line advice I found is start by frenzying the Juggernauts and hope the dogs hit you in turn 1 with an extended attack (if they cross 1/2 the map then get a second move from high morale it's only 1/2 damage). Any creature attacking you in final battle takes double damage from retaliations. Avoid the dogs thereafter until the end. Try hitting every other stack once for permanent +10 luck for the battle -- especially gated stacks. I tried to destroy gated Jugger stacks before they popped, as they are very large. "Defend" is a good command if you don't have to move to avoid the dogs, as most damage is through your retaliations anyway.

Sir_Toejam at 2013-08-26 01:32 wrote:
There is also a unique building in towns, Heart of Urgash, that increases the Gating meter.

actually, as of some patch previous to 2.1.1, the heart increases the stack size you get when you gate, instead of increasing the bar itself. Dynasty trait "fanatic" or the pendant of mastery are the only two ways I can think of to start off a combat with at least level 1 gate bar, and I'd say starting off being able to gate is more important to this faction than the equivalent skill is to any other faction. so much so I keep thinking they should change the heart back to the way it was before, AND have it also increase gating efficiency, though with diminishing returns with each additional heart.

Sir_Toejam at 2013-08-26 01:25 wrote:
yeah, after the second turn or so, once you have drawn most of the movers down to your lower corner, move to engage the breeders up top for a turn or two, this will vastly reduce the number of ranged units damaging you. once the movers get close again, bounce to the opposite side (still up top) and cast your fire spell. then bounce back down to where you started again. that should do it. then, as I said, if it looks like you will be attacked by any other stack than the dogs, block instead of doing anything else. your retalliation strikes are where you will do most of your damage.
pgm27 at 2013-08-24 17:55 wrote:
Same for me. Except that Xana casts Mass Burning Determination, meaning double attack per turn for every stack. The only location were I could block the dogs is the lower left corner. Problem is that Xana creates portals at the upper left, generating packs of 300 succubus while only 70 remains in the original stack (bug ?). Anyway, avoiding the dogs doesn't help. I got killed by the rest of Xana's army anyway...

Sir_Toejam at 2013-08-03 09:31 wrote:
I tried jaga's strategy with my game, patch 2.1.1.

no good. starting with frenzying the dogs worked fine, but then her troops get too much morale from the mass heroism, and you can't predict which ones will end up where with alll the double moving. the juggernauts rarely were in a position to do damage to anyone. I did get some mileage out of frenzying the tormentor stacks though. Also, the rock arrangement must be different, because there is no way to prevent large gates popping next to you by staying in the lower corner. OTOH, I found the gated stacks actually helfpul a lot of the time. they made good blockers, did less damage, and let me retaliate for damage a lot. other than that, just dodging the doggies until they were down to under 300 or so, then easy smackdown.

oh, and don't waste a turn marking anything other than the dogs, unless you really have nothing else you can do. you're usually better off blocking even.

Sir_Toejam at 2013-08-01 13:42 wrote:
has anyone tried going blood/magic for this campaign? Was curious about whether armageddon actually is useful or not. Figured it would make this campaign even harder though...


Well, I'll take it on myself to post here how it goes; character name: Ignus (might bring back memories for some...). So far, it's difficult on hard mode, but you CAN avoid all losses if you have a fully upgraded staff of urgash AND a fully upgraded staff of Sandro. Mainly because the firestorm doesn't just damage units and cost no mana, but it also dazes them, giving your lillum the opportunity to act first against pretty much any target you run into. use the staff of Sandro when you think you will need to heal your puppies (against other heroes most likely), otherwise stick to urgash. Don't underestimate the healing you can get with the special from Sandro staff; it's huge, and scales nicely with your damage output. Since the AI almost always targets your puppies, you just cast it on them at the beginning, and all that damage you do with your fireballs, pressed attacks, etc, heal them more than even a regen spell does! Split your lillum into 3 equal stacks, and keep your other units in single stacks. your lillum can cycle their charm attack that way (use it to make sure your gate doesn't get smacked before it pops), maximize your chances for a luck strike, while still keeping stack size big enough to cause decent damage.

specialty is master of fire, being as this will end up being the primary damage dealing mechanism.

Dynasty traits: If you made platinum, take fanatic. Must have, as you can gate on your first turn every battle, which is game changing more than any other thing. You cannot take it after you start the campaign, like say in map 2. for some reason fanatic only works if you take it right from the start. Kinda makes sense in a way :) for your other traits, explorer, magic power boost (+3 boost), and the one that boosts core production of units by 3.

first skill you need to take, oddly, is ambush. again, so you have the initiative advantage at the start of combat. Then, because we want to burn things, best take firebolt. It's cheap, does good damage, and builds blood rep. Then take fire magic power boost. It boosts the damage of every one of your primary attacks, and also boosts your lillum, breeder, and pit lord fire attack damage! With the staff of urgash in your hot little hands, your power is now boosted for fire damage by 16 (+5 fire affinity, +5 magic power, +3 trait, +3 skill)! Not bad for level 3. I'm going fireball and probably heroism or pressed attack at level 5. will likely take lifedrain after that, then not sure. archery maybe. - yes, went pressed attack, adds 100 points of damage minimum, and it's especially useful if you are fighting another hero, and are using the staff of Sandro to heal your puppies. heals about 6 a turn, if the unit you cast pressed attack on gets a morale boost; plus is free, and boosts blood rep. excellent. Much more useful than heroism, since we are focusing on ranged attack and using puppies as meatshields mostly.

Eventually, I'll need tactics, but right now the early enemies do not require it. Oh, and pathfinding appears to be not only broken atm, but broken such that it does exactly the REVERSE of what it is supposed to do! Don't take it, whatever you do. I tried it out in the Crag hack expansion much to my chagrin.

mistake number one: do NOT take immolation, unless you want to give up the idea of controlling units with your lillums. :P had to backtrack to before a hard battle to learn that one.

start needing tactics around level 7-8, so took that. Had to bite the bullet and take regen at level 8. became too slow to battle without losses otherwise. Man, playing these guys requires way more planning and thought than any other faction, hands down! It's more like chess than war... Speaking of which, I chose slow for level 9. Again, since it is about controlling the battlefield, the opponent heroes often have units with faster init than your lillums, and if you can slow these, they don't get the chance to act before your lillums can sweet talk 'em. Plus, you can cast slow every round, and it only costs 10 mana.

Reached level 1 blood. Inferno is less than impressive, especially given the cost of it. It really should do exactly double the damage it actually does, but I would settle for even 50% more damage. *sigh*

There is ONE thing about Inferno... because you have a way to paralyze enemy units indefinitely, all you need is a few non mana using tear or blood skills (like heroism, or pressed attack for blood), and if you have the patience, you can essentially give yourself full rep points in a single battle. I equipped rep boosting pauldrons, but even then, takes more patience than I can muster :) Still, entirely doable if you have an hour or so to kill, clicking buttons on the battlefield.



DO NOT CHOOSE a magic hero for this campaign. This map, map 2, entirely bugs out if you do (with latest patch: 2.1.1). Your power levels will not influence magic damage whatsoever, not for your troops, not for spells. No matter what you do. Only your absolute level affects magic damage on this map, and even then, only for your spells. Why? who the hell knows. It's the only map I have run into where this happens. Might damage, OTOH, works just fine. So, unless you like gimping yourself, recommend not using a magic-based hero.

Edit2: Turns out this is not a map issue, but an issue with the Staff of Urgash, and not so much that, as that any staff that has magic school affinities built in causes this problem where magic power levels end up being nullified. so, sadly, if you want to play magic inferno, you have to avoid using the very staff that was designed FOR that. I noticed the same issue with the Batu's totem staff, which has earth affinity built into it. Watched the char that was using it lose power effects on a daily basis. my guess is that it essentially subtracts "5" from your effective magic power every day, until it flatlines at the minimum you would have for your current character level, regardless of what you have equipped, or any boosts you have gotten. AVOID USING AFFINITY STAVES!!

Edited on Fri, Aug 16 2013, 19:09 by Sir_Toejam
jaga at 2013-07-09 17:56 wrote:
After several attempts, I realized that even if you can avoid the dogs until the end, you are no match for the left dog stack, which could be as much as 500-600.
So I figured out a trick. The key is to have the dogs perished by other troops, namely Juggernauts.

Frenzy the dogs at the very beginning, so that the first approachers block the way. Then just stick to the bottom left corner and leave no room for large gates. When the dogs "get in line" behind the juggernauts, frenzy the juggernauts so they will attack the dogs. Xana is going to open gates right behind the dogs, not very cleverly, making them to stuck at there. Keep your stance, let the number of dogs reduce by 50-60 with each attack of the juggernauts. When the dogs are left around 200-300, you can deal with them.
My hp was around 7400 at the end of the battle.

sizzlingsquid at 2013-07-09 14:43 wrote:
Definitely the most interesting boss battle so far. I sucked at the first try; frenzied the wrong units instead of the dogs!
jaga at 2013-07-05 16:51 wrote:
Due to an update I guess, Frenzy is not working as stun any more. It can not be used on targets that don't have any adjacent targets.

Even more ridiculously, Frenzy can be used if the target stands right next to Azkaal. But don't bother to try, it just triggers the target to attack Azkaal, and nothing else. I don't know why this is manipulated in such way, now it completely depends on luck to win. Tried 5-6 times but no luck.
Thoram at 2012-02-08 01:28 wrote:
There is a very nice trick how you can regenerate a huge amount of lost units during fights against enemy heroes:
Prerequisite: Regeneration ability, Lilims and Breeders (you get some as a reward between town B and C).
Split your Lilim into 3 stacks of similar size. Before the end of the fight, try to get one enemy stack with low initiative damaged just enough that you can cast enthrall (Lilim ability) on them. From now on, you can disable this stack forever with 3 Lilim stacks (cooldown is 3 turns). If the initiative of the enemy stack is lower than your Lilims, the enemy hero will also never act again.
Now you can cast regenerate as long as your mana pool allows it. Don't attack the enemy. When your mana gets low, attack with the breeders; they have the mana leech ability (also works if the enemy is out of mana). This should get you from 0 to full mana several times before the enemy stack dies.
Fights take very long this time, but you can easily regenerate an insanely huge amount of dead units and still leave with full mana.
Oxi at 2011-12-21 13:12 wrote:
Ah nice, now Inferno walkthru is out aswell ! Somehow playing "by the script" is much more fun, call me lazy if u like :) Thanks again Maltz, outstanding work ! Also thanks to RW for the additional tips.
RollingWave at 2011-12-21 07:49 wrote:
Also, on PitLord, their special actually isn't that hard to utilize especially if your going might, just take taunt on level 15... Taunt + countstrikes + stand your ground if you want and Pitlord's basically insane, also he can life drain with his retaliation (all of it) which is really nasty.

Also, Tormentor is above average as an Elite unit, it's the only AOE unit that's small sized, meaning it's much easier to hit multiple stacks with them than most other units, they also have a taste of pain passive that adds to their damage.

As a whole, the Inferno lineup is.... weird... on the one hand it has more multi unit hitting units than everyone else, on the other hand it has hands down the worst unit in the game in Breeder. Maniacs / Demented is also underwhelming (relatively speaking), while Cerebus is a very extreme unit that have big time flaws to go with big time strength. Ravager is tough to work properly but generally quite good, while Tormenter / Lilim / Pitlord are all very nice.

maltz at 2011-12-20 21:06 wrote:
Inded, the dogs have a smaller weekly growth compared to the other two core creatures. For example, a core creature building's weekly growth is 5:3:5. I guess the designer of this campaign really likes dogs, so (s)he gave plenty of free dogs on the map, and also boosted Xana's dog stack by almost two fold.
RollingWave at 2011-12-20 09:11 wrote:
Another thing, Demented drain "damage" not "attack" for example, goblins do 2-3 "damage" per unit, and have base attack + hero bonus etc, but their damage is fixed, so if you hit Goblins 3 times with demented, he will do abosalutely 0 damage even if he has 1 million of them with a super might hero..

This obviously means tha demented's drain works much much better against low damage units (aka core units) where draining 2-3 damage essentially makes them totally usless. meanwhile draining 2-3 damage from a champion hardly do anything.

Though yeah, most of the Inferno creature set is rather blah, or at least difficult to utilize well, the most interesting is actually Ravagers, since his aura is 2 square, if your effected you can only move or attack him, but if you can reach him (because your blocked) then the unit essentially can't attack this round.
RollingWave at 2011-12-20 08:53 wrote:
Yes, for some odd reason the final fight ends up being the toughest of the whole game (except for Sanctuary 4 if you accidently get into those uninteded fights)

Also, in my experience, orange is actually quite tough on this map, he starts with much more town than you can can come at you from several direction, very problematic. also this is another map where the AI hero would utilize Town portal well and very often avoid your attack. (while another hero hits another part of your territory!) maybe this is kinda a random thing depending on what the AI builds, but my end experience was that I had to actually build the chaos portal to catch those pesky AI heroes.

As for the final fight, yeah, avoid th Cerebus at all cost, luckily that map has a lot of obsticals and you can teleport, so that shouldn't be TOO hard. if Xana havn't casted life drain on the Cerebus then always frenzy it and let it eat up half of her army for you.

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