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H7: Would you prefer 2D or 3D townscreens?
I don't care.
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Heroes of Might and Magic III  → WoG Files

by HoMM3/WoG Map Archives Team

HoMM3/WoG Files

Map Objects 1.09

This patch was designed by the talented Salamandre. It contains over 600 objects allowing the mapmaker many options for design. Included within the file are Roman, Chinese and objects from Heroes IV and many other well known games. This zip file contains the 1.09 .wog file, instructions and the WoG Map Editor, which is in .rar format. Just put the .wog file in the WoG Update folder and then select the Update button. A clean WoG install is recommended before updating this file. A must for any WoG mapmaker!
Download: Map Objects 1.09
WoG Map Editor (Ver. 3.3)

This is a more advanced Map Editor for WoG than the one that comes with the original download. Created by GrayFace, this tool combines the use of an object editor with the usual Map Editor. The object editor allows you to turn anything into anything you want. Don't like the look of the Inferno? Then pick a tree and convert it. Don't like where an entrance is located? Change it! This editor has many other useful functions, and you could spend many hours creating the most unique maps possible!
Download: Map Editor (Ver. 3.3)
MM Archive

Visit this link, to download the latest version.

This tool is great for uploading or extracting any of the documents or graphics in either the H3sprite.lod or the bitmap.lod. It's simple and easy to use. Always remember that if you want to add or subtract creatures, buildings or texts, it's a good thing to make yourself a backup in case you don't like something you put in the game. This not only can be used for WoG, but RoE, AB and SoD as well. Another great program created by GrayFace.
Download: MM Archive

The program was designed in order to simplify the life of an ordinary gamer who doesn't want to know anything about the game resources and about a difficult way of changing them. He (she) downloaded a pack with 1-2 creature defs and wants them to replace, say, Angel. Anything the player needs is to choose those defs (or only battle def) and select monster name from the list. The program will take care of backup and importing. The idea and first description belong to Valery (Salamandre). Beta testing and the most routine work (the creation of def list) was also done by him. Credits also go to GrayFace for "Lod" Pascal unit and to unknown author of lodedit.exe.
Download: DEFka
New Interface

Some WoG fans led by FCst1, have created a new Interface for both HoMM 3 an WoG. There are so many changes here, and they are too numerous to include here. But once you download this package and put it in the game, you won't be sorry you did. The graphics are simply brilliant and there are no problems like crashes or missing files. This is an absolute first class must have! Team members include. Astaroth, T2_2112, dmad, DANZA, Kreegan, gnollking, Trith, sheldenzaire, Iv, ww13, BigJocker (Some resource from him were used.), Morn (Some resources were used by him too.)
Download: New Interface
New WoG Interface

This is made by one of the members on the Interface team. It' just another add on to the Mod listed above. This also changes the look on all the options selected in the WoG Options Menu. This version appears more user friendly compared to the original. Just unzip the Archive and replace the files in data/zvs/lib1. With the ZPIC001 zip file inside this download, unzip it and place it in the h3/data folder. Be sure to back up your originals before you replace them.
Download: WoG Interface
Adventure Creatures by GnollKing

Here is a program that gives a new look to your creatures in your Heroes screen as well as in the town and other places where your bound to find creatures. They have a fresh look to them and give a little more kick to the look of your army. Created by GnollKing, who lent his craft to the Interface team with this program. But a separate .wog file is provided here in case the Interface Mod is not for you. Just put it in your update folder and run the Update exe.
Download: Adventure Creatures
New Battlefields

There are 75 new battlefields here assembled by Salamandre. Many of the pics are done by Morn along with a bunch of other well known Artists. Also with the new battlefields is script 68 by GrayFace. This script allows you to see the new battlefields in different areas, such as a separate field for Dragon Utopias, or creature banks and so on. Just replace script 68 in you data/s folder and put the battlefields in data/s as well. Back up your original script 68 if you want to play in the original format.
Download: New Battlefields
Heroes 4 Heroines

This Mod should bridge the gap between HoMM3 and HoMM4. It includes all the female Heroes from HoMM4 along with a few well known creatures from the game. The female characters replace the original commanders and the creatures replace some of your level 8 creatures, Simply drop the .wog file in your WoG update folder and run the WoG Update exe. All graphics and sounds (except Succubus) extracted by JonJ (Zbigniew). Succubus made (or extracted) by Darkloke. Succubus flying animation, small unit on the map portraits made by JonJ. BMP pictures painted by JonJ.
Download: Heroes 4 Heroines
Fairy Town

Here is a beautiful town that should introduce the kiddies to play HoMM3/WoG. And the town works as good as it looks. To get this town to come to life, you'll have to install all the files manually by using either MM Archive or DEFka. But once you do, I think you'll be very pleased with the results. Be sure to make up a backup file before you change anything. Made by bucazaurus.
Download: Fairy Town
New Heroes

This Mod was created by Salamandre and is a good addition for both WoG and HoMM3. It simply replaces the horses the Heroes ride on in the adventure map. It also comes with unique sounds and the Heroes appear in the Map Editor as well. Instructions are included in the download. Give you adventure screen a new look!
Download: New Heroes
New Commanders

New Commanders are always welcome to any WoG player. This is a beatutiful Mod made by Salamandre using new tools for graphic design. Simply put the .wog file in your WoG update folder and install using the WoG Update exe. It would be recommended to make a back up of the Commanders you are using now. This is a great pack!
Download: New Commanders
HoMM Desktop Theme

This is a Desktop Theme pack centered around HoMM 2 and 3. You get the Pic above as your wallpaper. All files should go where all your Windows desktop themes are located. Many sounds and desktop themes are changed giving the true HoMM fan much pleasure while your not playing the game.
Download: Heroes Desktop Theme
New Backgrounds

This pack contains 4 changed backgrounds for the towns, Castle, Inferno, Stronghold and Fortress. They are beautiful in appearance and add a new element to the towns as a whole. They must be added into the H3bitmap.lod manually by using either MM Archive or DEFka. Add them and enjoy a new look to the background of your town.
Download: New Backgrounds
Stronghold Background

This would be the preferred background change to the Stronghold. Much work has been done by the Interface team on this background. Just drop the .wog file into your WoG update folder and run it with the WoG Update exe. Be sure to back up your files if you decide you want to return to the original.
Download: Stronghold Background
Red Castle Images

This program changes the colors of some of the buildings in the Castle. Instead of blue pennants and a blue stable for Champions, they will be red. Another wonderful dynamic for the town. Place the .wog file in the wog update folder and run it with the WoG Update exe. Be sure to back up your files before you change anything.
Download: Red Castle Images
Autumn Rampart Background

This is another Mod done by the team that brought you the new interface. This changes the background of the Rampart. Simply put the file in the WoG update folder and run it with the WoG Update exe. Make sure you back up all your files before you install this mod in case you would like to play with the original.
Download: Autumn Rampart Background
Hero of Light Mod Ver 1.1

This Mod was created by Hero of Light. It brings another element to the game and is considered quite good by those who've played it. It changes some of the ERM scripts but backs up the originals. It also includes a .wog file. and new creature defs which are placed automatically. Play it and let HoL know what you think of it.
Download: Hero of Light
Standalone WoG Map Editor

Features: * This version is a stand alone, does not require having the game installed * Entire functional editor * Allows creating full maps * Contains an integrated patch for creating maps without additional LOD files * Includes extensive reference to the map editor, description of all objects, and some nice improvements (Grayface and Black Phantom) * It weights only 16 Mb, while WoG needs 350 Mb * In compressed state it takes 10 Mb * Fast and stable, due to minimum files * This version can correct many errors in text files * Was tested more than a year * No extra files in LOD. Only necessary text files, pictures and the standard editor for WoG objects Special thanks to 3DO company for such an excellent game, Sergei Rozhenko (GrayFace) for invaluable contribution to the map editor and game development.
Download: Standalone WoG Editor
Heroes 3 High Resolution (Ver. 2.20)

Visit this link, to download the latest version.

High resolution views are now possible with this program. It supports all screen resolutions for RoE, AB, SoD and WoG. Experience the game that best fits your screen. This version corrects many of the problems of earlier versions and has been considered stable by the people who've played with it. This download also includes the file for those who've downloaded HoMM3 from GoG. Program created by baratorch.
Download: HoMM3/WoG High Resolution 2.20

Update 11 July 2012
To see a very comprehensive list of ERA Mods follow here.

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cyberart4 at 2011-10-01 02:39 wrote:
The HD patch works great with vanilla H3 but with WOG it doesn't even though I use the wog exe. Any help here maybe? Can baratorch be reached for advice?
sadr at 2011-06-26 18:35 wrote:
None of them are avilable to download. Please help and fix it.
Tetzauteotl at 2011-05-08 18:38 wrote:
The link don't work :(
oUcH at 2011-02-19 08:24 wrote:
NewCommanders isnt working for me...-( anyone know why is it ? Becouse it says it was succesfuly installed.

Salamandre at 2010-08-06 04:50 wrote:
Alternative list (not scrolling--from DEFka code source)

Battle def-->adventure map def

0 Pikeman cpkman.def AvWPike.def
1 Halberdier chalbd.def AVWpikx0.def
2 Archer clcbow.def AvWLCrs.def
3 Marksman chcbow.def AvWHCrs.def
4 Griffin cgriff.def AvWGrif.def
5 Royal Griffin crgrif.def AVWgrix0.def
6 Swordsman csword.def AVWswrd0.def
7 Crusader ccrusd.def AVWswrx0.def
8 Monk cmonkk.def AvWMonk.def
9 Zealot czealt.def AVWmonx0.def
10 Cavalier ccavlr.def AVWcvlr0.def
11 Champion cchamp.def AVWcvlx0.def
12 Angel cangel.def AvWAngl.def
13 Archangel crangl.def AvWArch.def
14 Centaur ccentr.def AVWcent0.def
15 Centaur Captain cecent.def AVWcenx0.def
16 Dwarf cdwarf.def AVWdwrf0.def
17 Battle Dwarf cbdwar.def AVWdwrx0.def
18 Wood Elf celf.def AVWelfw0.def
19 Grand Elf cgrelf.def AVWelfx0.def
20 Pegasus cpegas.def AVWpega0.def
21 Silver Pegasus capegs.def AVWpegx0.def
22 Dendroid Guard ctree.def AVWtree0.def
23 Dendroid Soldier cbtree.def AVWtrex0.def
24 Unicorn cunico.def AVWunic0.def
25 War Unicorn cwunic.def AVWunix0.def
26 Green Dragon cgdrag.def AVWdrag0.def
27 Gold Dragon cddrag.def AVWdrax0.def
28 Gremlin cgrema.def AVWgrem0.def
29 Master Gremlin cgremm.def AVWgrex0.def
30 Stone Gargoyle cgargo.def AVWgarg0.def
31 Obsidian Gargoyle cogarg.def AVWgarx0.def
32 Stone Golem csgole.def AVWgolm0.def
33 Iron Golem cigole.def AVWgolx0.def
34 Mage cmage.def AVWmage0.def
35 Arch Mage camage.def AVWmagx0.def
36 Genie cgenie.def AVWgeni0.def
37 Master Genie csulta.def AVWgenx0.def
38 Naga cnaga.def AVWnaga0.def
39 Naga Queen cnagag.def AVWnagx0.def
40 Giant cltita.def AVWtitn0.def
41 Titan cgtita.def AVWtitx0.def
42 Imp cimp.def AVWimp0.def
43 Familiar cfamil.def AVWimpx0.def
44 Gog cgog.def AVWgog0.def
45 Magog cmagog.def AVWgogx0.def
46 Hell Hound chhoun.def AVWhoun0.def
47 Cerberus ccerbu.def AVWhoux0.def
48 Demon cohdem.def AVWdemn0.def
49 Horned Demon cthdem.def AVWdemx0.def
50 Pit Fiend cpfien.def AVWpitf0.def
51 Pit Lord cpfoe.def AVWpitx0.def
52 Efreeti cefree.def AVWefre0.def
53 Efreet Sultan cefres.def AVWefrx0.def
54 Devil cdevil.def AVWdevl0.def
55 Arch Devil cadevl.def AVWdevx0.def
56 Skeleton cskele.def AVWskel0.def
57 Skeleton Warrior cwskel.def AVWskex0.def
58 Walking Dead czombi.def AVWzomb0.def
59 Zombie czomlo.def AVWzomx0.def
60 Wight cwight.def AvWWigh.def
61 Wraith cwrait.def AVWwigx0.def
62 Vampire cvamp.def AVWvamp0.def
63 Vampire Lord cnosfe.def AVWvamx0.def
64 Lich clich.def AVWlich0.def
65 Power Lich cplich.def AVWlicx0.def
66 Black Knight cbknig.def AVWbkni0.def
67 Dread Knight cblord.def AVWbknx0.def
68 Bone Dragon cndrgn.def AVWbone0.def
69 Ghost Dragon chdrgn.def AVWbonx0.def
70 Troglodyte ctrogl.def AVWtrog0.def
71 Infernal Troglodyte citrog.def AvWInfr.def
72 Harpy charpy.def AVWharp0.def
73 Harpy Hag charph.def AVWharx0.def
74 Beholder cbehol.def AVWbehl0.def
75 Evil Eye ceveye.def AVWbehx0.def
76 Medusa cmedus.def AvWMeds.def
77 Medusa Queen cmeduq.def AVWmedx0.def
78 Minotaur cminot.def AvWMino.def
79 Minotaur King cminok.def AVWminx0.def
80 Manticore cmcore.def AVWmant0.def
81 Scorpicore ccmcor.def AVWmanx0.def
82 Red Dragon crdrgn.def AvWRDrg.def
83 Black Dragon cbdrgn.def AVWddrx0.def
84 Goblin cgobli.def AVWgobl0.def
85 Hobgoblin chgobl.def AVWgobx0.def
86 Wolf Rider cbwlfr.def AVWwolf0.def
87 Wolf Raider cuwlfr.def AVWwolx0.def
88 Orc corc.def AVWorc0.def
89 Orc Chieftain corcch.def AVWorcx0.def
90 Ogre cogre.def AVWogre0.def
91 Ogre Mage cogmag.def AVWogrx0.def
92 Roc croc.def AVWroc0.def
93 Thunderbird ctbird.def AVWrocx0.def
94 Cyclops ccyclr.def AVWcycl0.def
95 Cyclops King ccycllor.def AVWcycx0.def
96 Behemoth cybehe.def AVWbhmt0.def
97 Ancient Behemoth cabehe.def AVWbhmx0.def
98 Gnoll cgnoll.def AVWgnll0.def
99 Gnoll Marauder cgnolm.def AVWgnlx0.def
100 Lizardman cpliza.def AvWLizr.def
101 Lizard Warrior caliza.def AVWlizx0.def
102 Gorgon ccgorg.def AvWGorg.def
103 Mighty Gorgon cbgog.def AVWgorx0.def
104 Serpent Fly cdrfly.def AvWDFly.def
105 Dragon Fly cdrfir.def AvWDFir.def
106 Basilisk cbasil.def AvWBasl.def
107 Greater Basilisk cgbasi.def AvWGBas.def
108 Wyvern cwyver.def AvWWyvr.def
109 Wyvern Monarch cwyvmn.def AVWwyvx0.def
110 Hydra chydra.def AvWHydr.def
111 Chaos Hydra cchydr.def AVWhydx0.def
112 Air Elemental caelem.def AVWelma0.def
113 Earth Elemental ceelem.def AVWelme0.def
114 Fire Elemental cfelem.def AVWelmf0.def
115 Water Elemental cwelem.def AVWelmw0.def
116 Gold Golem cggole.def AVWglmg0.def
117 Diamond Golem cdgole.def AVWglmd0.def
118 Pixie cpixie.def AVWpixie.def
119 Sprite csprite.def AVWsprit.def
120 Psychic Elemental CpsyEl.def AVWpsye.def
121 Magic Elemental CmagEl.def AVWmagel.def
122 NOT USED (
123 Ice Elemental cicee.def AVWicee.def
124 NOT USED (
125 Magma Elemental cstone.def AVWstone.def
126 NOT USED (
127 Storm Elemental cstorm.def AVWstorm.def
128 NOT USED (
129 Energy Elemental cnrg.def AVWnrg.def
130 Firebird cfbird.def AVWfbird.def
131 Phoenix cphx.def AVWphx.def
132 Azure Dragon CADRGN.def AVWazure.def
133 Crystal Dragon Ccdrgn.def AVWcdrg.def
134 Faerie Dragon CFDRGN.def AVWfdrg.def
135 Rust Dragon CRsDgn.def AVWrust.def
136 Enchanter cench.def AVWench.def
137 Sharpshooter csharp.def AVWsharp.def
138 Halfling chalf.def AVWhalf.def
139 Peasant cpeas.def AVWpeas.def
140 Boar cboar.def AVWboar.def
141 Mummy cmummy.def AVWmumy.def
142 Nomad cnomad.def AVWnomd.def
143 Rogue crogue.def AVWrog.def
144 Troll ctroll.def AVWtrll.def
145 Catapult smcata.def AVA0003.def
146 Ballista smbal.def AVA0004.def
147 First Aid Tent smtent.def AVA0006.def
148 Ammo Cart smcart.def AVA0005.def
149 Arrow Towers
150 Supreme Archangel ZM150Z.def ZMM150Z.def
151 Diamond Dragon ZM151Z.def ZMM151Z.def
152 Lord of Thunder ZM152Z.def ZMM152Z.def
153 Antichrist ZM153Z.def ZMM153Z.def
154 Blood Dragon ZM154Z.def ZMM154Z.def
155 Darkness Dragon ZM155Z.def ZMM155Z.def
156 Ghost Behemoth ZM156Z.def ZMM156Z.def
157 Hell Hydra ZM157Z.def ZMM157Z.def
158 Sacred Phoenix ZM158Z.def ZMM158Z.def
159 Ghost ZM159G.def Z358O8.def
160 Emissary of War ZM160G.def ZMM160G.def
161 Emissary of Peace ZM161G.def ZMM161G.def
162 Emissary of Mana ZM162G.def ZMM162G.def
163 Emissary of Lore ZM163G.def ZMM163G.def
164 Fire Messenger ZM164GD.def ZMM164D.def
165 Earth Messenger ZM165GD.def ZMM165D.def
166 Air Messenger ZM166GD.def ZMM166D.def
167 Water Messenger ZM167GD.def ZMM167D.def
168 Gorynych ZM168DG.def ZMM168G.def
169 War zealot ZM169ZL.def ZMM169Z.def
170 Arctic Sharpshooter ZM170SW.def ZMM170S.def
171 Lava Sharpshooter ZM171SR.def ZMM171S.def
172 Nightmare ZM172N.def ZMM172N.def
173 Santa Gremlin ZM173M.def ZMM173M.def
174 Paladin (attacker) ZM174NPC.def ZMM174N.def
175 Hierophant (attacker) ZM175NPC.def ZMM175N.def
176 Temple Guardian (attacker) ZM176NPC.def ZMM176N.def
177 Succubus (attacker) ZM177NPC.def ZMM177N.def
178 Soul Eater (attacker) ZM178NPC.def ZMM178N.def
179 Brute (attacker) ZM179NPC.def ZMM179N.def
180 Ogre Leader (attacker) ZM180NPC.def ZMM180N.def
181 Shaman (attacker) ZM181NPC.def ZMM181N.def
182 Astral Spirit (attacker) ZM182NPC.def ZMM182N.def
183 Paladin (defender)
184 Hierophant (defender)
185 Temple Guardian (defender)
186 Succubus (defender)
187 Soul Eater (defender)
188 Brute (defender)
189 Ogre Leader (defender)
190 Shaman (defender)
191 Astral Spirit (defender)
192 Sylvan Centaur ZM192Z.def ZMM192Z.def
193 Sorceress ZM193Z.def ZMM193Z.def
194 Werewolf ZM194Z.def ZMM194Z.def
195 Hell Steed ZM195Z.def ZMM195Z.def
196 Dracolich ZM196Z.def ZMM196Z.def

ByteBandit at 2010-08-06 03:31 wrote:
Copy and Paste:

List of all useful Defs - by NMN

The most useful Defs, all of them are found on the H3sprite.lod, use ResEdit2 or MMArchive to open the lod .


Units on the Battlefield:

CPKMAN.def - Pikeman
chalbd.def - Halberdier
CLCBOW.def - Archer | Light Crossbowman
CHCBOW.def - Marksman | Heavy Crossbowman
CGRIFF.def - Griffin
Crgrif.def - Royal Griffin
Csword.def - Swordsman
Ccrusd.def - Crusader
Cmonkk.def - Monk
Czealt.def - Zealot
CCAVLR.def - Cavalier
CCHAMP.def - Champion
cangel.def - Angel
CRANGL.def - Archangel

CCENTR.def - Centaur
CECENT.def - Centaur Captain | Elite Centaur
CDWARF.def - Dwarf
CBDWAR.def - Battle Dwarf
CELF.def - Wood Elf
CGRELF.def - Grand Elf
CPEGAS.def - Pegasus
CAPEGS.def - Silver Pegasus
CBTREE.def - Dendroid Guard | Briar Treefolk
CTREE.def - Dendroid Soldier | Treefolk
CUNICO.def - Unicorn
CWUNIC.def - War Unicorn
CGDRAG.def - Green Dragon
CDDRAG.def - Gold Dragon

CGREMA.def - Gremlin | Apprentice Gremlin
CGREMM.def - Master Gremlin
CGARGO.def - Stone Gargoyle
COGARG.def - Obsidian Gargoyle
CSGOLE.def - Stone Golem
CIGOLE.def - Iron Golem
CMAGE.def - Mage
CAMAGE.def - Archmage
CGENIE.def - Genie
CSULTA.def - Master Genie | Caliph
CNAGA.def - Naga Sentinel
CNAGAG.def - Naga Queen | Naga Guardian
CLTITA.def - Giant | Lesser Titan
CGTITA.def - Titan | Greater Titan

CIMP.def - Imp
CFAMIL.def - Familiar
CGOG.def - Gog
CMAGOG.def - Magog
CHHOUN.def - Hell Hound
CCERBU.def - Cerberus
COHDEM.def - Demon | Lesser Demon | Single-Horned Demon
CTHDEM.def - Horned Demon | Greater Demon | Dual-Horned Demon
CPFIEN.def - Pit Fiend
CPFOE.def - Pit Lord | Pit Foe
cefree.def - Efreet
cefres.def - Efreet Sultan
CDEVIL.def - Devil
CADEVL.def - Arch Devil

CSKELE.def - Skeleton
CWSKEL.def - Skeleton Warrior
CZOMBI.def - Walking Dead | Zombie
CZOMLO.def - Zombie | Zombie Lord
CWIGHT.def - Wight
CWRAIT.def - Wraith
CVAMP.def - Vampire
CNOSFE.def - Vampire Lord | Nosferatu
CLICH.def - Lich
CPLICH.def - Power Lich
CBKNIG.def - Black Knight
CBLORD.def - Dread Knight | Black Lord
CNDRGN.def - Bone Dragon
CHDRGN.def - Ghost Dragon

Ctrogl.def - Troglodyte
Citrog.def - Infernal Troglodyte
CHARPY.def - Harpy
CHARPH.def - Harpy Hag
cbehol.def - Beholder
Ceveye.def - Evil Eye
Cmedus.def - Medusa
Cmeduq.def - Medusa Queen
CMINOT.def - Minotaur
Cminok.def - Minotaur King
CCMCOR.def - Scorpicore
CMCORE.def - Manticore
CRDRGN.def - Red Dragon
CBDRGN.def - Black Dragon

CGOBLI.def - Goblin
CHGOBL.def - Hobgoblin
CBWLFR.def - Wolf Rider | Goblin Wolf Rider
CUWLFR.def - Wolf Raider | Hobgoblin Wolf Rider
CORC.def - Orc
CORCCH.def - Orc Chieftain
COGRE.def - Ogre
COGMAG.def - Ogre Mage
CROC.def - Roc
CTBIRD.def - Thunderbird
CCYCLR.def - Cyclops
CcyclLor.def - Cyclops King | Cyclops Lord
CYBEHE.def - Behemoth | Young Behemoth
CABEHE.def - Ancient Behemoth

CGNOLL.def - Gnoll
CGNOLM.def - Gnoll Marauder
CPLIZA.def - Lizardman | Primitive Lizardman
CALIZA.def - Lizard Warrior | Advanced Lizardman
CDRFLY.def - Serpent Fly | Dragon Fly
CDRFIR.def - Dragon Fly | Fire Dragon Fly
CBASIL.def - Basilisk
CGBASI.def - Greater Basilisk
Ccgorg.def - Gorgon | Copper Gorgon
Cbgog.def - Mighty Gorgon | Bronze Gorgon
CWYVER.def - Wyvern
CWYVMN.def - Wyvern Monarch
CHYDRA.def - Hydra
cchydr.def - Chaos Hydra

Cpixie.def - Pixie
CSprite.def - Sprite
CAELEM.def - Air Elemental
Cstorm.def - Storm Elemental
CWELEM.def - Water Elemental
Cicee.def - Ice Elemental
cfelem.def - Fire Elemental
Cnrg.def - Energy Elemental
CEELEM.def - Earth Elemental
Cstone.def - Magma Elemental | Stone Elemental
Cmagel.def - Magic Elemental
Cpsyel.def - Psychic Elemental | Psi Elemental
Cfbird.DEF - Firebird
CPHX.def - Phoenix

CaDrgn.def - Azure Dragon
Cboar.def - Boar
Ccdrgn.def - Crystal Dragon
CDGOLE.def - Diamond Golem
Cench.def - Enchanter
Cfdrgn.def - Faerie Dragon
CGGOLE.def - Gold Golem
CHalf.def - Halfling
Cmummy.def - Mummy
Cnomad.def - Nomad
Cpeas.def - Peasant
Crogue.def - Rogue
CRsDgn.def - Rust Dragon
Csharp.def - Sharpshooter
Ctroll.def - Troll

Units on the Battlefield from WoG:
ZM150Z.DEF - Supreme Archangel | Seraphim
ZM151Z.DEF - Diamond Dragon
ZM152Z.DEF - Lord of Thunder
ZM153Z.DEF - Hell Baron | Antichrist
ZM154Z.DEF - Blood Dragon
ZM155Z.DEF - Darkness Dragon
ZM156Z.DEF - Ghost Behemoth
ZM157Z.DEF - Hell Hydra
ZM158Z.DEF - Sacred Phoenix
ZM159G.DEF - Ghost
ZM160G.DEF - Emissary of War
ZM161G.DEF - Emissary of Peace
ZM162G.DEF - Emissary of Mana
ZM163G.DEF - Emissary of Lore
ZM164GD.DEF - Fire Messenger
ZM165GD.DEF - Earth Messenger | Metamorph
ZM166GD.DEF - Water Messenger
ZM167GD.DEF - Air Messenger
ZM168DG.DEF - Gorynych
ZM169ZL.DEF - War Zealot
ZM170SW.DEF - Arctic Sharpshooter
ZM171SR.DEF - Lava Sharpshooter
ZM172N.DEF - Nightmare
ZM173M.DEF - Santa Gremlin
ZM174NPC.DEF - Paladin
ZM175NPC.DEF - Hierophant
ZM176NPC.DEF - Temple Guardian
ZM177NPC.DEF - Succubus
ZM178NPC.DEF - Soul Eater
ZM179NPC.DEF - Brute
ZM180NPC.DEF - Ogre Leader
ZM181NPC.DEF - Shaman
ZM182NPC.DEF - Astral Spirit
ZM192Z.DEF - Sylvan Centaur
ZM193Z.DEF - Sorceress
ZM194Z.DEF - Werewolf
ZM195Z.DEF - Hell Steed
ZM196Z.DEF - Dracolich

Siege Machines on the Battlefield:
smbal.def - Ballista
SMCart.def - Ammo Cart
SMCata.def - Catapult
SMtent.def - First Aid Tent | First-Aid Tent

Missiles on the Battlefield:
CPRGOGX.def - Magog's & Lava Sharpshooter's Fireball
cprgre.def - Master Gremlin's Ball
CPRGTIX.def - Titan's & Lord's of Thunder Thunder
CPRZEAX.def - Monk's & Zealot's Magic Ball
PCYCLBX.def - Cyclops' & Cyclops' King Rock
PELFX.def - Wood's Elf & Grand's Elf Arrow
Phalf.def - Halfing's Rock
Picee.def - Ice Elemental's Icicle
PLCBOWX.def - Archer's & Marksman's Belt
PLICH.def - Lich's & Power Lich's Poison Ball
PMAGEX.def - Mage's & Arctic Sharpshooter's Magic Ball
PMEDUSX.def - Medusa's & Medusa's Queen Arrow
porchx.def - Orc's & Orc's Chiefan Throwing Axe
PPLIZAX.def - Lizardman's & Lizard's Warrior Arrow

Siege Machine's Missiles on the Battlefield:
SMBALX.def - Ballista's Javelin
SMCatx.def - Catapult's Stone

Heroes on the Battlefield:
CH00.def - Knight
CH01.def - Cleric
CH02.def - Ranger
CH03.def - Druid
CH04.def - Alchemist
CH05.def - Wizard
CH06.def - Demoniac
CH07.def - Heretic
CH08.def - Death Knight
CH09.def - Necromancer
CH010.def - Overlord
CH11.def - Warlock
CH012.def - Barbarian
CH013.def - Battle Mage
CH014.def - Beastmaster
CH015.def - Witch
CH16.DEF - Elementalist
CH17.DEF - Planeswalker

Units on the Map:
AvWAngl.def - Angel
AvWArch.def - Archangel
AVWazure.def - Azure Dragon
AvWBasl.def - Basilisk
AVWbehl0.def - Beholder
AVWbehx0.def - Evil Eye
AVWbhmt0.def - Behemoth | Young Behemoth
AVWbhmx0.def - Ancient Behemoth
AVWbkni0.def - Black Knight
AVWbknx0.def - Dread Knight | Black Lord
AVWboar.def - Boar
AVWbone0.def - Bone Dragon
AVWbonx0.def - Ghost Dragon
AVWcdrg.def - Crystal Dragon
AVWcent0.def - Centaur
AVWcentx0.def - Centaur Captain | Elite Centaur
AVWcvlr0.def - Cavalier
AVWcvlx0.def - Champion
AVWcycl0.def - Cyclops
AVWcycx0.def - Cyclops King | Cyclops Lord
AVWddex0.def - Black Dragon
AVWdemn0.def - Demon | Lesser Demon | Single-Horned Demon
AVWdemx0.def - Horned Demon | Greater Demon | Dual-Horned Demon
AVWdevl0.def - Devil
AVWdevx0.def - Arch Devil
AvWDfir.def - Dragon Fly | Fire Dragon Fly
AvWDfly.def - Serpent Fly | Dragon Fly
AVWdrag0.def - Green Dragon
AVWdrax0.def - Gold Dragon
AVWdwrf0.def - Dwarf
AVWdwrx0.def - Battle Dwarf
AVWefre0.def - Efreet
AVWefrx0.def - Efreet Sultan
AVWelfw0.def - Wood Elf
AVWelfx0.def - Grand Elf
AVWelma0.def - Air Elemental
AVWelme0.def - Earth Elemental
AVWelmf0.def - Fire Elemental
AVWelmw0.def - Water Elemental
AVWench.def - Enchanter
AVWfbird.def - Firebird
AVWfdrg.def - Faerie Dragon
AVWgarg0.def - Stone Gargoyle
AVWgarx0.def - Obsidian Gargoyle
AvWGBas.def - Greater Basilisk
AVWgeni0.def - Genie
AVWgenx0.def - Master Genie | Caliph
AVWglmd0.def - Diamond Golem
AVWglmg0.def - Gold Golem
AVWgnll0.def - Gnoll
AVWgnlx0.def - Gnoll Marauder
AVWgobl0.def - Goblin
AVWgobx0.def - Hobgoblin
AVWgog0.def - Gog
AVWgogx0.def - Magog
AVWgolm0.def - Stone Golem
AVWgolx0.def - Iron Golem
AvWGorg.def - Gorgon | Copper Gorgon
AVWgorx0.def - Mighty Gorgon | Bronze Gorgon
AVWgrem0.def - Gremlin | Apprentice Gremlin
AVWgrex0.def - Master Gremlin
AvWGrif.def - Griffin
AVWgrix0.def - Royal Griffin
AVWhalf.def - Halfling
AVWharp0.def - Harpy
AVWharx0.def - Harpy Hag
AvWHcrs.def - Marksman | Heavy Crossbowman
AVWhoun0.def - Hell Hound
AVWhoux0.def - Cerberus
AvWHydr.def - Hydra
AVWhydx0.def - Chaos Hydra
AVWicee.def - Ice Elemental
AVWimp0.def - Imp
AVWimpx0.def - Familiar
AvWInfr.def - Infernal Troglodyte
AvWLCrs.def - Archer | Light Crossboman
AVWlich0.def - Lich
AVWlicx0.def - Power Lich
AvWLizr.def - Lizardman | Primitive Lizardman
AVWlizx0.def - Lizard Warrior | Advanced Lizardman
AVWmage0.def - Mage
AVWmagel.def - Magic Elemental
AVWmagx0.def - Archmage
AVWmant0.def - Manticore
AVWmanx0.def - Scorpicore
AvWMeds.def - Medusa
AVWmedx0.def - Medusa Queen
AvWMino.def - Minotaur
AVWminx0.def - Minotaur King
AVWMON1.def - Random Monster 1 [Level 1]
AVWMON2.def - Random Monster 2 [Level 2]
AVWMON3.def - Random Monster 3 [Level 3]
AVWMON4.def - Random Monster 4 [Level 4]
AVWMON5.def - Random Monster 5 [Level 5]
AVWMON6.def - Random Monster 6 [Level 6]
AVWMON7.def - Random Monster 7 [Level 7]
AVWMonk.def - Monk
AVWmonx0.def - Zealot
AVWmrnd0.def - Random Monster [Random Level]
AVWmumy.def - Mummy
AVWnaga0.def - Naga Sentinel
AVWnagx0.def - Naga Queen | Naga Guardian
AVWnomd.def - Nomad
AVWnrg.def - Energy Elemental
AVWogre0.def - Ogre
AVWogrx0.def - Ogre Mage
AVWorc0.def - Orc
AVWorcx0.def - Orc Chiefan
AVWpeas.def - Peasant
AVWpega0.def - Pegasus
AVWpegx0.def - Silver Pegasus
AVWphx.def - Phoenix
AvWPike.def - Pikeman
AVWpikx0.def - Halberdier
AVWpitf0.def - Pit Fiend
AVWpitx0.def - Pit Lord | Pit Foe
AVWpixie.def - Pixie
AVWpsye.def - Psychic Elemental | Psi Elemental
AvWRDrg.def - Red Dragon
AVWroc0.def - Roc
AVWrocx0.def - Thunderbird
AVWrog.def - Rogue
AVWrust.def - Rust Dragon
AVWsharp.def - Sharpshooter
AVWskel0.def - Skeleton
AVWskex0.def - Skeleton Warrior
AVWsprit.def - Sprite
AVWstone.def - Magma Elemental | Stone Elemental
AVWstorm.def - Storm Elemental
AVWswrd0.def - Swordsman
AVWswrx0.def - Crusader
AVWtitn0.def - Giant | Lesser Titan
AVWtitx0.def - Titan | Greater Titan
AVWtree0.def - Dendroid Soldier | Treefolk
AVWtrex0.def - Dendroid Guard | Briar Treefolk
AVWtrll.def - Troll
AVWtrog0.def - Troglodyte
AVWunic0.def - Unicorn
AVWunix0.def - War Unicorn
AVWvamp0.def - Vampire
AVWvamx0.def - Vampire Lord | Nosferatu
AvWWigh.def - Wight
AVWwigx0.def - Wraith
AVWwolf0.def - Wolf Rider | Goblin Wolf Rider
AVWwolx0.def - Wolf Raider | Hobgoblin Wolf Rider
AvWWyvr.def - Wyvern
AVWwyvx0.def - Wyvern Monarch
AVWzomb0.def - Walking Dead | Zombie
AVWzomx0.def - Zombie | Zombie Lord

Units on the Map from WoG:
ZMM150Z.DEF - Supreme Archangel | Seraphim
ZMM151Z.DEF - Diamond Dragon
ZMM152Z.DEF - Lord of Thunder
ZMM153Z.DEF - Hell Baron | Antichrist
ZMM154Z.DEF - Blood Dragon
ZMM155Z.DEF - Darkness Dragon
ZMM156Z.DEF - Ghost Behemoth
ZMM157Z.DEF - Hell Hydra
ZMM158Z.DEF - Sacred Phoenix
ZMM159G.DEF - Ghost
ZMM160G.DEF - Emissary of War [Not Used]
ZMM161G.DEF - Emissary of Peace [Not Used]
ZMM162G.DEF - Emissary of Mana [Not Used]
ZMM163G.DEF - Emissary of Lore [Not Used]
ZMM164D.DEF - Fire Messenger
ZMM165D.DEF - Earth Messenger | Metamorph
ZMM166D.DEF - Water Messenger
ZMM167D.DEF - Air Messenger
ZMM168G.DEF - Gorynych
ZMM169Z.DEF - War Zealot
ZMM170S.DEF - Arctic Sharpshooter
ZMM171S.DEF - Lava Sharpshooter
ZMM172N.DEF - Nightmare
ZMM173M.DEF - Santa Gremlin
ZMM174N.DEF - Paladin [Lizard Warrior Sprite | Not Used]
ZMM175N.DEF - Hierophant [Lizard Warrior Sprite | Not Used]
ZMM176N.DEF - Temple Guardian [Lizard Warrior Sprite | Not Used]
ZMM177N.DEF - Succubus [Lizard Warrior Sprite | Not Used]
ZMM178N.DEF - Soul Eater [Lizard Warrior Sprite | Not Used]
ZMM179N.DEF - Brute [Lizard Warrior Sprite | Not Used]
ZMM180N.DEF - Ogre Leader [Lizard Warrior Sprite | Not Used]
ZMM181N.DEF - Shaman [Lizard Warrior Sprite | Not Used]
ZMM182N.DEF - Astral Spirit [Lizard Warrior Sprite | Not Used]
ZMM192Z.DEF - Sylvan Centaur
ZMM193Z.DEF - Sorceress
ZMM194Z.DEF - Werewolf
ZMM195Z.DEF - Hell Steed
ZMM196Z.DEF - Dracolich

Siege Machines on the Map:
CATAP_ML.DEF - Catapult (Right) [Not Used]
CATAP_MR.DEF - Catapult (Left) [Not Used]

Attack of Units on the Map:

Portraits of Units:
CPRSMALL.DEF - Portraits (Small) [Here clean backrounds]
TWCRPORT.DEF - Portraits (Big)
UN32.DEF - Hero's Specialities (Small)
UN44.DEF - Hero's Specialities (Big)

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