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H7: Would you prefer 2D or 3D townscreens?
I don't care.
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Features → Walkthroughs  → Tribes of the East Ā→ Flying to the Rescue Ā→ A Flamboyant Exit

by maltz

Flying to the Rescue
M4: A Flamboyant Exit

  • Map Size: Large
  • Level Cap: none
  • Difficulty Index: 5/5
  • Last Updated: November 16, 2007, Patch v3.0

    Here we come, Griffin Empire! (or Unicorn Empire? I am confused by the ending.) All your hard works will be paid off. The finale of finale is divided into four similar acts, each with its own mini-boss battle happening at town (A), (B), (C), (D). Then, Zehir take on the final boss at town (E)!

    Your Zehir's build should be very complete by now, and he will be given free, huge stacks after free, huge stacks to run over everything. You should be able to keep a perfect victory record throughout the mission - that's how easy it is. However, all of the mini-boss fights in each act, which are performed by other heroes you have controlled over the campaign (or not), are on the opposite end of the spectrum. Some of them are ridiculously difficult on heroic.

    I don't like the current game design that you are not given any chance to adjust the other heroes' skills, creatures, even artifacts in this mission. The game actually equips your artifacts randomly! It is quite possible that you just can't win one or more mini-boss battles, because you were forced to use a mediocre default setup against a much tougher opponent. I also don't like the fact that Vampirism actually cures Puppet Master and Frenzy. This makes the mini-bosses (three out of four spams Puppet Master and Vampirism) invincible against Dark Magic. Just imagine Rolf with infinite mana and yourself with an army of 2/3 his size - that's what you'll see!

    There are ways around the mini-boss fights, though, so don't go all the way back to C2M4 to rebuild every hero. I'll mention a couple of alternative ways that probably were the back doors purposely left open by the game developers. It is your call whether or not to take advantage them.

    Here comes a few general tips for Zehir. First, don't waste movement points. The mini-bosses seems to grow a little stronger each week, so the more time you waste, the more trouble your other heroes will have. Zehir's part will be very easy after winning all four mini-boss battles. Leave all resources on the ground. You can call the FBI, er... a secondary hero to do all the clean-up work. Skip all of the unnecessary fights because you can come back for them later if you really wish.

    Skip sidequests that are not conveniently located nearby. You may pick up the neutral stacks recommended in the walkthrough as a backup plan. There are various free or mercenary stacks ready to join, but you don't really have room for them all. No problem, that's what mule heroes are for!

    p.s. The current game (ver 3.0) contains a potential bug (or intended feature) in the script. On higher difficulties it is very normal to lose with Kujin, and naturally players will then use Gotai to win the fight. However, the script won't function normally afterwards. Don't let Kujin die! If your Kujin dies and Gotai starts roaming around the map as Blue, the bug has happened.

    Choose the Air Elemental bonus. The Phoenixes are more powerful, but you will end up discarding them. The Air Elementals, however, will be greeted by another 3 stacks and you will end up with a level-3 Hurricane. They are fast and they don't get retaliated - perfect! The Call to Arms mission special is 20 Gems + 24000 EXP for 4 Storm Giants on heroic (again, on lower difficulties you get more units). If you have too much Gems and won't lose a level, why not.

    Let's jump right on to Act One!

    Act One

    Zehir enters the scene at (1), and a peaceful countryside is all he sees. No worry, you are in the right mission and there will be hundreds of thousands of demons. Your goal in this act is to capture three Gold Mines at (2), accessible through the stairways (a). Since two of the gold mines are locked away behind the Red & Blue Gates (G), you have to visit the Red & Blue Keymaster Tents (K) first.

    The sidequest of this act is to capture two Dwarf Warrens (W), to receive the reward of a free level. Different from a Sylanna Ancient, though, the game actually makes up your difference to the next level, so try to complete the side quest when you still have a long way to go to the next level. Do not buy the Storm Giant to lower your EXP yet, though. You need the Gems!

    There are a few free stacks to be picked up, marked with yellow, small letters. On higher difficulties you actually receive more, so definitely pay a visit to them:

    - Battle Mages (m) in front of the Memory Mentor (there will be a lot more Mentors on the map.)
    - Air Elementals (a) to the north of the stairway. I didn't mark the stairs because the game won't let Zehir access it. They are here just for decorative purpose.

    There is a Stable (S) at the center to speed up your journey. Visit the Tavern at (3) and hire two new heroes. Try to hire the Haven heroes and mentor them to give them Expert Logistics. Make one of them to back track and pick up free resources left on the ground, and the other follow Zehir closely to carry future overflow stacks.

    After visiting both Keymaster Tents, cross the bridge south and you will see a Trading Post. You don't really need it now, if you are already using a hero to pick up various resources. Ignore the one-way portal (P1) and keep going south to pick up a Dragon artifact (helm, D1). Descend through the stairway (a) to enter the Gold Mine area (2).

    Flag all of the Gold Mines by unlocking the Blue and Red gates. In the meantime, use your secondary heroes to pick up as much Ore, Wood and Gem as possible - you'll need them badly. Save your game just before flagging the 3rd Gold Mine, because the first mini-boss fight is coming!

    Mini-Boss Fight (Wulfstan)

    As soon as you flag the last Gold Mine, Wulfstan spawns underground with a good army, and charges directly to Town (A). The enemy hero has a lot of shooters! Definitely start the battle with Mass Confusion. If you don't have it, cast Mass Deflect Missle. If you still don't have it, oh-oh. Maybe it will be faster to go back to your last save file in C3M3?

    Similar to all other tough bosses you have seen and will see, the Demon Lord spams Puppet Master to a degree you want to smash your monitor. The Seducers can also Puppet Master your stack, which further elevates your frustration level. When under PM your stack will make liberal use of your Rune resource as well. Wulfstan has very limited mana, so better put them to good use! You will be busy Cleansing the ultra annoying Puppet Master (or cast Vampirism to replace them if he learned it from Zehir), or cast Mass Haste / Mass Righteous Might. (The mini-boss loves to give you Mass Slow as well.) You can actually cleanse Slow with Rune to save turns for Wulfstan.

    There are two keys to Wulfstan victory. First, block the castle entrance with your Thunder Thanes. The enemies will gate in a lot of stacks inside the castle, but that actually works to your advantage. The lightning attack of Thunder Thanes can pass down to all adjacent stacks (of one direction), so you can deal heavy damage inside a very crowded castle - so much damage that you will start laughing!

    Second, make liberal use of the Runes, especially the Rune of Resurrection to resurrect 40% of fallen units (1 Ore + 1 Gem, the second time 3 Ore + 3 Gem, and then Wulfstan can refersh it) on the Thanes and any other stack that takes heavy casaulty. You have picked up a lot of Ores and Gems, so please make good use of them here. After Wulfstan's mana runs dry just use him to Refresh Runes on your key stacks. The battle bacame very easy from here.

    This is actually the easiest mini-boss fight among all. After the fight, Wulfstan will be out of your control (as the Blue player), so you will not have any access to his creatures and artifacts. Hopefully you are not leaving any pieces of a great set on Wulfstan at the end of mission 3, or it is too late!

    There is also a possibility that when Wulfstan has, say two weapon artifacts, the game will randomly equip one of them, which might not be the one you like. You actually have a chance to fix this. When Wulfstan just shows up, for a few seconds he is actually an Orange player under your control. Now quickly left click on a nearby ground ten times per second (just to show you tried) as if you are ordering Wulfstan to go elsewhere - he will start charging and stop to consider your order! Now you can adjust your artifacts. The same trick applies to all subsequent heroes as well.

    When you gain control of Wulfstan, you can actually move him up the stairs to come to the surface! He can join Zehir's crusade but he can never go back down again (because the game assumes he is Zehir). The Inferno town (A) will stay forever. Doh. If you absolutely can't win, just park Wulfstan or the subsequent heroes outside the town gate.

    Is your mission still winnable if you missed one or more of the Inferno towns underground? Actually, yes. The only town that must go down is the final boss's town (E). All of the other fights are in fact optional although the script writers tried to make it mandatory - or did they purposely leave a hole for you? We will find out more clues soon.

    No matter town (A) goes down or not, Zehir is done in the Act One. Pass the one-way portal (P1) to proceed. Although it seems that you will not come back to this area, later in the mission you can learn and cast the Instant Travel spell that allows you to go back to a previous section.

    Act Two

    Zehir now travels to the SW quarter of the map (P1'), with an eventual goal to enter the one-way portal at (P2). This is a very straight-forward act.

    Don't miss out a very important free stack, tier-6 Rakshasa Kshar (r). There are also two groups of Air Elementals (a). Similar to all other missions, on higher difficulties you actually receive more untis as the stack sizes are larger. There is a useless Tome of Summoning magic (Ts) - just in case you don't have Arcane Omniscience.

    The side quest of this act is to defeat a Demon Leader (4), who actually moves around but won't go very far. Deleb is much weaker than the mini-bosses or Rolf, though. After defeating her you can get the useful artifact Boots of the Swift Journey. Save your game just before entering the one-way portal (P2). The second boss fight is taking place at the gate of town (B)!

    Mini-Boss Fight (Freyda)

    Both Freyda and Duncan show up, but only Freyda fights. (Duncan has no army at all.) This one probably breaks the difficulty meter on heroic - I failed so many times that I finally gave up! Well not really. There are two backup plans. Plan A: Go all the way back to mission 2 to rebuild Freyda, replay mission 3 and 4 up to this point, to possible barely make it with a Sorcery build. (Please see the end of C3M2 walkthrough).

    The difficulty of this battle comes from the power of the Inferno army. The enemy hero again spams Puppet Master as if he has inifinite mana (he actually does, relative to you). You will be lucky if you can cleanse the Puppet Master before your PM-ed stack wipes out another of yours. Vampirism won't help - because the opponent will instantly overwrite it with yeah, another Puppet Master. He will also overwrite your own Frenzy/Puppet Master with Vampirism, although you might get lucky to see some action. (For example, those Frenzied 40+ Archdevils kills 120+ Succubus Mistresses with a single blow).

    There is no way to stop the advance of the hard-hitting Inferno army. They are simply superior to Freyda's. Your best shot is to cast any Light Magic (usually Cleansing, or some mass spells) and gamble on the free Divine Vengeance. What is your chance that it actually hits a tough stack that has bloody hands, not a stack that has not attacked you, or a 1-HP-1-unit stack leftover by Last Man Standing? You have to be very lucky to win! By the way, get rid of the Ballista with your shooters. It will fail you at the last moment.

    You are burning your mana, hoping to wipe out the opponent first. It will probably go down to this - both you and the opponent have just one stack left. You are barely alive with Resurrections (if you don't have it, try plan B), and your opponent is quickly dying off from your Resurrection-Vengeances. If you are lucky, you cast another Resurrection, and your opponent dies from Divine Vengeance. Otherwise, your opponent's creature (or Ballista, even the Archer Towers) act first to wipe out your little last stack! I "almost won" a couple of times like this. ;)

    If you absolutely can't win, and don't like Plan A, here comes Plan B. Similar to what you can do to Wulfstan, stop Freyda on her way in, by clicking the nearby ground during the few seconds that you have control of her. Camp her outside town (B).

    By the way, It will be a really good idea to stop Freyda anyways to double-check her artifacts. I hope you didn't leave any good artifact on Duncan because they are permanently lost!

    Act Three

    All right, somehow you past the Freyda fight, so Zehir is now in the SE quarter of the map at (P2'). Before you proceed, you might want to complete an interesting sidequest about babies tied up in dungeon... er, to free a group of friendly Shadow Matriarchs (100 in my game) imprisoned at (5) underground. This area is accessible through the stairway (b). If you want to do it, do it at the beginning of the this Act as it will save you turns. I actually don't recommend doing this sidequest, because they are not really very helpful.

    Your primary goal of this act is to defeat two Demon armies at (6) and (7), and pass the one-way portal at (P3). Both Demon armies are very weak, again.

    There are two free stacks, the Magnetic Golems (m) and Obsidian Gargoyles (g). Both are pretty crappy and you don't really have any use of them. Skip them if you want.

    On the busy street of (8) you can hire two groups of mercenaries, Thunder Thanes and Marksmen from Seer Huts. They are not cheap at all, and you have no use of them with Zehir. However, if your Wulfstan is still waiting outside town (A), you can buy the 35 Thunder Thanes and later let Wulfstan summon them. Well it is just my theory, though. However, if you go with "Plan B Plus" (I'll cover it soon) you don't really need to go through these troubles.

    p.s. Visiting each of the Seer Hut actually triggers the deal as a sidequest, but there is no reward for completing them (you receive the troops that you paid for).

    There is also an artifact merchant here. This is your only merchant on the map, so you may as well take a look to see if there is anything better than what you currently have. Just west of the Seer Huts you can pick up the second Tome - of Light Magic (TL).

    Interestingly, now you actually have an oppurtunity to directly challenge the final boss, Biara in town (E). However, Biara's army is HUGE - more than anything you have seen before. There is no way you can beat her now.

    Save your game just before approaching the second demon army at (7). As soon as the fight is over, the third boss fight starts!

    Mini-Boss Fight (Kujin)

    Wow. Did they actually test this? Here you will see how powerless a Might army is against Expert Dark magic users. You might have seen it back in the Stronghold campaign already - but with those 6 Chieftain stacks you probably didn't really feel anything. Have you visited the Memory Mentor in C2M4 to get Shatter Dark? (Please refer to the walkthrough of C2M4.)

    You will see one after one of your stacks Frenzied. I had no idea that Kujin would be the fighter here, so I didn't have Shatter Dark on her. I didn't even have Magic Resistance! I kept the Triple Flaming Ballista and... there is NO Ballista!! (There is a Ballista for all others, who don't even have a Warmachine skill.) I don't even know how to win it with my build as the game intended, and I don't want to replay all the way from C2M5 just for this... I had to stop Kujin on her way to suicide. Plan B time!

    Here comes the interesting part. Maybe the game developer actually knows that you absolutely can't win on heroic unless you have prepared a good Kujin build for it, so you are generously given Gotai... with a whooping 900 Cyclops! This is THE army we have in Plan B Plus! Now you actually have many interesting choices here. I will mention the two extremes:

    Plan B normal: Give 900 Cyclops to Kujin. Split the Chieftains into four stacks, and whip the Cyclops to completely demolish everything. Easy win. You can also use Gotai to fight. In my game I actually let Gotai fight and everything worked out well. However, you can't let Kujin die, then use Gotai to win. If Kujin dies the game bugs out and you won't receive the reinforcement later. Again, please keep Kujin alive!

    Plan B Plus: Let Gotai keep the Cyclops, actually give Kujin's Chieftains to Gotai as well. Send Gotai out from the stairways (c), and hey, who is standing on top of the hill? Now what are you waiting for? Pass these creatures to Zehir, and beat the * out of Biara! Slap a Vampirism on the Cyclops, and whip whip whip! You should definitely try it for pure enjoyment. Besides, you receive a higher Hall of Fame score... :)

    "Here, take half of my boys!" and Zehir's eyes drop out.

    p.s. Strangely, Biara does not overwrite our Cyclop's Vampirism with Puppet Master although she certainly can. If you fight Biara with a smaller army she'll always cast PM as if she only knows one spell. It seems that the AI actually "gives up" when it is completely dominated.

    For the walkthrough purpose let's pick the lame Plan B normal and see what happens next. March Zehir to the one-way portal (P3) and proceed!

    p.s. Many interesting things will happen if you let Zehir carry those 900 Cyclops and don't fight Biara yet. Most of the neutral stacks will wet their pants, and you actually have a lot of them joining for free! With mule heroes carrying the overflow stacks you can snow ball a truck load of free troops behind you. Deposit them (or fractions of those Cyclops) into your Academy town (available soon) and you can let Freyda or whoever summon them to good use (if the spell works)! But why do you still care about Freyda if you can directly win the mission with a sea of Cyclops? Anyways, the game has broken at this point and you can break it even further. Having fun is the most important thing. :)

    Act Four

    You are now at (P3'), the NW quarter. As soon as you travel up to (F), you can summon Zehir's town for 35000 EXP. The sky town is almost fully loaded, and if you have installed the Tear of Asha back in mission 3, the Skyship is still there! While your town is happily producing an army for you, Zehir does not need them.

    Explore the area a bit if you like. There is the third and last Tome - of Dark Magic (TD) that you probably still have no use of. There is a map maker at (C), and a Hill Fort at (H). The sidequest of the Act is to learn the Instant Travel spell at the lv-4 spell shrine at (9) underground. With this spell you can actually return to previous quarters.

    p.s. According to the game script, Biara will have two major army expansion, one in the beginning of Month 4 and the other Month 5. So as long as you fight her before Month 4, you should be fine.

    Your main objective of Act Four is to defeat the Yellow Dark Elves, base in town (G) underground. You will be surprised that after all these weeks of free development, they are actually even weaker than the Soulscar clan you fought back in mission 1! The enemy hero loves Divine Vengeance, so don't shoot too much - let your Phoenix do the dirty work. Save the game just before you eliminate the Yellow (their last hero) for the fourth and last mini-boss fight!

    Mini-Boss Fight (Ylaya)

    On heroic this fight can be totally impossible or quite easy, depending on what the AI does. If the AI choose to camp and throw an Armagaddon to demolish your Catapult, reload the game because you have no chance at all. If the AI rushes its Devil out followed by everything else, you can win easily.

    You can encourage AI to make the bad choice by slapping a Confusion on the 1120 Succubus Mistresses with your Shadow Matriarchs right after the combat starts. The AI might think its ranged power is now inferior to yours, and they have a better chance by rushing out - not really!

    Use the two Hydra stacks as shields against the Devils and whatever comes to the gate. Position them 2 tiles before the gate, so the troops that comes out are also subject to your other stacks' spears/knives. Your Hydras will die soon but not without taking a lot of enemies with them. Your Black Dragons and especially the Tier-4 riders are the main melee force. Your assassins should poison all of the high-initiative stacks (the Dogs and the Horse), so they will die off a lot sooner while making contact with your units before the other stacks do.

    The enemy hero, thanks Asha is not going to Puppet Master your riders or Shadow Matriarch, or you are done! Instead, they will set a priority on cloning that insane stack of Sucubbus Mistresses (Even Biara the Succubus does not carry this many). In my game the clones always act immediately after the hero's Phamton Force, because the enemy hero has Expert Summoning magic and his level is very high. There is no better way to prevent the damage - just use Ylaya's Chain Lightening on the main Succubus stack so the clone will be damaged next and dispelled. When there is no clone, just keep throwing Deep Freeze on the Succubus to delay their power shots.

    p.s. Ylaya comes with the artifacts that boosts her Ice and Lightning damages by 50%, and she has the Master of Ice and Master of Storm feats. Therefore, Deep Freeze and Chain Lightening are the best spells to cast.

    Now we are playing Heroes of Might and Magic!

    Final Battle

    You are now ready to fight Biara!

    If you have brought down all four demon towns by Wulfstan, Freyda, Kujin (or Gotai, only if Kujin still lives) and Ylaya, a wonderful thing happens - four stacks of reinforcement arrive in front of Biara's town (E). You are entitled to 100+ Archangels, Untamed Cyclops, Lava Dragons and Black Dragons! Why do you need anything else if you have these? Well you need the Lion's Crown badly, because the Cyclops and Dragons are evil.

    Also, visit all of the morale boosts you can find nearby. There are three of them out there plus a HP+10% boost, so during the fight your Untamed Cyclops and Black Dragons should have a net morale of -1. If you love to see a massacre, you can always visit the closest Memory Mentor at (10) and opt for Expert Leadership.

    Biara's army is actually bigger than yours, still. She has two tier-7s, two tier-6s, one tier-5 and one tier-4. She has the Demon Lord ultimate Urgash Call, so all of them will gate instantly with almost equal number. Her stats are not as impressive as the Demon Sovereign in the original game, though, and she does not have Leadership or Luck - which actually makes her much weaker than she appears to be. From the map editor we can see that Biara actually has Expert Logistics. Ha!

    Here comes the list of Biara's artifacts: Cursed Ring (Luck -2), Ring of the Broken Will (Morale -2), Staff of Sar-Issus (no magic resistance), Helm of Chaos, Dragon Scale Armor, Dragon Bone Graves, Pendant of Mastery, Shield of the Dwarven Kings, Sandro's Cloak (no mind control immunity).

    Biara again loves to cast Puppet Master. Due to her artifacts they always hit, yet you can quickly dispel them thanks to Zehir's Expert Sorcery. The Mass spells in the final battle are actually very useful because Biara will only concentrate on PM, and she has no Sorcery expertise. You can freely manipulate Biara's troops - Mass Confusion, Mass Slow, Puppet Master, Frenzy, and Vampirism, Mass Haste, Mass Righteous Might on your own... the battle is very easy once you have the very best four units in the game! Even if you are not careful with your Cyclops and hit your own troops every single time, you can still win!

    But, we all like 900 Cyclops better.

    Congratulations for finishing Heroes of Might and Magic V: Tribes of the East expansion. We hope to see you again when HoMM6 comes out!

    Oh here comes Isabel. Er... did Zehir find Raelag anyway?

  • Comments
    vil2 at 2014-11-07 22:55 wrote:
    I just finished it for the third time, third playthrough, this time on Heroic.
    During the campaign, I was never bothered with the pesky PM strategy. Except for the final battle. On the other hand, I was not able to do the "hero stealing" (with Wulfstan, Gotai, etc) trick on the last map, I think this has been fixed. And Gotai has just one goblin, by the way...

    For the last battle I tried several strategies but the only thing that worked for me is PM, PM, and PM again. All my troops waited outside. Please note I never took Arcane Omniscience so this is definitely NOT a mandatory skill.
    I PM'ed the Archdevil stack, killed the succubi instantly. Then perma PM this stack, and carefully clean the troops inside the walls. When the Archdevils died, I PM'ed the horses, and cast Phantom forces on them, too.

    So yeah, boring battle because my troops did not do anything except for waiting. Of course I lost some of them due to to some ballista shoots, and because he managed to PM my Archangel stack once, and did some damage with them. I chosed not to dispell them because I had to cast PM again before the Archdevil's turn. Not a bad choice, because he waited with the Archangels for many turns before acting.

    Other strategies based on phenixes, arcane crystal, frenzy, vampirism, etc, nothing of that sort worked, his troops were just too strong for me.

    I'm quite disappointed because I managed to finish the campaign within 320 days which is not too bad in my opinion. But my score is only 12000... A friend of mine did 19000+ within 450 days. I don't understand how the scoring works, I thought it was mainly based on the number of turns? I tried to rush but I visited most of the stat boosts. Maybe the best scores are obtained with full cleared maps, whatever the time it takes? Would be weird, but...

    Anyway, can't decide which is better between HoMM3 and 5. I have just finished the 5 (vanilla, then HoF then ToE) after doing all the Homm3 episodes, including addons and the difficult Shadow of Death. What a long, strange trip it has been ! (2 years I guess, playing during travels and holidays...)
    I will definitely start again someday!

    Enjoy this game and thanks for all those guides, let's hope HoMM7 will be cool but I fear he won't...
    Edited on Fri, Nov 07 2014, 18:02 by vil2
    hprwhg12 at 2014-04-10 18:37 wrote:
    Heroic 3.1

    First I will say that other than maybe four missions and a couple battles in the entire homm 5 series that Heroes 3 campaign+expansions is significantly more difficult. Except Raelag C3M3 from homm 5 original. That is the hardest campaign EVER. The only thing that comes close is the final Fire Witch campaign from Armageddons Blade or the Academy with the guy who looks like Jordy from star trek ng and having to kill 3500 Naga and Naga Queens split into 4 stacks, limited resources, hordes of Fairy Dragons, and a time limit. That is still an epic heroes battle with those Nagas

    The other thing making homm 3 more difficult is the factor that YOU created your own nemesis. They always had you do missions with the antagonist (Kreegan/Sandro) and you could help or hinder their build to determine the difficulty you would face.

    So yes, 5 is pretty cool, but I still prefer 3 over all. There town portal + dimension door made you unstoppable. Not some wimpy instant travel crap that teleports you maybe four steps and may or may not work. Homm 6 has too many bugs that will never be fixed. Anyways just thought I would give props to the more superior game.

    Just finished this for the fourth time I think. Always on heroic. This time was sickeningly easy. Not sure if it is because I have done this numerous times over the years or my particular build (Omnsicence, kept luck, Logistics) Luck helped a lot too. No other magic skill. Having all spells is good enough for me. I did switch logistics out for Leadership just before Biara battle though, so I could mix the Angels, Dragons, Cyclops, and Godzilla. 137 each. Along witht hese I brought 443 Air Elementals. My 89 Raksha whatever and 538 Magnetic Golems. Half the army is immune to Puppet master (she did use, but my magic mirror sent it else where). I also had 6 moral and 14 luck(I know it caps at 5 but I had luck almost every time I attacked) The Black dragons got pulled inside by Devils and did quite a lot of damage but were eliminated by the end. Angels got PM'ed and I cured with Vampirism. I put an arcane crystal next to Succubi, then had all my Air Elemental (443) make a suicide run to them. They turned into 56 Earth Elemental(ha), but all this stopped Succubi from shooting for three turns. at which point the vampirised Angels were inside and became unstoppable. The Godzillas were at the door(lost maybe half). The rest never got to do anything but wait. Oh yeah Banish does not work like it did getting rid of all gated it only takes like 4 away. Woohoo big whoop. lol.

    Not once did the mini bosses cast Puppet Master this go around (lucky I know, I was quite surprised) A couple of Frenzies here and there. I ran over each battle with ease even with Freyda and Kujin. With Freyda I just gave her triple ballisitc/fire arrows and left the rest with what the game gave in her mission. Kujin I got shatter dark at the end of her mission. No problems. As for Ylaya and Wulfstan they were fine. although I hate that I was given people that I could not build and what happened to Arantir?What was the point of having an undead campaign if you are not gong to use them in final mission. So WTF? on that.

    All in all on the entire map I lost 1 mage because assassins + resurrect don't mix well. I also lost 3 titans. With the positioning of my screen I did not see that I had lost them until battle was over with yellow Dungeon. Which I only used Raskha(Vampirism) and Titans for a little bit of support. But did not worry about it. I did not use them in final battle anyways. Good game it was very fun. Still not homm 3 though. Peace

    Peredhil at 2013-09-08 16:59 wrote:
    4 groups of tier 7 creatures added to your own Academy army should suffice.However,if you are really in trouble,remember that while Biara's army won't grow over time,the stacks in front of her castle will.So just wait a couple of weeks before adding them into your ranks and voila,problem solved.
    Nutu at 2013-09-07 20:11 wrote:
    Please HELP!
    I play on easy and it makes the game ridiculously difficult! I have the same problem that is already described below: Before the last battle I get only 37 of all the tier 7 troops, and I just simply can not win with them.
    I have already tried everything... Any ideas?
    Tyber Zann at 2013-09-05 07:07 wrote:
    Fun final mission, wierd ending (the unicorn empire. I guess the unicorn duchy that freyda is from is in charge now, but griffin empire just sounds better. Plus haven actually have griffins, elves use unicorns. Imagine it was the bull duchy in stead. The Bull empire!)

    Personally, I found the demon Sovreign battle harder, simply because the fights where continuous (no saving) and no memory mentors meant "inferior" heroes.

    I didn't know about the hero prep trick of interuppting ur blue heroes to change their gear/armies, so I went in as is (hard, not heroic).

    I think Ylayas was the hardest (my Kujin had shatter dark, and my freyda got REALLY lucky with divine vengeance).

    I was also a little cheeses that Raelag had no final appearance. The last time I saw him was with Isabel in HoF. He's like, the main character! Why doesn't he show up to make some smart ass comment in the final scene? Maybe Isabel finally figured out that it was him who killed her husband. Oh well, H 6 is a prequel anyway, so who knows what'll happen after this. Kha Baleth seems like.one of those bad guys wholl never really go away. Just one setback after another.

    All in all, still loads of fun. I'm gonna have to go back and try Heroic on of these days
    Wheeler Dealer at 2012-12-19 04:35 wrote:
    The last battle was more challenging than I remembered. I tried the first time with my academy troops and the arch angels and lava dragons (all good for morale's sake) and failed. (Hard not Heroic) I was concerned that I was going to have to go back and buy the storm titans every week!

    I then tried it with all 5 stacks of my level 7 troops plus two level 6 stacks. I won an entertaining battle, not very efficiently. I twice had vampirism resisted by my cyclopses.

    Some key moves were vampirism on my archangels, several shots of armagedon and toward the end I summoned a hive next to the succubi (they were the only thing in the castle by now). Of course I concentrated my attacks on the real troops and tried not to fight the summoned troops. I had 27 lava dragons left at the end.

    I should have used Divine Vengeance but I forgot. I might have been able to just sit back and cast armagedon. The Black Dragons and Lava Dragons were immune and my two academy stacks had artifacts that gave 74% magic protection.
    Wheeler Dealer at 2012-12-19 04:21 wrote:
    mmontgomery at 2012-06-02 09:18 wrote:
    Does anyone know of a way to dispose of Kujin's unwanted artifacts in her last mission? I have the enlightenment set, but I don't want it autoequiped in the last battle. Yet I can't find any way to get rid of it.

    Go to any market, there are three tabs down the left side. the bottom tab lets you sell artifacts. You would be well advised to equip Kujin as though she were going into battle and then sell all her other artifacts.
    Melnorme at 2012-09-25 20:40 wrote:
    Hey all, just registered to write how you can beat Biara as soon as you reach her town, meaning you can skip Kujin's and Ylaya's battles.

    You will need Zehir with ultimate, or puppet master with expert dark, since otherwise you can't control level 7 units. He also had expert leadership with artificial glory and expert logistics with warpath, both of which were not very useful. His stats were level 32, 20/12/37/30. Mission was finished on month 2, week 1, day 5 and it is possible to do it sooner.

    I actually first used a secondary suicide hero who also had ultimate, defense with last stand and 210 golems (30x7), and after seeing her actually win the battle decided to go with Zehir.

    Basically, the key is to puppet archdemons and place them near golems in corner, after disposing of succubi first. All other enemy units are large and thus can't reach your golems. Interestingly enough, Biara casted puppet master on puppeted devils, but they were still under my control o.O, only their initiative was lower because her spellpower was lower. Otherwise, the battle would've been much more difficult.

    I've linked replays at the bottom, but if you can't see them here is how the battle went:
    - puppet arch demons. They are more useful than devils because of teleport pull.
    - demons kill succubusses
    - demons get teleported next to golems in corner
    - demons proceed to teleport pull and kill everything, Zehir buffs them with haste, righteous might and divine strength.
    - Biara sometimes puppets them, while Zehir was counterspelling or puppeting them back. It doesn't matter what he does past this point really.
    - Eventually the demon stack got reduced to 9 so I puppeted one of the 3 pit lord stacks instead and killed demons with golems (lost 200 golems then but had over 200 remaining).
    - Puppeted pit lords almost killed other two, who being reduced to stack size of 12 or so died to an armageddon. Battle ended there because no "real" stacks remained.

    I've also included Wulfstan's and Freyda's battles. Both had ultimates although hers was useless. Contrary to what I read here, her retaliation damage was around 500 which barely puts a dent in anything. Still, both battles were very easy since for some reason enemy heroes never cast any dark magic spells.


    Edit: got the idea when first puppeted stack got next to golems by coincidence:
    You can see I had no clue what I was doing although the lone golem standing there in the end looked pretty epic. Previous suicide hero got rid of the succubi and she was supposed to be the second. This was all on heroic 3.1 of course.
    Edited on Tue, Sep 25 2012, 17:20 by Melnorme
    Waq at 2012-08-13 17:41 wrote:
    THis is probably most boring mission in entire campaign imo, a lot of easy small battles but then we have those boss fights and i see people are still having truble with some of them on Heroic so ill give you some tips.

    Wulfstan battle: Get him absolute protection with light magic, equip dwarven armor set and remember to abuse runes and your thane stack for some crazy dmg, remember to cast your mass light school spells and later on use divine vengance on most dmging stacks.

    Freyda battle: very simple, all you need is light school and sorcery on expert, play it like normal battle, spam light magic spells to get most of your passive, especially usefull is magic immunity, cast it on stacks affected by puppet master and dont worry about it anymore.

    Kujin fight: I assume we are all playing with latest patch like we should, so we dont have access to any of non-academy heroes before or after battles. This is probably the hardest of all fights depending on your skill setup however it can be won on pretty much any setup if you play it right. First off unit placement, enemy spams puppet master and frenzy, so what you want to do is place earth daughters stack next to goblins in one corner, You dont want your goblins to die because its most of your strongest skill dmg. Also you want them to be close so you can power up your ed stack. Place your cyclops (both stacks) next to gate. Place Chieftains somewhere close to middle so they can charge gate quickly. Place wyverns via their succubi stack (right side). Positioning of centaurs isnt importand since they are useless in this battle. Tactic is as follows, either rush your wyverns to kill thier succubi or try to bait outside their archdevils stack by placing your wyverns stack very next to wall. Get your untamed cyclops and attack the gate and destroy it as quickly as possible, remeber you can use chieftain skill and here skill to make any stacks turn come much quicker. Focus all your efforts to kill off cerberus/firehounds since they can inflict ton of unpunished dmg on you. as long as you have your goblin stack spam horde's anger on cerbers and archdevils. Do your best to infilct full aoe dmg with your cyclops stacks, again cerberus/firehounds first then archdevils. Carefully move your stacks so that you wont take cerberus/firehounds dmg on couple stacks at same time. In the end you are probably going to be left with only earth daughters stack. When your goblins stack die off start using word of the chief and fear my roar on most powerfull stack to make them useless. If you make use of all those tips you should be able to win this battle with any setup u happend to have. If u happen to fail hopelessly you can go back to orc campaign and get kujin anti-dark magic skills with some leadership, sorcery, luck and war machines.

    Ylaya fight: Enemy here is really weak copared to your army but if you have any truble... Having war machines or/and summoning magic helps bring down walls fast so you can overpower enemy with units. Rage of elements help to inflict more dmg both with spells and units. Remember about grim riders passive and wisely use your dragon stack.

    Final battle (biara): Shouldnt be problem if you hav arcane omniscience and sar-issus/dwarven set on. Remember to visit all +morale/luck places before battle. Try to use enemy units instead of your own :) Since you have ultimate mage hero you will be able to win magic duel with biara. I presume you won all fights so that you have nice 4 stacks of tier 7 units in your army.
    Right of the bat puppet master on 1 archdevils stack and blind other one (puppet master the one with higher initiative), use controlled archdevil stack to kill or block succubi stack, if you have expert sorcery and sar-issus set on then you will be able to keep 2 archdevils stacks down at all times and dispel biara magic or cast those nasty mass confussion/slow/summon phoenix/ divine vengance/mass buffs/anything else you have ( IF you have of course) If you keep at least one archdevils stack from using gate and you dont rush with your own units you should have this fight in bag.
    Also If you are really bored by this mission, it can be easly rushed, just remeber to pick all joinable units and mercenaries.

    By the way those were just one of many ways to win, cheers.
    mmontgomery at 2012-06-02 13:18 wrote:
    Does anyone know of a way to dispose of Kujin's unwanted artifacts in her last mission? I have the enlightenment set, but I don't want it autoequiped in the last battle. Yet I can't find any way to get rid of it.

    Also, it seems that with the 3.1 update, it is no longer possible to stop Kujin before the battle to adjust the set yourself.

    Finally, I think it is a bit lame to have Kujin and the other heroes just rush in without any chance to do anything. First time through, I was playing without the walktthrough, and ended her last scenario with what I thought was a good build for the next scenario that she would likely be in: Expert logistics with pathfinding and snatch, luck with resourcefulness, etc. You see the point: great skills for an exploratory map, but totally useless in the battle that she rushs in to fight. It is absurd that there is no opportunity to retrain the skills on the last scenario, but instead must go back to nearly the beginning of the campaign and replay.

    I had the same issue with my other heroes as well, but they were still able to win easily on Heroic even with logistics and other skills that were unhelpful in battle. it is only the Kujin battle that was too close to win with so many skill points diverted to exploratory skills.

    If they were going to keep this rush in headlong script, the designers of the scenario should have explained this somehow to the players at the start of the campaign, so that they player does not get to the final scenario of the campaign with an unwinnable build.

    Maciek at 2012-02-18 18:39 wrote:
    I think Plate appears if you use 'call to arms' while having over 1 000 000 gold. He also seems to have more than one specialty. I made him fight against Biara and I'm sure he could block her spells as if he was Zoltan the Necromancer.

    Ridureyu at 2011-12-28 00:43 wrote:
    I, too, have met Plate, the friendly little alien. it seems that he spawned when I impatiently tried to move before Zehir's troop-summoning and experience-losing animation ended. My guessis tha tthe titans summon on the geographic point where you are standing, and moving would mess it up, so Plate exists to give them a landing spot.


    Ridureyu at 2011-12-28 00:41 wrote:
    So far, Deleb was the toughest fight for me here, followed by the next two demons before I really had a chance to recover. It's been fine other than that, though. My Kujin fight was pretty easy, but that's because I managed to get the cyclopes to smash down the front gates on their first turn, so the demon sent all of its troops out of the walls to stop me. The succubi seduced my foul wyverns, but everything else went all right.
    Nokao at 2011-09-16 14:40 wrote:
    I would really add to your guide, to make a new hero in the tavern and to kill the enemies at the market for him.

    After that, he will be able to change useless resources into gems for the weekly units creation.
    That's so important IMHO.

    Thanks very much for your guides !

    cjlee at 2011-05-13 13:01 wrote:
    3) Kujin

    -Winnable on heroic without shatter dark. The odds are much narrower, though, and you can expect 1-2 stacks to be totally wiped out thanks to PM. For instance, in one try I was left with 3 earth daughters and over 2000 enemy dogs (summoned) were still alive. Iíve won on 3 of 4 tries without Shatter Dark.

    -If you donít have shatter dark, keep your units apart. Since you canít keep them together without risking a PM followed by an area-of-effect damage from a Cyclops stack, youíll have to keep charging in using chieftains to whip Cyclops and using Hordeís Anger/ Fear My Roar whenever possible.

    -The Cyclops are quite crucial because they do area damage on a crowded battlefield. Inevitably, some of the enemy stacks will get hit no matter how the enemy PMs the unit.

    -Even Frenzy can be your friend. On one try, the enemy Frenzied my Earth Daughters for 2 turns. They killed 57 goblins (damage absorbed by rage) on first turn, on second turn wiped out 200+ enemy dogs since the goblins had run away!

    -My tries using a Kujin without shatter dark on Heroic are very painful and hard to describe. There is too much that is random (dogs running everywhere, goblins fleeing from attacks, PM-ed cyclopses hitting both enemy units and my units, etc.) However, one theme remains clear: YOU ARE OUTNUMBERED, so pick your targets! Donít even bother to kill one summoned dog, it wonít count towards victory!

    -Even if there is no original target in reach, it is better to wait or move towards the target and ignore the huge, nasty, painful dogs nipping at your cyclopses. Donít take an unnecessary action (killing summoned stacks) and send the Cyclops down the ATB bar which isnít worth it.

    -When you donít have shatter dark, because you canít keep discipline in your ranks (Thanks to PM) you canít do a ranged game when cyclopses firing goblins into the enemy. In that case donít bother to defile magic with the goblins - might as well attack with them because 2000+ of them can do some severe damage.

    4) Yhalya

    -On some of my tries, the enemy did try to camp and hit me several times with Armageddon. But they always followed by rushing out.

    -I think putting confusion and deep freeze on the Succubi mistresses early on is a 100% must. There is no alternative, unlike Wulfstan and Freyda who can take losses and cast Divine Vengeance.

    -You can encourage computer to make another bad choice by casting slow with matriarchs. The AI keeps hasting the succubi in response, so no nasty PMs or Phantom images.

    -These Succubi can be destroyed or greatly reduced by flying your black dragons in on a suicide mission. Itís ok to lose all dragons; the real damage here comes from blood furies, matriarchs and lizards.

    -Try to keep Blood Sisters alive. Their super-high initiative and no-retaliation is necessary for killing anybody who comes out.

    -On different tries, the enemy seems to prefer different spells. I donít know why. I suspect it is randomized.

    5) Zehir

    Winning this is easy because Biara lacks sorcery and a combination of sar-issues artifacts that help Zehir get spellcasting turns more quickly.

    If you got Dark Magic, you know what to do.
    If you got Summoning Magic, just keep summoning phantom Archangels to fly inside and demolish everything. Biara will counter the phantom stack with Armageddon, which hurts her even more thanks to her gated stacks, lower HP demons and their lack of artificer artifacts to reduce magic vulnerability.

    Iíve also tried playing this with Zehir as a Leader casting Divine Guidance (I also had Arcane Omnisence and logistics). It was quite disastrous until I figured out that other units were meant to die/ steal retaliations so that Archangels could hit without penalty. Archangels do the most damage and move the most often, so theyíre necessary for winning using this unusual skill combination.
    [I would say playing Zehir as a Leader is the most risky but amusing way to play. With the other builds, you know youíre guaranteed a victory.]

    cjlee at 2011-05-13 09:58 wrote:
    Some other observations since I just played the last campaign again and fought each boss fight several times. I'm going to deliberately offer a few different approaches from Maltz, as it works well and probably can help some people overcome their difficulties.

    (All played on heroic.)

    1) Wulfstan:

    -The best build is a spellcaster build, with intelligence/ enlightenment. Zehir functions well without his ring of sar issues, so I recommend giving Wulfstan the ring before you finish Mission3.

    -Without a spellcaster/intelligence/ ring of sar issues build, it becomes harder. In that case, I strongly recommend not to fight without plenty of resources. If Wulfstan runs out of mana, your troops will need to fight harder. He can keep refreshing runes. In my tries using a low-Mana Wulfstan, the damage dealers (Thanes and Beserkers) pretty much maxed out all their runes, got triple cost, refreshed, and got to triple cost again.

    -Crowd your dwarves together to get dwarf formation benefits.

    -You donít need mass confusion, mass haste, mass righteous might or mass deflect missle. Iíve won a bunch of times without them.

    -Neither do you need to block the front gate with thanes. As a Dwarf, you have one of the most fantastic spells, Rune of Battle Rage! Let the enemy masses come and battle rage everybody!

    My experience is that blocking the front gate with thanes is very costly. Inevitably you are fighting Nightmares. These guys move more than your Thanes and hit very hard, so all you are getting is more dead Thanes. In my version of Heroes V Complete, the AI seems to work differently and the castle isn't crowded with summons inside.

    -Dwarves have great defense, poor ranged and poor attacking. So your strategy is to huddle together, take the hits, let the enemy come to you.

    -Dwarves have great rune magic to overcome their crappy attack. Let the enemy get near, so that you can use nasty runes like Berserking (2 attacks) or Battle Rage (attack all enemies).

    Since you get retaliated when you use Rune of Berserking, one way is to let the Defenders make the first attack. The enemy will hit back, slaughter some defenders (pissing off Elrath), and then you can use your Thanes and Berserkers to hit the enemy twice each using Rune of Berserking. Whatever is left of the enemy can be killed with Vengeance.

    -Enemy has puppet mastered your guys? Ignore the PM! How much damage can a dwarf do? You can easily wipe out 70-110 succubi in one Divine Vengeance which is more worth it than casting cleansing. Besides, the enemy has almost infinite mana (from corpses) so it isn't worth your while to engage in a magic duel.

    -Only cast cleansing if it is your Thanes who are being PMed.

    -keep the ranged attackers separate, preferably with Godzillas between. Godzillas cannot be PM-ed. That way, you always have one ranged attacker ready to provoke the succubi. Yes, go ahead and piss them off!

    (Fact is, there isn't any realistic way to counter the succubi other than Divine Vengeance. Your ranged attackers suck, your destructive magic sucks, your Thanes are too precious to TP inside the castle.)

    -Take casualties. Don't resurrect. You're too weak to resurrect. Even at this late stage I'm resurrecting only a few thanes at one go. And my Wulfstan is level 27!

    -Do not let your stacks die off! Don't let Demon lord consume the corpse! As long as you have even 1 unit, it can resurrect 40% nonstop (twice plus Wulfstanís refreshing, although I've never found the need to resurrect more than 2x). That's far better than using Wulfstan to resurrect!)

    -When battle opens, don't waste a precious spellcasting turn on casting anything other than cleansing, mass deflect missle or mass endurance (not a game-loser if you don't have them).

    -After about 3 turns, you should be able to cast divine vengeance with a serious vengeance. All enemy ranged and most devils should be killable with divine vengeance.

    -Before the enemy starts coming out, don't wait anybody because it increases their initiative. Keep defending and shooting. You don't want your dwarves to move too fast, because it gives enemy puppet master a chance to work before you cleanse it!

    -After enemy comes out, dispense with cleansing, have everybody spam runes to the max and spam divine vengeance as often as the enemy spams puppet master. Remember game is over when all original demons die, regardless of mental state of your dwarfs!

    -There are three enemy ranged units. After enough damage has been taken, cast divine vengeance.

    -I killed all succubi with spells! (Divine Vengeance and Firewall solely!)

    2) Freyda

    -Remember her specialty? Thatís the key to winning with her, no matter what your build is!

    -Even if you have the worst possible build, you should have at least 60 mana. Thatís tough but winnable.

    -As Iíve mentioned in a post made in 2009: cluster everybody around the Big Shield Guys. Try not to give the champions room to spear 2 guys at one go, just in case enemy PMs him. You can put him on the side with angels next to them - they still have enough room to charge at the gate if anyone comes out.

    -Defend with all your units except the ranged ones. Do not haste them or raise anybodyís initiative with divine guidance unless there is something urgent to do (e.g. enemy standing at gate that you want to kill). You donít want unexpected PMs and units acting before you can cleanse. At least 1 stack will be wiped out by PM and thereís nothing you can do.

    -Defend! Elrath will help you with free vengeances, so nonstop cleansing or casting of endurance/ deflect missle is all Freyda needs to do. Even if you can cast the mass version, I recommend not if you donít have enough mana - use the cheaper spells.

    -Once 20 champions or more and down, use the Archangels to resurrect the champions. It sucks if enemy PMs them and uses the resurrect on their succubi!

    -Not necessary to have Frenzy, Confusion, Vampiricism or Puppet Master. Nival has already given you cleansing and the free divine vengeance, which is all you need. (You may not have enough mana for Mass Deflect Missle so Iím not recommending it; Inquisitors can also cast Deflect Missle)

    -Whenever the enemy has 1 unit left thanks to Ďlast man standingí, quickly kill it to save Elrathís wrath for the strong enemies. You have 2 ranged attackers, 1 hero and 2 flying units - this shouldnít be hard!

    -Donít cast resurrection if you didn't go for a spellcaster build which I prefer. When I played Freyda as a knight, her spell power is too weak and her mana is too limited. Besides, if you really, really die - you have Guardian Angel!

    Edited on Fri, May 13 2011, 09:01 by cjlee

    cjlee at 2011-05-12 22:01 wrote:
    Karmaz, I'm a couple of months late but here are some principles to follow when playing Kujin.

    1) Keep the goblins alive and doing their Defile Magic dance. That, together with Kujin's might over magic and her shatter dark ability (if you got it), will keep any nasty dark magic spells from doing harm.

    2) Use Fear My Roar nonstop on the succubi. If Kujin gets more turns (she should, since her initiative keeps rising when morale is triggered), use Anger of the Horde. Don't let the succubi do their seducing, because it's an ability that can't be toned down with Shatter Dark/ Might over Magic.

    When the enemy hero casts puppet master, it can be for as little as 0.15 of a turn meaning the spell will often wear out before any damage is done. But when succubi cast seduce, it always lasts 2.0 of a turn (at least that's my experience from several seductions on different troops).

    3) Use cyclopses to keep doing goblin throws at the dogs to whittle them down.

    4) Use untamed cyclopses to block the gate and inflict maximum damage on the dogs. You should be able to whack 2 dogs at any time. Keep using chieftains to cheer on the cyclopses, so that they can move before dogs and keep whacking without retaliation.

    Try to have everybody (Bloodyeyed cyclopses and centaurs also) aim at the same stack as the untamed. That way, the stack being hit goes down in number and inflicts weaker retaliations.

    5) Suicide-mission your wyverns inside the castle to hit the succubi. They should be able to stay alive for 1 full turn, enough to deal a lot of poison and keep succubi from blasting your troops outside. If you have bought one full turn this way, you can cast Anger of the Horde at least once which will wipe out at least 110 succubi.

    6) The real heroines are the earth daughters. Try to keep them alive. They do the most damage and are needed to run inside the castle to kill the succubi later, because chances are the succubi survive to the end.

    7) Don't bother fighting summoned stacks. Yes, summoned dogs hurt as bad. And you may wonder why in late game we must charge everybody in to get that last succubi, when there are 2000+ dogs and pit spawns outside - but your priority is to kill all un-summoned stacks. They die, you win.
    Edited on Fri, May 13 2011, 03:28 by cjlee
    Karmaz at 2011-03-29 15:33 wrote:
    Cant get Kujin to stop! And the battle is freakin impossible!! help pls
    Dstr at 2011-02-20 16:19 wrote:
    as promised... I hope this will help you and others having trouble with this fight

    I'm sry I don't remember anymore the skills chosen for Kujin. good luck!
    ps: it's on heroic, I think you should do it too!
    Edited on Sun, Feb 20 2011, 11:22 by Dstr
    perhannson at 2011-02-13 17:25 wrote:
    Ye, as I can't control the catapult, it destroyes the castle so all creatures comes out. And I tried 40 different battles that I can't win. Ok, so I cant do the 1 last mission where I can change Kujins, I must do it all?
    Dstr at 2011-02-13 17:10 wrote:
    if you are patient, I'll find a save before the battle and I'll put the battle on youtube... I don't remember her skill anymore but maybe it helps if you try to do it in a similar way.
    I think I'll do it in a week maximum.. good luck in the meantime!
    perhannson at 2011-02-13 16:55 wrote:
    I need a help. I took wrong skills with Kujin, and now I can't pass her fight in this mission.
    If I want to re-do it in memory mentor, do I have to pass all the missions till this last one AGAIN?
    Please hlp.
    xiilus at 2011-02-11 17:59 wrote:
    Most people's troubles with Kujin seem to be the result of an unprepared setup. My favorite build for her involves Leadership->Empathy, Shout->Shout of Rage, and Enlightenment->Bloodfire. The other two choices are optional. Since she can't max out her skills at 26, I only take Basic Enlightenment; Bloodfire is the main goal here.

    Between Empathy and Expert Shout, Kujin acts extremely frequently. Then Shout of Rage, Bloodfire, and Kujin's specialty combine to gets rage levels up to 1000 on all troops very fast.

    Taking Empathy means no Aura of Swiftness or Battle Elation, so Recruitment is also not worth taking. If you take Estates, you will have significantly more money in Kujin's second mission, especially useful for retraining skills (including removing Estates for the final battle).
    xiilus at 2011-02-11 17:46 wrote:
    I've tried all three combos of other magics with summoning: light, dark, and destruction. All are effective, but if you've never tried it, summoning destruction is extremely fun. You can win most fights with magnetics golems and armageddon, especially using last stand on size twos.

    The entire reason I even tried this combo was to try out Exorcism, the ability that doubles damage on summoned/gated stacks. The size of Biara's army is very large, but armageddon's total damage was extremely high; once gated stacks were out it was hitting up to ten stacks at a time, for thousands of damage apiece. I brought many magentic golems to the fight, as well as a huge stack of magic resistant Kshatras, and the Black Dragons and Magma Dragons. Then I summoned a Phoenix. Four units completely immune to armageddon, and every cast brings over a dozen magnetic golems back.

    The dragons fell to enemy attacks, but huge stacks of elementals rose in their place. Water and Wind sadly fell quickly to armageddon spam, but resistant Earth and Immune Fire kept enemy stacks off my magnetics the whole match. I made it through the fight without losing a single golem on heroic. Maybe 90% of the damage I did was destructive.
    lightmagic at 2011-01-17 07:20 wrote:
    Just uploaded a series of combat videos on youtube as references:
    And follow the video responses.
    Edited on Mon, Jan 17 2011, 23:42 by lightmagic
    Dstr at 2010-12-19 13:54 wrote:
    on heroic, ver 3.1... very easy mission along the mini-boss fights. I'd give it a 3/5 index.
    I tried several times with Freyda because the AI PMed the champions... but if you don't use benediction, the AI won't cast it anymore because I think you can cleanse the spell.
    That becomes a very easy battle as well...

    I put it on youtube, here it is:

    I couldn't even see Gotai... I was very disappointed because of this (I won the Kujin battle and no trace of Gotai)...
    Anyway nice game after all! I couldn't think I had so much fun with it after hearing from others of boredom, can't have perfect victories etc.
    Elrath at 2010-11-26 13:07 wrote:
    I let Kujin die...it took about a year(in-game), but I won. My advice for the Biara battle is to use PUPPET MASTER LIKE CRAZY(on the succubusses and the devils mostly)!Oh, and 150 Storm Titans whoop *ss in melee combat-60 Arch demons got killed on retaliation!!!
    Elrath at 2010-11-25 17:07 wrote:
    OMG!!!I'm playing on Easy, but on month9 week4 day1 i summoned the Storm Titans and they apeared in front of Zehir in a flying saucer called Plate. IT WAS A level1 WARLOCK with an imp/gargoyle icon!!! No, im NOT kidding and I am NOT halucinating! If anyone else has seen this, please reply!

    wimfrits at 2010-11-13 07:28 wrote:
    I'm pretty sure this has been fixed in the latest patch. Gotai now doesn't even have 900 cyclops

    And indeed, you can't make Kujin or Gotai stop. But you can press the quicksave button ;)
    luthe at 2010-11-12 19:15 wrote:
    I read in the Walkthroughs that

    Plan B normal: Give 900 Cyclops to Kujin. from Gotai and then you can win against the third inferno boss.

    But my question is, how in the world can I give the 900 Cyclops to Gotai ?? As soon as Zehir wins his battle, Kujin just attack directly - I cant press any buttons or make her stop. Is that right?
    And before all of that happens, I cant even se Gotai or Kujin.

    So how and when is there time to transfer the 900 Cyclops ??

    Sry for my bad english, I hope you understand.
    GKey at 2010-08-31 10:49 wrote:
    Kujin's Heroic 3.1.

    I had no gold for memory mentor in C2M4, so Kujin left with all useless skills (expert logistics, triple flaming ballista) and without shatter dark at all. She had expert luck and leadership though.

    Hopeless situation.
    Took me more then 10 attempts, but then I found a way. And yes its beatable on heroic version 3.1 without any cheats or bug exploits!

    Grats, Nival, the last battle of the last expansion SHOULD be hard like this!

    Place centaurs in left corner, covered by wyverns. Cyclops in mid with shamans between them (behind if you have tactics). Make sure untamed are closer to the gate then bloodeyed.

    Chieftains whipping cyclops.
    Cyclops shoot/melee attack hell-hounds/fire-hounds/Cerberus - first priority. Don't move them inside! Only when you cleaned all rest move them inside and kill succubus
    Earth daughters slow succubus! So their turn comes AFTER Kujin's. after that use them for attacks - they do excellent damage.
    Kujin do nothing but cast fear my roar on succubus till the end of the battle. Don't let them seduce any of your stack!
    Shamans cast defile magic on demon hero non stop.
    That way you will not get seduced/frenzied even if you don't have shatter dark like me! (If you do get seduced/frenzied you probably lost - reload)
    I think Nival tested this through and removed summoning ability from arch devils. At least in my game (and I have replayed it many times) arch-devils did not summon pit lords, so you can leave them for after you finish dogs which are the main treat. Try use cyclops AOE attacks to full extent. Worked like a charm for me.
    I can upload replay if anyone still needs it.
    Stagedrengen at 2010-08-16 16:45 wrote:
    Something is wrong. When the four stacks appear in front of Biara, there's only 37 of each of them! Is it because im playing on easy. And also Gotai only have one goblin in my game. Not even close to 500 cyclops. So thats really my problem any help?
    ultimitsu at 2010-07-07 02:45 wrote:
    what i find is that there is no point in getting ultimate for zehir, i had his ultimate and it was useless for most major fights, because with huge stack of units, destructive and summon magic are useless, while moral is much more important. my first try on biara failed quickly, so i spend sometime designed a better zehir.

    my final built had dark magic (M.pain, M.mind, C.soil), light magic (M.bless, M.wrath, S.wind for slowdown devil) Leadersip (secondary abilities are all useless, but +3 moral is vital in final battle), Defense (evasion, protection, laststand, my plan was resurrect last stand unit, but i dont think i actually did), attack (frenzy, archery, flaming arrow. I was debating between attack and sorcery, i decided on attack because attack gives me +15% attack for all my units, while socery gives me +30% for just zehir himself, and all my units combined must do more than zehir.

    once you got your city, never carry any mage and titans when you go around killing wild monsters, this way you perserve all mage and titans for final battle. i ended up with 137 shadow matriarchs (from secondary objective) + 120 mages + 65 titans + 4 tier 7 stacks, i waited for about a month after they appear, so by the time i used them they were 94 each instead of 75 as they initially appeared.

    With this build, i was able to take down biara fairly easily, i am not sure what i did, but this time none of her creatured used gating!

    Kujin's fight was by far the hardest, u really had to rely very heavily on earth daughters and keep goblin numbers high, it was also rather boring as you had onlt one particular way to play.

    Shimdra at 2010-07-04 05:00 wrote:
    The final battle with Biara was nigh impossible. I'm not sure what circumstances any one else had when fighting her, but she had the Shield of Dwarven Kings making Frenzy impossible. Also, since Puppet Master didn't effect tier 7 units, the 2 stacks of 100 devils (Plus the 80 x 2 that gated in) and 180 each of pit creatures (plus 150 x 2 gated) plowed through my units before they had a chance to do any significant damage. I attacked in month 3, so I can't imagine how strong she would have been if I had waited any longer. ( I should note that I did not have Arcane Omniscience as it was too much work to get a skill that left me without specialization in other fields. I instead substituted with tome of dark magic and expert summoning/destructive.) Looks to me the odds are much MUCH better on higher difficulties on account of larger neutral stacks joining. (Rather than 112 of each unit in the picture above I received 75.)

    I had enough dragon artifacts equipped to get the bonuses to tier 7 units and the sar-issus items (save for the helm). I had expert luck + warlock's luck, Expert summoning, expert destructive, expert sorcery, expert enlightenment. Luck was my only equalizer since it provided double damage nearly every turn. I defeated all castles handily, so I got a stack of 75 of each tier 7 creature. I had 52 storm titans [+luck +initiative +attack artifact] , 71 brown catmen (sue me) [+luck +attack +defense artifact], and 111 battle mages. Visited enough bonuses to give me +4 morale and + 7 luck. Level 31. I also had the Rune of flame which provided a one-time tactical Double strike for the lava dragons.

    In the end it came down to Equipping the ring of speed pilfered from an anemy hero, which more than anything, shifted the ATB bar, thus the positions of Biara's troops when they left thier castle walls. I also managed (with some persistence) to keep Puppet Master on the stack of 400 nightmares (for what it was worth, I managed to halve the stack.) Then I PMd the Pit casters before they could summon reinforcements while summoning the pheonix to take retaliation strikes from big units. Biara on Normal has a love for cleansing, so puppet master didn't usually last long. (What it did do however is occasionally coax biara into attacking directly instead of casting her second favorite spell Confusion.) Dead stacks provided me air elementals which I used to block my lava dragons (equipped with arcane armor.)

    Finally it was just 11 lava dragons, Puppet master, a mediocre stack of air elementals, and two very large stacks of pit demons. Dragons sat back and absorbed Biara's ire while the elementals blocked the non-PMd stack of pit demons. After much toil and labor, victory! And babies. LOTS AND LOTS OF BABIES
    obanvar at 2010-06-28 05:23 wrote:
    I just won Biara on Normal, 3.1. It was not that difficult at all. If you have a good Zehir build (these walkthroughs are pretty good example) you should have no problems. Cast Mass Slow at the begining, then Mass Confusion, but above all DON'T RUSH IN WITH YOUR UNITS!!, just keep defending. Zehir is a WIZARD (and a huge one), use your specialty to win!! Cast Blind on the Succubi to keep them aside while you cast Puppet Master on the most powerful Arch Demon (or Arch Devil) stack and use it to kill the Pit Lords and Nightmares. When your Arch stack gets little, cast PM on the other Arch stack (which probably is full, since you had not touched it) and go on killing till only the Succubi remain. Kill them, then give the final blow to the Arch stack with your real units :)
    I didn't like the finale though, I was a little disappointed, there was no cinematics :'(
    jjarmusch at 2010-02-16 05:58 wrote:
    Mini-Boss Fight (Ylaya) walkthrough

    Mini-boss fight Ylaya's walkthrough part is not correct in my opinion. I played the game on Heroic, and instead of gambling on whether the AI will camp or rush out (if I follow the walkthrough, they actually always camp inÖ), you better rush in your troops first! Goal here is to throw your raiders pass the gate as soon to take the succubus mistress stack over and counter its silly ranged attack power.
    Brisk raiders and blood fury will be your main attacking force, black dragons once the walls passed will act as a bait for inferno creatures, assassins will use ranged attack to first poison high initiative chargers and doggies then later on arch demon and pit lord, shadow matriarchs will cast righteous might and slow spells as well as some ranged attacks at the end of the fight, 2 stacks of hydras would be of no use if not for blocking the gate and take damage.
    If you meticulously follow the plan below, Nebiros will keep casting slow on your troops, which doesnít bother you since he gives up on phantom forces for succubus mistress, and since your dark elfs armyís initiative is originaly high, itís perfect. Also you ll keep almost intact your stack of assassins to poison inferno creatures, while your stack of shadow matriarchs will cast righteous might and slow spells around. Somehow, light magic here will prove more usefull than other magic for Ylaya to use.

    -move your Blood fury stack to the gate to make hell stallion stack come out to charge you.
    -Poison hell stallion stack with assassins
    -hell stallion will charge blood fury, resulting in fear effect for blood fury, now leaving the way for your brisk raiders to charge.
    -charge with brisk raiders
    -use matriarchs to kill the 44 hell stalions remaining at the gate
    -Ylana casts righteous might on brisk raiders
    -Move the black dragons to the breach your catapult has made in the walls
    -Inferno hero will cast slow on raiders, therefore pass on phantom forces for succubus! It is your chance.
    -Inferno creatures will attack black dragons, keeping way for your brisk raiders to move forward
    -Brisk raiders attack 1k fire hounds with wheeling attack dealing extra bonus, occupy 4 tiles right on the left of fire hounds, so that arch devils cannot come to block your way to the succubus mistress
    -Again move blood sisters to the open gate
    -Ylana casts vulnerability on succubus mistress
    -Poison fire hounds
    -Ylana casts empowered deep freeze on succubus mistress to delay their turn
    -Shadow matriarchs casts slow on succubus mistress, so that now their turn is delayed and come just after brisk raiderís turn
    -Blood sister attack pit lord or hell fire
    -Black dragons defend
    -Poison with assassins
    -Charge with brisk raiders, thankfully the Luck effect triggers, and there is a good chance that you kill 600 units in the attack, then succubus mistress attack brisk raiders who retaliates for another 300 victims. Death toll of the operation for succubus: 900 victimsÖ
    -Ylara casts endurance on brisk raiders, who at that time might still number at around 250
    -Blood fury attack arch devil
    -Shadow matriarchs cast righteous might on blood fury
    -Poison arch demon with assassins
    -Dragons defend
    -Ylaya casts endurance on blood fury
    -Brisk raiders hit succubus
    -Blood fury hit arch demon
    -Nebiros starts casting Armaggedon
    -Assassins poison hell hounds
    -Ylaya casts empowered deep freeze on hell hounds to delay their turn
    -Shadow matriarchs ranged attack pit lord and kill the stack
    -Dragons attack arch demon and kill the stack
    -blood fury attack fire hounds and kill the stack
    -brisk raiders attack hell hounds using wheeling attack and kill the stack

    itís over!

    It might not be the perfect way to win the fight, but in my opinion it makes well enough for an easy win.
    jjarmusch at 2010-02-16 04:49 wrote:
    Mini-Boss Fight (Ylaya) walkthrough

    Mini-boss fight Ylaya's walkthrough part is not correct in my opinion. I played the game on Heroic, and instead of gambling on whether the AI will camp or rush out (if I follow the walkthrough, they actually always camp inÖ), you better rush in your troops first! Goal here is to throw your raiders pass the gate as soon to take the succubus mistress stack over and counter its silly ranged attack power.
    Brisk raiders and blood fury will be your main attacking force, black dragons once the walls passed will act as a bait for inferno creatures, assassins will use ranged attack to first poison high initiative chargers and doggies then later on arch demon and pit lord, shadow matriarchs will cast righteous might and slow spells as well as some ranged attacks at the end of the fight, 2 stacks of hydras would be of no use if not for blocking the gate and take damage.
    If you meticulously follow the plan below, Nebiros will keep casting slow on your troops, which doesnít bother you since he gives up on phantom forces for succubus mistress, and since your dark elfs armyís initiative is originaly high, itís perfect. Also you ll keep almost intact your stack of assassins to poison inferno creatures, while your stack of shadow matriarchs will cast righteous might and slow spells around. Somehow, light magic here will prove more usefull than other magic for Ylaya to use.

    -move your Blood fury stack to the gate to make hell stallion stack come out to charge you.
    -Poison hell stallion stack with assassins
    -hell stallion will charge blood fury, resulting in fear effect for blood fury, now leaving the way for your brisk raiders to charge.
    -charge with brisk raiders
    -use matriarchs to kill the 44 hell stalions remaining at the gate
    -Ylana casts righteous might on brisk raiders
    -Move the black dragons to the breach your catapult has made in the walls
    -Inferno hero will cast slow on raiders, therefore pass on phantom forces for succubus! It is your chance.
    -Inferno creatures will attack black dragons, keeping way for your brisk raiders to move forward
    -Brisk raiders attack 1k fire hounds with wheeling attack dealing extra bonus, occupy 4 tiles right on the left of fire hounds, so that arch devils cannot come to block your way to the succubus mistress
    -Again move blood sisters to the open gate
    -Ylana casts vulnerability on succubus mistress
    -Poison fire hounds
    -Ylana casts empowered deep freeze on succubus mistress to delay their turn
    -Shadow matriarchs casts slow on succubus mistress, so that now their turn is delayed and come just after brisk raiderís turn
    -Blood sister attack pit lord or hell fire
    -Black dragons defend
    -Poison with assassins
    -Charge with brisk raiders, thankfully the Luck effect triggers, and there is a good chance that you kill 600 units in the attack, then succubus mistress attack brisk raiders who retaliates for another 300 victims. Death toll of the operation for succubus: 900 victimsÖ
    -Ylara casts endurance on brisk raiders, who at that time might still number at around 250
    -Blood fury attack arch devil
    -Shadow matriarchs cast righteous might on blood fury
    -Poison arch demon with assassins
    -Dragons defend
    -Ylaya casts endurance on blood fury
    -Brisk raiders hit succubus
    -Blood fury hit arch demon
    -Nebiros starts casting Armaggedon
    -Assassins poison hell hounds
    -Ylaya casts empowered deep freeze on hell hounds to delay their turn
    -Shadow matriarchs ranged attack pit lord and kill the stack
    -Dragons attack arch demon and kill the stack
    -blood fury attack fire hounds and kill the stack
    -brisk raiders attack hell hounds using wheeling attack and kill the stack

    itís over!

    It might not be the perfect way to win the fight, but in my opinion it makes well enough for an easy win.

    Maciek at 2010-01-24 18:49 wrote:
    this should work for just about any kujin build(what skills do u have btw?):
    1. do NOT field centaurs and put goblins far from cyclopses and anything that is likety to get seduced
    2. keep goblins alive
    3. keep defiling magic on enemy
    4. don't try to get into the castle with your units
    5. destroy demons(succubi last! - then enemy meele units won't move at all) with horde's anger;
    oh, and remember that if u defend or wait, orcs loose rage(it can absorb tons of damage); about cyclopses: as said in comments several times already, the fact that u could stop heroes on their way to inferno castles was a bug and has been fixed as of patch 3.1;
    Stagedrengen at 2010-01-24 13:11 wrote:
    I have a serious problem i only play on easy and even so i cant win with kujin because of those dogs an my untamed cyclops never manage to get to the gate. Help me please.

    And also how do i get the 500 cyclops?

    Maciek at 2010-01-14 21:44 wrote:
    well, on easy all neutral stacks, including reinformances you pick on the way and those 4 stacks are much smaller and grow slower than on heroic difficulty that this walkthrough is based at
    sammar at 2010-01-14 02:14 wrote:
    QUESTION: I am at the final battle, however, I only got the reinforcement about 37 for reach tier 7 instead of 100+, anyone knows why? many thanks.

    Lanamelakh at 2009-12-30 12:20 wrote:
    In version 3.1 Kujin battle may seem difficult, but when you understand the tactics of your opponent, it becomes very, very simple. Now, what we have:
    1) a lot of doggies - main force
    2) some succubies - 1st thing to destroy
    3) some archdevils - 2nd thing to destroy
    4) horsies - your key to win
    First of all, as you may notice, computer has thousands of 3 level creatures (doggies) and they are eager to get closer + they have gating. Second there are succubies with very bad special abbility. Third - archdevils and they can summon pit lords.
    a) Put cyclops in the corner and goblins between them. Make sure that untamed cyclops are closer to gates.
    b) Don't destroy the walls.
    c) Use chieftain's special abbility on goblins, so that their turn would be before your opponent's turn.
    d) Goblins spoil magics
    e) Cyclops attack the succubies
    f) Frighten the succubies, don't let them make their turn
    g) Your goal is to block nightmares in the gates with your untamed cyclops, so that cerberi won't reach your main forces. If cerberi block the way to gates, frighten them with your warcry
    h) If you have nightmares in the gates and cyclops blocking them - you are doing fine, Computer will atack your cyclops with archdevils. Destroy them.
    i) Now the key to victory is by blocking the gates and atacking cerberi. Don't bother yourself with summoned cerberi

    Maciek at 2009-12-26 13:23 wrote:
    If you absolutely can't win with Kujin on 3.1, where u can't stop heroes, well, have a look at the first quarter: there's a tavern to hire heroes, hopefully a high level hero left by you to mentor them out and give them armageddon/word of light/puppet master/arcane crystal/summon hive or something(there are also some arcane libraries exactly for this purpose), and a memory mentor to get proper skills(be it dark/last stand/destructive/light/triple flaming ballista or whatever) plus Zehir has plenty of magnetics if you go for armageddon. With this stream of suicide heroes you should be able to beat Biara before Kujin's fight.
    Edited on Sun, Dec 27 2009, 14:47 by Maciek
    Vampirlord17 at 2009-11-30 22:22 wrote:
    why could i not control any hero to go out of the stairs? is it because of the patch 3.1? And i couldnt even use that cyclops tactic, so i skipped millions of turns. and i made it to escape from deleb, because i would have lost too many, as their ghost horses pass the field in 1 run, and kill all shooters of any kind even the 20 storm lords.

    can someone tell me why did that all didnt work for me?i couldt escape trouth the stairs and all :(
    Wheeler Dealer at 2009-09-22 00:23 wrote:
    I thought I made an interesting choice of artifacts for the final battle. Zahir already had 1410 mana so I didn't need the Ring of Sar-Isuss. I used the dwarven set, the Staff of the Netherworld and the Cloak of Deaath's Shadow, the Ring of the Broken Will and Cursed Ring. The necklace and pocket slots weren't very helpful. Along with the ability Dead Man's Luck on top of all the enemy negative artifacts, Biara'a troops all had -2 morale, -5 luck, -20% inititive and -1 speed.

    I got scared at the point where a window popped up asking me if I wanted to flee, but careful accounting revealed my real troops (once I could get PM off one stack) was superior to Biara's real troops. It worked out. I used a lot of PM on her troops and she used a lot of mass confusion along with her own dose of PM here and there.

    Great walkthrough, maltz, thanks!
    ylayarocks at 2009-08-30 00:26 wrote:
    i've finished tote on easy level. Now i intend to re-play it at higher level difficulties...but without causing any ache to my head..i'm a fair and honest player, err..is there any cheat codes for tote? Lol.
    ylayarocks at 2009-08-30 00:11 wrote:
    @conan222 : when the time has come for the orc heroes to fight, just keep clicking to the ground near ur hero until u can control them,then give kujin's army to gotai, and let gotai fight for u,not kujin. Just click the ground as if u command ur hero to move just like u always did. But when clicking, u have to click as fast for many times as u can, ... Furiously. Until u gain control one of them (the one who'll run towards the castle) in ur case,pick kujin then do the fast-n-furious-clicking thing... Not a single click,nor double, but a hell-lots-of clicks, click them F.A.S.T!! Good luck,and congrates. :D
    conan222 at 2009-08-14 11:08 wrote:
    HELP!!!!!! Please!

    I'm using patch 3.1 on hard.

    I cannot win with Kujin, I tried everything what can be read here.
    I'm desperate!
    Please help!!!
    Edited on Fri, Aug 14 2009, 07:10 by conan222
    VAMPSVSZOUNDS at 2009-07-01 10:05 wrote:
    Comments for fights(Hard,but it should be the same on Heroic):
    1-Wulfstan,Death March+Rune of Battlerage*2(high Initiative-Thanes)+1 artie which improves knowledge =the easiest win.
    2-Freyda-This was the hardest in my opinion.I was left with only the almost-intact Archangel and Inquisitor stacks(I left Champs at the gate and,even Vampirized,they were smacked by the enemy).I had Vampirism,Pm/Frenzy and Res(a waste of mana because Freyda had only 120 mana).As a last resort I had Guardian Angel.
    3-Kujin-very easy fight,even with the enemy's onslaught of Frenzy(His Spellpower was lower than 0 due to his Spellpower=4 and Might over magic).Her stats/abilities:Luck/Morale 3,Atk-40+,Def,Knowledge-20+,Spellpower 11,Shatter Dark(Expert).She survived with 200+ earth daughters,2k+ goblins,25 Bloodeye Cyclops and 10 Untamed Cyclops(I killed 2k hounds,1,5 k cerberi/firehounds,400 hellchargers,60+archdevils,120 pitlords). Ylaya will never fight (I used Gotay with 170 Chieftains,35 untameys for the gatedestruction,900 cyclops)but it would be easy anyway.Okay,towards Biara now!
    mobeen at 2009-06-05 13:38 wrote:
    phew! thanks malts for this great walkthrough without your help i would have never been able to finish the game.i will see you when HOMM6 OR another expansion comes out
    Kulnaro at 2009-05-30 18:24 wrote:
    Has anyone else had this level glitch when summoning a lot of storm titans?
    One week when I summoned titans they came with a warlock named plate. His picture is a green imp, but on the map and battle screen he is a UFO. He has suzerain specialty and his biography says "Unknown flight device from Persy 9th"
    Uncle JR at 2009-04-26 11:25 wrote:
    I never did get the Arcane Omnipotence. However, I did have max summoning and max light, so when I got the tome of dark, along w/ the 900 cyclopses, it made the final battle a bit easier. Clone the 900 cyclopses, give the original stack vampirism, beam them in next to the succubi and it was a bit of a walk after that. (I just wanted to finish this thing!)

    Can't thank you enough for the walkthroughs. They pulled my chestnuts out of the fire more than once.
    tearruly at 2009-04-17 23:28 wrote:
    I am on the last mission and have done all the task except the blue player took over the final city. Is there anyway to win after or do I have to start over?
    sylvanllewelyn at 2009-04-17 03:59 wrote:
    Facts about v3.1:
    1) You cannot cleanse puppet master or frenzy from Biara, only vampirism works. Also, you cannot frenzy Biara's stacks.
    2) The "900 cyclops feature" does not work anymore. You have to fight all the scripted battles now.

    a) Wulfstan's fight is easy as long as you have several ore and gems.
    b) Freyda's fight: Don't bother with resurrection, your spellpower is too low. Use magical immunity and just count tiles carefully like you do when you creep.
    b) Kujin's fight: the cyclops are actually rather useless against thousands of hellhounds. I thought I lost for sure really, until I saw what 300 earth daughters with 4k+ rage points can do. I still don't know what happened.
    c) Zehir's fight: the key is do NOT attack enemies with your stacks. You will barely scratch them and their retaliation will kill you too quickly, becuase of stat differences. Just keep casting spells. I used over 600 mana.

    cjlee at 2009-04-02 18:50 wrote:
    Tried playing on Hard.

    Got stuck on my first Wulfstan battle. Then I retrained Wulfstan in Summoning the Dragon, C3M3. Turned Wulfstan into a spellcaster and gave him Zehir's artifacts that enhance spellpower and intel. He had 285 mana when he went to fight.

    On Hard. I rushed Zehir through to the trigger points, since I was unwilling to fight every single neutral stack battle again.

    Wulfstan won so easily the outcome was never in doubt. Even more surprisingly, the enemy only tried PM once which I easily dispelled, and they only gated in one stack. They did not try seduction. My wulfstan had spellpower of 20, easily higher than the enemy. I found this 'Hard' battle using a spellcaster Wulfstan easier than an 'Easy' Battle with a mainly melee wulfstan!

    I continued to Freyda. I tried playing her without clustering her troops - and was utterly crushed in separate tries when the enemy PMed either my paladins or my archangels.

    Then I tried playing with a different strategy. I normally use the first inquisitor move to cast righteous might on either paladins or archangels. I noticed that the enemy hero always PMed whoever got the good spell, and used this righteous-mighted stack to hammer my other stacks. So I targeted the ballista with my inquisitors instead. I didn't cast any good spells on archangels or paladins, except regeneration (in order to recover from succubi chain shot injuries)

    When I changed my strategy, I won easily. Since I had built up Freyda earlier without resurrection, when I chose to play this final mission on Hard my Freyda lacked resurrection. Yet she won easily, without the enemy even trying one PM.

    Clustering your troops makes a huge difference in the way the AI operates. In both my Wulfstan and Freyda Hard battles, since I had retrained them as spellcasters I didn't have the 30% Expert Defense benefit. I clustered everybody around the 'Shield Other' guys. This resulted in the AI heroes and spellcasters whacking them with Area spells nonstop, instead of using PM. Dumb AI! They could have done my side far more hurt by PM-ing my most powerful stack!

    After several tries on hard, I have learned this: when playing Freyda, Never cast any good spells without mass confusing/ slowing the enemy first. If you don't have Dark Magic, DO NOT haste archangels or champions. Remember that your Empathy feat can disrupt your own planning - e.g. unexpected morale boost results in you moving Before enemy hero.

    I experienced disaster when I hasted my archangels, which got PMed, went on to slay the Champions, Resurrect the enemy Hell Stallions, Hell Stallions killed my remaining champions without retaliation, all before I could cast cleansing by the time of which there are no more champions. And since I had no resurrection and the archangels had used their resurrection, had to reload the game.

    After several tries, I find it ideal to put your archangels next to your Squires and shooters. This further guarantees that the enemy will cast area spells rather than PM.

    I had a hard time with Kujin on all difficulty settings. Lost on a majority of my tries.

    On one try: The enemy threw mass gating and PM at me and I was lucky to win with 5 untamed cyclopses remaining (no way to keep my precious Earth Daughters alive - all 3+3gated stacks of dogs went for them asap).

    PM and seduce can be cast without the victim unit ever getting a turn. I have Might Over Magic and the enemy spellcaster was reduced to spellpower of 2. I also targeted the seducers with goblins throws and centaurs. Most seductive attempts wore off before it was the cyclopses or goblins' turn. From experience, PM and Seduce works for 0.03-0.59 of a turn.

    Maltz's chieftain whipping up cyclopses strategy is great, but you must choose your whipped unit carefully. For one, your chieftains are a stack of 170 so they inflict considerable damage. For another, the enemy hero usually gets to move after you so they can cast PM. Make sure you donít whip up cyclopses, let the enemy PM them, and have cyclopses act before PM wears off.

    170 chieftains are pretty good at dispatching these nasty multiple stacks of dogs. The dogs move fast and there are 3+3 stacks of them, six thousand or so in total! You MUST kill them fast as they are the enemy's main damage dealers. And you can't move your goblins because they are needed to defile the enemy magics. Since you're left with Wyverns and Daughters (Centaurs are always the first stack to perish), you have to fight with chieftains.

    Yahlya had a bizarrely easy battle on hard. The enemy gated once (hell stallions, yucks!), never tried PM or cloning the gigantic succubi stack. I think it was my deliberate use of clustering once again. Clustering your units encourages AI to use area of effect spells. Since PM essentially gives the enemy one free stack, I find it preferable to take damage from spells. Yahyla comes with cleansing, but this spell is useless because Yahlya already has her hands full trying to delay the 1000+ succubi from acting by using Deep Freeze. The succubi ALWAYS aim for your most important damage dealers, the blood sisters.

    Zehir started at level 30. I rushed through so fast that Zehir was only level 31 halfway when I showed up at Biara's front door. His stacks sucked, since I missed out on numerous stat boosters. I also missed out on that big stack of Kshatra Rajas, so had to fight with 200+ golems, 36 storm giants, 118 mages and 97 of each Archangel, Cyclops, Black and Magma Dragons.

    Biara had far superior stats to my Zehir. She certainly made liberal use of gating and PM-ing and Frenzying. Even worse, Biara can cast cleansing! She repeatedly cleansed my PM of her Devils! Fortunately Zehir can cast much more often than Biara. My final battle on Hard would have been pretty easy if not for that single, unexpected Cleansing spell. (What's that about PM being un-cleanable?)

    I don't necessarily recommend PM-ing the Arch Daemons. Depending on your artifacts and whether you have leadership, your morale may range from -3 to 8 (Expert Leadership, Lion's Set plus you leave out the Magma Dragons in favor of the Shadow Mistresses you picked up earlier).

    When I played with a morale of 8, I moved much more often than the enemy. But the Nightmares still got a lot of initiative. They get to move first and they move a lot. Worst of all, they often gate early and charge out, thereby unblocking the castle gate.

    I find it better to PM the nightmares. So the Nightmares don't get any chance to gate, or to charge out and attack. Instead you want them to suicide-attack the Arch Daemons or Succubi, or at least block the entrance.

    When Nightmares are Pm-ed, Biara doesn't bother to cleanse them. Probably because she thinks they are less worth cleansing than your cyclopses are worth PM-ing. But since Zehir has magic mirror, much of the time Biara's spells go awry. And Zehir gets plenty of chances to cast vampiricism to dispel. In several replays, the most successful of Biara's PM was mirrored from cyclopses to mages. I didnt bother to dispel and let the mages blast my own troops. They didn't do that much damage.

    Edited on Fri, Oct 23 2009, 12:25 by cjlee

    cjlee at 2009-04-01 16:59 wrote:
    Played this on normal once and easy once. On normal and easy, the AI does not use level 5 spells which totally changes the game. You can win nearly all battles with low casualties. I won my final Zehir v Biara with a loss of 1 magma dragon and 11 battle mages, and the 11 mages was because I didn't feel like resurrecting.

    Because I played each major battle several times to see how different tactics work, I noticed that every action makes an enormous difference.

    For nearly all battles, you want the demons to stay within the castle. Do all you can not to destroy the walls. Block the gates with one good unit, preferably with vampiricism, and kill the demons one stack by one stack. Because demons have superb melee and high initiative, letting them gate outside is a bad idea. The exception is Yahlya's battle, where it is better to have the demons come out.

    Agree with Maltz and most guys here. Thanes are crucial for dwarves, Earth daughters for orcs.

    For Dwarves, divine vengeance is a blessing. You can kill really powerful enemy units by letting them kill your tier 1 and 2.

    For Orcs, if you don't scare away the succubi, you are in for a lot of pain. Also watch where you put your units. Remember the cyclopses have area attack! Scaring the succubi seems to encourage demons to come out without gating and get wacked by the higher initiative orcs.

    For Dark Elves, Deep Freezing that succubi stack is a big must. It keeps your damage dealers alive much longer. Amazing how good the blood sisters are, and positioning your brisk raiders nearby is a very good idea. You can hit many units without retaliation!

    Freyda's Divine Vengeance is a big winner. I also agree with ksmckay: her Ultimate hurts the enemy pretty bad. My pretty average Freyda can take out 6 archdevils per chop.

    With Zehir, high morale (artifacts and building boosts) and mass slow, mass confusion makes the difference. I tried playing without casting mass slow/ mass confusion, and I could simply not win. And that is using the same build that got me a total loss of 1 magma and 11 mages!
    Edited on Wed, Apr 08 2009, 16:12 by cjlee
    Negativland at 2009-03-23 16:21 wrote:
    nevermind, I've managed to do it :D Defensive approach was the key, though I didn't quite think of that (barbarians, wtf). Wait on your position, place goblins between cyclops stacks and shoot as much as you can first. The infernals gated inside castle walls when I didn't rush in, the first turn the daughters slowed succubi so Kujin could make her move before them and use fear my roar on those seducing b!tchez. Then chieftains whipped wyverns to fly inside and poison as much as they could (including succubi, while shooting at them all the time, so eventually when their turn arrived there were only 2 left, who died from poison. No seducing, yay!). Whip daughters after and rush them in front of the gate (not inside, so she can take only one or 2 stacks at a time to attack her, slaughter everything you can before daughters bravely die :) They actually did half the work (killed 1300 leaping demons in a retal hit, thinned cerberi, helldogs and horses pretty good, cursed with hexing attack) Keep gated stacks away with with fear my roar and hit approaching units one by one, and that's it. Whew! Btw, I checked Gotai's army after that and his whole army was 1 goblin. :| The spells casted by the hero were lame (he prolly considered it's not worthy, since might over magic took his spell power down at 6 and the goblins did nothing more than use defile, before helping in the final mop-up). The Zehir battle was fun :D I had only the reinforcements (only 40 of each since I was playing on easy - so my cyclops got killed in one strike :( ), bout 150 chieftains (god bless them, they saved the battle), 80 mages and 70smth Titans (with magic resistance, HP and luck artifact - that luck was damn useful), I was in month 6 or 7, so Biara was pretty loaded: 50 + 50 devils (upg and alternate), 150 + 250 pit lords/spawns, 650 succubus mistresses , 300smth horses + the (instant) gated units (but they can be puppet mastered too! :) It was all just Puppet master, whip, puppet master, whip, puppet master, vampirism, whip, puppet master, resurrection, end! I did lose most of my army: only 2 godzillas, the intact stack of vampirized angels, about 10 Titans, a few archmages and 90 chieftains left. My morale and luck helped a lot, I gave Zehir leadership though I never knew until the end that it will be so useful. Plus, almost all the lousy spells that Biara tried to cast on my army got mirrored on her own, so she started shooting instead. The end scene was b0llocks, as usual (I hated that douche Duncan all the time, ew!)
    Negativland at 2009-03-19 21:21 wrote:
    Anyone know any strategy to survive with Kujin in3.1? I tried all kinds of approaches, but no chance. And I can't trigger the fight with Gotai. And if Kujin loses, I get the mission failed thing. The dwarf and the human fights were so easy, I was shocked to see this monstrosity :O I try to concentrate on initial stacks and not waste any turns on the gated ones, but they slaughter me! I mean there's around 4 stacks summing around 2k of cerberi, plus, most of the times the succubi seduce my earth daughters. Anyone know if building Kujin differently helps? though I hate to replay those orc missions, they were so long...
    Culian at 2009-03-12 15:16 wrote:
    900 cyclops was worth crashing the game ... somehow once I have the 900, I wished Biara had like 2K hounds, 1K succubus, maybe 300 demons ... you know, prolong the thrill of having 900 ass whopping cyclops on vampirism! it ended too soon with 900 ... sigh
    wzbbb at 2009-01-16 11:13 wrote:
    Just finished. Only Kujin's fight was tough on 3.1, went for the rage ultimate instead of shatter dark. Won on the 3rd try, sort of cheated by choosing not to destroy the castle walls, which made the ai hero delay his onslaught of frenzies (my spell power was high enough that puppet master lasts less than a turn) until his troops were out and engaged with mine. Managed to make use of smart troop placement so that frenzied units hit their troops more often than not. Ended up with 200 earth daughters at 4k rage points fighting 400 firehounds and 300 succubis. Managed to cut them down eventually as I took almost no damage due to rage points.

    I'm quite displeased with the ending though, kinda miss Arantir and Raelag, was expecting to see them in the final movie sequence at least
    zordrac at 2008-10-11 03:13 wrote:
    How to win the Kuyjin (Orc) fight versus the demons on Patch 3.1 (without uninstalling the patch):

    First off, place your Cyclops stacks either side of the Goblins. Don't worry about putting the Earth Daughters next to them, as you won't need to restore mana. Once the battle starts, ATTACK! Fly in your Foul Wyverns on a suicide run to attack the 3-headed Cerebreus stacks. They will be poisoned now and you will have wiped out 100 or so of them. A set of Hellhounds will all but destroy your Foul Wyverns, you will kill another 100 hellhounds, poisoning them too, and then a third stack will kill your Foul Wyverns. All of your units, meanwhile, will be on 2nd level blood rage thanks to your own units being wiped out.

    Now, use Fury of the Horde to attack the Succubus Seducers. It is better than any rage bonuses, as you get as much bonus from this as you would from a rage bonus, plus it hurts them and encourages the enemy to attack you (and not to gate).

    Your first 2 goblin throws (with the Cyclops stacks) should wipe out their uber powerful ballista and uber powerful first aid tent. If you don't do that, then they will hurt you and you will also lose your catapault.

    Now, as they start coming to you, pick them off with goblin throws before finally killing them when they are close enough. Wipe out one whole stack before starting on the next one.

    Once they kill your goblins, stop using Fury of the Horde and instead focus on rage bonuses. Once you are left with just the Earth Daughters (who long term are your best troop), use the individual rage bonuses to make them huge.

    You will be left with about 300 Earth Daughters at level 3 rage versus 1,200 Hellhounds (you kill the Cerebreus first), some jumping demons and 120 or so Succubus Seducers. The Earth Daughters have incredible initiative though and will absorb most everything with level 3 blood rage plus thousands of rage points. Wipe out the Hellhounds first then the jumping demons then the Seducers. You should still have 100 or so left at the end.

    It is a close fight, but doable. I did this with a level 19 Kuyjin without Shatter Dark Magic, so you could do better.
    Edited on Fri, Oct 10 2008, 23:34 by zordrac

    VMmage at 2008-10-01 03:02 wrote:
    Yes, patch 3.1 fixed our little "cheat" to avoid the mini-boss fights, as documented in the README:

    "- fixed interface actions not blocked properly on enemy turns and while playing scripted scenes"

    So, you can uninstall/reinstall the game to go back to patch level 3.0 so that you can stop Kujin, or rebuild her so that you can win without the "cheat", or give up on the campaign. I'd recommend going back to patch level 3.0, it's *so* much fun to show up at Talonguard with 900 Cyclops.
    Edited on Tue, Sep 30 2008, 23:02 by VMmage
    DanTanna at 2008-09-12 20:08 wrote:
    I'm stuck on the Kujin battle. I don't even remember building her up or playing her character. How can I get Gotai to fight instead of her? She just charges the castle and I can't stop her. Even the cheat codes don't work She get wasted by constant Frenzy and PM. I have no retaliation to that. Do I need a high speed repeating mouse to stop her? Or did the new patch fix the deal? I really don't want to go all the way back. I'll just play randomly generated maps if that is the case.

    Queen Hera at 2008-08-04 13:59 wrote:
    Phew!!! Thankyou Maltz. There is NO way I could have finished the final campaign without your help. My hardest battle (after changing Wulfstan's skills & winning that fight) was the Kujin fight(Heroic). After numerous attempts failed, I decided to go for Plan B normal. Thanks also to the other questors that offered suggestions. :)

    Queen Hera at 2008-08-03 13:47 wrote:
    I had no chance with the Wulfstan battle. I changed his skills in the last mission (I didn't think he'd need Light Magic). The Succubus Seducers seduce the Thunder Thanes, then use Puppet Master so the Thunder Thanes just pulverise his army. Oh well, back to the previous mission. Thanks Maltz for the walkthrough - I should have read it earlier.
    mmontgomery at 2008-07-14 05:22 wrote:
    I appreciated the tip on stopping Kujin to give her the 900 Cyclops. This turned a perhaps impossibly challenging battle (on heroic) to a trivial battle. All of the rest of the battles were also pretty easy on heroic, even the final battle with Biara.

    I kept Zehir with Expert Logistics (pathfinding, etc.) and Expert Luck (resourcefulness, spoils of war, etc.) through the entire level, travelling with just a stack of Storm Titans that I eventually got to 32. (In retrospect, I should have used Call to Arms every week, since I reached level 33, with plenty of experience to spare, but not nearly enough to even think about level 34.) I started this mission at level 30. Since it was actually easier/faster to win zero casualty battles with Zehir having nothing but the Storm Titans, I gave the rest of the army to a secondary hero which I left at the second dwarven warren. As soon as Zehir reached level 31, I took the dwarven warren with the secondary hero, popping Zehir immediately to level 32. The rest of the experience from the level got him to 33.

    For the final battle, in addition to arcane omniscience, I retrained Zehir with Expert Light Magic (Master of Wrath, Blessings, Abjuration), and Expert Dark Magic (Master of Mind, Shrug Darkness, Seal of Darkness).
    I outfitted Zehir with the complete Dwarven Set, Ring and Staff of Star-Issus (mostly for the casting speed enhancement), Lion Cape and necklace, ring of celerity, and a Golden Horseshoe. I considered whether to use the Lion Crown or the Dwarven Helm, but decided I liked starting the battle with expert mass endurance and expert mass deflect missile, so I chose the Dwarven Helm. The other two lion pieces were enough to for each stack to have at least 0 morale.

    In addition to the level 7 stacks, I had a stack of 84 Rakshasa Raja and 39 Storm Titans, both with +56% initiative/+15 attack/+15 defense, and 545 Magnetic Golems with +56% initiative/+15 defense/+12 health. The 417 Air Elementals was tempting, but they could not be equipped with a creature artifact. After artifacts, the Golems had 2 more hit points, and 13 more defense, and I felt that was more important that the faster speed and no-retaliation strike.

    My first catapult strike took out both side towers, and my Cyclops knocked the gate down. Zehir cast mass confusion followed by mass slow, then spent most of the rest of the time dispelling puppet master with either vampirism or magic immunity. The vampirism is especially effective with the large stacks.

    The battle was a massacre. When the smoke cleared, I had lost only 71 total level 7 creatures. After all of the hype, I was expecting a much tougher battle on Heroic.

    Banedon at 2008-06-27 04:09 wrote:
    I want to thank you maltz, without your walkthroughs this mission would have been pretty impossible. With them, and the preparatory work I did, I won all the mini bossfights with minimal difficulty and the final battle with Biara as well (on Heroic, too).

    Things to note about the boss fights -

    Wulfstan - his army is much bigger than the opponent's, so no excuse for losing.

    Freyda - Magical Immunity away the Puppet Master, then simply blow everything up. Kill those units left alive with Last Man Standing; it fuels Divine Vengeance on important targets while incurring no retaliation damage. Remember to deploy the Squires and Conscripts near the Gate - their main purpose is retaliation-stealing, and they need to be near the fight to steal the retaliation. This fight was easy enough I did it on my first try, and had quite a lot to spare, too (the Griffin stack stayed alive, the Inquisitor stack stayed alive, and if they both died I still had Guardian Angel [the skill]). That said, my Freyda was level 28 (yes level 28 - Expert Enlightenment on the earlier map helped a lot).

    Kujin - This is the hardest fight. Surprisingly enough, every single one of the stacks are valuable. The Chieftain stack should whip the Untamed Cyclops to act as often as possible. The Earth Daughter stack need not cast too many spells; the damage output they inflict is too important to give up. The Bloodeyed Cyclops and Untamed Cyclops stacks are obviously vital to killing the Inferno army - try hard to use their AoE attacks to fullest extent. The Foul Wyverns are the main retaliation stealer, and also bait: they lure the enemy out so the rest of the army can gang on it. The Centaurs are needed to thin the Succubi Seducer stack ASAP, and finally the Goblins have their very own special duty: counterspell the enemy hero. With more than 2000 Goblins, I found my enemy actually resorting to physical attacks instead of attempting to cast. Finally there is Kujin herself. Early in the fight Horde's Anger does huge damage - more than 3000. Use it quickly and early to kill the Succubi Seducers; with sufficient damage they cannot Seduce the Cyclops stack and are thus a lot less dangerous (in my game they took the Centaur stack - oh well, but probably the least important of the stacks by then). The most dangerous of the enemy stacks is probably the 1.6k Hell Hounds; kill them if possible with AoE attacks without incurring their retaliation, do not let them get an unobstructed hit on the Earth Daughters and Cyclopses - use Fear My Roar to force them away if necessary. My battle ended with the Chieftains whipping the Untamed Cyclopses to kill the most dangerous stacks with the retaliation absorbed.

    Ylaya - her army is much larger than the opponent's, no excuse for losing (that's even if the enemy doesn't come out). Main weapon for her is Empowered Deep Freeze. Cast and shoot the Succubi (and poison them, too).

    Biara - I actually found this battle quite difficult. My Zehir had Enligtenment, Light Magic, Summoning Magic and Destructive Magic - none of them effective enough on a battle of this scale. With Biara's stats so much stronger than Zehir's, I don't think I could've won this without Puppet Master. I retrained Zehir to Arcane Omniscience, but even with Puppet Master the fight was a challenge (I had only the 4 level 7's, 20 Storm Titans and 49 Battle Mages, having been quite careless early). Biara's stats are so superior that there's no safe way Zehir can charge her even with mass blessings and mass curses. In the end though it's just Zehir casting Puppet Master, defending with every creature and watching the carnage.

    I wonder what happened to Arantir?
    Edited on Fri, Jun 27 2008, 00:40 by Banedon

    koffil at 2008-06-21 11:04 wrote:
    biara need Logistics for her ultimate+teleport assault+swift gating.
    stachnie at 2008-05-26 12:07 wrote:
    I have finished whole campaign on Hard. About minibosses fights: Wulfstan's one was easy (he had full Dwarven set and was loaded with the other good arties like Staff of Netherworld), Freyda's and Ylaya's not very difficult (it was a very good idea to block castle gate) and Kujinn's seemed to be difficult but ended short after her army managed to steamroll inside the caslle.

    However, I had to repeat the final battle two times. The keys to win were:

    - equip at least two Sar Issus arties (it allowed Zehir to outcast Biara)
    - start the battle with Mass Confusion
    - make a defensive formation around Archangels and shooters (Shadow Matriarchs and Battle Mages)
    - not to use the Catapult at all to preserve the walls
    - blind enemy Nightmares at the castle gate (Frenzy was not allowed because of the Shield of Dwarven Kings)
    - PM Archidaemons to get rid of Archidevils and creatures gated outside the castle
    - Magic Immunity on most own PM'ed creatures
    - AA's resurrected Cyclops -> Vampirism, Teleport, eat remains of enemy army.

    @ jptravels4fun: perhaps you have already finished the campaign but other people may have this problem as well. Just four things: Mage Guilds in 3 towns for Confusion (it may not appear though), Mage Vaults for higher level Dark spells, Enlightenment-Scholar and a lot of cash for Memory Mentor. This way Zehir may teach Wulfstan almost all Dark spells (in my case he lacked only Suffering).
    Edited on Thu, May 29 2008, 07:44 by stachnie
    jptravels4fun at 2008-04-13 13:37 wrote:
    What do I have to do to go back and get Wulfstan puppet master and/or mass confusion in the last scenario? I have the game saved from C3M3. Every time I go back and then replay Wulfstan does not have it and I lose the battle.
    akaihane at 2008-02-23 06:52 wrote:
    If you are going to cheat with plan B , why don't you just load the console and give yourself 1000 black dragons or whatever?
    If you don't like a challenge , either play on easy or just cheat your way through , no need for plan B which is cheating as well.
    If you are going to play on heroic , play like a hero(hence heroic) without cheating.
    All the fights are possible without any cheats on heroic , you just need to do some thinking and having the right build.
    saugeen at 2008-02-08 21:06 wrote:
    How do I access Kujin and Gotai so that I can execute plan B or plus

    arturchix at 2008-02-01 13:33 wrote:
    Speaking about skills worth to invest, I'm giving my heroes triple ballista + fire arrows whenever I can - with luck just ballista can take out hordes.

    The memory mentor is a bit unbalanced (with unlimited cash the player can basically overwrite all skills and choose whatever skills he wants) but I like it. :)

    BTW, there seems to be an exploit learning and forgetting skills that give additional points for one of the attributes.

    Grey Pilgrim at 2008-02-01 13:00 wrote:
    Just another comment (added to the many) saying how enjoyable the TotE campaign was...with the use of your walkthroughs, Maltz. I would never have thought of some of the things you suggested, and as a result, instead of quitting the campaign in frustration, it was lots of fun to finish. Thank you VERY MUCH for your very massive effort!
    the at 2007-12-23 21:55 wrote:
    can someone plz tell me what happened in the very end after the final battle. after i finished the final battle and started watching the final cinematics my game closed. it closed right when biara started imploding.

    someone plz tell me what happened, i really dont want to go through that battle again. (and the fact that i didnt save for that mission)


    Wulfstan8182 at 2007-12-22 02:07 wrote:
    is it really that hard even on the easy setting?
    Edited on Fri, Dec 21 2007, 21:08 by Wulfstan8182
    andelero at 2007-12-15 21:23 wrote:
    I play heroic. My first time through, I didn't know of these great walkthroughs, and had no idea which heroes (and which build) I needed to prepare for the final mission. My Wulfstan was fine, but my Freyda got smoked. So, landing here I decided to go back to C2M4 and rebuild. Of course, they went a lot faster and more efficient the second time around, so it's not as bad as it sounds.

    I generally followed the recommendations here and had little trouble with the mini-boss fights. I didn't take the 900 cyclops (or any other troops) to the surface, but I did use them for the Kujin fight. It probably wasn't necessary, I got close on my first try without the cheat, but I was ready to wrap it up.

    The interesting part of my story is the final battle. I was able to level Zehir to 34, and so had all skills and abilities filled. My strategy early on with Zehir was to always take experience from chests, buy all artifacts to sell for experience, and with the exception of the golems, never buy the weekly troops-for-experience. Also of course, he fought -all- the battles.

    Using this approach I was able to (just barely) hit level 33 before triggering the level boost quest in the final mission. I don't think anyone needs to hit level 34, but it was a personal goal.

    I never used any troops in battle with Zehir that weren't obsidian golems. I was able to mow through everything in the final mission, including the final battle, with just the golems, Armageddon, an occasional Phoenix if I needed extra muscle (the golems rarely did anything except sit). Sometimes, if I needed to resurrect the golems faster than the Armageddons could manage, I'd use a Firewall and just walk over it back and forth.

    For the final battle with Biara (before month 4, and her troop boost), I took just my 520 golems and succeeded on the second try. The first time I was unaware of the Arch Demons "teleport other" ability and that rather screwed the pooch.

    On the second try, it was pretty easy. I had enough golems to withstand a couple of full force blasts from the succubi, while I readied a Phoenix as a shield (unnecessary, as it turned out). I didn't attack the walls, and it was quite a while before Biara started to venture out. I had about 1300 mana and as soon as Biara did something other than remove my PM of the Arch Demons, it was over. I just counterspelled to keep the Arch Demons, which quickly shredded everything.

    Mass Confusion was useful, as it allowed me to keep all of the Arch Demons until everything was dead. My final build was Arcane Omni, plus Expert Light and Dark, so I could get the mass spells.

    Darrow at 2007-12-14 08:00 wrote:
    I just successfully completed the Wulfstan and Freyda final battles on "hard." Your strategy in Wulfstan worked well with my variant of placing the Magma Dragons on the moat at the corner of the gate so as to cross-fire the enemy with the dragons and the Thunder Thanes. Once the enemy shooters were under control I immunized my Rune Patriarchs and Thunder Thanes to magic and it was game over. In the Freyda battle I used Ed Robinson's strategy, above, but cast Divine Vengeance directly on the Arch Devils and Succubi Mistresses and, once the Arch Angels blocked the Succubi, I immunized my 62 Inquisitors from magic and they slaughtered what was left.

    Thanks for your usual yeoman's effort in compiling this walkthrough!
    Edited on Fri, Dec 14 2007, 04:09 by Darrow
    bakaro at 2007-12-08 09:06 wrote:
    maltz, your guide has been most educational.

    I just finished my campaign last level, and I found a yet quicker way to solve the 4 mini bosses with the same Cyclop transferring strategy like yours.

    My Zehir would travel and trigger each mini boss missions as usual, but I would stop the ally hero from attack the demon town. What I had in mind was I wanted to use Zehir to get all the exp, then Mentor those to all the rest, so I just sorta hung on to the attacking.

    After successfully moved the flying city to the north west part of the map above the ground and triggered 3 mini boss (Ylalla had not appeared yet), I took out the night elves base underground but left one enemy hero so Yellow Player wouldn't be eliminated. Then, I had Gotai finish off mini boss at North West location (Yllala's place) with the 900 cyclop (hell, I coulda just closed my eyes and hit auto attack, things can't go wrong), then had Zehir go up and travel back to near the demon town I just conquered and teleported to it. (yep, you can actually own it if by defeat guard boss if Yllala had not appeared) ----> Zehir went underground and took over the business.

    Hell, I moved all Duncan, Freyda, Kujin, Wuffstang to the middle and grabbed all the things I could, plus the sweet 900 cyclop and went killing spree the rest 3 demon towns with Vampirism spell. Within less than 2 weeks, all of their base wiped out. And I ported back to the night elves town to finish off that hero to trigger Yllala coming out.

    Forget those sizzies 100 angels or dragons or upgraded cyclops. With one 900 one eye babies stack, omni-science (wizard's special ultimate) and vampirism, nothing could go wrong with sending Biara back to Urgash's bedroom in Sheogh....


    the at 2007-12-07 23:41 wrote:
    can someone plz tell me what happened in the very end after the final battle. after i finished the final battle and started watching the final cinematics my game closed. it closed right when biara started imploding.

    someone plz tell me what happened, i really dont want to go through that battle again. (and the fact that i didnt save for that mission)

    Edited on Sun, Dec 23 2007, 17:00 by the
    namostmareleg at 2007-12-03 22:04 wrote:
    "Hm.. killing 5-6 devils in a counter strike doesn't seem a lot. On heroic, there are 40+ devils to start, so each blow you are killing off only 1/8 of their stack. But our 24 angels will be dead in about 4 blows. "

    It actually is a LOT, /i relied on counterstrike at the end of the battle, too, but mine was only normal/ but at the start of the fight you don't really have a chance to cast anything else as a remover spell of puppet master if you wanna preserve your units. Well maybe the first spell could be retaliation instead of mass deflect missile, but then you lose a big portion of your crossbowmen who represent a great killing power throughout the entire battle if they can remain protected.
    namostmareleg at 2007-12-03 21:49 wrote:
    I just won on heroic with Freyda after like a dozen tries :)

    I found that magical immunity is the key if you play with a light/might hero!

    Freyda only had 100 mana in my game so i had no chance in a long fight casting cleansing, so i had to figure out something...

    What i figured out is that it is a must to get the enemy coming out and attacking and get rid of the devils asap with as little casualties as possible, otherwise it's just hopeless. Well, there are more critical factors as well :)

    So i ran to the moat before the horned demons with my champions, and the assault started: they leaped out, the champs killed a very nice portion of them, every enemy melee unit started moving out but they couldn't attack right away, like in my previous attempts.

    So i started to lure them out without giving too many targets to hit for them, in the meantime killed the enemy ballista and ammo cart asap with my shooters.

    Meanwhile the heroes were casting puppet/immunity on the units /with an exception of the champions, i actually casted one cleansing on them so the angels could resurrect some of them after the devils' first attack, then immunity/, so Freyda's divine vengeances already took out a large numbers of enemy troops. The most difficult part was killing the devils, i was pretty lucky since they attacked my griffins instead of my angels or champions, who just owned them slowly, and one lucky hit of divince vengeance killed 12 of them so i still had some killing power when those pesky pit spawns finally arrived.

    And after every enemy unit were far out, i teleported the squires right on the succubi, so they had something to play with. Thank god it's possible to teleport into the castle with expert light magic now...

    I also found it's very important to stand on enemy unit's corpses with large units so the enemy hero can't get mana from them!

    It was one of the most difficult fights in my experience this far.
    Edited on Mon, Dec 03 2007, 16:51 by namostmareleg
    fjog at 2007-11-30 13:14 wrote:
    Well, only played it on normal (just for the story, heroic can wait for single maps :)). BUT triggered that pisky kujin bug so i saw no reinforcements, so the last battle against Biara was a real pain, as my only stack able to deal damage was 71 Storm titans, the rest was 105 Battle mages, 56 Rakshasa Kshar, 3 Phoenix's (They are a bless against shooters throughout the map!), 250+ Magnetic golems, 119 Air elementals and 86 Shadow Matriarchs.
    To start with I had traded dark magic with attack + archery during the last map = BIG mistake against Biara... Well back to dark magic. Things didn't get any better as she started to cast mass confusion, which i couldn't cleanse :-S I was in for a massive whoop ass! Tried to shield of my Storm Titans as good as possible and PM one of their Devils stacks. My Army was falling like flies. But then some wonderful things started to happen I haven't considered... for every stack killed some elementals was summoned, which was sufficient to shield my Storm Titans + Phantom image(s) of it (which was able shoot :)). Combined with vampirism on my Storm Titans I was actually able to turn the tides and win with 68 Storm titans standing!
    Admitted I was VERY lucky as Magic Mirror triggered 8 times in a row which meant Biara couldn't curse my Storm Titans further.
    But Christ for a battle!
    ywhtptgtfo at 2007-11-26 08:55 wrote:
    I can kind of see why the game reviewers screamed about the game's difficulty after playing through this level...

    I thought Wulfstan's fight was kind of hard although I still managed to win with some troops to spare. He's totally out-stated by the enemy though and would've lost without Absolute Protection

    Freyda's fight was the absolute hardest fight for me because I gave all my artifacts to Duncan and she does not have Puppet Master, Frenzy, or Resurrection. I tried the fight 5 times (with a failed attempt to go Plan B every time). In my final try, I managed to win by giving Archangels and Champions vampirism and lure each stack out one by one (Leaping Demon -> Arch Devils -> Hell Chargers -> Pit Spawns -> Pit Fiends). Taking out the Arch Devils quickly was the key because of the whooping 60 Pit Lord summon if they were left unmolested. I was mostly locked in a Mass Slow - Mass Haste tug-of-war with the enemy hero. It was quite a wild-ride because he had virtually unlimited mana due to corpse consumption while I had a tight budget. Unless it was necessary, I usually cast low budget light spells and only when I know there's a good chance in summoning a very damaging Divine Vengeance (I hate the last-man-standing perk). Despite my calculative moves, I still ran out of mana and the enemy puppet-mastered my stack of Arch Angels >_< and used its resurrection on the Hell Chargers (OMG!). However, I finally won by using retaliation strike on the Arch Angels. It was a very lucky battle.

    Yarla And Kujins' battles were quite easy since they had much better stats and units. For Kujin's battle, I had the fortune in not having the cyclops puppet-mastered. For Yarla's battle, I spammed Deep Freeze repeatedly and let the Black Dragons + Riders do most of the work.

    Oh, and I didn't even bother exploring the last quarter or visit bonuses, I did the final battle with 97 Black Dragons, 97 Magma Dragons, 97 Arch Angels, 97 Untamed Cyclops, 121 Combat Mages, 100+ Shadow Matriachs, and 12 Storm Lords. I lost everything except 70+ Magma Dragons. I found Mass Slow, Phantom Forces, and Puppet Master very useful against that *****.

    Anyway, I'd prefer Freyda and Wulfstan to have better stats and all allied heroes to be more controllable (like last mission of HoF).
    Ed Robinson at 2007-11-24 14:04 wrote:
    Well, I've played this through 3 times now. I still think Deleb was the toughest but that got easier. The last time, thanks to another post, I hilighted the underground hero by clicking on them then on the movement button when they started to attack. This stopped them in their tracks.

    I fought the last battle with a number of different set-ups. The only loss was using Zehir with inly his academy troops. Really too small of an army. The most over powering win was Gotai, when I combined Kujin's army. He lost virtually nothing. I blew down the doors first shot with the ballister then moved the Untamed Cyclops inside and chewed everythin up.

    I really enjoyed the game. My compliments to maltz for a gtrat job.

    AngelEyes at 2007-11-22 18:24 wrote:
    For the Biara fight, casting Puppet Master on one of the devil stacks was key. Then I Frenzied the group of nightmares blocking the castle gate. The logjam of pit fiends, succubi, and nightmares behind the walls was ripe pickings for my mind-controlled devils.

    Biara couldn't keep up with my casting as I was able to easily cleanse any of her own Puppet Masters off my angels and cyclops. The one nasty thing she was able to do was she Frenzied my lava dragons. Since I didn't have the appropriate artifacts, I couldn't cleanse the beasties! Still, this one trick was not enough to save her from my horde of level 7 monsters. (And no, I didn't transfer over Gotai's insane stack of cyclopes as mentioned above.)

    Fun fight overall and much lest frustrating than the Freyda and Wolfstan fights.

    maltz at 2007-11-22 09:24 wrote:
    Hm.. killing 5-6 devils in a counter strike doesn't seem a lot. On heroic, there are 40+ devils to start, so each blow you are killing off only 1/8 of their stack. But our 24 angels will be dead in about 4 blows.

    And it is not just the devils wer are dealing with. I think there are 6 enemy stacks in total, and the ratio would be about the same that your hero's ultimate counterstrike can kill 1/8 of their stack when they touch you - not necessarily on the Angels, or whichover blocks the gate, though.

    In my game the enemy casted nothing but puppet master. My angels therefore defeated my own champions who were blocking the gates.
    Edited on Thu, Nov 22 2007, 04:28 by maltz
    Ed Robinson at 2007-11-21 18:37 wrote:
    For what it's worth, Freyda's fight seemed pretty easy! I blocked the castel gate with my Champions and sent the Angels inside. I kept casting resurection which triggered divine vengence and an occasional Divine Strength and Clense to get rid of Weakness.

    I found the fight with Deleb to be a real challenge. I didn't have Arcane Omnisience, I had Expert Dark and Expert Summoning, so no real destructive spells. I hadn't accumulated enough wealth in the Northeast to use the Memory Mentor.

    I tried the clicking of the mouse button to stop the attacks on the underground heroes. Apparently not furiously enough since it never worked.

    I have only got Biara left and will give that a shot tonight. Great job maltz.
    ksmckay at 2007-11-21 18:15 wrote:
    it does triple damage so strikes on the devils would take 5 or 6 for my stats which werent ridiculous or anything

    Ya5MieL at 2007-11-21 07:13 wrote:
    I'm not sure Biara can "overwrite" your vampirised stacks with puppet. I think they are immune once vampirised. (didnt't test this tho it gives undead status and undead are immune to mind)

    maltz at 2007-11-20 21:22 wrote:
    This is not the first time I hear that Knight's ultimate would work. (They used to be the worst ultimate out there, but not sure about ver 3.0.) How much does each strike hit, say on the Devils?
    ksmckay at 2007-11-20 16:40 wrote:
    Couple comments, Memory mentor makes it so easy to get ultimates for all your heroes so that is definitely a big help. I think the key to the freyda battle is retaliation strike on the archangels as well as regeneration and then cleansing the angels for the rest of the battle. If you have freydas ultimate her retaliation strike is pretty nasty and it helps get rid of those pesky 1 creature 1 hp stacks. Also def take out the ballista. I think the other key is to remain defensive, make the hero attack you dont rush the castle in any of the battles. Ylaya's battle was the easiest with her empowered deep freeze. I think kujin was somewhat challenging but once again the ultimate helps and wait for them to attack you rather than rushing. Final battle was cake and if you really want it to be easy puppet master the arch devils and then use counterspell the rest of the way out. Occasionally shell use her attack rather than casting a spell that gets countered and then you can vampire stacks. i got through with almost no losses.

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