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Features → Walkthroughs  → Tribes of the East → Flying to the Rescue → Tearing the Veil

by maltz

Flying to the Rescue
M2: Tearing the Veil

  • Map Size: Normal
  • Level Cap: none
  • Difficulty Index: 2/5
  • Last Updated: November 15, 2007, Patch v3.0

    This mission is split into two parts, both quite easy.

    It is possible to obtain Zehir's ultimate Arcane Omniscience with the help of a Sylanna Acient and a Memory Mentor. By going with the ultimate (Enlightenment, War Machine, Sorcery) you will miss the most useful mass-spells such as Mass Slow, Mass Confusion and Mass Haste, yet you gain the freedom to pick 2 other skills. You can still pick up basic Dark - Master of Mind and/or Light - Master of Wrath to keep Mass Slow and Haste. Or you can go with other useful passive skills such as Logistics.

    The Call to Arms "mission special" is 3000 EXP + 20 Crystal for 20 Djinn Sultans. The Djinns are not terribly useful and they could die by huge numbers. You are given 60 crystals at the start even without the bonus, so you can afford to trade three times for 60 Djinns. However, I suggest you save all crystals (don't even trade it for other resources) because they will come in handy in the second half of the mission.

    Huston, we have a party!

    Pick the 20 Djiin Sultans as the starting bonus. The 40 crystals that can give you another 40 Djiins later (by losing 6000 EXP more). Since you already have 60 crystals, there is little point to get even more.

    First Half

    You start the mission in front of town (A), with a mandatory battle against a small Renegade army. Use your shooter to kill some weak stacks, and the opponent hero will gate in Inferno units. The existing Haven units all switch side to be your aid, and the fight will be over very soon. Too bad you can't keep the tier-5 Zealots after the battle, because they are teleported to the "ritual ground".

    Depending on what magics you picked up from Zehir's town in mission one, you can handle the neutral stacks with different strategies. If you have Vampirism / Resurrection the fights will be straight-forward - just deploy the Djiins and hack. If you have none of the above, you can still use 1-unit stacks and the Phoenix / Elementals.

    There is no AI activity at all during the first half, so don't feel pressured. Go west and visit the Stable (S), and flag the mines below your town. Go north a bit and you will see a Memory Mentor on the right (1). We will come back later when your level is high enough. Collect the second stack of monks at (2) and they will go to the ritual ground. Flag / kill / collect everything on your way, including two Dragon artifacts at (D1) and (D2).

    When you reach (3) the game prompts you a choice that you can spend 15000 EXP to move your town to the empty spot above. You have to do this sooner or later as this is one of the main objectives, so just say yes if it won't result in losing a necessary skill. You can collect the third, and last stack of monks at (4).

    Now all you need is the Tear of Asha. It is buried underground so you will have to go down the stairs at (I). Before sending Zehir to the dungeon, upgrade the mage guilds to level 5 and see what you can learn there. I finally picked up Resurrection - which proofed to be quite useful... for about 30 minutes. By the way, don't go crazy on building other structures (you are powerful enough so the creatures don't really matter), and save 10 wood.

    The underground portion is connected by a river. Beat the neutral stack guarding the Sextant, build a boat at the Shipyard and first land at (5). You can flag a Mercury Lab, and further south pick up two artifacts that will carry over to future missions - one of them being the Staff of Sar-Issus (S1, nullify enemy Magic Resistance).

    Board your ship and this time sail southwest to land at (6). Here you can flag more mines and dig up the Tear of Asha (red X). You can see its exact location here. The spot is fixed as of version 3.0.

    Before you go up, spend a few more days to pick up two decent ring artifacts at (7), one of them being the Ring of Speed (+20% unit initiative). Since there is no enemy action at all, you can freely explore to collect as much EXP as you can. I was able to level to 24 with the help of the Sylanna Ancient on the surface (D1 area). By the way, if you do not have the Intelligence feat under Enlightenment, now go to the Memory Mentor and get it. Your mana must be way over 200.

    Now you are ready for the mini-boss battle. Give the Tear of Asha to Zehir (if he doesn't have it), and move your entire army to (8) where three stacks of monks are waiting. The ritual starts and a hero-less Inferno army shows up behind you. The size of the army looks intimidating, but it is really not that hard IF you still have mana left after those 800+ (on heroic) Imps! With a seletion of magics, my Zehir did it with just the Gargoyles as HP pool. However, feel free to waste all of your units here because you won't need any of them anymore. Since you can win rather easily, I recommend NOT to overspend on units. You are just wasting money.

    After the mini-boss fight your Zehir is probably level 25 or so. If you have picked up at least one of the Witch Hut skills back in mission one, you should have more than enough skill points to go for the ultimate Arcane Omniscience at the Memory Mentor (1). There is no better time than this, since the enemy is still inactive. When you are ready, refund any artificer that you have made for your creatures, sell all of the artifacts that cannot be carried over, and march Zehir to the center of the ritual ground (8), to proceed to the second half of the mission.

    p.s. After finishing the campaign, I think it would be better to replace Light Magic in the above picture with Logistics. There will be a lot of running around for Zehir, but he carries almost no army so the Mass buffs have no use at all. But of course you will switch back to Light, or even Leadership just before the final, final boss.

    More useful magics! You will need them on Freyda in the last mission.

    Second Half

    You are now at (9) controling Freyda and Duncan, two of the main characters back in the Hammers of Fate expansion. Needless to say, they both have lost the invincibility you gave them back then. Now you are given two mediocre heroes with unsatisfactory stats for their levels (19-20), and very fail-prone skill choices. It is all right, we are going to fix their skills here.

    First, answer "Cancel" to the question to NOT pass the Tear of Asha to Duncan. Zehir is leaving, but he will carry the Tear into mission 3 and 4, where the challenges are slightly harder. If you answer "OK" to keep the Tear, you can install it in your town soon. Yet this second half is easy enough even without the Grail.

    The first thing you notice is that all of your resources actually carry over, including the mines you already flagged. (There is no way to travel back to Zehir's half, so you better have flagged them all.) It is likely that Zehir leaves Freyda and Duncan a huge pile of resources of every kind, so let's rush to the town and build everything like mad! Your town is (B) - as soon as you get close, the entire Blue converts to Orange. There is a huge Inferno army based in Town (D), but it won't come out yet so don't worry for now.

    Here come two very good news for you. First, you can swap out the huge Renegade garrison army at (10). With this army you can pretty much dominate all neutral creatures and pick up everything. It is tempting to split the army so both Duncan and Freyda can do something meaningful, but let me tell you one secret - Duncan won't be of any use later, so don't even look at his unshaved face! Just use Duncan to run errands and give all possible experience points to Freyda. Hopefully she can reach level 26 by the end.

    The second good news is there are several free Renegade armies waiting to join you. I have marked them with yellow small letters. (b= Crossbowmen, v= Vindicators, z= Zealots, and c= Champions) Pick them up as soon as you have the free slots.

    There are lots things to do before Grok, the huge Inferno army based on town (D) comes out to hunt your weak heroes. Naturally you want to visit all stat boosts with Freyda (yes forget about Duncan), flag all creature buildings, defeat all neutral creatures, and collect all meaningful artifacts. I will just mention the more important attractions below:

    There is a Hill Fort at (11) where you can convert the conventional upgrades to Renegade, or backwards. I suggest using all 7 tiers of Renegades to make things simpler. Your army is very powerful already.

    You can pick up two more Dragon artifacts at (D3) and (D4), the latter being the third Dragon Teeth Necklace you pick up in two missions! The map maker really likes this artifact. Don't worry - they actually don't overlap with Zehir's copy and you will put them to good use on Freyda.

    Rush town (C) in your earliest convenience, through the one-way portal at (II-II'). You should be able to reach it around 4-5 days after swapping the garrison at (10). The Red does not have a scripted hero there, so there won't be any good defense. The town actually crumbles after your victory, and you instantly pick up the entire Lion's Spirit set (Crown + Necklace + Cape). This is too good to be true!

    Well another dream comes true - at (U) you can pick up the Unicorn Horn Bow and the Treeborn Quiver at once! This is the entire set of Archer's dream, making your shooters very, very powerful. Wow.

    A Memory Mentor is again available at (12) to shuffle your Freyda's skills. I gave Freyda my favorite twilight build, a versatile build that is unlikely to fail. If you are playing on heroic, though, I start to lean towards Sorcery instead of Attack or Dark Magics. We will discuss more at the end of this page.

    Build up your mage guilds and see what is offered. You have another shot at the high level spells at the Arcane Library (13). Now your huge number of crystal stock comes in handy - because each lv-5 Light magic costs 25 crystals. Hopefully you can pick up some very useful spells for Freyda.

    22 days after my ownership of Town (B), Grok comes out of town (D) with his huge Demon horde. The Imps will deplete your mana no matter what, so it will be a fair army clash. This looks like the most difficult fight of the second half, but Grok fled when I lost 3 Crossbowmen and a Ballista in Quick Combat...

    After taking care of Grok, the mission is essentially won and there is no more threat from Red (it will still send out weak heroes). Take your time to finalize Freyda's build, learn useful spells, visit stat boosts and collect artifacts. When you have done everything, break through the garrisons in front of town (D) and take the castle. Easy victory!

    Preparing for Freyda's Final Battle

    Freyda is going to representing the hostile couple in the campaign finale battle. Honestly, I have no idea how you can win that one on heroic, unless you are ultra lucky with Divine Vengeance. Anyways, let's do our best to optimize Freyda's build here.

    First, equip Freyda with all of your best artifacts, because Duncan will trash everything you have on him! In my game I lost my entire Lion's set on the stupid m* *r! However, if you do not want to alter the game's flow in any possible way (you will see how to break the game in detail in the C3M4 walkthrough), give all of the other artifacts (that Freyda will not equip) to Duncan, and let him trash it! This is because the game will randomly decide what to wear for Freyda if she has, say, two cloaks, so just throw away the inferior choice. You can't risk a bad choice on heroic.

    Second, reconfigure your Freyda's skills. Showing in the picture above is a standard build for Lv 25 (I hope I have never used Duncan to fight in this mission, or I might have a shot at lv 26):

  • Expert Counterstrike: 3 standard feats (or - Benediction)
  • Expert Leadership: Recruitment, Divine Guidance, Empathy
  • Expert Attack: Battle Frenzy, Retribution (+ Archery if Lv 26)
  • Expert Light Magic: Master of Wrath (or + Master of Abjuration if no Dark)
  • Expert Dark Magic: Master of Mind
  • Expert Luck: Magic Resistance

    However, on heroic you probably want to swap out Dark Magic or Attack for Expert Sorcery + Arcane Training. If you give up Dark Magic (no Mass Confusion), you should pick up Master of Abjuration (Light) for Mass Deflect Missle (or you will feel very sorry against 290 Succubus Mistress). I still think Dark + Sorcery can work, because you can occasionally sneak in a Frenzy / Puppet Master before the enemy hero can do anything about it.

    For the most of the fight, you'll still need to keep casting Light Magics (free Divine Vengeance) to kill an insane army before it kills you mercilessly. My build was far inferior to the above, and I "almost won" a couple of times out of probably 20 trials, so it is not really impossible. We will discuss more in C3M4. Good luck still!

  • Comments
    danielson at 2015-05-04 13:41 wrote:

    You meant the knight hero in the knight territory? If you did then you can get him/her by claiming your knight castle normally. (that level 1 knight hero already appears behind the garrison for me when you get move on the road to that weak Inferno town)
    Otherwise what did you mean? I got no more additional hero.
    Edited on Mon, May 04 2015, 09:42 by danielson
    dettmaaw at 2015-03-01 19:41 wrote:
    For the second half of the campaign, if you defeat the easy Infernal town before claiming your knight's castle, you get a free hero with a pretty decent army included. The hero does not appear if you get the knight's town first.
    hprwhg12 at 2014-04-09 15:18 wrote:
    It has been years since the post about not getting Tear of Asha because the shovel wont appear. Just hit "D", It is the keyboard shortcut for "Dig". It has to be the start of your turn of course. Surprised no one thought or mentioned this.
    Tyber Zann at 2013-08-27 06:55 wrote:
    [Zehir's ability cont...]

    Certain skills will make this much easier. Sorcery will allow u to cast spells much faster, allowing u to finish battles quickly and therefore lose less units. Defense will also give ur units greater endurance, which will buy u more time to cast spells and result in fewer casualties. With the introduction of the Memory Mentor, we are now free to use whichever skills we please without fear of permanently losing skill slots.

    Now that iv described the basic principles of abusing Zehir's ability, ill explain how to deal with different types of enemies.

    First, enemy heroes are ur biggest threat (as always) and are the most likely to foil this near-flawless strategy. However, it still works against some, and can even be applied to more generic tactics (using x1 gargoyle stacks to guard ur gremlins or mages).

    As for neutral creature stacks, virtually any can be vanquished with relative ease using Zehir's gargoyle square formation.

    First, ill list the different types of units ull face (ones that will require different tactics), in order from easiest to most difficult.

    1] Large Walkers

    2] Small Walkers

    3] Large Flyers

    4] Small Flyers

    5] Casters

    6] Shooters

    Ok. First of all, groups 1-4 can all be dealt with the same way.

    3 stacks of 1 gargoyle each surrounding a large stack in the corner.

    (The easiest units to defeat using this tactic are slow, walking melee units like zombies, golems, horned demons, footmen, etc.)

    (Large creatures are easier to block since they occupy a 2x2 square. You can space your x1 gargoyle stacks out, and even keep extra x1 stacks on the field to replace fallen ones)

    (Flyers are more difficult to block since they can fly to any open space in their movement range. A walking unit may have to spend a turn walking around ur square, while a flyer will simply fly to its destination)

    Casters and shooters require a little more thought.

    Luckily, Obsidian Gargoyles are immune to all elemental damage except for Earth magic (stone spikes/meteor shower). The only two casting units I know of who can use these spells are Elder druids, (stone spikes) and Pit Lords (Meteor Shower). Pit Lords have low initiative so you can usually set up ur spells / zap em before they have a chance to move (unless there's a lot of them), so really, Elder druids are the only caster who poses any real threat to the Obsidian Gargoyle. The exception here would be casters who can cast light magic on their own troops, or the spell Vulnerability, which can be cast by shadow witches/matriarchs and Pit Lords (again).

    And so, the only unit class that may actually have you biting you fingernails is the all mighty shooter.

    Shooters can bypass ur wall of x1 stacks, making them useless as guards. Therefore, the best way to dispatch shooters without losing all ur gargoyles is to try to use only x1 stacks, with no "large" stack at all. This will deny the shooters the opportunity to kill more than 1 gargoyle at a time. Of coarse this will only work if the group of shooters isn't too large to defeat, and u will need a secondary hero to take the extra gargoyles off of Zehir's hands if u want to use 7 stacks of x1 gargoyles.

    Basically, u have to judge weather Zehir can wipe out the enemy shooters before they kill the 7 stacks of x1 gargoyles. U can always just save and load and try again, but eventually ull get a good sense of how much Zehir can handle, and its quite a lot.

    If the enemy shooters are too numerous to use 7 stacks of 1, use 6 stacks of x1 with the rest of them in a 7th stack. Then, use ur x1 stacks to rush the shooters and block them off so they can't shoot ur big stack. The big stack will likely take a hit or two before u block their shooters, but gargoyles have high speed and initiative stats, and can fly, so they can usually reach the other side before the enemy can let off a second volley. (This rush can be used with the 7 x1 stack formation as well, just keep 1 or 2 at the rear while the rest advance).

    And of coarse, there are stacks of mixed units. In most cases, u will need to use the 6 stacks of 1 and the big 7th stack in the corner formation and simply eat the shots from their shooters before u can wipe them out (which u should do immediately).

    That's about it for that strategy. There's more possibilities, just get creative. Summon a pheonix and use it to block units as well. This will allow u to hold out almost indefinitely against most melee units.
    Tyber Zann at 2013-08-27 02:43 wrote:

    I accidentally mentioned that STONE GARGOYLES where the optimal "tank" unit.

    I meant to say OBSIDIAN GARGOYLES. The black ones. I was thinking of them but thought stone for some reason. They all work well, but obsidian gargoyles will last the longest.
    Tyber Zann at 2013-08-27 01:08 wrote:

    And use them alone as a meat shield while Zehir single handedly dominates the battlefield.

    Take all ur Gargoyles (Stone Gargoyles have the best defensive stats of the 3 types) and give them to Zehir. Give all other units to a different hero, or just leave em in town.

    Split ur Gargoyles like this.

    6 stacks with 1 gargoyle each, and the 7th stack with all the remaining gargoyles. Place the large stack in a corner, with the 6 single stacks surrounding the big one to protect it. As the battle unfolds, the enemy will rush ur square of cubes. Any enemy capable of hitting ur big stack will do so, but most will be stuck fighting ur single stacks. When a single stack dies, it will be replaced with free elementals, which will act as another shield for ur big stack.

    While this is happening, Zehir will be free to unleash his spellbook. I have summoning magic with the "fire warriors" ability, which makes the "summon Elementals" ability summon fire elementals every time, and in greater numbers. Fire elementals are ranged units so they make excellent fire support. Once iv summoned elementals (and a pheonix is available) I move on to destruction magic.

    In most cases, my fire elementals will tear the enemy to pieces before they manage to get past my wall of single gargoyles and their elemental spawns. Sometimes they get a few hits on the big stack, but since they have such great stats, all but the most viscous attacks will do nothing more than irritate them.

    Using this tactic, I walk away from most battles with no more than 6 casualties (all cheap gargoyles). What this means is, I can save all my other units for the BIG battles. Just let ur army sit at home while Zehir and his gargoyles do all the dirty work.

    Against early small enemy groups, using 3 single stacks is often enough to protect the big one.

    I hoped this helped clarify. If I think of more ill add it on
    Tyber Zann at 2013-08-27 00:56 wrote:
    Zehir is such a cheap ass! I mean he's awesome, actually my second favorite character in HoMM (next to Raelag of coarse), but his unique ability can be abused to the extreme. Iv read the posts and it seems like a few people r a little confused as to how to take full advantage of this awesome ability. For those who never quite figured it out, ill explain a few ways to make good use of it.

    At first glance, Zehir's unique ability seems rather mediocre. Iv never been a huge fan of elementals. They usually appear in small numbers and its near impossible to accumulate them on the map. So, how r a few humanoid tornados and a walking pile of rocks supposed to help u in a fight? Well, they just happen to make excellent cannon fodder, especially since they require no physical resources and are not technically part of ur army. They are entirely disposable, which can be taken advantage of in several ways.

    The way Zehir's ability works is, whenever a stack of creatures in ur army dies in battle (the entire stack), the stack is immediately replaced by a stack of elementals which u can control for the remainder of the battle (all summoned elementals are not part of ur army and will vanish after combat) (the type of elemental is supposed to be random, but I find its usually either earth or wind elementals.)

    Now, here's the important part. The NUMBER of elementals that appear in this replacement stack is based solely on the LEVEL of Zehir. It has nothing to do with spellpower or any other stats, or the number of creatures that died to create the elemental stack. (Using the "Summon Elementals" spell follows normal rules, these rules apply strictly to Zehir's unique ability).

    So, what this all means is, when a stack dies, weather it had 1 unit or 1000 units in it, its death will still yield the same number of elementals. This is where we can take advantage of the ability.

    Basically, the idea is to create a wall of elementals, losing as few units as possible, in order to give Zehir time to cast spells to win the battle. The trick is to not lose ALL of the units on the field who are part of ur army (remember, summoned creatures don't count, this includes elementals summoned through Zehir's ability). Much like a demon lords gated units will vanish if their "army" units die, Zehir's summoned units will vanish if his "army" units in the field die.

    So how is all this put into practice. It sounds confusing. well, here's the most common example.

    Seven stacks of Stone Gargoyles. 6 that have 1 each, and 1 with the remainder.

    Why Gargoyles?

    Gargoyles are the most cost effective "tank" unit the game. In RPG/TBS terminology, a "tank" is a unit that is designed to be able to take a lot of damage. The main function of a "tank" is to soak up damage while your other units dish out damage. A "tank" unit acts as a wall or shield to protect your more vulnerable specialist units (shooters/casters).

    Gargoyles do this job so well because they are cheap, numerous, and have excellent defense stats for a tier 2 unit. Lots of HP, good armor rating, and immunity to most elemental magic. While they are fast and can fly, they have minimal attack capability, and as an offensive unit are basically only good for rushing enemy shooters to prevent them from getting shots off.

    So, in a normal battle, ur Gargoyles would likely be sitting in front of one of ur shooter stacks. However, with Zehir at the wheel, we can take the little flying stone cubes and
    blackdead222 at 2012-09-04 17:23 wrote:
    I tried to bait Demon hero out from the castle so I wouldn't have to fight gates and waste all the luck and moral bonuses for next fight, so i used one random lvl 1 hero and put it next to Sanctuary and Freyda in Sanctuary, Demon hero actually came out so I attacked him, and guess what, he surrendered without doing a single move on Heroic while having nearly 2-3 times the army then me, maybe helps. After his retreat Al will just make some new heroes, his castle is so under built that they can't even make anything upgradeable or tier 8-9 creatures if your fast enough!

    Also is the good damn army guarding Dragon Shield supposed to be that huge and it even grows alot bigger every week, I went there quite fast first time and couldn't do it, then few weeks after when i rebuilt Freyda and got all other Artifacts I went there again and it was like 30+ Dragons, nearly 130 Treants and like 500 Rangers, sadly they all make first move so u can imagine the hole they make in your army...
    Edited on Tue, Sep 04 2012, 13:38 by blackdead222
    xiilus at 2011-06-27 22:57 wrote:
    I've been going through the campaign again trying to complete maps quickly, achieving good Hall of Fame scores. Even if this is not your goal, I've found a very helpful method of preparing Freyda. Try to upgrade Enlightenment to advanced quickly, then prioritize Arcane Intuition.

    It may be old news to some, but this ability allows you to learn spells from your own units in combat. This means you can learn Divine Strength and Endurance from Inquisitors, and Righteous Might and Divine Vengeance from Seraphs (Zealots also have Righteous Might). Since Freyda knows Haste, Cleansing, and Deflect Missile from the start, this means she can learn all level 1-3 Light spells except Regeneration without visiting a magic guild, let alone building one. Because her special works best with mass spells, you can easily learn all 6 mass spells this way. It is even possible to learn high level Light spells through the Arcane Library.

    cjlee at 2011-05-11 13:49 wrote:
    Guys, just take note that no matter how Zehir builds his city, it will appear as a level 16 city in the next mission with only a fort and level 2 mage guild. (At least, on heroic)
    Karmaz at 2011-03-28 14:52 wrote:
    Heh, Its a fine question, in your city there is a building where u can sell em. just look at 3 line
    anime007 at 2011-01-26 01:02 wrote:
    Veganas at 2011-01-23 21:47 wrote:
    Ok, this is a really silly question.. Im ready to move to the second part of the level, but where can I sell the artifacts?

    marketplace or artifact merchant click the 3rd tab
    Veganas at 2011-01-24 02:47 wrote:
    Ok, this is a really silly question.. Im ready to move to the second part of the level, but where can I sell the artifacts?
    SephirothIII at 2010-10-08 15:05 wrote:
    I found the tear of asha and did everything else,but when I want to start the ritual nothing happens.The priests just say that I'm....and when I close the message nothing happens(I am trying to do the ritual with Zehir,like you sad,and I try to put him in the centre of the circle but he can't go there - the message opens again and nothing happens).btw do I have to build the tear of asha in my town(i dont see how to do that,because when I go there with the tear it doesnt give me option to build the tear and everything else is build)
    Dstr at 2010-09-11 11:38 wrote:
    i left the original build... i'm looking fwd to playing the last mission then :D
    did nothing as you said maltz :) i kept even the unnecessary items :P
    i gave the the tear of asha to Duncan pffffff :(
    soulslayer2k at 2010-02-07 19:13 wrote:
    Hello Milan,

    Where you found the tear of Asha???

    Queen Hera at 2010-01-30 12:22 wrote:
    milan - Are u using Zehir to perform the ritual. Move him to the centre of the Ritual Place.
    milan at 2010-01-26 15:52 wrote:
    Guys, help me pls! I send the priests to their places, I teleport the city to near the site, I find the tear of Asha... I go back to the ritual site, the caption says: "Hey, you're good man, blah blah, let's perform the rite!" ... and then nothing. Nothing happens. AM I supposed to be doing something? I've tried lots of things, nothing worked. How can I make the rite work? I'm just pinned down at that moment, I dunno what to do> Is that a bug? Pls respond and help!
    andy0682 at 2009-11-02 04:54 wrote:
    Edited on Sun, Nov 01 2009, 23:55 by andy0682
    andy0682 at 2009-11-01 08:27 wrote:
    @Wheeler Dealer: I beat the demon troops to finish the 1st half of this mission by using just 7 stacks of 1xObsidian. I have the replay but i don't know how to make a download link like the ones maltz used to illustrate his 6 stacks of chieftains whipping the cyclops in the final mission of the campaign #2. Anyway, what i did was deploy my troops in 2 coners of the field, and then use the elementals that were summoned after a few of my Obs got killed (thx to Zehir's specialty) to create blockage formation against large units (dont bother w/ the formation against small units because the succubus just happened to love shooting at the inner-most guy). I have Arcane Omniscience so i used dark magic almost through out the fight to disable the enemies. The important thing in this strat is that u dont let the small dudes have a chance to take a shot at your troops, I PM'ed the Cerebus, used em to kill off imps & demon overseer, frenzied succubus, etc, blind one of those Devils or Nightmare (I blinded the Devils, after frenzying them in the very first turn so that they can open a can of whoop ass on the Pitlords next to them, even though i doubted that was necessary). Pitlords are slow and his spells are useless in this fight, so dont worry too much about them. I even had room to summon a Phoenix and some 100+ elementals toward the end of the fight. Generally, Zehir will have enough turns to keep disabling the demons, PM/Blind will also last long enough through out the fight , careful when the frenzied succubus hit the blinded units. I came out the winner w/ only 1 Obs alive. Try it out and good luck.
    Btw, can someone show me how to make a download link please?
    Wheeler Dealer at 2009-09-15 15:54 wrote:
    I took aother 3 weeks, sent a level 21 haven hero to finish the underground and he brought back the ring of broken will which was a big help. Zahir spent much of the time at the memory mentor, eventually achieving Arcane Omnisiecence. Then I got rid of summoning magic hoping for logistics but I eventually settled for leadership.

    I bought 119 obsydian gargoyles and equipped them with an artifact with +7 HP, +9 defense and 78% magic protection. I wore the ring of the broken will and the inferno army missed several turns giving me precious time. I cast puppet master on the nightmares and used them to shield the gargoyles. The rest was easy, although I did lose 46 of my gargoyles. I guess my original attempt was just unrealistic.
    Wheeler Dealer at 2009-09-14 04:17 wrote:
    I guess I need a basic tatics lesson. I go into the battle to complete the first half of the mission with a level 28 hero and a stack of obs. gargoyles or steel golems and I'm dead after summoning a pheonix and a stack of air elementals.

    It's the last day of month one so I haven't huge stacks of anything. Summoning is Zahir's only magic skill but he has all the big spells.

    How in the world can you win this battle with a stack of gargoyles?
    Wheeler Dealer at 2009-09-14 02:41 wrote:
    I don't know how this double posted, sorry
    Edited on Mon, Sep 14 2009, 00:19 by Wheeler Dealer
    jiannette at 2009-08-17 22:38 wrote:
    To those who cannot find the tear of ashra. After finding all oblisks and going to spot indicated on your map, do this. Go as close to the spot as you can, then click for time to pass. On a fresh turn, you will see the dig symbol (shovel) instead of movement symbol (horse). Click on the shovel and you will dig that spot. If you are close, you will be given a hint where to try next. Follow advise and go to the spot, click for time to pass, thereby getting shovel symbol again. Dig again. Keep doing this until you pinpoint the correct spot.
    illusionist at 2009-05-23 05:08 wrote:
    I have read a lot of this walkthrough and it really helped me a lot on the game, so I feel like contributing a little bit (even though this has been out for a long time).

    The key to this level is to build up Freyda good enough for the last level, and the challenge, as I see it, is the mana consumption for Freyda (even if I spammed Haste to trigger Freyda's specialty, it was still not enough to kill everything). So after a few failures I decided to do something different, something that does not use mana...

    And that is to use UNSTOPPABLE CHARGE.

    As it turns out, this is VERY effective. Under normal circumstances you do not want to use Unstoppable Charge, since to use it you have to let your creature get hit, and that often results in losses. For this scenario, however, you just need to beat the enemy regardless of your losses, so Unstoppable Charge seems reasonable. What I did in the final battle, roughly, was that I put Retaliation Strike on my griffons, stick them into the castle wall, let the computer gangbang it, and try to keep the griffon stack for as long as possible. The result was pretty nice, since with Unstoppable Charge Freyda managed to kill 7-8 Devils with each strike (!!!) and other things also dropped like flies. Eventually all my griffons died, but the computer was devastated and I was able to win with reasonable ease.
    Edited on Sat, May 23 2009, 01:27 by illusionist
    kofta at 2009-04-06 01:42 wrote:
    guys i want to know about that secret place i found underground to the far south west where a lot of different creatures gathered together and that strange cresture which u put his pic on ur post
    what is this place ?
    is thier a way so i can get thier ? even with a cheat ?

    cjlee at 2009-04-02 11:09 wrote:
    I played this campaign on easy and normal.

    On easy, my Freyda got all the standard knight melee and defense skills, including Unstoppable Charge. She had 70 mana only, so during her final battle against the underground Demon town the tide was turned only with her Unstoppable Charge and the Guardian Angel resurrecting when I almost lost. It was really scary, exactly as Maltz predicted. Can you imagine relying on offing a few Archdevils on every turn because your hero can't do anything else?

    On normal, my Freyda wound up with expert enlightnment which I always get for my heroes. I also had expert Light. Then I tried to get some other skills, but kept winding up with Intelligence, Wiz Reward and Graduate. Also got sorcery and arcane training, which I didn't want but kept being offered. My Freyda had 285 mana.

    This became incredibly useful later!

    As you know, Succubi Mistresses always target marksmen first. And for me, conscripts are always standing by. Which means they get hit second. During the last battle the succubi offed most of my low level units pretty quick. When I cast divine vengeance, it really hammered them bad. Wiped out all succubi with Divine Vengeance alone!

    I finished the battle with plenty mana to spare and most of my better units. If I recall right, I lost zero archangels. A seemingly 'inferior' knight build on Normal turned out much, much easier than a seemingly 'superior' knight build on Easy.
    dups at 2009-02-10 02:40 wrote:
    dups can;t find the tear of ashra no matter how hard i search i was once had the shovel light up and dug but it said it was a little to the south but have not had the shovell ightup again
    Crosis at 2008-09-21 05:54 wrote:
    Suggestions, Emodemon (I know this was three months ago, but I'm just playing it now myself):

    1) Make sure you have obscene amounts of gold and other resources when you end the first half of the map. This lets you build the town in the second half really quickly.
    2) You start with a zillion dwellings flagged. Make use of them.
    3) Run the normal upgrades over to the hill fort as soon as you can; you can't switch them in town. You may have to take the un-upgraded guys there too if you can't get the upgraded dwellings built quickly enough.
    4) Get the Archer's Dream set before Grok comes out. It makes your Zealots ridiculous.
    5) If you can manage it, keep your stacks away from your range troops (and split them, one in each corner). This makes it harder for the Succubus Seducers to stop your range guys from getting a shot.

    That's more or less what I did, and I entered the battle with 10 (un-upgraded) Angels, 12 Champions, ~70 Zealots, ~350 Crossbowmen, ~200 Vindicators, ~70 Battle Griffins, and ~550 Brutes. Had 58 Zealots and 92 Vindicators left at the end of the battle.
    Emodemon at 2008-06-16 17:59 wrote:
    i also find the second half impossible coz grok runs over me with 1k imps, 120 hell chargers, 19 arch demons etc on easy. in quick combat he still makes a overkill on me. i cant see where the "fair army clash" should be. i can rally nothing but around a normal multiplayer army you gather on 3 weeks.
    i find this map totally impossible. kujins "one khan, one clan" was easy as i screwed all the pirates and the final battle up in their ******* head-first. i did the "challenge of the very might" with a army moderately better than the one advised to have. i killed orlando like a tyranosaurus against a fly coz i caravaned all the human idiots to the conversion factory, which meaned at month 4 i had the army u find tied up behind the purple border guard, 2k rot zombs and 2k skele archers, 78 ghost dragons, 500 vamps and 300 liches.
    still, this is my limits.
    Emodemon at 2008-06-06 05:17 wrote:
    i think this is pretty bugged.
    1. i couldnt install my tear in town with Zehir carrying it
    2. grok starts running after you if you close the upper inferno town with the lion set
    3. when grok hunted me up against that town, i took my town portal. AND I ENDED ON THE FIRST HALF OF THE BUGGY MAP
    sygilber at 2008-05-17 17:46 wrote:
    Very good walkthrough. However I'd like to add my 2 cents for effective alternative tactics for 3 parts of this mission.
    1) When you get to the Hill Fort I like to regrade my Seraphs into Arch Angels for the simple fact that ressurection can help you much more during creeping of neutral encampments and in long term battles.
    2) After you obtain the Archer Dream's set it's usually a real good idea to regrade you Crossbowmen into Marksman as the Unicorn Horn Bow already provides your shooters with the No Range Penalty ability.
    3) I'm no campaign expert but it's always been my personal rule of thumb to get Expert Enlightment for any heroes over lvl 20. When you're that high level the stat bonuses you obtain from that skill are sick (around +10 primary stats).

    RustedSorrow at 2008-02-20 10:27 wrote:
    Good and thorough walk through. A few spelling mistakes and tense errors here and there.

    Wulfstan8182 at 2007-12-21 01:08 wrote:
    awesome stuff!
    Edited on Thu, Dec 20 2007, 23:42 by Wulfstan8182

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