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I don't care.
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Features → Walkthroughs  → Tribes of the East → To Honor our Fathers → Hunting the Hunter

by maltz

To Honor Our Fathers
M5: Hunting the Hunter

  • Map Size: Large
  • Level Cap: none
  • Difficulty Index: 4/5
  • Last Updated: November 9, 2007, Patch v3.0

    The mighty Stronghold campaign reaches its climax in a one-against-all fashion. Your opponents are three allied AI players with a total of 6 towns! Can you survive?

    Your starting town (A) is in a relatively safe corner. To your west is a neutral Stronghold town (B) that you have to develop sooner or later to shift the balance of power. There is also a Tear of Asha to be dug up to beef up your creature growth and bank account.

    To your south is a Teal, Necro AI player based in town (C). You might recall that Kujin has cleared doubts with Arantir, so the Necromancers should be your trusted new friend. Nah. They are here just to make your life miserable, and you can expect a Teal army backstabbing town (A) as soon as Gotai goes away. Although there are some huge neutral blocking stacks separating you two, the AI heroes start with pretty high level and their town builds fast. So they usually have no problem knocking on your door early on. By the way, all neutral stacks are huge in this mission, which is quite exciting.

    On the opposite end of the Teal Necro is the Red Haven based in town (E). If you think Kujin has also talked to the Knights so they should be at peace, wrong again. The Red fraction has no territory to distract their attention to, so they have to come after you!

    Alaric's head is actually out of Gotai's strike zone. Better swing low!

    In the dead center of the map is town (D), one of the four towns of the Orange Academy. Its strategic location allows the owner of this town to threaten all others - or to be threatened. There are three Orange garrisons surrounding town (D) that the Teal and Red players have full access through - not you, of course. The Orange has three other towns (F), (G), and (H) south from here along the paved road. Your eventual goal is to take town (H).

    It doesn't look too bad, you might think. You've got Gotai and Kujin, right? You built a versatile Kujin during mission 2 and 4, and picked up nice artifacts such as the Lion's set, the Runic set, the Enlightenment set and various pieces of the Dragon set. Kujin also has Triple Flaming Ballista so she does not need a large army to thrive. You can make her a reliable home protector. You can pass on the war cries that Gotai missed...

    Actually, mission 4 was the last time that you ever see Kujin in the Orc campaign! To think back, Gotai was all alone in the campaign since mission 1. I hope you did spend some time with Gotai to pick up the good artifacts (especially the Lion's set and the two Drwaven King pieces), and gave him Triple Flaming Ballista. Plus you did win a coin flip to receive Fear My Roar back in your only town in two previous missions. They are all very useful in this mission, especially early on.

    Here is my Gotai's skill setup later in the mission. Pretty standard Might build and I gave up the ultimate in exchange of theTriple Flaming Ballista and Aura of Swiftness. Shatter Dark, which is recommended by many forum users, was completely wasted with my strategy of the last battles, so I could have kept Shouting, or gone with something more useful, probably Logistics + Path Finding to speed things up a little bit.

    This mission is quite difficult to boot. At first, I followed the conventional approach to flag nearby mines and gather scattering treasures. However, since each AI is given a decent hero on Day 1, all of them (as well as any other new recruits carrying fresh troops) immediately rushed me in a constant stream from two directions. The main Teal, Red and Orange hero all approached my town during week 1. (This is quite similar to Raelag's "The Conquest".) I was destined to defend the town forever 1 against 6. So I restarted the mission and took an ultra-aggressive approach that the walkthrough is based on.

    To follow this walkthrough your Gotai must have Triple Flaming Ballista (very useful early on) and preferably Fear my Roar. There should be other ways to win this mission, so have fun discovering them yourself!

    By the way, it is normal that the Orange AI takes very, very long turns. Even on a fast PC it might take half a minute.

    Nival tricked us! We want Kujin!

    First off, pick the 2 Cyclop bonus. Go to your tavern and hopefully you can hire the guy with ~ 30 Centaurs for 2500G. Give everything you have to Gotai and attack the neutral stack blocking between the Teal and you at (1). Your Ballista is doing all the work here, and in my game I actually deployed 6 x 1 Goblins to win this one. We are aiming at Teal's town (C), so rush straight to the castle. The Teal hero might come directly to you thinking you are weak, but he forgot that you have The Ballista. You should be able to take town (C) around Day 5 even without Logistics. One down, five more to go!

    Around this time the Orange and Red should be coming your way. In my game I did not give any Centaur to Gotai to fit for one more stack of Goblin, so an Orange hero actually attacked Gotai in Town (C). I had only 50+ Goblins with Gotai and had to completely rely on the Ballista. The two Dwarven artifacts cut down a lot of spell damages for me and prevented the Goblins from switching sides. (I should have given Gotai all the Centaurs!)

    Note: In the real world, X-proof is even more powerful than X-resistant. Now everybody is confused by the spell "proof" term used in Barbarian Luck (5% proof per Luck) and and Dwarven King artifact set (40% proof when you equip 2). Spell "proof" here actually means damage reduction. This is totally different from spell "resistance", which means a spell won't work at all, and in the game it usually comes with a chance for it to happen. For 100% resistance the game calls it "immunity".

    At the same time my Stronghold town (A) was threatened by another Orange hero, and a decent Red army was still coming towards town (C). I decided to give up the new Necro town and Town Portal Gotai back to save the HQ. Interestingly, the Red hero decided to just flag the Skeleton buildings in front of town (C), ignored the town and went after Gotai in town (A). Needless to say The Ballista took care of both heroes. Even if you do lose town (C) to Red, you can take care of the Orange army first, and come down again to reclaim town (C) from Red.

    Your next goal is to take down town (D). There are two routes to it; you can either go west through the grassland and pass the north garrison (2n), or return to town (C) and head west, to pass the east garrison (2e). I picked the latter to better protect town (C), my double Gold Mine. Send a secondary hero after Gotai to flag the resource mines and collect stuff on the ground whenever safe. The Mercury Lab just west of the garrison (2e) is very useful. With the Ballista and some 1-stack Goblins you should have no problem.

    You should be able to take town (D) during week 2, with some reasonable loss of your Centaurs. Two down! Temporarily the Orange heroes are not coming anymore, so you can concentrate on Red.

    There are roaming Red heroes around, so let's take care of town (E) immediately. Rush straight to town (E), which is probably poorly defended because all the armies are out there. While you are rushing towards town (E) the Red heroes could be a threat to any of your other towns, but fortunately they all somehow tried to run back to defend the town instead of claiming one of your own. Of course, they will be late. Three down!

    The problem actually comes after you take town (E). The Red heroes are now free to chase your weak heroes, even occupying your undefended towns. I sacrificed a weak hero to lure away two Red armies into the Orange territory to buy Gotai a few turns to return to Town (D). The AI took the bait, and even better, if an AI is town-less when the new week comes, they are considered to have lost the game and all of their remaining heroes are erased. Goodbye to Red!

    You are now a happy owner of 4 towns in three weeks. Your income should be 10000+ G/turn, and even if you have not flagged the rare resource mines, the 5000G silos from each town should cover it. There is a nearby Sulfur Pit east of town (E).

    With a healthy income and bottle neck defense, your nail-biting days are over. Run Gotai to take the second Stronghold town (B) now, flag the high-level creature building (3), and ship new units to Gotai with some mule heroes. Troop shipping is critical early in the mission, and you should establish a constant stream of supplies with multiple low-level heroes. I have marked the Stables with (S), which are conveniently located along the way. Here are my recommended upgrades:

    Tier 1: Goblin Trapper. You will kill the casters before they can act anyways, so there is no use of the Witch Doctors.
    Tier 2: Centaur Nomad. Again, if you let a stack reach them you have made a mistake.
    Tier 3: None Use the non-upgraded Warriors early on. When you have Chieftains free up this slot for them.
    Tier 4: Sky Daughter. After Hasting the Cyclops and Centaurs or slowing a key stack, your battle is usually over. No need for close-range melee power.
    Tier 5: Chieftain. When you have more than 50, split them up into two stacks. Their only job is to whip your Centaurs or Cyclops.
    Tier 6: PaoKai. Since you have so much cash you may as well buy them all. They are not terribly useful, though.
    Tier 7: Untamed Cyclop. With unprecedented crude power, this is the most crucial creature in the final battles.

    It is also now a good time to dig up the Tear of Asha. You probably have visited quite a few obelisks so far, so where is it? You can click on the picture below to find out. The location is actually fixed (at least in the current patch, v3.0) so you will find the tear at exactly the same spot. Ship the Tear back to your starting town (A), not (B), to build the Grail structure there. There is an obvious reason for this later.

    Since the Orange still owns three towns, they remain a potential threat. When Gotai receive the next shipment of units, with about 200 Centaurs, you should be able rush town (E) and (F) in a row. The AIs are more powerful now and their Divine Vengeance can usually kill a large portion of your Centaurs. There is nothing you can do about it (remember to equip two Dwarven King artifacts) - so just bite it and gladly take over the new towns. (By the way, you can sell unwanted artifacts in the Market Place of Academy towns. I never knew about that!)

    Now the Orange has only town (G) left and you are holding them to the throat. The Orange AI will still send out scout heroes to annoy you, but more often than not they will get stuck by their own caravan right in front of their town - for weeks! It is time to explore the map and pick up the goodies, and allow your speedy town production to give you the superior army.

    It is very tedious to ship troop to town (G) all the way from town (A). It is possible to cut it short significantly with two sets of two-way portals (a-a, b-b). Each set is guarded by a very threatening group of creatures (like 80 Titans) that you probably don't want to fight until your army size has grown up significantly.

    After witnessing how powerful Cyclops + Chieftains are back in mission 3, you can take the tactics to extreme here. Deploy nothing but Untamed Cyclops and Chieftains, and split up the Chieftains into 6 equal stacks. The Chiefs do nothing but to whip the Cyclops repeatedly. Now if you ever doubt how useful this tactics is, you can take a sneak look of what's happening in the final battle. Convinced? Now rush up your Cyclops to bash the Titans non-stop! Use the area attack well and you can damage two stacks at once. If Gotai's turn come up, either throw a Call of Blood to the Cyclops, or whip them yourself if a huge Titan stack's turn is coming up next. You will be amazed by how fast these Titans go down!

    As usual here comes a list of attractions. You don't have to visit them in this order and I actually skipped almost all of the fights that does not lead to an useful artifact or a stat boost. You will end up at around level 30 and it is more than enough to win.

    Around town (A): There is a Boots of the Open Road at (4) to speed up your desert trip later on. The Boots of Swift Journey, which is also very handy, is found at (5) just beside a useless Hill Fort. Note that the movement bonus from these boots is added to your hero at the beginning of each turn, so you have to end the previous turn with the appropriate boots already equipped. However, after the new turn starts, you may remove the boots and put on your "battle boots" to receive the bonus from both!

    Around town (B): If you took town (B) before the Haven town (E), you would receive a secondary objective of taking town (E). Otherwise no such objective is given at all. In (D1) you should be able to pick up the Dragon Scale Shield (of the Dragon set). The Dragon Flame Tongue (weapon of the Dragon set) is found at (D2). There is an artifact merchant at (7), which I picked up a good Ring of Speed (+20% Initiative to all units). The treasures that your Goblin friend tells you about is the area with a Sylanna Ancient at (8).

    Around town (C): There is a two-way portal at (c), which takes you to an isolated area at the NW corner with some random artifacts.

    Around town (D): The Tear of Asha is marked with the red X. There is a large desert area to the east, where you can find a Pyramid but you can't learn spells anyways. To the very east part of the desert you can find the Robe of Sar Issus, which is completely useless to you so I am not going to mark it. There is also a Sphinx just south of the bridge, but when I approached it with Gotai, it was not interested in playing games.

    Around town (E): Flag the Lighthouse (9), which speeds up your journey on the river. You can build a ship in the shipyard just east of town (G) at (10). With the ship you can access a few areas off the river shore.

    Around town (F): There is a large optional area north of Town (F). In there you can find a Memory Mentor (11), and another two-way portal (d) leading you to a treasure area in the middle of the desert, where more random artifacts can be collected. There are just so many artifacts in the mission, and 95% of them are totally useless. But if you ever feel you want more, there is a Dragon Utopia directly below town (F).

    At (12) hides a sidequest about recycling machine parts. Come here with at least 1 Gremlin (upgraded or not, does not matter) to repair the scattered golem torsos and limbs. The Golems are repaired, and to show their gratitude they will all offer service to the Skywalker! By the time I took them during month 3, I collected a grand total of 2550 Iron Golems! I spent a lot of cash upgrading them, but since they are so slow (initative = 7) I didn't use them at all. I guess if you are seriously screwed in one of the final battles, these guys can survive long enough to save your day. Just SE of the Golems (13) you can find two interesting artifacts, the Crown of Sar-Issus and the Cloak of the Death's Shadow (enemy's morale, luck -2, as featured in Arantir's campaign).

    Around town (G): There is another artifact merchant to the south, at (14). With the ship (or the Instant Travel spell) you can access the two-way portal at (e). Just north of the portal (e) lies the Staff of Netherworld (enemy creature initiatives -20%) of the Death Embrace set. The portal leads you to yet another isolated treasure area with some stat boosts and an Astrologers Tower.

    Around town (H): You can attack town (H) via an alternative route by landing at (15) and go around the desert to collect three more stat boosts. There is another Memory Mentor (16) just before town (H).

    Let's talk about the artifact setup a bit. There are different approaches to the final battles, and the way I like the best is the non-stop whipping action from Cyclops + 6 Chieftains. Therefore, all I need is high Initiative and Attack. You can use the Lion's Spirit set if you have all three, to give Gotai the Empathy effect, even if your Morale and Luck is already shooting through the effective cap of 5. (Empathy: Whenever a friendly stack has a high morale, the hero's ATB is moved up by 10%.) You can also let Gotai whip the Cyclops although it is going to hurt much more. Well, long pain is not as good as short pain!

    The two Dwarven artifacts are pretty decent for their magic damage reduction and immunity to Slow. Also, you can equip quite a few pieces from the Dragon's set that you have been collecting here and there. Its set bonus statement might be misleading - the HP and stat bonus only applies to Tier-7 units (Cyclops), not all 7 tiers of units. Since we are using the Cyclops to bash everything up, this bonus is actually quite nice! You can easily buy other useful artifacts to fill up the rest, either from the merchants or the Academy towns.

    Take your time to accumulate a powerful army. The ideal timing to attack town (H) is when you have about 250-300 Chieftains, and you should have 60+ Untamed Cyclops to go with it. So what about the rest of the army? You really don't need them. Keep whipping the Cyclops, and they will smash the world for you! I have seen people reporting the wizard hero in Town (H) casting annoying Frenzy / Puppet Master non-stop. With this Cyclop + 6 Chieftain strategy, the enemy hero hardly has a chance to cast anything. In my game the battle was over before the enemy hero even acted! You can download my replay here.

    Immediately after claiming town (G) the real final boss of the campaign, Alaric, arrives just NE of (7). Alaric is a walking little guy just like Nicolai. Although he is a small man, he does have good stats and skills plus a powerful army. Alaric can reach your town (B) when his turn comes up, so in my game I used a mule hero to evacuate the entire town. This is why I suggest to get the Tear of Asha building in town (A), or Aleric will get it!

    Obviously you now rush Gotai back to finish Alaric off. If you are absolutely afraid of Divine Vengeance, now go to the Memory Mentor (16) and get Expert Shatter Light. Personally I don't think it is necessary because you are so powerful now - take a look at your Gotai's stats. There is a +15 bonus on all four categories! He hits harder than the Demon Sovereign, the boss of boss in the original HoMM5!

    With the set of two-way portals (a-a and b-b) and your Town Portal spell, you should reach Alaric after just a few days. Alaric's army is roughly the same size as the town (H) garrison, but he has better defense and the annoying "last man standing" feat. It is inevitable that your Cyclop will swallow 1 shot of Divine Vengeance from Alaric, even another one from the Seraphs if you don't finish that last one (with 1 HP) in time. Your Rage points should absorb most of the damage. With 6 Chieftains Alaric only acted once, still. Here is the replay.

    Congratulations of finishing this quite-difficult campaign! I have a feeling that Nival is going to seriously nerf the insanely-powerful 1-Cyclop-6-Chieftain tactics in a coming patch, so have fun when it still works!

    p.s. I have heard people reporting a minor bug. If you finish Gotai's turn on the door step of Town (H), the game crashes.

  • Comments
    obnxsnewt at 2014-04-17 02:03 wrote:
    So after the final battle versus Alaric, during the cheesy-voice-over ending scene, did anyone recognize the South Park reference? Gotai says "You killed Khenghi, you *******s!"
    hprwhg12 at 2014-04-09 01:19 wrote:
    heroic 3.1

    I thought I had problems getting to fight Town H as well. Then I noticed that there is an artifact dropped by the hero I fought standing just outside Town H. It blocked my path and a sword did not appear it was just a "can't go" here circle with slash through it.
    So maybe this could also be the problem some people are having , that they are not noticing the artifact blocking their path. It is really hard to see. Gotia and the glow surrounding him is covering the glow of the artifact. Hope this is the help some needed.
    Tyber Zann at 2013-08-24 14:58 wrote:
    Ok. It worked. After starting over, I was able to attack the final town like usual. Everything was pretty much the same, except that I finished the mission faster (4 1/2 month in stead of over 6 last time).

    So, I guess there's a time limit that they don't tell u about. At a certain point, about 5-6 month, the final town is sealed off and the quest is broken. I'd have to test that by saving and waiting and attacking one day at a time till I got locked out, but now that iv beaten it, I'm just glad its done. If anyone else is having the invulnerable town problem, just re start and beat it faster (or revert to a much earlier save point)

    I should mention that the enemy hero behavior was the same as what wheeler dealer reported.
    On my first run through (the glitch game) the enemy was spawning the same 2 heroes over and over (Jhora and Razzak) very quickly. The second I knocked one down, they'd pop out if the nearest enemy town on their next turn and come running back at me. With a tiny army 2.
    In the re run through, they enemy heroes behaved more "normally", and orange even stopped hiring heroes once I cut them off in front of their last town.

    Another odd thing. This time, Red killed Teal before I could (I started my conquest in the center town this time). I know they're "allies", but I guess they can still kill each other.
    Tyber Zann at 2013-08-24 03:10 wrote:
    I didn't have any old enough saves to go back, so iv restarted the mission to see if it randomly let's me attack the last town, as wheeler dealer suggested reverting to an earlier save. I'll let u know the results
    Tyber Zann at 2013-08-23 21:18 wrote:
    First I'd like to say that
    I can't attack it! It's like there's some invisible wall at their gate. Galib is just sittin there laughing at me as I click away. Nothing. Any suggestions?

    Apart from that, ill add the strategy I used to get to the last town.

    This is on hard, and based on what iv read, Gotai was much less beefed up that he could be. No full artifact sets, no war machine skill. Iv got Shouts, Attack, Defense, Leadership. And got logistics during the map.

    So, I went for teal first (jumping over the gaurds) l, but also sent a scout to take the empty town to the west (only like 28 centaurs guarding it). Then picked up week 2 re enforcements and went straight for the centre town, then reds western town. From there its pretty straightforward.

    My army is centaur focused. I haste my centaurs and watch the carnage. Cyclops with wipping chieftains is good, but I only used 2 groups and its enough. For shouts, rage of the hoard all the way (the one that damages) with Gotais bonus plus Shout skill, most shouts are free, and the pricy ones only 2-3 mana.
    Wheeler Dealer at 2012-12-10 16:00 wrote:
    OK, I went back about a month and pressed forward to Shahadiya ASAP. I did take Manaar in route. When I got to Shahadiya there were caravans lined up outside the city. I killed these off and tried attacking the city. No problem. So I backed up and finished developing Gotai and when I came back about three weeks later it still worked just fine.

    I went back to the save just before the bug and tried for several turns to attack the city, no luck. The only difference I observed was the extra orange heroes. In the game where it didn't work, orange hired a new hero every turn. In the game where it did work, orange never hired another hero.

    I was playing on Hard, not Heroic. I thought the mission was quite entertaining except for the bug. In my battle for Shahadiya I used 1500 Centaurs, 84 Untamed Cyclops, three stacks of 60 Chieftains 1600 Goblin Trappers and 250 Earth Daughters (Sky Daughters would be better0. I tried storming the gates with the Cyclopses and won losing 15 Cyclopses. I tried sitting back and throwiing goblins and lost 150 Centaurs.

    In the final battle with Alaric I substituted 2000 magnetic Golems for the Earth Daughters. Easy battle, no significant losses. I finished in on day 5, week 2, month 4. That would be 3 expired months, 1 expired week and 5 days, a total of 96 days.
    Wheeler Dealer at 2012-12-10 00:47 wrote:
    This question has been asked here several times over the years but never answered.

    When I get to the last city, I can't attack. My cursor is a red sword over the city but I'm not allowed to attack.

    I'm playing ver. 3.1, Hard and I'm in month 4 week 3.

    I've even found this question on other forums but no answer.

    I played this campaign through in 2009 and still have one save game after the last city and before the last battle so I can just skip it but this is very frustrating.

    Maciek at 2012-03-03 00:03 wrote:
    First of all, sorry I didn't reply for a while, friend, I was a little busy at the university.
    It seems I haven't posted Gotai's skills(add to that Basic Blood Rage and Might over Magic) and artifacts yet. I'm quite surprised your approach worked that well this early, even if we remember that Gotai had +30 Attack advantage over the enemy. It seems Death March also made a big difference.
    What took you one month then?
    Didnít you use Logistics? You even had to. As I wrote one and a half week is enough for the first 4 towns.

    Gotai tried to take the last town on 1-3-1 with much worse artifacts and 1 wyvern less, but got trashed, so I reloaded and spent some one and half a week getting artifacts from the ground and from Artifact Merchants in Academy towns. Gotai also visited some morale and luck boosters. Then, getting to Alaric while visiting luck boosters again and being delivered 14+ Vampire Lords and Spectres took Gotai another couple of days. He first tried to beat Alaric using 14 Vampire Lords, but failed, so I switched to Spectres. Vampires just didn't regenerate fast enough. I think that Gotai would need like 60 more attack for Vampires' regeneration to be strong enough.
    What was the highest level in H5, Toe or HoF that you reached with a hero?
    I can't access my vanilla or HoF saves right now, but in TotE, my Zehir reached level 33 and Arantir reached level 34. I just didn't like 'wasting' living enemies, so I didn't fight them when there was no Dark Energy left to spend and waited for another week. I cleared the whole final map and used the three level-up trees. Arantir attacked the final castle in his last map on 5-1-1(month-week-day). Anyways, in HoF, after her battle vs the Thanes, Freyda would've jumped to level 39 or 40 if it was not for the level cap in that mission.
    Do you recommend H6?
    I don't have it. There is a sitcky thread in the H6 forum that might help you.
    I used tags but it seems it doesn't work, therefore I had to copy the links.
    Try posting/editing post via forum instead of the main page.
    Gojin at 2012-02-24 21:35 wrote:
    I'm sorry my friend, I cannot wait for seven years to answer you. :) I'm calling you friend because I think I figured out your nationality. You can do that, too from my replays and then you can understand why. So first my debt:
    In the first fight http://www.mediafire.com/?tj5qqx0vz4ax9ll, spells and skills http://www.mediafire.com/i/?3bpy2dccz8vbzzp, artifacts http://www.mediafire.com/i/?9knodhcmntn3hpc are the same I used during the mission. I only lost 3 maulers and 3 centaurs (and enemy didnít act against me) plus I used only two chieftain stacks.
    In the second fight http://www.mediafire.com/?zqngmnx64mtu13w everything is the same but I played badly in order to show you the strength of the ballista and healing tent.
    About your fights:
    Against Shahibdiya, you played with 7*2 wyverns and against Alaric with 7*2 spectres.
    What took you one month then? :)
    Didnít you use Logistics? You even had to. As I wrote one and a half week is enough for the first 4 towns. The rest is not hard either and donít need much more army. Then if you only need 14 wyverns and 14 spectres (and you donít even have to worry about other town builds :)) then itís even simpler.
    But again, it is very impressive to win with such a tiny army against such strong armies. Well done!
    Two last questions. What was the highest level in H5, Toe or HoF that you reached with a hero?
    (except maybe Findan in C5M5 of H5 where even me was able to level him up to 35 without playing against Nicolai endlessly).
    Do you recommend H6?

    p.s.: I used tags but it seems it doesn't work, therefore I had to copy the links.
    Edited on Fri, Feb 24 2012, 16:39 by Gojin

    Maciek at 2012-02-22 23:06 wrote:
    Sorry for late reply.
    I once replied to a thread(on Heroes Comminity, not Celestial Heavens) that has been inactive for almost 7 years, hehe.
    I put the replay from the siege here. I think I'll also put a link to the battle vs Alaric here(it's already in the thread in h5 forum that you have probably seen already).
    I have 2 replays now and 3*4 screenshots. I don't want to upload them to anywhere, only to this site but it seems to be impossible, or not?
    I think only Kalah(and maybe some people from CH staff) can do that, so you'd have to ask him. Anyways, there are some free file hosting sites that don't require registration(just upload your files, get a link to them in return and post it here). Mediafire, which I used to upload my replays, is one of them. Pictures from battles may become Pictures of the Day. Not all PotD's come from battles, though.
    You might have been inspired by Arantir against the mighty Orc town.
    Not really. Maltz advised to use the Ballista in this walkthrough. I also trained using it a lot with all heroes in mission 3. Otherwise, my heroes would get bored to death while I was waiting to get some 300 Chieftains to try them out in combination with Cyclops.
    Gojin at 2012-02-22 21:15 wrote:
    Sorry for late reply. I played on 3.0, too. Warmachines didn't play much, except catapult. I don't remember if they even acted or not. But I created two replays using them, too. I have 2 replays now and 3*4 screenshots. I don't want to upload them to anywhere, only to this site but it seems to be impossible, or not? I'm new, I don't comment usually, these were my first ones. If you can send me your email, I could send the files there, as well. I checked your profile (if I can send you private message) and saw your 'incredible' battle vs. Alaric. It's really possible, I agree. I would have never tried this, nice work and thinking! You might have been inspired by Arantir against the mighty Orc town. :) And I would be glad to see your replays as well.

    Maciek at 2012-02-18 18:31 wrote:
    I decided to fight three different battles (with 3 different skills/abilities formation).
    First one was nearly the same I played during the campaign, second one was with Ultimate and last one was by Maltzís hint. I created screenshots and if anyone is interested I can show them with the results.
    Do you happen to have a battle replay from the first one? I'd like to see how important were your warmachines compared to your units. You played on 3.1, right?

    I attacked the last town on week 4 and Alaric on 2-1-1(month-week-day), but I played this mission on 3.0, so a triple flaming ballista was ignoring 100% defence and not 50%. I still have the replays from those battles if somebody is interested.
    Gojin at 2012-02-15 21:43 wrote:
    Hints and tricks for not experts (they probably all know these):

    Sylanna tree: Your main hero should visit it if you are close to level cap or at the very end of campaign.
    Why? Think on it. Sylanna tree basically adds you some XP. The amount is the gap between the next and your current level. E.g. at level 30, you get 443 089XP, while at level 15, you only get 6427 XP. Which one do you prefer? :)

    Dark Relevation: Same as Sylanna Ancient. Only use it at the end of the last mission of the campaign. Again, think on it. After you reached level 32, you wonít normally will kill so many enemies that you reach 33 but with Dark Relevation, YES!
    If you use it in an early mission, you canít use it later!
    Unfortunately, from the skill wheel I can see that this ability is available for only Barbarians, Demon Lords, Necromances and Warlocks.

    If there is a memory mentor and your main hero is powerful (letís say above level 20),
    mentor your other heroes. Even if you donít use them for fight, improve them for the followings:
    Expert Logistics with pathfinding and snatch! You have to be as fast as you can to follow your main hero.
    Leadership with estates! Well, money is always welcome. :)
    Luck with Resourcefulness! Well, more money is even more welcome.:)
    Thatís it. Of course if you plan to use your other hero for fighting, you have to improve him/her differently.
    Gojin at 2012-02-15 21:42 wrote:
    2 Cyclops and in Tavern 30 Centaurs or Telsek (he gives you a Ballista for free).
    Use one mule hero to collect things after Gotai (Gotai will run very fast, not easy to follow him :). Conquer town C with killing the Ore pit guards on the way.

    Ah, I forgot something very important.
    War Machine / Triple Ballista with Attack / Flaming Arrows are straightforward but not enough every time. You still have one slot for War Machine and it must be the first Aid Tent. Why? It resurrects died creatures. Unfortunately only if not the entire stack was killed. But still, you have to get one damage? No problem, tent resurrects about 10 centaurs. Flawless victories are in front of you. And another great effect is that it removes curses as well! Your centaurs was slowed by a lich? Never mind, use the tent on them.

    After town C with no loss, rush forward to the garrison. I also killed the undead stack close to (2e) but I have to admit I lost some units.
    (2e) garrison is a piece of cake, now go conquer town D. It was a joke in may game at day 3 or 4. You shouldnít forget that capturing a town is very easy with Death March. In my game the catapult demolished the gate and my melee units could easily invade the town and kill the remaining units before they could react.
    Go through (2w) and kill the red idiot hero in the grass area if (s)he is there (I did) and I think I collected the scale mail of Enlightenment here. Xp gained increased to 35% now!
    Conquer town E at the end of the first week.
    If somehow an orange or red player rushes to town A, of course you can easily town portal back Gotai there in one turn but I donít think they would have time against such a storming Gotai.
    Now rush to town B and conquer it with one shot (there were 26 centaurs in my game).
    Donít go to area (8) now. You donít have army big enough and you want to use the tree when you are at a higher level obviously (see hints and tricks if you donít get why).
    I cleared the inner side of the rectangle of town B Ė D Ė C Ė A now. I collected this time Boots of the Swift Yourney (BSY). You can imagine how fast Gotai became with it!
    I also collected Boots of the open road (BOR) here. If you combine these two boots, wow! You have been told to put BSY at the end of the turn and use another one at the beginning of next turn. When I finished with the bordered area above, I went to town D and added BOR to Gotai. He went to dig Asha in one turn (yes, he killed the stacks half way and gained some movement points) and when he was done I portaled him back. The penalty of non-native terrains are no problems from now on. Before heading for the remaining three towns, spend some days to rush back to town C area (c) and claim the important artifacts (and gain some XP). There are very large stacks of liches, that cannot be ífear my roarí-ed but then what? Lose some centaurs (you can still resurrect some back). By the way, there is a strange thing with the first aid tent. When using to resurrection/healing, I noticed that I can only use it three times only. Why? Bug?
    Anyway, donít waste any time with Gotai by collecting useless/ not used items, resources or even capturing mines! Your mule heroes will do that work. Focus Gotai to win battles and only grab important artifacts with him. After portaling from (c) to the isolated place, grab everything you can, and come back + town portal not to lose precious time.
    Now itís time to go to claim town F.

    Economy help: You have 5 towns after the approx. day 9. With bag of endless gold, later on tear of asha, horn of plenty, selling unwanted artifacts and having mines, you will have a very strong economy. Use it wisely. Focus on town A and B in a way that cyclops/chieftains/centaurs are in the highest priority. This means you have to have castle as soon as possible. With upgrades, you can wait. The earlier you have the desired dwellings with castles, the more units you will have later on. Besides town A and town B if you have resources/money, improve town C-D-E with citadels as fast as you can. Thatís obvious. What is not is to have castles and about the first five tier creatures. Why? Iíll tell you later.

    Okay go through the bridge, donít touch the titans, they did a big help for you that you might not even have noticed. They didnít allow the orange player to rush you from that direction. Let this remain as it is now. Skip that f*cking sphinx. The only time I could speak to this idiot was in The invasion mission in the original H5 necro campaign. In this mission, never.
    Go to (11) and adjust Gotai skills as you wish, plus get the artifacts you would like. I filled my Enlightenment skills with abilities that lead to Mentoring before coming here and mentored my mule heroes (see hints and trick below) so now I removed them. Go to town F between (12) and (13) and clear what you want. Again, use Gotai only for fight not for grabbing anything. Your mule heroes should follow him (at least you need two close to Gotai). Use one of your mule heroes by adding one gremlin to him/her and sending him/her to repair the golems. Ok, you have more than 2k golems. They will do a great service for you later, preserve them. If you were fast enough, you should get town F now. I was able to conquer it at the end of the first month! Guess, what I did. Letís see whatís inside the artifact merchant. And yes, there is the Dragon crown inside! As I said I sold it in M3 because I needed money and didnít think it over. But now I have all the 8 parts of the set! From now on, every day I get one cyclops, very good. Of course, use a mule hero for this task close to Gotai because he might need some dragon artifacts in one of his battles. If you are cleverer than me and you didnít sell it, you should have the dragon set by now and enjoy their bless for some time now.

    One sideinfo: I never needed any shatter magics except in the last two great battles (town H and Alaric). Town F contained a ridiculous army. I think I didnít even get any hits other then from the wall.
    I visited the dragon utopia to check inside and got the ring of speed. Khm, ok, that was worth visiting. :)

    Go back to (8) at that time or earlier if you think so. If you havenít been there, visit it now to level you up (and get Anger of Horde from town B, if you havenít had it before).
    I own you two things: golems + why the hell should you improve town C-E with dwellings/castles. You might have guessed, the reason is the sacrificial altar. Before you rush back to (8), visit this XP booster. First caravan all town units (other then barbarians) e.g. to town B and transport them with mule heroes to Gotai. XP you gain depends on level of Enlightenment and parts of the Enl. set. You can get so many XP now and with the golems, yes!!! I got about 150k XP for the golems and I didnít even have the turban! With the turban, it would have been +25%. Clear the guarding stack at (8) and use the Sylanne tree now.

    Now go to town G, clear what you want in your way there. Kill the titans (b) at last
    and you can have backups easier now. Town G should be done easily. Then I checked the library of Enl. and used instant travel to go to the back of Manticores. Kill them, use the portal and spend one more day north to (e) and get Staff of the Netherworld + defence boost (if you want, this is not a must).

    Thatís it, Gotai should be at least at level 31 (with Dark Relevation, soon 32), I had everything that is needed for the final two battles.
    At (16) my great friend was waiting for me.
    I decided to fight three different battles (with 3 different skills/abilities formation).
    First one was nearly the same I played during the campaign, second one was with Ultimate and last one was by Maltzís hint. I created screenshots and if anyone is interested I can show them with the results.
    My army was the following at 6 2 2 (Day Week Month):
    UC: 40; Chs: 60,59; ED: 83, Ma: 265, CM: 580 GT:619
    I wanted to prove (to myself, not for disproving anyone) that not only 6 chieftain stacks + cyclops can win this battle. With level 32 and the three witch huts, all slots were filled. :)

    After this exciting (but not so hard battle), Alaric arrived. I used two days to get to town C (with TP) by going north through the garrison and killed some stacks in the way there.
    Plus 2 days and Alaric was finished as well.

    Thank you for reading and sorry if it was long. And donít forget this is not a concurrent walkthrough, this is just an extension to the original by Maltz.
    Gojin at 2012-02-15 21:39 wrote:
    Hello all, this is kind of a walkthrough extension with some hints and tricks at the end.
    I cut it to three parts because it became very long...

    First of all, all credits go to maltz without whom my ideas would have never been inspired.

    Although I played on hard, it was so easy at the end that I donít think it is much harder in herioc.
    Let me tell you how I played this last campaign with Gotai.
    In 9 days I conquered town C, D, E and B (C, D and E in a week!).
    How did I do that? With the help of the best skill, the logistics!

    After this campaign Iím very positive that if you use logistics early on, everything will be much easier at the end. Expert Logistics with Pathfinding/Warpath/Deathpath is the best combination for Gotai in the last mission. Warpath gives you 350 additional movement points for every wins, which is about 3 more tiles movement. If there is a crowded area with some armies close to each other, you can kill them all at once even if you arrive there at the end of your turn!

    Here are some important things for Gotai to be prepared in M1 and M3.
    You need all the 3 witch huts (one in M1, and two in M3). If you get any of the shatter magics, restart M1. You can live with all the other spells. Visit all the stat boosters and Sylanna tree. In M1 you have to level him to at least 15. With the so-called ídirty playí itís not that hard. You have to pick Logistics early on and with it you will be way faster than the opponent.

    In M3 you have to get rid of Shouting, itís useless for Gotai. Attack, War machines, Leadership and Enlightment are needed only besides Logistics. You can image how hard M3 was with Logistics (I think area 1, town B, town C and even the catapult guarding stack were finished in the first week with some sightseeings as well).
    Lionís spirit set has to be collected here of course. Collect parts of the dragon set of course (and donít sell the crown; I did and cursed myself).
    Improve Gotai as you can and give him all 4 talismans.
    You have to go through the Titans. If you play fast like me you wonít have 40 cyclops and chieftains, therefore you have to kill the fire elementals. Yes, I know it doesnít work sometimes. Actually it works but you have to kill the Fire Elementals and the Water Elementals will throw their ice to the Titans. Still not enough? Yes, you are right, the hero helped to the WEs has to go back to the Titans, not another hero.
    Use mentoring wisely, see hints and tricks below.
    Fear my roar is a must as you have read. I prepared Gotai like this:
    Exp. Attack with Archery/Flaming Arrows
    Exp. Logistics with Pathfinding/Warpath/Death March
    Exp. War Machines with Ballista/Triple Ballista
    Adv. Leadership with Recruitment/Aura of swiftness
    Exp. Enlightenment
    Thatís enough for preparation. Letís see how easy it is M5 with Gotai now.

    ShadowLiberal at 2011-12-24 01:16 wrote:
    I'm shocked no one has mentioned this, but you can use the Instant Travel spell from your talisman in order to jump over all the tough neutral stacks and garrisons without fighting them.

    I took out the necromancers right away, then walked over to one of Orange's gate, teleported across, and then stormed the center Orange town. Orange's army was quite weak and fell to me and my triple flaming ballista easily. I then fought off an Orange hero coming to reclaim their town 2 days later, and dug up the tear of Asha.

    Next I hired another barbarian, loaded him up with 1 or 2 weeks of units from town (it's easy to afford with 3 towns giving 8k of gold a day) and sent him to the center orange garrison. Gotai teleported over the garrison, gave the mule the tear of asha to build in my starting town, and took his reinforcements. I then sent Gotai to claim the other Orc town.

    Next step in my conquest is to teleport over the neutral stacks guarding Red's town and seize his town.
    milel at 2011-09-18 12:57 wrote:
    I've got exactly the same problem, can't attack the last town after getting rid of the caravans. The red sword symbol indicating a permissible move appears when I scroll over (H) but when I move Gotai to the city entrance nothing happens...Aaargh!

    gimmyboy at 2011-08-05 09:03 wrote:
    Why can't you attack the town? Are some caravans blocking the way? If so, you should attack the caravans first.
    ch0kata at 2011-07-03 21:43 wrote:
    Not so hard mission, but I cannot attack town (H) and therefore I cannot finish the map. I don't feel like re-starting again, it's quite annoying mission with all this loading time of orange's turns... If any1 has the solution of this bug, please e-mail me at baroff2003[at]yahoo.com I would be extremely grateful.
    robvandaam at 2011-06-29 19:31 wrote:
    Help! I can't complete this Mission. I eliminated Teal and Red, captured towns A-G, and is all set to take down the final town. But i can't attack it, and Alaric did not appear at all.

    Duplicate post removed -QQD

    cjlee at 2011-05-09 18:44 wrote:
    Powerful Blow is extremely, extremely useful!

    The blow itself isn't anything - but combine it with Stunning Blow, Excruciating Strike and Weakening Strike and it is very useful.
    I feel the ballista strategy isn't that strong when armies get big. So I basically use Divine Guidance to cheer on Centaurs, then pair myself with them via Powerful Blow, so that anyone whom the Centaurs shoot will also get Stunned down the ATB bar, Injured and Weakened. Then I keep cheering Centaurs on so that they keep firing so that I can keep knocking enemies down the ATB.

    I built Gotai with Expert Shout, Divine Guidance from Expert Leadership, Weakening Strike from Expert Shatter Dark, Excruciating Strike from Expert Attack. I also equipped him from all the artifacts that increase initiative.

    With this strategy, use Gotai to play the role of Cheerleading Chieftains - he gets lots of turns and he can keep raising initiative without inflicting damage. That way, Chieftains cast Order of the Chief once or twice (to give Cyclops a first chance to attack) before going on the attack themselves.
    Nautilus at 2011-05-08 23:48 wrote:
    Tear of Asha, I've accidentally dug the area where you say tear can be found and found NOTHING. Do i have to open up the puzzle map fully? BTW, Im playing on version 3.1.
    chariotson at 2011-02-17 18:21 wrote:
    Thanks for the walkthrough, I've been using your site to help me get through on heroic. Bought the game for $10 at Staples a few weeks back, I've been playing the series for 10+ years now.
    I started playing without the guide, and Teal came to visit with a large stack just as I got the neutral town. I read the start of your guide and restarted.

    This time I went straight for Teal and met him out of the town and took him down easily. The middle of the game was quite easy with no visits from orange or red until much later. I took the middle orange town, and then red. Gathered my forces and headed across the bridge and took out the next middle orange town.
    Now I chose to go west and just got to that town as and orange hero appeared in the east. I scrambled and bought everything I could to defend that orange town with a new level 1 hero. The susequent battle was monumental with the level ~20 hero trying to blast my level 1 hero. I was able to win with just a few troops left, and boosted my hero up 10 levels or so and he got the flaming triple balista which I would use later.

    Now I gathered forces, picked up the artifacts and went into the last orange town battle. This proved tougher than I expected and even with 5 or 6 cheiftain stacks, I could not stop him puppet mastering my cyclops. Eventually I played it through my cyclops knocking out 3 stacks before he turned sides, then found my centaur mastered too. Which just left me chieftain stacks to fight on. Orange managed to kill all of my cyclops, and then cast Frenzy on the puppet centaur who proceeded to kill his own stack of golem. I was then able to kill off the last orange before they had another attack so got out of it alive.

    Then the red appeared and attacked my town in the north. I had my hero from the previous battle with some good stacks waiting for him, and was able to give him serious damage. I then got Gotai up to fight the last battle using a real mix of Titans and things, and won that last fight with only two weakened stacks left.
    Radwar99 at 2011-01-08 04:28 wrote:
    The stacks of 60 orc chieftans & untamed cyclops strategy is way overpowered. :)
    Personally I reserved a space for my sky daughters to haste my cyclops (which has greater effect imo) and used slow if she had the opportunity which was rarely, the fight would be over by then. Seriously, whether it's neutral stacks of 120 titans or the 2 final battles, I'd beat the crap out of them in less than 5 minutes without losing more than 1-2 cyclops. The enemy or hero hardly had the chance to even get a move.

    gsandro1 at 2010-10-01 21:43 wrote:
    Thanks again for this walk-through maltz I enjoyed it a lot. With my starting army plus few weeks reinforcements after Teal and Read town went straight for Town D and there using a two way portal I also took another orange Town G
    Dstr at 2010-08-23 09:08 wrote:
    on heroic, I took my way into the 2nd barbarian town and then went to take care of red. the red ran away and took the teal town... I went after him and after taking in the way the D town I finished also the red player.
    Then I digged for the tear of asha and build it in the b town (i said it would be better as it was more central - big mistake as maltz pointed out). I lost almost all my barbarian army in the final town battle :(.
    But still having not bought any of the 26 Titans :D and still having about 40 cyclops. :D easy fighting Alaric then... I didnt know about the + stacks of chiefs either ;).
    nice mission but i wouldnt give it a 4/5 diff. index... even on heroic... more like 2/5.
    Good luck guys, I'm beginning to like Heroes V!!!
    TeeMan at 2010-01-18 15:50 wrote:
    The middle town took and built the Tear of Asha -.-

    jadw at 2010-01-02 19:16 wrote:
    I spent weeks trying to complete this mission. I used to beat Teal with no problem, but going for town (B) first, Orange and Red trapped me around my town threatening to take it if I moved away.

    After reading this walkthrough, I went back to mission 3 to get ballista + flaming arrows and took Blue and Red within 2 weeks. In the end I recruited Haggash (because he powers up the centaurs) and used 4 stacks of 70+ chietains, 80+ cyclops, some shamans (to use haste on cyclops) and 900+ centaurs. Tho the wizard hero never used frenzy or puppet master on me. He tended to use Mass slow and Suffering.

    Alaric was easier and I used haggash for him too, wiping everything out with cyclops and centaurs.

    I didn't notice caravans blocking Shahibdiya though. Instead I used a levelled up scout hero to trap any annoying orange heroes in. Too bad Orange weren't smart enough to use the hero inside the base to clear away my 2nd hero.
    Vampirlord17 at 2009-11-28 14:36 wrote:
    what? Oo ...no i cant, ive restarted the mission twice, and all 2 times quroq was in the tavern, with a few skills, but lvl 1, and he served me in this mission well, till alaric came while gotai was faaaaaaaaaaar away, than poor quroq was killed by alaric again xD i am not joking about this one hahah***

    Maciek at 2009-11-27 21:00 wrote:
    Yeah, quite funny... don't forget to mentor Quroq with Gotai. Then also Gotai will be his own mentor's mentor. Wonder what will Khengi(a major character! he's helping Gotai since the beggining!) do after Alaric kills him? Be raised by some necro as an undead goblin and steal Alaric's head? I guess you can't hire Ornella or Giovanni from your tavern, can you?
    Vampirlord17 at 2009-11-26 01:17 wrote:
    hahaha xD I actually could buy QUROQ at the Tavern looooooooooool hows that possible? hehe, looks like Quroq will be avenging himself gahaha xD

    Maciek at 2009-11-14 18:42 wrote:
    7x1 goblins not enough? make it 7x2 + last stand under defense!
    or maybe 4x2 wyverns?
    Talking about an aggresive approach: it is possible to own 5 towns at the end of week one(full logistics tree, and on heroic) with Gotai doing all the job. I guess you could get more if you let your secondary heroes capture some towns. Ballista + 7x2 wyverns worked quite well vs town H in week 4 as well(I was dalayed by the need of some artifacts(got staff of the netherworld, bought ring of speed, and most likely picked up and bought some more items), but that was quite a strange battle. I sacrificed 2 stacks and tent (lined them up - the only loss here) to rescue my ballista and catapult from those mages. Constantly scareing gremlins (fear my roar cost was 0!; mages were boxed in, so it didn't work vs them) so that melee units didn't move at all. Then, my ballista was attacking the best protected stack(and skipping clones) to were down its arcane armour(and usually, a stack with arcane armour already had deflect missle on!) to keep enemy hero busy(recasting) before he ran out of mana(wizard!; and he did have chain lighting and curse of the netherworld! - that would've hurt). Needless to say, wyverns just kept waiting after the initial moving phase.
    THE ballista, + 7x2 spectres this time, also took care of Alaric on day 1, week 1, month 2(tried to catch him month 1, but failed). Tried this battle with vamp lords instead of spectres - no way. It might've worked if I had like 120+ attack instead of 60+.
    andy0682 at 2009-10-31 06:08 wrote:
    Thank you for a very detailed and helpful walkthrough, appreciated it maltz. I just wanna point out an alternative way to go in the beginning. I started off the mission like you said, headed toward teal's town, and used only stacks of 1xgoblin to deal w/ the undead neut stack. And damn, i got owned even w/ the triple-flaming balista, because of the annoying spectres, my balista miss 2/3 shots very often on them so they got my troops first. So, i thought maybe i could deploy the 2xcyclops instead, and u guessed it, they tanked through it. I also use that same strat on some strong ranged neuts (e.g: the sucubus guarding a crystal mine), worked wonderfully. Chieftains+Cyclops = very powerful & interesting. Never thought of it :D

    cjlee at 2009-10-23 16:16 wrote:
    I played this on hard. Final battle against Alaric I used Maltz's strategy to the extreme.

    Had a total of 1 casualty, self-inflicted (thanks to Gotai joining in the whipping fun)

    Fortuntately at level 32 had plenty of blood rage to absorb damage. 6 whippings from Chieftains and 1 Gotai whipping and only 1 dead cyclop!
    Wheeler Dealer at 2009-09-12 20:02 wrote:
    Great walkthrough, thank you!

    I feel like I played an entirely different scenario. Very little trouble from the AI at any point. Even when I battled an AI hero that looked stronger, they tended to flee before I thought they should. The neutral stacks were quite challenging (playing on hard rather than heroic). One really strange thing that happened, I got an announcement that the red player had been defeated as Gotai approached the red city in week 1 of month 2. There was a red hero and a red city on the map at the time.

    I didn't pursue the super ballista strategy, rather working toward absolute rage throughout the campaign. I got there at the memory mentor near Shahibdiya, shortly before the penultimate battle. At the end of that battle I got the last two pieces of the Dragon set but by the time I got them all together the scenario was nearly over.

    Gotai reached level 31. I had a supporting hero reach level 29 chasing down neutral stacks guarding stuff that wasn't going to help Gotai and rounding up weak AI heroes out to annoy me. I never built a creature building in any of the non orc cities.

    The battle for Shahibdiya took a scary turn when Galib succesfully cast puppet master on my cyclopes and blind on my centuars. My army was 92 bloodeyed cyclopes (I have real trouble keeping the untamed cyclopes from killing my own troops), 102 foul wyvern, 2 stacks of 125 cheiftans, 342 daughters of earth, 1369 nomad centaurs and 2042 goblin trappers. By the time Galib took control of my cyclopes the walls were down and the other troops were flooding inside. The cyclopes never got a turn under Galib's control.

    The battle with Alaric was anti-climatic. I finished in week 3, month 5, but I did visit every stat boost with Gotai and defeat every neutral stack and all special buildings. Well, except the sawmill near Shahibdiya, I think I might have needed to use instant travel to get to that one.
    Wheeler Dealer at 2009-09-10 18:03 wrote:
    Great walkthrough, thank you!

    I feel like I played an entirely different scenario. Very little trouble from the AI at any point. Even when I battled an AI hero that looked stronger, they tended to flee before I thought they should. The neutral stacks were quite challenging (playing on hard rather than heroic). One really strange thing that happened, I got an announcement that the red player had been defeated as Gotai approached the red city in week 1 of month 2. There was a red hero and a red city on the map at the time.

    I didn't pursue the super ballista strategy, rather working toward absolute rage throughout the campaign. I got there at the memory mentor near Shahibdiya, shortly before the penultimate battle. At the end of that battle I got the last two pieces of the Dragon set but by the time I got them all together the scenario was nearly over.

    Gotai reached level 31. I had a supporting hero reach level 29 chasing down neutral stacks guarding stuff that wasn't going to help Gotai and rounding up weak AI heroes out to annoy me. I never built a creature building in any of the non orc cities.

    The battle for Shahibdiya took a scary turn when Galib succesfully cast puppet master on my cyclopes and blind on my centuars. My army was 92 bloodeyed cyclopes (I have real trouble keeping the untamed cyclopes from killing my own troops), 102 foul wyvern, 2 stacks of 125 cheiftans, 342 daughters of earth, 1369 nomad centaurs and 2042 goblin trappers. By the time Galib took control of my cyclopes the walls were down and the other troops were flooding inside. The cyclopes never got a turn under Galib's control.

    The battle with Alaric was anti-climatic. I finished in week 3, month 5, but I did visit every stat boost with Gotai and defeat every neutral stack and all special buildings. Well, except the sawmill near Shahibdiya, I think I might have needed to use instant travel to get to that one.
    F_I_X_E_R at 2009-09-07 11:10 wrote:
    In this mission, I managed to complete the Dragon Set by luck! w00t! I just bought a few missing parts from the artifact merchant and boom! 8/8 pieces of the set! I got 1 untamed cyclops every day!
    ant at 2009-06-17 12:53 wrote:
    hmm.. as far as i know, you can sell artifacts in any town with a marketplace, not just academy towns. it's come in handy in many situations especially with orcs who have no use for tomes, wands, scrolls, spell boosters, etc.

    great walkthrough as always maltz!!
    VAMPSVSZOUNDS at 2009-06-08 13:48 wrote:
    I could defeat the Shahibdiya army with just 2100 Steelgolems and 1 Castle week of growth of rest units.Actually the ballista@Horde's Anger took out the magi and titans.Dumb AI cast Frenzy on Sultans,which killed gremlins@gargoyles and they died from raksha.Then golems@raksha died from ballista@600 golems.Alaric made me restart.
    Trying this again now.....
    laharl at 2009-04-04 22:24 wrote:
    First of all i would like to thank maltz for his fantastic walkthroughs for this game. They have been very helpful to me. I just wanted to mention that on this map the orange computer already dug up the tears of asha before i could :( I wanted to kill off red right away since their constant invasions was really annoying and so by the time i got gotai to the tear of asha area, the computer had already dug it up. Just thought it would be good to mention that to people so that they know it is a possibility.
    Negativland at 2009-03-18 13:57 wrote:
    ĒNoooooooooo, you killed Khengi, you *******s!Ē bwhahahahaha, I laughed my ass off at that part :)))) Though I played this on easy I had to restart this a few times, the key is to be as aggressive as you can in the beginning. Orcs are not made to sit around waiting for another week of creatures, just throw in all you have! After I got all the castles and stopped Narxes and Jhora from returning again and again to jerk with me (was it just in my map when I killed them over 5 times each and they reappeared in the very same day in another castle, as long as they still had one left?), I could concentrate on a large army, for the sake of that Horde's anger. In my final battle Gotai's Horde's anger made almost 4k damage FOR FREE ! And I didn't conserve ;)
    bolasr2000 at 2009-02-18 13:38 wrote:
    Probably being a bit thick, I only have one orc hero at the start. Can anyone help?
    lead341 at 2008-05-08 11:05 wrote:
    Maltz did a great job by presenting this walkthrough - but whenever I read the walkthroughs I wonder why the course of action was so different in my game.

    I just finished this mission at heroic - but it was completely different. At least the first two months, maybe even three, I was completely alone on the northern part of the map. I conquered the second orc town and then challenged bit by bit the stacks (which was quite challenging). In all this time not one enemy hero appeared - or rather I could see them on the other side, but they never "crossed the borders". But then again: How should they at the beginning? The neutral stacks guarding the passages were far too large for an initial (even strong) hero to conquer. On the other hand, if it had occurred what maltz described here, that already in the first week they started attacking - you wouldnīt have had any chance to survive. Because an army which manages to overpower the neutral guards in the beginning would be too strong.

    Another difference is the strength of Alarics army compared to the stationed army in this last town. Maltz wrote that they were similar. In my case, however, this stationary army in the last wizard two was at least three or four times bigger than Alarics (about 280 Jin vezirs, over 60 titans, 180 rakshasa ksahtras etc.) Also strange.

    Furthermore the behaviour of Alaric: he never attacked one of my towns but rather stopped in the middle of the two and didnīt move anymore. I attacked him there.

    Finally, the thing which annoyed me most was that I lacked the "shackles of the last man": whenever later on an enemy attacked an gotai managed to catch him they flee even before the battle really starts...that was extremely boring.

    Corribus at 2008-03-15 03:53 wrote:
    Can someone explain to me why, when I try to attack the final castle, nothing happens? I get the little dagger-pointer but no battle triggers. No way to finish the map!

    Metathron at 2008-01-26 11:26 wrote:
    I only got about 3-4 pieces, never even spotted the other ones on the map, let alone got them.

    Guarderman at 2008-01-26 06:00 wrote:
    I've got the full dragon set.pluss one untamed cyclop every day was not bad;) Had 119 untamed ones when i attacked alaric

    Metathron at 2008-01-25 22:56 wrote:
    The first time around when I attacked the final castle, I fell flat on my face. Then I tried a different approach: I unlearned some of my skills and learned Shatter Dark Magic (which proved to be pretty irrelevant), but most importantly, I regraded my executioners to chieftains; with their Order special (and the hero's), the cyclops got to act an insane amount of time and made short work of the enemy's humongous army (it was considerably greater in my case than in maltz's screenshot). Who'd have thought that one alternative upgrade could mean the difference between victory and defeat!?
    pigsticker at 2008-01-23 13:39 wrote:
    has anyone else got the full dragon set here? what are your views on it for this mission?
    the at 2007-12-04 23:03 wrote:
    the untamed cyclops and cheiftain strategy does not work very well for me in the battle to take the last academy town. all i did was wipping my cyclops, but the titans still got a turn before i could reach it, it killed half my stack of cyclops at once! i tried this battle many times and the result was the same.
    i then had to add my entire centeur stack which was about 980 to use as bait for the titans. i did win, but with a loss of 500 centeurs.

    alaric was way too easy...
    Dam0cles at 2007-12-01 06:14 wrote:
    hi. your walkthrus are great. just thought i'd chime in here. i'm finishing up hunting the hunter now and had such success using your goblin trapper strategy, but I found out something quite useful i thought might be interesting. in your walkthrough, you mention you had trouble at times defending both the starting town and the necropolis town you took in the first week. first off, the goblin strat worked great with my gotai and his triple/flaming arrows ballista, and i was able to take the necro town on like day 4. but, I think i found a way to defend both towns after you take them, locking in an easy victory for this mission. if, after taking the necro town, you station gotai on the road between the purple (a) and the (2e) which is one of the garrisons, he can see and easily reach any enemy hero that would come at either town, particularly if you've got exp logistics. of course, doing this you have to use other heroes to explore and conquer other areas. for me this was challenging at first (normal diff) but using skel archers and cents, you can build up decent ranged stacks to use with the gobbo trackers, and having the vamps from the necro town helps neutralize flyers whom the trappers can't snare. sounds a little boring for gotai, just standing on the road there, but actually my gotai got plenty of action from the enemy heroes who thought they'd come up and take my towns. from there I've been easily spreading south and once i had a hero high enough to replace gotai as sentry, i switched up and had him out taking other towns, which increased my forward momentum. just thought i'd put in my two cents here, as using this WT helped me out a lot. ok, back to putting orc foot to griffon butt!


    Ravenheart87 at 2007-11-30 07:52 wrote:
    It's possible, but if I'm correct, you'll have more resources at the beggining, and the enemy won't cast level4-5 spells. Except Instant Travel and Town Portal.:)
    űIt's alos possible, that you attack later, than the article's writer, so the enemy can assimilita a greter army.
    the at 2007-11-30 03:33 wrote:
    its funny, when i play this on normal, the number of enemy troops are the same and sometimes more than the troops they discribe in the walkthrough which is supposedly on heroic
    namostmareleg at 2007-11-28 15:38 wrote:
    Ehm, the secret of beating the last town pretty much lies in the golem quest. I took a little detour, picked all of them up (2512 irons), upgraded them to magnetic. They can't be puppeted, frenzied or even killed off by divine vengeance, so all i had to do was fear my roar the titans and kill everything. Well i lost almost all of my orcish army, but still had like 600 centaurs and 1,9k golems left. After that Alaric was just too easy, he even rushed out to attack me, so i thought wtf, but the battle was over pretty soon.

    Campaign result: black dragon icon, again ;)

    I'd say it may be an extremely easy mission if one is purposedly rushing to the golems and picks them all up, i think it's possible to kill everything with them alone.
    namostmareleg at 2007-11-28 03:54 wrote:
    Probably because HL2 has associated something to the sav files.

    Anyways, i'm getting to the end of this mission slowly, tonight tried to beat the last town with an inferior army, 15 cyclops, 60 paokai + the rest... No luck.

    Thought i will be cool with Sandro's cloak casting fear of my roar on the titans which won't act at all. Well that part went well, all was relatively fine until the enemy hero hasn't started casting that crap divine vengeance, which killed a big portion of my stacks even with the dwarf artifacts equipped. Puppet master and berserk also hit me hard...

    So i have a new idea, i will buy all troops i can afford and transform them into freaking undead and just rush in to kill everything, good luck casting berserk on those! Asha uses all or whatever...

    Or maybe actually must wait to gather an army of 200ish chieftains, but even the thought is killing me.
    the at 2007-11-27 03:44 wrote:
    for some reason, when i open the replay files of the battles, it automatically starts half life 2. any suggestions why this happens? really wanna see the replays
    namostmareleg at 2007-11-25 08:23 wrote:
    Well the point about wywerns is they regenerate. So the biggest edge you get is when you still have a small stack of them! Then you can win battles that seem impossible, if you can outplay the enemy. The hero's prerequisites to the absolute rage actually help this strategy a lot, divine guidance makes the turns come faster, excrutiating strike pushes the enemy back on the ATB bar, fear my roar also gives wywerns time to regenerate back to their original numbers, so it's possible to win many small battles without any loss. You just build the wywerns on week 1-2, run out and clear your territory with them, it's a nice way to speed up things. When you have to fight those pesky archers/casters guarding the gold mine, it's just too great to have regenerating, flying monsters!

    When you have larger armies, it's probably better to upgrade them to paokais, so that they lose the regeneration ability, which doesn't make a difference by then (40 hp regenerated when you lose several wywerns from every hit?), but gain the resurrection from dead enemy stacks.

    And after you have 200 chieftains... Come on, nothing really matters at that point.

    maltz at 2007-11-23 06:25 wrote:
    Throughout the campaign I didn't really find any use of the wyverns. Maybe I never had the money to get the building early, so I always had a small wyvern army. Yet the cyclops (unamed) are just too good when you have 200+ chieftains.
    namostmareleg at 2007-11-23 02:48 wrote:
    Why take 2 cyclops instead of 8 wywerns?

    The latter is just way more powerful: costs 10000 gold, has 720 hp, regenerates ~40 hp, etc. Well i've only read as far as i am currently in this mission, but talking about an ultra aggressive approach:

    I had 3 towns by the end of the first week with a capitol and wywern built. I rushed and took the neutral stronghold and was able to capture the center town without any serious resistance, so i have a pretty nice income to support Gotai with an actual army now. I hope i can repel the enemy from now on...

    Wywerns are just great.
    Edited on Thu, Nov 22 2007, 21:49 by namostmareleg

    Orfinn at 2007-11-10 15:16 wrote:
    Who can stand aginst such an army? Dang! Might makes right it seems, hehe!

    AngelEyes at 2007-11-09 19:04 wrote:
    "With this Cyclop + 6 Chieftain strategy, the enemy hero hardly has a chance to cast anything! In my game the battle was over before the enemy hero even acted!"

    Very interesting...I hadn't thought of this. I might have go back and re-load my save to try this strategy.

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