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Features → Walkthroughs  → Tribes of the East → Will of Asha → Beasts and Bones

by maltz

Will of Asha
M4: Beasts and Bones

Map Size: Normal
Level Cap: 26
Difficulty Index: 2/5
Last Updated: October 31, 2007, Patch v3.0

Finally, you start the mission with both Arantir and Ornella. Taste the power of Mentor and Pupil, of the Dark side! (*draw lightsabre* bzzz bzzz)

I know it is tempting to pick the 30 Ore bonus because you were always short of Ore in the previous missions - not here actually. There will be TWO Ore pits to flag within the first two weeks, but just ONE Saw Mill and not a lot of lumber to pick up from the floor. You actually need 30 Wood! If your heroes' builds are not very complete yet, consider the Mummy to get past the first few battles.

Arantir is a perfect solo hero with his Avatar of Death. He now quite resembles a Warlock, because all he needs is some "HP poll" units to stay alive. (Personally I use Phoenix here for easier battles though, because it is slightly cheaper and faster.) Give Arantir the Death's Embrance artifact set and anything that helps with magic (for me, it is the Ring of Sar-Issus, 1/2 mana cost). Load him with crap but durable units like Zombies and Ghosts to decimate everything!

Give all the rest, better creatures (especially Vampires) to Ornella. In my game I gave her Attack and Luck to become a better army leader. She should be able to handle enemy heroes as well.

Note: There have been a few reports that this mission cannot end even if the player has fulfilled all the requirements. For now, it is safer to do everything in one area, then move on to the next area.

You start in the SE corner, in front of town (A), with almost no army. This is your only base in the mission. First, send Arantir to flag the Sawmill and Ore Pit to the north, and Ornella to grab a little artifact in the back of your town. Then, use Ornella and her Vampires to remove the road-blocking dungeon stack at (1).

There will be a weak Orc hero charging you at (2). One single Curse of Netherworld is enough to send him packing. This spell has been improved quite significantly from past games and patches! You now have another objective - to "parley", or to have a chat with the Orc leader. The Orc leader actually has nothing to do with the Yellow player. You won't meet the leader until the end of this mission.

Let's take a look at the Orc's home. Hm... seems crowded.

There are two narrow, long areas, marked with (3) and (4). Along these areas you can flag more mines and collect some extra stat points. At the end of (3) lies an one-way portal (I)-(I') to bring you back to the main path. I suggest sending Arantir to (3) (the tougher route) and Ornella to (4) first, and make them visit the other path immediately afterwards. There will be more Orc and Red Scout heroes coming, so Arantir is right that Ornella should stay nearby to protect the town. The Orc (yellow) hero will charge straight to your town, while the Red scouts are primarily interested in your mines. If you have the Town Portal spell it is very easy to defend the town.

It is time to explore with Arantir. Follow him with a secondary hero here to help picking up resouces but don't get too close to get killed. If you read the road sign, the north seems to be the objective-related choice. Before the garrison (5) stands a Champion stack. When you try to attack it, an event triggers, revealing an underground passage, (II), SW of the Orc town (B).

At this point you might have enough strength to break through this (5) garrison directly, but the underground route seems to be quest related. There is a trading post at (T) to get some more Wood, but don't go broke on it. There are more lumbers to be picked up soon.

You can see a Stronghold town (B) right to the south. Maybe you think you can put an end to the weekly Orc invasion... unfortunately the Orc heroes do not come from the town - they are spawned by the script at the entrance of Town (B) no matter who owns Town (B).

Well, how about taking town (B) for extra income and weekly mass conversion? Nice try. The town is garrisoned by the largest army I have ever seen since "The Garrison" back in original Homm5 C1M5!

Challenge of the Very Might

Ok, you always play on heroic but due to your lifetime video game experience, you still find everything easy. Dare to take the Stronghold town? Actually, a Necro hero like Avantir is the perfect candidate because:

  • He has infinite mana with Mark of Necromancer
  • You can cast Frenzy and Puppet Master to let huge stacks kill each other
  • You can summon powerful Avatar and Phoenix that are independent to your weak troops
  • You have powerful artifacts and spells to severly lower the enemy's morale, so it is likely that the enemy creatures can seldom act (if they do, they can always kill any stack!)

    The only bad news for you is that the enemy hero probably has some Shatter Dark skills and feats, so your Frenzy only works for one turn and worse, your Confusion can't be casted at the expert level. The enemy creatures will still retaliate. The Cyclops are also immune to Puppet Master for some reason.

    You have to neutralize the retaliation with something that has the best chance of survival - the ghosts. Bring two stacks of ghost for exactly this purpose. The rest is just patience.

    Have fun! By the way, taking this Stronghold town has absolutely no effect on your completion of the mission - except it makes the rest look very easy.

    Fortunately, the Yellow hero is so single-minded that it won't bother flagging anything back but head straight to Town (A). This means that you can flag EVERYTHING in the Yellow territory as you wish. In my game there were only 3-4 of Yellow heroes in total, so very soon they will stop coming.

    You know they are serious this time!

    There are a few highlights of the Yellow territory that you can consider visiting:

  • Saw Mill (S), SE of the town.
  • Crystal of Revelation (Knowledge +1), SE of the town (blue (R))
  • Gold Mine (G), N of the town
  • Ring of the Broken Will (U1). This is one of the two Urgash artifacts. It isn't as good as your Death's Embrace set, but this ring (enemy morale -2) is better than the Sar-Issus when your mana is high enough. The other half of the Urgash artifact is labeled (U2) east of Town (C). Don't forget to pick it up when you get there. The bonus is +5 Attack.

    Building the "Castle" (the highest-level wall) in Town (A) triggers the completion of a secondary objective, which gives Arantir some experience. Around this time, the Red player should be sending larger army to invade your quarter with all 7 tiers of units. Have one hero stay in the area and defend against the Yellow and Red invasions.

    By the way, if you are still missing high-level spells, there is an Arcane Library just east of the Trading Post (T), where you can buy them for 25 units of one of the rare resources.

    Back to the walkthrough. If you take the passage (II) underground, your objective is to reach the other end III. You will emerge behind the Inferno castle (C). I actually do not recommend you check out the underground. It is not really a short cut to your next destination, town (C), obviously. There is nothing really worthwhile in there except a Gold Mine and some scattered cash in the end. I think the game developers left the underground passage an "unfinished basement". They left several branches blank, and even if there is something in the end, it is nothing amazing and you just wasted yourself half a week or a full week reaching the dead end.

    So let's simply smash through the garrisons at (5), and literally bring down the Inferno town (C). This is not the end of the demon buggers, though. More will come through a two-way portal (III) NE of the late Inferno town. The visiting Demon hero is very weak but still a nuisance. Send either of you hero down the portal (III) and defeat two Tier-6 stacks at the end (6). The portal blows up and another objective is completed!

    Like a lot of other Inferno towns, it is not built to last.

    From now on there is no more AI action. Use summon creatures to call up units from Town (A) if you have not already done so, and march towards the Blue player at town (D). Here comes a list of attractions:

  • A Dragon's artifact (helm) on top of the hill north of Town (B) (green X). All part-of-a-set artifacts carry over to future missions.
  • A Sar-Issus artifact (staff) SW of Town (C) (green X).
  • The area behind garrison (8) contains a complete collection of mines, and two more stat boosts.
  • The area behind garrison (9) contains a siege workshop, a Hill Fort and another stat boost.

    If you have to choose, level up Arantir to the level cap. He is more powerful and will be the designated hero to fight the campaign finale battle.

    When you approach the Blue Haven town, you realize it is actually the Orcs. They refuse to talk until you easily show them who is the boss!

    Guess who is the Orc leader?

  • Comments

    Brainiac at 2012-12-18 02:29 wrote:
    I finished this mission, M4. It says I completed it successfully, but it takes me back to the mission screen with only M1 enabled. That's pretty harsh for having successfully completed the mission! I want to do M5. I'm using 3.1 and played this campaign on normal. I tried capturing the town with Ornella once and Arantir once and it made no difference. Suggestions?
    Wheeler Dealer at 2012-11-21 17:50 wrote:
    I had to try the battle with Yellow three or four times. I don't recall it being that difficult when I did it years ago. Is it new to 3.1 that the hero loses all his mana if the Avatar of Death dies?

    The key was Mark of the Necromancer. In my game Arantir didn't have that skill so I eventually had to use Ornella.

    Toward the end I would Blind the cyclops stack and frantically Raise Dead for a few turns and then hit the cyclops with Vulnerability a couple of times. It was important to keep the cyclops away from the ammo cart.

    One cute thing happened with my Vampire Princes. (I should have had Vampire Lords, it would have been much easier). After many Raise Dead spells, I would raise 17 with 1 HP each. When they got in a successful hit 231 would come back to life! Then I would hopefully cast Phantom Warriors wishing for a bonanza.

    Another cute trick though admittedly only marginally useful: I used Puppet Master on the 900 Sky Daughters, once they lost one creature I cast Raise dead on them adding one creature but taking away about 6300 HP from the stack!

    Arcane Armor was useful on my shooters to slow down the beating they take from the towers. I was worthless otherwise. My stack of 50 dragons with Arcane Armor was killed by one hit from the cyclops stack.
    gerardmajax at 2012-01-28 03:55 wrote:
    Hello everybody,

    I'm stuck in this mission for many hours now.
    I did everything in the right order, and 2 times.
    I still got the objective "find and destroy the demons cave" (i trad it from french) not complete.
    I got the demon town, destroyed the portal, got all the mines and artifacts, and finally i caught the blue town. Then the cinematic appears, then it goes back to the map. Nothing happens. WTF !?
    Please help me.
    I really want to play on the 5th mission, and this is getting me mad ^^.

    ShadowLiberal at 2011-11-29 03:52 wrote:
    My own advice on defeating the mighty orc fortress.

    -Work on wiping out everyone but the bloodeyed cyclopes first, as the cyclopes will take a while to beat down.

    -Take advantage of the bloodeyed cyclopes fire breath attacks. Use it to wipe out some of the other orc units/war machines.

    -Visit the mana pool to get double your maximum mana, that way you won't have to waste time with mark of the necromancer.

    -Use Phantom image on your strongest stacks within range of the cyclopes and pound the cyclopes with the phantom so your real units won't suffer retaliation attacks.

    -The computer is often dumb enough to waste attacks on your phantom images of large stacks rather than attacking the original (standing right next to their cyclopes). I killed almost 100 cyclopes with a phantom copy of 1,300 ghosts, before the computer finally wised up and took out the original stack of ghosts.

    -If you have a spare turn and no other curses to apply or phantom images to create than use earthquake. Your phantom images will last longer (and likely eat up the cyclopes turn attacking it) if they have less people attacking it.

    -I'd suggest puppet mastering the slayers and getting them killed off by the cyclopes.

    -Once the cyclopes finally run out of blood rage armor they'll go down MUCH easier. I started killing 20 to 50 cyclopes an attack (50 with 220+ wraiths) once they lost their blood rage.

    -Don't forget to take out the enemy war machines, especially the ballista. They may be weak but they're still dangerous to your phantom image.

    I won the battle with almost all my Wraiths/Liches/Skeleton Archers/Zombies still standing, as well as around 20 spectral dragons (though that's 90 less than I started the battle with).
    Ravenblade at 2011-08-22 22:41 wrote:
    As I am playing the whole campaigns on Normal difficulty there was not much trouble with this mission.

    Actually managed to beat that Stronghold town with Ornella who had Expert Dark Magic but still was level 24 and I equipped her with both Urgash/Death Embrace set and only had acceptable losses aside from mismanaging my 470 Vampire Princes and 95 Spectral Dragons and losing them all to the cyclops. Obviously I went in with around 290 Lichmasters, 2k Archers, 1.8k Poltergeists and 250ish Wraiths. Actually if I had to do it again I'd only deploy 5 Spectral Dragons instead of the whole stack (and keep resurrecting them). I didn't bother with puppet master much because I found in this fight it is more effective to just spam Frenzy on Slayers until they die and have Mass Confusion up (lasting around 5 rounds at least) so retaliation doesn't hurt much.

    Of course doing it with Arantir is a whole different story. But I wanted to end the mission with both heroes level-capped which I succeeded with! :)
    Edited on Mon, Aug 22 2011, 18:42 by Ravenblade
    tangado at 2011-05-10 23:10 wrote:
    İt was an amazing fight with yellow.ı have only 88 poltergeist and 159 vampires ı have no lost!!!
    DarthBob at 2010-09-25 22:38 wrote:
    Oh, and Ornella and Arantir are both Level 24 Necromancers. I have the Death's Embrace set and the 2-piece Urgash set among other items.

    And, what is so thrilling about using the Wasp Swarm spell in this battle?
    DarthBob at 2010-09-25 22:36 wrote:
    Edited on Sat, Sep 25 2010, 18:39 by DarthBob
    DarthBob at 2010-09-25 22:35 wrote:
    Edited on Sat, Sep 25 2010, 18:37 by DarthBob
    DarthBob at 2010-09-25 14:36 wrote:
    Although i can finish the level, i've ye to finish off the yellow base with the 438 Cyclops and the rest of this base's Orcish horde. I've tried nearly all advice above. To no avail.

    Using Ornella for example, I have Expert level: Necromancy (Eternal Servitude, Mark of the Necromancer, Banshee Howl); Attack (Battle Frenzy, Archery, Flaming Arrows); Dark Magic (Fallen Knight, Master of Pain), War Machines (Ballista, Tremor); and Summoning Magic (Master of Conjuration).

    Using spells I have (particularly in "trying" to defeat the 438 Cyclops) include: Frenzy, Summon Phoenix, Slow, Vulnerability, Blind, Puppet Master, Raise Dead and Mark of the Necromancer.

    Every time I battle the yellow base with Ornella, her Expert War Machines skill (normally useful) auto "immediately" catapults down the the front gate. Yes, I have no Catapult (control) Skill. From the outset, the gate is eliminated. In quick time the walls are also down. I want the walls intact! There are too many breaches - the orcs can flood out.

    I have about 838 skeleton archers, 147 Vampire Lords, 91 Wraiths, 116 Arch Liches, 222 Poltergeists. 35 Spectral Dragons and 472 Rot Zombies. Often I leave the Zombies and even the Dragons with Arantir, so that I can split the Poltergeists up into 3 groups.

    I have even tried just using Poltergeists in the army (split into 7 smaller groups). Basically just using a combination of spells mentioned above. The idea being is that Phoenix and flaming double-shot Ballista do the attacking on the "marked" ("vulnerability" caused zero defense) Cyclops while the Poltergeists move about the map.

    I've tried everything mentioned above. However, because the damn walls are all knocked down, its too tricky for Ornella to have enough time to repeatedly raise Poltergeist dead, and re-summon enough eliminated Phoenix, while the Cyclops have monstrous walking range and attack.

    Usually I get to a situation of only the Cyclops left (it having lost only about 100 units) after all other orc troops have been Frezied or PMed into extinction.

    Discussing some comments above:

    In my situation, how does one "lead" the Cyclops down to the Centaur anyway? I have many breaches in the walls remember.

    And, how do PMed or Frenzied Slayers take out 30-50 Cyclops "every" attack? The Slayers only get "one" attack, then they're killed by Cyclops' retaliation strike!
    DarthBob at 2010-09-25 14:34 wrote:
    Edited on Sat, Sep 25 2010, 18:35 by DarthBob
    VAMPSVSZOUNDS at 2010-07-10 18:13 wrote:
    In my game,I had to choose between 30 ore,3k gold and a Tunic of Valor as a starting bonus.I play the same version.I don't know whether it is a bug or not.
    Dstr at 2010-05-27 18:39 wrote:
    playing on heroic...
    a very very easy mission. in 2 months and a half i took all stats, res. on the map...

    sansa at 2010-04-07 08:18 wrote:
    And both of them had carried it to the last mission!

    sansa at 2010-04-07 08:16 wrote:
    Once happened BOTH Ornella and Arantir started this mission with Death Embrace sets. I'm not remember exactly why, but I think it was related with a way how I finished the previous mission. When I put complete set just before the end of the Bull's Wake on Arantir, only he had whole set at the start of this mission,what was normal, but when Ornella ware it at the very end of the , both of them started with complete sets in Beasts Bones. I think that I was playing with no patch (but I am not sure), nevertheless this is no mentioned as a bug fixed by patch. Has anyone had happened this situation? I must admit, I was very happy about it, there's no need to explain how is easier to play with both heroes having full Death Embrace set!

    Maciek at 2009-11-14 18:55 wrote:
    A thing to keep in mind if u want to relay on avatar and phoenix to do the damage while capturing yellow stronghold:
    Blood rage cuts down damage they receive by half, which is quite a lot. Avatar slowly replenishes their rage with spells(like +10 per attack). Damage u can do drains it just as slowly if not slower. Therefore, It's a good idea to get rid of the last stack's rage fast to speed up their destruction. Blind is quite good at this: they loose 100 rage every turn of your hero. And remember, that u have the valnerability spell. (u have it, right?) And yeah, wasp swarm is just a wonderfull spell.
    Wheeler Dealer at 2009-08-31 18:18 wrote:
    sorry, i don't know how that double posted.
    Edited on Mon, Aug 31 2009, 14:19 by Wheeler Dealer
    Wheeler Dealer at 2009-08-31 02:08 wrote:
    I finally appreciate wasp swarm! I tried the yellow city with Ornella rather than Arantir because she had mark of the necromancer and he didn't. I was playing on hard, not heroic and had completed everything except the final confrontation with blue. I gave Ornella all the best artifact sets and all the army. It was still only like 24 Spectral Dragons, 91 Lich masters, 80 Wraiths, 120 Vampire Lords, 400 Specteres, 340 plague zombies and 800 skeleton archers.

    I made several poor choices early on but soon arrived at a fight against just the 450 cyclopes. With slow and banshee howl the cyclops' initiative was way down and I basically used the Vampire Lords, the two stacks of shooters and wasp swarm to kill 'em all without the cyclopes ever getting another turn. Must have taken an hour! But She got 163K experience!

    Grail Quest at 2009-08-15 09:45 wrote:
    At the first yellow orc hero you encounter, there should be a stack of dragons nearby guarding a wimpy artifact.
    Here's a cute trick to try:
    (1) Give one hero wimpy troops to take the mines. Charge west with the other, but raise NO creatures until you get to the dragons. With the undead set that gives you a discount on raising undead, you can raise maybe 2 shadow Dragons and 2 bone dragons. Give these to Arantir.
    (2) After the orc dialogue, there was a bug (or me, anyway) where other hero who got teleported in for the cutscene didn't get teleported back. Voila, instant travel. So right after you raise some dragons, you can redistribute your troops. Arantir does nicely with the dragons since they are hardy and can be easily raised. Ornella should now get the undead items set because you want to focus on getting Vampires (killing lots of succubi or champions should do it). At the end game, she had 127 Vampire Lords (including about 20 from town) and with that single stack cleared the Blue castle.
    dlebeau at 2009-07-25 04:27 wrote:
    Got double posted somehow, sorry.
    Edited on Sat, Jul 25 2009, 00:29 by dlebeau
    dlebeau at 2009-07-24 00:44 wrote:
    Thanks for the walkthrough, I just took town B with one stack of Specters though, you don't need more than that.

    You need around 400 to survive 1 Cyclops toss and possibly Centaur shot, but that is the last danger you will face in capturing the town. 4 spells are mandatory. 1) Raise Dead (duh), Puppet Master, 3) Blindness, 4) Mark of the Necro. Frenzy can be useful for a couple of tasks, just remember you can only Puppet Master one monster at a time.

    Right off the bat, PM one of the Goblin stacks and use it to attack the Cyclops, you need to get rid of them quickly because the Cyclops throw them for big damage. Whatever you do, do not destroy the ammo cart.

    This means you will take a Centaur shot, and probably a goblin toss, but that's the last danger you will face. PM the Centaurs and shoot the other Goblin stack, they should die. After that, blind the Centaurs while you PM and Frenzy the rest of the troops onto the Cyclops.

    The key for a quick victory is to lead the Cyclops closer to the Centaurs. Then just liberal use of blindness on the Cyclops, and PM on the Centaurs. Remember you can wait a PMed mob until the initiative would get you to act before the Cyclops after they are shot, but for safety you can move your ghosts all over the map.

    If the Cyclops are Marked at some convenient time, there is no problem at all. Hardly an epic fight.

    eh007h at 2009-04-02 06:09 wrote:
    First I want to say thanks to Maltz for these walkthroughs which I have used extensively while playing the campaign. I found a much easier way to take the yellow Orc Stronghold. I was playing on Hard, so I'm not sure if it would work on Heroic. The strategy is basically the same as his, with one key difference: leave the Slayers alive, and use them to kill the Cyclopes. I used Puppet Master for this purpose but I suppose Frenzy would work as well. The reason this is easier is because the Slayers take out 30-50 Cyclopes every time they attack. My level 21 Arantir Phoenix and Avatars only take out 1 or 2. I lost this battle so many times after I had a perfect setup using Maltz's strategy just because after an hour of swiping Cyclopes I would zone out and attack with the Avatar when the Cyclopes still had a retaliation. The Slayers are much quicker. When all the Cyclopes are gone you just polish them off with your summons. At that point you can use Puppet Master rather than the Ghosts to eliminate their retaliations (which you couldn't with the Cyclopes).

    It is important NOT to cast mass slow and banshee howl during the battle. These will negatively affect the Slayers, and make it much harder to use Puppet Master effectively. Slow the Cyclopes individually. Also I had the Ring of Sar-Issus which made my spells a lot cheaper and helped me get past the initial stage of the battle before I could start the infinite mana loop attacking the Cyclops.
    csarmi at 2009-02-04 09:45 wrote:
    I took the yellow town too, but I had no catapult skill. I just made the cyclops stack kill everything else (yes I had frenzy, I am supposed to have it by then: I visited so many mage guilds), then I simply killed that stack with my almost intact army (blind, wasp swarm, phantom forces, ammo cart, GHOSTS (when they die: raise them they have 50% to live through any attack)). Took quite a few turns, but the cyclops stack never got to attack anything important.

    I did have mass slow as well, of course. I did NOT have mark of the necromancer however, so my mana was limited to 270 or so.
    Edited on Wed, Feb 04 2009, 04:47 by csarmi

    ThunderTitan at 2008-04-17 09:12 wrote:
    >ThunderTitan, you probably finished this scenario by now, but I thought I should let you know that the yellow Stronghold is very conquerable.<

    Not to sound rude, but unless they get free troops that exceed what the player can get under any circumstances all towns are pretty take-able... and even then with the right skills/magic you still have a chance (my final fight with Biara in TotE comes to mind, when i switched to Light instead of Dark Magic the battle was many times easier).

    Nigh unconquerable just refers to the insane amount of effort the battle would require... especially since i don't think i had Frenzy...

    Also, that's how you make a post that's tardy... B-)
    okanek at 2008-04-16 20:17 wrote:
    Thank you, I had become focussed on "negotiate with Orc leader" thinking it must be the Yellow player. Nice to clear the level.

    jmgarth at 2008-03-18 02:42 wrote:
    When I attacked the Orc stack at (2) with Arantir, the game froze at the end of the cut scene, and I had to kill it with the task manager. I reloaded and attacked with Ornella instead, and this time there was no freeze, although Arantir gained the experience bonus even though it was Ornella who won the battle.

    Angelspit at 2007-11-27 14:57 wrote:
    I didn't hit the cap with Arantir in this mission. Will I be fine for the next one anyway? My build is decent (if not particularly original).
    danhvo at 2007-11-19 23:57 wrote:
    ThunderTitan, you probably finished this scenario by now, but I thought I should let you know that the yellow Stronghold is very conquerable. I did it with 46 archliches and 62 vampire lords. What I used were Frenzy at Expert Dark Magic, Catapult at Expert War Machine, and of course, Raise Dead at Expert Summoning.

    Catapult is important because you want to control it so that it can destroy the center tower but leave the rest of the walls pretty much intact. With judicious use of Frenzy, you can get the cyclops to wipe all of their brethren. In the end, you'd end up with your vampire lords and the cyclops (you might have to raise the VLs once or twice). Cast Slow on the cyclops so that your VLs get two actions for every one of cyclops', and have them do hit-and-run (hit, then jump over the wall, repeat). The VLs regenerate fast enough to compensate for the damage from enemy hero. It's tedious, but you will prevail at the end.

    I waited till there were only a few cyclops left, then raised my archliches, finishing the battle with no loss. None. You'll earn enough experience to go from level 20 to level cap. It is probably the most rewarding battle in this campaign.

    ThunderTitan at 2007-11-17 13:57 wrote:
    yeah, i saw that when i finished the map... stupid unclear dialogue...


    nah, i didn't read the walkthrough then because the links in the forum thread are wrong... i just assumed that Arantir was talking about some yellow Orc leader because he started his rant after meeting the yellow orcs and that town being so heavily defended.

    aaelgr at 2007-11-17 00:54 wrote:
    You don't parlay with the Yellow Stronghold player, but with the Blue one in the top left. Once you take the town, Arantir talks to Kujin.

    maltz at 2007-11-16 22:09 wrote:
    Sorry I don't fully understand your question. Is there some thing not clear in the walkthrough that I can rephrase? Now all of my drafts have been submitted and I probably won't be updating anything after this weekend. :P

    ThunderTitan at 2007-11-16 21:54 wrote:
    Oh, nevermind, it seems that all those links are broken.

    ThunderTitan at 2007-11-16 21:48 wrote:
    I can't wait that long... anyone know if Arantir's talk about parley with the yellow orcs leader leads to anything or should i just finish Beasts and Bones without bothering with the nigh unconquerable yellow Stronghold?!

    Angelspit at 2007-11-08 10:25 wrote:
    Two new articles will be posted within the next few hours. Stay tuned.

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