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Features → Walkthroughs  → Hammers of Fate Ylaya's Quest The Spy

by maltz

After the twisted classic Haven, and the snowy novel Fortress, Hammers of Fate brings its third and last campaign back to one of players' all-time favorite, Dungeon - the magic-mighty Warlocks!

The "Mixed" (official name) campaign brings back the Warlocks. Like Hollywood, it's all about explosions mixed with babies!

You are going to control heroine Ylaya (Yee-'la-ya) through the following five missions. Similar to Zehir in the original game, Ylaya will join force with other previous campaign heroes starting at mission 4, to bring the conclusion of the Hammers of Fate story.

So what skills are good for Ylaya the Warlock? Same as Raelag, you can go with the safest route:

  • Destructive Magic: The trade mark of Warlocks. In this campaign you can't go far without tons of direct damage. Secret of Destruction is very helpful in mission one. Other feats aren't a top priority because your target will be dead anyways.

  • Sorcery: A must for magic heroes. The primary stats for Warlocks are Spellpower and Attack, not knowledge, so Mana Regeneration, Erratic Mana and Arcane Training are all excellent mana-friendly feats. Pick them up as soon as possible.

  • Luck: After patch 1.3, Warlock's Luck (200% direct spell damage) stacks with Empowered spell. You can't skip this!

And you can freely choose a fourth skill. Back in Raelag's campaign, Light Magic saved my life in the notorious mission 3 (The Conquest). In Ylaya's campaign, Light Magic works equally well towards the end, since you can simply resurrect fallen troops back. However, you won't have any access to magic guilds until mission 3. Since that mission is a little difficult at start, it is unlikely you can learn Resurrection, or any high-level magic when you most need it. Therefore, I would recommend you temporarily forget about the last skill slot, and focus on developing what matters most. You need to have a competent Warlock when mission 3 starts, at level 16. Then, pick up Light Magic, or something else at mission 3 and expert it.

The following walkthrough is based on Heroic, patch 2.1. Enjoy!

Mission 1 - The Spy

Map Size: Small
Carry Over: Ylaya
Level Cap: 12
Difficulty Index: 3/5

Primary Objectives:
  • Find the site of the Rite
  • Ylaya must survive

Secondary Objectives:
  • Visit the Oracle
  • Kill (6 stacks of) creatures marked by Hut of Magi
Last Updated: March 3, 2007, Patch v2.1

I like the Shadow Witch bonus. They provide some ranged damage, as well as the Slow magic that brings you the edge for a perfect victory from time to time. Blood Maidens are nice if there is a town or Hill Fort to turn them into Furies, but there isn't any in this mission.

Mission one is basically a quest of reaching a certain spot, Tear of Asha style. Instead of visiting Obelisks, you reveal the treasure map by killing a total of six dungeon creature stacks. However, as long as you reach the designated area, the mission will be completed even if you skipped all huntings.

Ylaya will be able to visit quite a large number of stat bonuses (blue (R)) in this mission. Since she does not know any spell at the start, you must build her spell book by visiting various spell shrines scattered around the map. The spells offered are random, though. In my game, I only had Circle of Winter and Decay the most part, and Circle of Winter does not even come from a spell shrine. (It is a random bonus spell given by the Secret of Destruction feat under Destructive Magic.)

You start in a little NW area of the underground dungeon (1). Take the stairs (green I') up and -- it is the quiet night again! It has been a while since Findan dispatched the Vampire Lord for good.

You are in the NW corner (I). There is a group of skeleton close to you. Even if there are skeleton archers mixed in the group, you might be able to pull off a high morale on the Furies, and demolish the slow archers before they get a chance to shoot. The enemy stacks will be quite large in this mission, but your army, especially that 40 Blood Fury is quite impressive as well. Try your best to keep them alive.

Wait for the Resurrection Scroll, and demolish everything with Fury!

Go east a little bit more, and you will come across a Winged Boots artifact (2) that increases all units' speed (travel distance) by 1. This is a very good artifact for Blood Furies! Now they can reach anybody in turn one, as long as they are aligned with the target in the deployment stage.

Just SE of the boots artifact, you can visit the Oracle in the form of a Seer's Hut at (3). You receive a new secondary objective -- to kill creatures marked by Hut of Magi. There are a total of six huts, each revealing a neutral Dungeon stack to kill. I have marked all of the targets for you (yellow D1-D6). Although the in-game description says you need to visit all huts, they serve no other purpose than telling you what to kill. As long as you kill all six stacks of creatures, this sidequest is completed. On heroic I would recommend you to put all of the hunts on hold for now. There is a nice artifact later that will make your job much easier.

There is a Siege Weapon Workshop here. You have very limited chance to spend cash in this mission, so you may as well invest them on the gears here. If you come across any treasure chest, make them EXP points. There will be enough stakcs to kill for the lv-12 cap, too.

There are some huge dungeon army blocking your way east (red X), so you need to take a detour to the south. When you finish local business, continue east and north for a Stable (4). Note that your starting troop is pretty much all you have throughout the mission, so don't throw them away at high-level shooters and casters. A few stacks might unexpectedly join you on the way, though.

Good things like this don't happen every night!

There are quite a few things to do in this Stable area. You can visit a bunch of stat boosts, and a Witch Hut (yellow W). Maybe you will get lucky like me, to pick up a large stack of Dwarves in front of the mercenary camp.

There are three sets of Two-Way portals in this mission. I marked their connections with green Ts. T1 is connected to another T1. Same goes ofor T2 and T3. At the end of these portals you can usually find some designated Dungeon stacks in the side quest. Behind D1 there is an Artifact Wagon that you can dump your extra cash to. The only creature building, for Blood Maidens, in this mission is hidden behind T3.

When you are confident about your spell damage output, proceed to (5), to face quite a large stack of Druid Elders. You always get Druid Elders here, and this is the only route to continue the mission. You have to fight them! On heroic, there are 38 of Elder Druids, and they will love to electricute your Furies. Don't waste your Fury here, because you are only 1/3 through the mission. Deploy disposable stacks such as the Minotaurs, the Assassins and the Dwarves (if you picked them up), and burn Ylaya's mana on them. Don't feel bad to lose most of your units. The Furies and Witches will help you cruise through the rest. Afterwards, take the stairway (II) down.

You are now at the NE corner (II') of the dungeon. Your goal is to reach the stairway at the SE corner (III'). However, there is a large Deep Hydra stack in the middle (red X), so you have to take the longer route in the west. There is a Trading Post at 6 where you can convert totally-useless resources to next-to-useless cash. Leave the sidequest Dungeon stacks for now. The wait will soon be over.

After taking the SE stairway you are now at the SE portion of the surface (III). You can pick up a very useful artifact at (7) - The Scroll of Resurrection! Now you can go back and handle the sidequest. Here is a list of what they are:

  • D1: Dark Raiders (~50)
  • D2: Blood Maidens (~150)
  • D3: Assassins (~150)
  • D4: Assassins (~100)
  • D5: Hydra (~30)
  • D6: Minotaurs (~90)
I highly recommend to finish this sidequest, because the reward is... very nice, to say the least. Please don't get exicted and tell everybody when you see the reward, or you can probably wave it goodbye in the next patch. In essence, you gain "some" stat boosts in the Might department. According to the mission script, the higher the difficulty, the more stat points you receive. Whenever you are done, proceed to the treasure spot (8) to finish the mission!

Ylaya: "Give me some allowance, mother, I need money for manicure!"

Sunlover at 2015-06-21 19:41 wrote:
Playing again for fun after running into some annoying issues on Heroic with HOMM5 (main) on Warlock...

Just wanted to put a cautionary note out: on this stage, above point 7, there is a magic boost guarded by Wolves. You might think the wolves will join you as they have been helpful in some other scenarios. That is not the case here; they will gladly decimate what remains of your tattered army. DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS (at least not before getting the Resurrection scroll). You have been warned. :)
TheMeInTeam at 2015-04-02 05:33 wrote:
I killed all the secondary mobs and got all the huts, still no quest reward so I just went on without it.

This map is pretty tough on heroic if you don't get something heavy-hitting early. However, if you do then you can get past the druid elders with fewer casualties and it's not as bad. Destructive + secrets of destructive early with blood fury micro is pretty reliable to attain in the first 2 weeks, and with that you can beef through the Druids w/o losing many furies. War machines are definitely an underrated pick if you do get the attack (I don't mind it without even), especially because the first aid tent once leveled up a bit is great for res creeping and the ballista starts to hurt. This campaign features a lot of situations where you can 1) get war machines and 2) the relative strength of armies on either side or neutrals allows them to be a dominating factor.
Edited on Thu, Apr 02 2015, 01:33 by TheMeInTeam
hprwhg12 at 2014-04-02 01:14 wrote:
2.1 Heroic

Nothing joined me to help either with the Druids, so I think you were very lucky for that.

However, I defeated them with only losing 2 Blood Maidens.

From beginning I split my Blood Furies and Assassins. I chose the 21 Blood Maidens and treated them like the Minotaur, by having them hit only if they would kill or chance of not losing one. Except the Druid battle.

Using this battle tactic I lost 1 Blood Fury the entire game due to a throng of Assassins. It is hard to resurrect all troops while poisoned. No matter how many ways I tried. Well the 2 blood maidens too.
Taking money from first chest and gathering first gold piles allowed me to purchase both ballistic and tent. At this point I saved, thinking it is a good spot to determine if I will rush the Druids or gain exp by going slow.

I chose to somewhat rush first, only detouring to get stat boosters. Arrived on day 7 to the Druids. There where 33 split into three stacks of 11. I did not fight them. I waited to see how many more there would be next day. Only two arrived making it 35 two stacks of 12 and one 11.

Thinking only two more is not a big difference. I reloaded back in front of blacksmith and took my time fighting/clearing everything on the way to the Druids but the griffins blocking the portal. They were too tough. Waited for resurrect.

As for skills. I decided to enhance the Attack skill first, no matter what. I chose Frenzy/Adv./Tactics/Exp. Then chose Enlightenment to help gain stats while leveling and because it was either that or Defense.Followed by Intelligence.

After hitting all the luck/moral modifiers. Arrived day 7 week 2 with 14 Attack (+2 sword, so 12 unmodified). 3 defense. 9 power and 6 knowledge giving 90 mana with Intelligence. I was given Ice bolt from shrine. Luck 5 Moral 3. Full unscathed army.

It was not easy. I had to reload several times to set my units properly, there was lots of debris on field. The ATB had my Blood Furies and Blood Maidens go first followed by the two 12 stacks of Druids. Then my two Assassins, Witches, Ballistic, Tent, Druid, Ylaya. With luck the first Blood Fury killed the first 12 druids. With a combo of Furies and Maidens I killed second stack. Blood Maidens received moral and appeared just before Ylaya. Both Assassins got luck and Witch zapped them good. Ballistic, tent whatever. Blood Maidens took the chance and got hit for loss of 2. Ylaya ice bolt and poison killed last Druid. Yes very lucky, but moving the Blood fury that got luck helped tremendously

I then headed straight for the Liches. I won flawlessly now having resurrect and not losing basically nothing to Druids. After that it was smooth sailing except for Assassins and Water Elemental. Took a lot of reloads for them and could not out wait poison to resurrect 1 Blood Fury. After level cap I only fought for stat boosters, spell shrines, or good artifact

After completing secondary quest I had 29 Attack 9 Defense 13 Power and 6 knowledge. Short and relatively easy except for certain battles, but overall fun map.
Wheeler Dealer at 2013-12-02 21:07 wrote:
2.1 Hard
I breezed through with what I considered a bad setup. I had forgotten this mission from several years ago so I let myself lose several minotaurs and some blood furies before I realized I wasn't getting any reinforcements!

I got no destructive spell until the mission was pretty much over. I refused to take Secrets of Destruction, wanted to go for the ultimate skill. Until I got the Scroll of Resurrection Ylaya's best spell was Vulnerability.

The one good break I got was with the Druid Elders. On Auto Combat I lost only 5 Blood Furies! I tried a couple of times and couldn't do anywhere close to that well!

I took the two shadow witches and split them. Their first two turns in most battles were Slow and Vulnerability. Occasionally I used Righteous Might on the furies. I took experience on most chests to try to boost Ylaya's stats and skills as quickly as possible. She did get Frenzy early on which helped the furies and assassins.

My Witch Hut was Destructive magic which will help in the long run but did nothing for me in this mission. Her first spell was disappointing, Wasp Swarm. I seem to recall that in some version of HOMM that spell delayed the target stack but it doesn't seem to do that any more and the damage is never better than just having the hero attack!

I finished with 28 furies, 24 assassins 8 minotaurs and all my witches/matriarchs. I got 11 attack and 4 defense for completing the side quest!

I do remember now that his mission was more difficult the first time I played it. I recall restarting several times and racing to the first shrine to see if I was getting a useful spell. Maybe I just got easier guarding stacks. I did skip quite a few if the were guarded by shooters.

Campaigner at 2013-07-17 14:32 wrote:
This mission feels like one of those "be lucky or go THIS skillpath or LOL! Start over!"

I restarted until I gotted Enlightenment from the witchhut. I gotted the best skills to aid me (Expert Attack, Advanced Luck and Basic Enlightenment).

I cleaned out everything except Succubis guarding the tree of Sylvana and the Druid Elders....Needless to say I was smashed....I only used Minotaur Guards, witches and Matriarchs but I can't sacrifice my Furies!

Gotted the defensereducing spell from the Shrine to the west (guarded by Hunters!).

So do I HAVE to get Destructive Magic and Secrets of Destruction early to stand a chance..?
Cause it certainly seems so!

No one joined either....

It's so demoralising to restart until you get the skill you want from a witchhut and getting JUST the skills you want only to be ROFLstomped by a stack at the end since no one joined and you don't have any offensive spells....

ShadowLiberal at 2012-06-30 14:52 wrote:
A tip, rush the druids ASAP, as in sometime during the first week before they have time to grow, especially on Heroic.

I took the druids on with a level 3 hero with a nearly useless ballista and first aid tent added to my starting army (I won just enough gold to buy them along the way). My only casualties were 3 witches and 1 minotaur (I left the furies out of the battle)

Also Grail Quest is correct, the all campaigns in TOTE mod is bugged here. I wasn't able to complete the side quest for the big stat gains, so I did a bit of math based on Maltz's screenshot of his stats, and my own at level 12, and figured out that the stat gain is +17 attack (unless it's somewhat random, I recall getting a bit of defense last time around and not quite as much attack). So I gave myself +17 attack power at the end of the mission to fix the bug.

Oh and this mission and the next one CAN be done in Heroic without destructive magic. At higher levels expert war machines can be quite powerful, and you can buy war machines both missions with no towns, especially with triple flaming ballista and first aid tent (I have to admit though I use a mod to give my tent more shots per battle, but even with 3 it would still be quite useful). The ballista is easily more powerful then any of your spells could ever be with the big stat bonus in this mission.

In later missions I had an insanely high attack (40 attack + 14 knowledge by mission #4), which made the ballista far more powerful then any destructive spell, considering each of the 3 hits did over 400 damage each.

I also picked up Dark & Summoning Magic (vampirism works great with high attack stats), and sorcery.
Edited on Sat, Jun 30 2012, 20:10 by ShadowLiberal

cjlee at 2010-06-19 16:55 wrote:
First time I played it I was also lucky. Got the shieldguards to join me, which greatly helped especially by saving my furies from the costly battle against the druids. I was able to complete the secondary quest without too much difficulty.

Second time I played it, it was impossible to complete the secondary quest. Nearly all the portals to the neutral stacks were guarded by Water Elementals!

I don't ever remember fighting water elementals first time round.
VAMPSVSZOUNDS at 2009-12-29 18:56 wrote:
I got 110 dwarven defenders,which were guarding the shrine hunters.
Vampirlord17 at 2009-11-28 15:19 wrote:
ive got luck, the secret of destruction gave me fireball, and 2 spell shrine s gave me Circle of winter, and the other ice spell that targets 1 foe. the next mission will be a piece of cake

Grail Quest at 2009-07-31 17:11 wrote:
Should have indicated the link for the H5/HoF in Toe mod -- it is at this French site, but there is an English page: http://www.heroes-fr.com/en/original_campaigns.php

Grail Quest at 2009-07-31 17:08 wrote:
The bonus for the Seer Quest is HUGE on Heroic. BUT -- if you are playing the ToE mod that allows you to play H5 and HoF campaigns in ToE, the quest is broken. When you visit the Seer's Hut, you get no new quest, and if you look at the console, it indicates there was an error message.
Visiting each hut appears to be necessary to trigger quest completion.
amigonian at 2009-02-25 14:23 wrote:
I've noticed that the stack at D3 is missing, reset mission three times and still no go. Any feedback on how to get the missing piece of the puzzle would be good.
spytor at 2008-12-14 16:47 wrote:
Well, my comment seems to be a little overdue, but ...
This mission is possible to finish with zero losses. Patch 2.1, heroic, no lucky neutral stack joins, completely unlucky spell shrines (Cleansing, Raise Dead, Confusion, Phantom Forces - last spell got way too late, used it for the last fight only). I have not even chosen secrets of destruction so whole mission no help from destructive spells at all. My choice of bonus were boots of open road. It certainly helped to get evrywhere faster so the growing stacks did not grew that much :) Only BIG trouble are the Elder Druids. Got 37, but with a good distribution of units and with help of luck and morale, everything is possible :)
P.S.: I did not choose Leadership, maltz is correct to suggest taking Luck though.

Orfinn at 2007-07-01 21:35 wrote:
I didnt get to a single spell in this mission and one of the shrines have a nasty stack of hunters, how can I then survive the stack of Druid Elders?

Ar.Pi at 2007-04-18 23:27 wrote:
Good Walkthrough! Thanks!

I passed this mission without taking any Spell Book. I was using Mass Haste (Power of Speed) and combined with Luck and that Scroll of Resurrection i lost 14 Blood Furies (13 by the Druids) and 1 Minotaur Guard in the end.

Read this thread on how:
Edited on Wed, Apr 18 2007, 16:27 by Ar.Pi

Magelord at 2007-04-13 04:10 wrote:
Heh heh... I must be the only guy to pick up the 32 Hell hounds for free! Them combined with Tactics(which was the very second skill upgrade I got) plus the 33 Maidens I bought at the warlock tower ment that I got the drop on every archer stack in this scenario total losses after scenario completion 3 Blood Maiden and 3 Hellhounds period! :)
Edited on Thu, Apr 12 2007, 21:11 by Magelord
DanTanna at 2007-04-10 17:10 wrote:
I'm having the same problem with the sidequest. I've killed everything at the huts and no bonus. Is it worth doing the whole mission over to get these stat boosts. My character is perfect right now.

Found the problem! There is another seer's hut that Maltz missed on his map! In the underground there is another Hut just NE of the red X and it is guarded by air elementals. It took me months of wandering around. When I killed the air elementals and visited the hut I finished the quest! Word.
Edited on Tue, Apr 10 2007, 10:48 by DanTanna

Pave at 2007-04-06 22:15 wrote:
I seem to have a problem with the sidequest. I've killed all the stacks I was supposed to get rid of, the puzzle map is completely uncovered but the side quest is not completed. When I visit the hut where I've obtained the quest nothing happens. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? Has anyone encoutered this as well?

Nebs at 2007-03-13 00:53 wrote:
Just to encourage other players who wish to play with different skills than what you suggested...the campaign is quite doable.

I went with dark magic, enlightment, war machines and luck. And with Ylaya, there weren't much problems (not so with Isabel, she was quite weak in M4). Guess that bonus in first mission is tremendous help, that even war machines (atleast ballista) is extremly useful. With enlightment my stats grew quicker (here's screenshot of stats in M4 with some artifact help - even without them, still quite high), and dark magic...it's absolutelly the funnest magic school, it's a joy to cast numerous useful spells from there. And luck is luck. Not sure when I didn't take it when offered.

Guess other combinations would work, though I agree, with destructive magic, it's easiest.

Great job on walkthrough btw.

In this particular mission I had more troubles with throng of ghosts than with druids (had 29 druids, lost 6 furies, and 2 unupgraded...um, furies, forgot the name :-))...and after that, ress scroll is near, and with it, rest was easy.
shep61 at 2007-03-09 04:54 wrote:
Cool. Good idea. Thanks.

maltz at 2007-03-09 01:00 wrote:
In the original game all regular neutral stacks grow by 11% per week on heroic. So if you have an earlier save, you can kill the liches first, then go on to finish the sidequest. (This is what I did) By the way, the sidequest stacks don't grow over time. I saw it in the map file.

Elvin at 2007-03-09 00:09 wrote:
Well, that explains my attack stats in mission 2! :D
shep61 at 2007-03-08 20:25 wrote:
This mission is killing me! I've already done the entire campaign on heroic, but I didn't do the side quest on this mission. With the benefit it gives, I'd like try it. I lose half my army or more to the druids. Then I get resurrection and complete the side quest. Then I face 80+ liches or priests in the final battle with no way to beat them, even with ressurection! I've restarted 20+ times!

maltz at 2007-03-08 02:18 wrote:
Yeah, many heroic mission ones are all about restarting. I remember how much I wanted to nuke Raelag's quarter fro all those assassins, sprites, grimlin masters and skeleton archers that kept showing up guarding the sawmill and portal. :p
Edited on Wed, Mar 07 2007, 18:22 by maltz
shep61 at 2007-03-07 18:50 wrote:
Maltz, some additional color on this one. Without the additional neutral stack joining you, it's impossible to beat the druids without losing many furies. If you remove the furies and witches from the battle, it's unwinnable, and if you include them, they die. I had empowered lightning and fireball, with 50 mana points! I hit every luck and morale booster before the battle, and I still could not beat three stacks of 13 druids without considerable losses, mostly furies.

I contend that without the dwarves joining you, you would have had the same problem. Moreover, after 15 or so restarts, I could never get ANY neutral stack to join me, so you were very lucky with the dwarves joining you.

Seems to me the only way to minimize this is to rush the druids and face less of them. Weaker hero, but might offset in your favor. Otherwise, expect to lose many furies........ All of this is on heroic, of course.

Just thought this should be added, since your walkthrough seems to depend on a very rare occurrence.
Edited on Wed, Mar 07 2007, 10:58 by shep61

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