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Features → Walkthroughs  → Wulfstan's Defiance - Laszlo

by maltz

Mission 5 - Laszlo

Map Size: Normal
Carry Over: Wulfstan, Duncan
Level Cap: 29
Difficulty Index: 2/5

Primary Objectives:
  • Seize Horncrest, the capital of the Stag Duchy
  • Eliminate Laszlo
  • Wulfstan and Duncan must survive
Last Updated: February 24, 2007, Patch v2.1

If you think this map looks a little familiar, pretty much it should! This is almost exactly the SAME map used back in Freyda's C1M4 (the Negotiation). However, as a dwarf, you are going to play it backwards - start by exploring the north, and take over the humans - Laszlo to be exact.

So how hard is Laszlo compared to Andreas and Lorenzo? (You are still going to see them here!) I have heard about people complainig Laszlo to be too hard, but I didn't find him half as challenging as valeria back in mission 3. However, since Laszlo has two towns, and you only own one, given enough time Laszlo will theoretically grow out of your control.

Should you rush him at the beginning to create a 2-to-1 advantage? That will certainly help, but it is not necessary (because most of Laszlo's strength come from his quite-large starting army. You can't take that long exploring the north, too.

Note: I heard that the Red Player, particularly Laszlo, would attack you unexpectedly in the original HoF. It seems that patch 2.1 has eliminated Laszlo's early aggression by confining him to a corner for two weeks.

So... you start by exploring the north. Since this is the same map as C1M4... is there also the entire set (4 pieces) of Dwarven King artifact? Yes! Are there also 15 points of stat bonuses to collect? Yes! Plus, you will be able to dig up the first Tear of Asha in the Hammers of Fate campaign!

On the other hand, some features are gone for good. The one-way portal that Fredya used to escape has broken. The two-way abandoned mine portal is also non-functional now. Also, the eastern stairway leading to a small underground region has been sealed off. You can save your time and not bothering with those.

Which starting bonus to pick? There will be lots of good artifacts in this mission, so this Hammer won't be helping much. If you don't have the spell Resurrection yet, it is a really good pick. Otherwise, get the 10K gold bonus as you can always use extra cash.

Both Wulfstan and Duncan start in front of Town A. Eventually, you need to take over Town B (Town C is optional), and defeat Laszlo, who is at (2) on Day 1. Laszlo is temporarily blocked by a HUGE stack of Phoenix, so he can't get anything done yet. In my game Laszlo gains freedom some time in week 3.

In order to reach Town B and Laszlo, you need to break through a neutral garrison (3). The garrison features a wide array of Dungeon units, but they are not nearly as big as what you saw back in the other campaign finales. Actually, this Fortress finale probably features the smallest stack size I have ever seeen in any mission 5 so far... the players should have become more skillful when they are playing the expansion...

Anyways, if you wish to rush through this mission, you can directly take Garrison 3, then Town B, and finish Laszlo as soon as he gets freed from the Pheonixes.

Laszlo is not the talktive kind. In fact, he has exactly 0 lines in this mission named after him.

Since both Wulfstan and Duncan should be quite powerful by now, you can split them up to explore the surroundings. The NE branch at (4) contains 3 mines, one Dwarf Warren (random-resource mine), and an Obelisk (orange Oi) that reveals 1/4 of the Tear of Asha map. You can see the other orange letters (Oii-iv) for the location of other three Obelisks. The NW branch at (5) eventually leads you to two pieces of Dwarven King artifacts (blue D1 and D2) and another Obelisk (Oii).

You might know where to look for the Tear by just seeing 1/4 of the map. I have made your life easier here by marking all of the four possible treasure locations with Ti, Tii, Tiii and Tiv. You can click on the picture for the actual landscape view.

As soon as you figure out where to dig for the Tear, quickly send over somebody to dig it up. Ship it back as soon as you can (or just cast Town Portal) and build the special Forge structure, so you can get 5000 extra gold per turn. This is a huge bonus , and your one town actually out-produces Laszlo's two towns!

In the meantime, you can keep on exploring. The SE branch at (6) contains many stat points, and two more Dwarven King artifacts (D3, D4). Don't miss out the library guarded by the familiar Phoenix stack (no insane Godzilla this time!).

Finally, go down the NW route (7) and make a round trip. In the far north (8) you can pick up more high-quality artifacts if you can defeat the powerful guards (shouldn't be a problem for you at this point).

Whenever you are done with the north (took me about 1 month), gather all armies you have in Town A, and march south. Run over the garrison at (3), and look for Laszlo. In my game, Laszlo hides in Town C. You can take Town B first and then Laszlo, or the other way around.

At this point, your Wulfstan build should have matured, and the dwarf must have become be a walking museum of artifacts as well! (There is an Artifact Wagon just before Garrison (3), in case you have spaces to fill.) Although Laszlo's army is also significant (for a mission 5 boss he is still Size S, though), your town should have developed to full, and it is likely that your army is even bigger than Laszlo's. This fight is a one-sided slaughter!

When Laszlo is gone, you are presented cutscenes that you probably have little clue about. Somebody was using an anti-Word of Light artifact, but he was apparantly immune to Implosion and Meteor Shower coming from nowhere. And Word of Light hurt him eventually... Hm... Anyways, you'll probably remember the familiar "NOOOOOOO!" part. After taking down both Town B and Laszlo, you finish this campaign!

Video games are wonderful education tools. Die! Humans!

In the memory of a legendary hero:

Godric will be remembered as "the most-leveled hero", and "the hardest custom-made campaign boss" ever! Here is a screenshot of my end-game Godric in the original game.

vil2 at 2014-07-11 14:46 wrote:
2.1 Hard

Just completed this mission.
Laszlo came quite early for me, the snow area was still in fog of war, and I just dug for the Tear of Asha and built the Anvil.
He chased Duncan as well as Wulfstan and had a huge army, with 30 Paladins and 500+ Crossbowmen. I had no chance.

I Tp'd both Duncan and Wulfstan to the town and tried to hide Duncan in the woods while dragging Laszlo to the town (I felt more confident about defending a town with the Tear of Asha than fighting outside, of course).

The problem was that Duncan was always chased. I reloaded several times and what made Laszlo chase Duncan was that Wulfstan was not visible on the map because he was inside the city walls (because of the town portal spell). As soon as I put Wulfstan just in front of the walls, Laszlo rushed for him and I was able to beat him with his large army, thanks to the Anvil (free Runes, Defense Boost...)

I deployed only about 200-300 Defenders and my 5 Dragons. I cast Armaggedon (for 900-1000 dmg) and destroyed his army but it was still dangerous for me and I had to restart the fight 5 times :

1/ first, because he somehow managed to kill my 5 Dragons, either with his highly-buffed Crossbowmen or with laszlo himself (he could kill 1 or 2 in a strike). That's why I've deployed the Defenders as a target for the Crossbowmen, basically the crossbowmen shot at them instead of the dragons, giving me the time to cast more Armagedons. I had to use Ethereal Form on my troops, I tried to use the Rune of Magical resistance (so that my Defenders would be immmune to the Armagedon) but never got Resistance against Fire.

2/second, because Laszlo had Guardian Angel and he managed to kill me once with his resurrected troops (I was unexpecting that). So before casting another Armagedons, I cast Resurrection on my Defenders once, and so I had enough troops to finish his resurrected troops. I was lucky because I just had 2 Dragons left and instead of killing them, Laszlo buffed his resurrected paladins, and I cast an Implosion on them, end of story.

That way I was able to beat him although he was far more powerful than I was. Rest of the mission was a piece of cake.

Note : for people noticing high Magic resistance from Laszlo's troops, there is a good chance that you loot the Staff of Sar Issus (negates all Resistances). I had mine in the NE corner of the map. I think I would never have beat Laszlo without this artifact.
Edited on Fri, Jul 11 2014, 10:53 by vil2
Wheeler Dealer at 2013-12-02 03:36 wrote:
2.1 Hard
Lazlo forced the issue on day one of week three when he crossed the garrison heading for my town. It looked difficult but turned out to be easy. Wulfstan had grown the numbers some in his original army and had added six fire dragons. I hit Laslo just north of the garrison.

I left everything but the 6 fire dragons on the bench. I put the dragons in the corner and used defensive runes on them. My plan was Armageddon, Phoenix, Arcane Armor, but when I saw what the first Armageddon did, I just cast it a second time and it killed all but a couple of his stacks and they only lasted long enough to die from Ignite on their next turn!

Wulfstan had 36 Spellpower, 315 mana, Ex. Dest. Magic, Master of Fire and Ignite. He had also picked up the Phoenix Feather Cape and the Staff of Sar-Issus. Lazlo managed to kill 3 of my fire dragons but I got one back with a Rune of Resurrection so I lost only 2 fire dragons in the battle.

Wulfstan's Armageddon did 1665 damage plus another 550 a turn ignite. I'm sure I could have just proceeded to Horncrest and completed the mission in 2 weeks and 3 or four days using the same tactics.

I wanted to explore the whole map and hit all the stat boosts with both heroes so it ended up taking another month.

It was a pleasant surprise to get to chose the Resurrection Spell for Wulfstan at the start of the mission. It sure made keeping his casualties near zero until he got his stack of Fire/Magna Dragons!
Ravenblade at 2011-08-14 21:10 wrote:
Thanks for this walkthrough. I am playing the whole HoMM5 campaign series my 2nd time now after years and I remember why this mission was so weird.

In my recent first try I made a capital error by running around with a skeleton crew which could barely handle stuff so Laszlo was magnetically drawn to Wulfstan but quickly switched to chasing Duncan right after I hid Wulfstan in the town. So I left the town again, intercepted Laszlo's army and tried an open field battle. I didn't haven enough troops by then and got my butt handed.
For second try I made sure to get the two gold mines and the tear asap and from then on every engagement ended in the enemy hero instantly fleeing. Including Laszlo...who was once again heading to my town..towards the supposedly hidden Duncan. The end: a cutscene and walking over the rest.

So either the mission is either hard or ridiculously easy. Even with a Week of Festival (halfed income from towns and mines) inbetween. Why they made Laszlo even capable of fleeing is beyond me.
tionitis at 2010-07-20 09:03 wrote:
i dunno what you guys are talking about his troops took normal damage from my spells

cjlee at 2010-06-21 19:09 wrote:
Maltz, how do you do it on heroic? I play on hard, Wulfstan had expert logistics and I was making progress as fast as possible. Even so, getting the grail took some time and Laszlo attacked me within a week of the grail. He was very hard to handle. I lost on quickcombat and simply could not win outside my town. His troops also took less damage from my spells. Without the city shieldguard stack, I would have DIED.

It seems some people also have problem on Easy.

I would agree with Yeppados, who found it easier on Heroic than Easy. For some weird reason, I also find some campaigns easier on heroic than easy. Dunno what the hell Nival's programmers do.

Shimdra at 2010-06-03 18:43 wrote:
Normal v2.1

Laszlo assaulted me fairly early and possessed a very significant army. I couldn't risk him chasing after Duncan, who was traveling down the path at 6 collecting stat bonuses with no real army. I had to meet him at the intersection with Wulfstan.

Fortunately I discovered the benefits of the ignite trait and with a small stack of Magma dragons supporting my army, I decided I could handily win using Armegeddon when my troops dwindled. 3 Armageddons later my dragons were ash (since they soon became the favored target) but I found my defenders, of all things, survived all three armageddons and the full force of the remaining army.

Laszlo flattened all but a handfull of Defenders. Considering the lack of significant remaining heroes and the power of Wulfstan's mighty magic, I gathered the following weeks troops and took Horncrest with no resistance.
herb0815 at 2010-05-21 15:36 wrote:
Just played the mission on hard. I cleared the north map and found the tear of ashar on day 1 month 2. On the same day Laszlo was 1 day away from my casle, so I got back right in time with downportal.

He had 8 Seraphs, 44 Champions, 55 Zealots, 161 Battle Griffins, 240 Vindicators, 791 Brutes.

If he didnīt retreat in the middle of the battle without reason, I donīt think I would have won this. (Protection + Magic Resistance nearly negated my meteorshowers and firewalls)0815
Edited on Fri, May 21 2010, 11:39 by herb0815
Dstr at 2010-03-12 20:56 wrote:
this was a very easy mission compared to mission no. 3 ;) this time I completed the mission first and then searched for the walkthrough :)
Laszlo attacked at the beginning of Month 2. I had both Wulfstan and Duncan away from the town (in the North western region, just after winning all the fights in the North). just like you maltz, I was done with the North region after 1 month.
I digged very late for Tear of Asha... after beating Laszlo. Wulfstan had: 5 warlords, 15 rune, patriarchs, 62 blackbear riders, 50 bersekers, 113 skirmishers and 141 shieldguards. Laszlo had 4 fallen, 18 champions, 76 vindicators, 19 zealot, 65 battle griffins, 133 crossbowmen, 285 enforces. several times his army bigger....
the fight took place OUTSIDE the castle, because I made a mistake and I had to town portal both heroes. first being Duncan... however... i tried also this way :)) thanks to luck, archery, resurrection and resurrection rune, -I finally got the resurrection spell!!, it was my choice- I had very few casualties ;) about 1/4 of my troops. the rest is history... their last heroes were suxing ;) :)
Wulfstan with artefacts had at the end: 20 attack, 30 defense, 19 spell, 20 knowledge...level 28.
thanks maltz again, i was still playing mission no. 3 now without your walkthrough :))))) I was astonished how hard it was ;)
Vampirlord17 at 2009-11-28 01:11 wrote:
It was a quite easy one for me, i had lvl 26 wulfstan at start, the tear i dig up early, and after 2-3 months laszlo came and the fight in my town ended, that i had enouth of an army to take any hero at town b or c.

Edited on Sat, Nov 28 2009, 06:03 by Vampirlord17

Grail Quest at 2009-07-30 00:57 wrote:
I didn't have Ignite, but my Wulfstan build was going for the Ultimate and I had Phoenix and Firewall going in. My troops were slightly reinforced with basic Defenders and an additional 27 berserkers (after upgrading). Took town B at the very end of Week 2. Lazslo came charging out from east and I took him down, with exactly 1 Defender to spare. Would have more if I remembered to use the Rune of Ressurrection more often, but a win is a win.
some_pete at 2009-06-27 15:43 wrote:
I had to restart this mission 4 times: the first 4 tries Laszlo came North between week 3 and 4, I could not even explore the snowy area; at that point he was unbeatable and he either caught me in the open or he grabbed the town. The 5th attempt he didn't come until week 6 and I beat him easily -- outside the castle too (had Dunc hiding behind Wulf inside the castle). About 10 magma dragons and amagedon did the trick easily. So it seems to me, that you need a certain amount of luck here.
VAMPSVSZOUNDS at 2009-06-25 13:31 wrote:
BTW,Res and battlerage and Berserking Rune+destruction magic=defeating Valeria with all her 700!!!Defenders(no Magmadragon,attacked in M5 with Ressurection/nonigniting Fireball).Also,in V2.0,the caravan waited(glitch???)
VAMPSVSZOUNDS at 2009-06-25 13:27 wrote:
Laszlo rushed me too,on Hard Week 4 Day 6.I had a quite small army ,with under 200 shieldguards,around 100 skirmishers,40+ berserkers,30+ black bears,25 patriarchs,15 warlords and 4(!!!) Magma dragons.If I had 10+ magma dragons,I would cast Armageddon(igniting) a lot of times(Wulf had 23 Atk,21 Def/Spellpower,18 knowledge+Sar Issus Wand,5 Luck I think) and the battle could be won on land,too,not only with some walls(either in Lazlo city or my city).The extra shield guards were not mandatory.But I grabbed that Element protection rune right before the battle,and half troops gained Fire Immunity but my Shields were unlucky so I only cast Armageddon once.DEstruction Magic gave me the winning edge and I remained with 100+ shields,1 magma dragon,20 patriarchs and 10 black bear riders.
stachnie at 2008-04-25 11:44 wrote:
I played the map on Hard and Laszlo attacked me at the beginning of the Month 2. His army was much stronger (especially 28 Champions) and the battle was outside the castle but Frenzy and Rune Magic allowed me to win. It was a great pleasure to see frenzied Vindicators and Zealots fighting with each other :) BTW, Puppet Master and Frenzy were the way to win the battle against Valeria (Map 3) with moderate losses.

maltz at 2007-11-16 22:03 wrote:
Hm... those are maps for the Tear. There are four possible locations.
But maybe they have changed it through the patches? The walkthrough was based on v2.1 (as mentioned in the title)
Edited on Fri, Nov 16 2007, 17:04 by maltz

Wulfstan8182 at 2007-11-16 21:06 wrote:
ok dude, your maps for obelisk is wrong i found 3 out of 4 obelisks and it totally is not similar to yours. please add new ones.

Wulfstan8182 at 2007-11-16 03:11 wrote:
i dunno, i just started this campaign and felt like looking at the walkthrough (too much black on the map scares me AAAHH!) and i see that some ppl are having trouble doing this mission on easy(the same as me) so i was just wondering, is this really that hard? i mean like on all the other missions i killed the boss who had an army twice as strong. maybe it is all because of my skills in the previous ones and this one will be just as easy. anyway, good job maltz on another great walkthrough for HoF
Tinto at 2007-11-11 20:35 wrote:
I had some problems facing a Lazlo that was a bit more powerful than I was as well (on normal) charging right for me at the beginning of month two.

However a dozen magma dragons + 3 armageddons + Master of fire and ignite quickly turned the massacure in my favor. I managed to find an artifact (I think in the northeast corner?) that nullified enemy magic resistance so my armageddons always hit. You probably don't need master of fire and ignite, but it was kind of funny to watch the red armies I faced after Lazlo drop dead in the castle sieges one after another when it was their turn.
yeppados at 2007-11-01 04:02 wrote:
Did again on heroic. This time also Duncan had some usefull expert light magic. I had duncan eplorin\flagging on the left side and the dwarf on the right and then inverted the side after the first garrison. They Got ALL except the dark dragons without even summoning creatures from town and with about no losses. Found amazing how the single battle diving griffin was able to win over water elemental with no losses. So when Laszo arrived i had a full developed town with the asha tear. i had incredible statistic from tons of artifacts. The battle with dark magic and the sar-isssu wand who negate magic immunities was a kind of revenge.
The enemy griffin never went in being constantly frenzy or puppeted and for revenge i destroyed th catapult....Laszlo only choice was to kill the my magma dragon and with resurrect i got minor losses. Btw again Laszlo picked up every item in the caravan so check if you find some item you dont want he have in battle althoug you can spend cash in creature.
yeppados at 2007-10-20 04:56 wrote:
And about the tear i got it in a different place from the one you suggest.
yeppados at 2007-10-20 04:52 wrote:
Laszlo on normal went throug the garrison and although my town was full build (except for the dragon upgrade) was nerly stormed by him. His very first throw with catapult destroyed the door and his army was bigger than mine plus he picked artifacts in the wagon but didnt drop them. Took a lot of rune and without the extra shields from the city i couldn't win (tryed outside and was impossible). Having master ligth and some destructive didn't help too much because his troop are resistant to magic and he cast succesfull dispel. Unlukly i hadnt my favourit black magic that has the unmached advantage to have the usually bigger enemy troop fighting at your side!!

jake104 at 2007-09-16 18:32 wrote:
well I am glad to say I finally won the map the other day, but it wasn't very easy. I think this is the toughest map in the expansion so far.

Wraith at 2007-09-03 13:12 wrote:
it depends what skills you have i defeated him when i captured that town on left side and stayed there and waited until he attacks

jake104 at 2007-09-03 06:33 wrote:
I am having the same problem playing on easy setting. The mission is practicly impossible!

aero_faith at 2007-08-28 02:31 wrote:
What difficulty did you play this at? I've been trying to play it on easy and I can't manage to build up an army big enough to beat Laszlo. I've downloaded the patch and even got the tears of asha early in the game but still he comes after me starting after about one month and he has a huge army. I've tried to rush the 3rd garrison and can't seem to get past that until several weeks in where I can have an army to do so, but by then Laszlo is too strong. Help?!!

Koni at 2007-05-01 13:42 wrote:
Thank you, Maltz, for all your excellent walkthroughs. It doesn't matter if there is anything missing. In this mission I found a prison, where a Level 2-Rune Mage called Brand can be freed (at the spot marked with T IV in the map). Maybe he wasn't worth to be mentioned. He couldn't help in this mission. :)

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