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Features → Walkthroughs  → Wulfstan's Defiance - The Guerrillas

by maltz

Mission 3 - The Guerrillas

Map Size: Normal
Carry Over: Wulfstan
Level Cap: 22
Difficulty Index: 4/5

Primary Objectives:
  • Liberate the captured hero within 3 weeks
  • Capture Merasgar
  • Seize caravan of gold
  • Wulfstan must survive
Secondary Objectives:
  • Help Helmar escape from these lands
Last Updated: February 24, 2007, Patch v2.1

This mission is quite challenging, if not a little too much to handle on heroic. If your Wulfstan build has not "matured" yet, you might have to restart from mission one, which happened to me the first time!

First, pick the 30 Skirmishers, or the artifact if your ATK is miserably low (such as < 10).

Wulfstan starts in the NW corner (1) of the underground hallway - this time without the atmospheric hanging lamps. Your first objective is to free a prisoner at (2) within 3 weeks. There is enough time to flag a few extra mines, visit the stat bonuses, and recruit several stacks on the way. You probably won't come back down afterwards, so try to do everything in one go.

There will be a Red hero (guess who, Andreas or Lorenzo?... duh) patrolling around the major streets. Unlike other patrols, though, Andreas' movement is not predicatble, and he sometimes picks up neutral Renegade stacks to make his army even bigger. In my second attemp of this mission, this walking tank actually got stuck in a corner for good, which is very nice!

Andreas' army size varies with difficulty. Since there is no steady troop supply this early (and you start with a small one), it is better to conserve your troops for a difficult battle ahead, even though Andreas carries a few nice artifacts. As long as you stay out of his "range of detection", you should be safe.

Start by going SE. In this square area you will see 3 stakcs of Defenders offering to "entice" other patrols. If you answer Cancel, they will simply disappear. If you answer OK, they will also disappear, but at the same time reveal 3 other small stacks of Defenders elsewhere, who will join you. However, it seems that Andreas will be attracted to the last stack of Defenders that is revealed, so talk to the south-most Defenders last, and Andreas will be attracted away from all of your primary interests. (Thanks to shep61.)

Go east and turn north, where you can visit a Siege Weapon Workshop (3). Buy an Ammo Cart to make your Spearthrowers happier than a drunk dwarf. There is a Red Keymaster Tent (red K) hidden inside a dead end. The corresponding Red Gate (red G) is located in the SW corner, locking away a friendly stack of Brawlers and an artifact. Try to get this stack of Brawlers before you exit the dungeon. They are quite helpful later.

Continue east, then south, and head for the prison. If you have learned Resurrection, you can easily flag all mines that you come across; there is one of each kind here. At least, flag the Sawmill just north to the prison, as you can always use some Charge rune magic. Also, just to the east you can encounter a quite-large stack of Spearthrowers (4) that always offer to join. Don't miss them!

At the start of Week 2, you will see a blue heroine emerging in the SE area of the surface -- Freyda! Isn't Freyda on her way back to the Griffin Empire? Or does C2M3 take place between C1M4 and C1M5? Anyways, you can watch Freyda ignore the stat boost, flag the gold mine, take over the purple town, and exit the stage from underground. She wasn't chased by Rolf or anyone, and she actually gained one extra town... By the way, it is impossible for Wulfstan to reach Freyda's quarter in this mission, so you may as well forget about the town and the DEF + 1 stat bonus.

When you reach the prison (2), a purple hero named Helmar is freed. You receive a secondary objective, which requires you to help Helmar "escape from these lands". This sidequest is completed as soon as Helmar reaches the edge of the map on the surface. There are multiple routes to the surface exit, and it seems that Helmar will pick an exit that is farthest away from Andreas' location. If you have made Andreas stuck at the NE corner, Helmar will pick the SW exit. In my two attempts of this mission, Helmar picked stairway I' (connected to I) in one, and III' (to III) in the other.

Helmar carries a small army of 20 Berserkers, so he can get killed by a larger neutral stack. If this happens you fail the sidequest, but the mission still continues. In order to safely escort Helmar, you have to defeat the road-blocking neutral stacks before Helmar reaches it first (and die). This shouldn't be too difficult as Helmar travels much slower than Wulfstan. After Helmar exit the stage, you receive 50 Berserkers as a reward. Great!

Your next objective is to take Town A, Merasgar. This Fortress town is garrisoned by a Renegade Haven hero, valeria. (Where did Lorenzo go? You can see him buried under a mountain in the SE corner, probably to keep the Red player alive.) valeria leads a fixed number (non-growing) of Haven army, plus a growing number of Fortress army. On heroic, there will always be 11 Champions, 18 Zealots, 15 Battle Griffins, 56 Crosbbowmen, 156 Enforcers, plus an increasing number of Magma Dragon and Defenders. (On easy, the Haven army is only about 1/4 of the above size.)

The number of Magma Dragon grows by 2 each week, starting at around week 3. If you assault the castle during Week 4, you will be fighting 4 Godzillas. On week 5 there will be 6. The growth rate of the Defenders, on the other hand, seems to be far more overwhelming. On week 4, I saw 220 Defenders, but on week 5 the number doubles to a whooping 440! There is little hope that you can outgrow this garrison from creature buildings.

Since valeria is a number of levels higher than you, and her skill choices are quite decent for a castle defender, this will be a very difficult battle on heroic, particularly because your Wulfstan isn't as good as you wish him to be yet. Your ranged units will be almost useless (click to see a screenshot). I had to restart the entire campaign in my first attempt, because I didn't pick Desturctive Magic. On my second attempt, I pulled through while losing the majority of my army. Here are a few tips:

  • Expert Destructive Magic + Ignite + Fireball: Most of your damage actually comes from Wulfstan's Fireball (plus its 1/2 defense effect). There is NO mana well within your last 10 days of travelling to Town A, so you have to work on mana conservation to pull out as many fireballs as you can afford.

  • Expert Light Magic + Master of something: Any Mass spell helps here. However, since you are going to kill the powerful Marksmen pretty soon with your fireball , Mass Deflect Missle is actually less efficient than another Fireball. Deflect Missle doesn't reduce the castle's tower defense. Resurrection (if you still have mana) might come in handy late in the battle.

  • There is a LARGE stack of Skirmishers to be picked up at (5). You have to defeat the Black Bear Riders guarding them, but it shouldn't be any problem for you. Besides, just north of the stairway I you can find 3 stacks of Tier-6 creatures (1 Warlord and 2 Thanes), but there is only 1 unit in each.

  • There are two Fountain of Fortunes, marked with (6). If you are lucky, you can pull out a +3 luck rainbow, which helps a lot in the coming castle assault. There is another obvious luck boost on your way to Town A.
When the range units inside the town started to die off under your fireball bombardment, valeria's formidable melee units will come out. Keep throwing fireballs at them, attack non-stop, and hope for the best!

When you finally take Town A, the red AI has probably built every non-creature building, plus the Magma Dragon structure (2 each week). It is great to walk around with these Godzillas. Be careful that they are immune to a lot of magics, including Resurrection, so once they got killed you lose them for good. At the same time, you also receive a new objective of "seizing the gold caravan". In essence, there will be a Red caravan travelling from the NE corner of the map (7), heading SW towards its destination (8).

Although the game objective doesn't specify a time constraint (one or two weeks, it says), you are actually quite pressed with time here. You will be reminded of the caravan's position on the road. In my game, the caravan took exactly 7 days to travel across the map. If you don't catch up and destroy it in 7 days, you die from the video tape's curse... er, you lose the mission!

There are quite a few stat boosts (blue (R)) to visit on the surface, plus it will be nice to level Wulfstan to the cap. It is impossible to do them all in 7 days, right? Actually, there is a way. Since Nival always patch up goodies in their script plus five extra unecessary penalties elsewhere, I am not going to say too much here. Take a look at the screenshot and see if you can figure it out. (I am glad that my caravan was blocked by a garrison back in Freyda's campaign!)

So, hopefully you now have enough time to explore, even though the Red Caravan has almost reached the exit. Don't miss out a new type of stat bonus, the School of Magic, which gives you one point of Spell Power or Knowledge. Also, there is a Dragon Utopia at (9) that you can pick up some Lv 4-5 spells that you have missed so far.

The Caravan of Gold does not carry a lot of units, so you can defeat it easily. Congratulations for winning this difficult mission!

Happy time, bear (beer) time!

TheMeInTeam at 2015-03-11 02:50 wrote:
I went into this one on heroic with expert logistics, only advanced destructive magic, and stuff like defense/war machines. Needless to say, it was quite the ride. I failed the escort mission getting too grabby on neutrals along the way, and the town was completely impossible to take on weeks 3 or 4; I just couldn't do any damage with spells that mattered. Restart? No, not right away, I'm a stubborn mofo.

So, I flagged all our creature dwellings, taking the gold mine at great expense too. I explored and cleared basically the entire map w/o taking the town, including just killing Andrei trivially after a while. I got the utopia cleared, giving me access to Armageddon and Implosion. But what really turned this map around is the tome of dark magic that spawned guarded by shadow/black dragons. It was great expense to kill those (had to spam defend and use hero attack directly on black dragons), but with a decked out hero with artifacts and access to puppet master, the 880 shieldguards are turned against the defender. The 25 magma dragons were handled with a bunch of implosions (killed 3 per hit). There is a war machine factory on the map so I had hundreds of spear throwers not letting up and 80+ bears. Because of Andrei's gold bag and the fact that only their magma dragons and shieldguards grow, I think it is possible to eventually win on creature dwellings alone, but even if it isn't you can restart the map itself until you get tome of dark magic or something with similar utility to win that fight.

In my case, obviously once I overcame such a fight with 200+ throwers still around (and nothing else lol) plus a level capped hero the rest of the mission wasn't exactly murderer's row.
Edited on Tue, Mar 10 2015, 22:51 by TheMeInTeam
vil2 at 2014-07-10 16:42 wrote:
2.1 Hard

After a few restarts, I managed to capture the town neither by rushing nor by waiting my time. The best for me was to balance between those two strategies (although I captured the town rather quickly).
There were no Dragons in the city, only Haven troops and Dwarves.
What did the trick is that I cast some foreballs on his ranged (I was low on mana and could only cast 3 maybe 4) but I let one Inquisitor alive so the enemy's troops waited inside their castle. That was I could easily wipe his griffins and Paladins with Wulfstan. Then I was a bit lucky and could finish his tough dwarves with my berserkers' ability.
After that, it's just about blocking the caravan and clearing all the map.
hprwhg12 at 2014-03-31 22:44 wrote:
2.1 Heroic

I am writing this after completing the next mission "The Brothers" and am having slight trouble with the Thane vs. Champions tactic. I believe due to mana.

It is all this missions fault. I would have had 12+ knowledge. I was level 16 exp rune/exp light/exp destruct/exp logistics/avd. war mach. with 2 Att /7 Def /10 Pow/11 Knldg rushing Val mid third week. Who knows what the next 6 levels would have given me plus the last knowledge stat?

But, NOOOO!!!!


Apparently, Circle of Winter/Freeze + Resurrect + Blind(scroll) + controlled ballistic + Meteor Shower with 110 mana does not perform as great as Fireball/Ignite + NO resurrect + controlled Ballistic with 70 mana

I had to restart THE entire Dwarf campaign. I am still bitter, and this being one mission afterwards too.

It is amazing the difference it made. I had less army by not having resurrect and stats were 5 Att/ 9 Def/ 11/ Pow/ 8 knldg. Again level 16 mid third week rushing Val. Not easy but won with still a throng of shooters.

It sucks that you are forced to go a certain route with leveling. I liked my previous set-up. It seems a bit rude. Nothing to do about it but complain to an empty thread. So i am ...lol. Good luck to all vs. val.
Wheeler Dealer at 2013-11-30 00:15 wrote:
2.1 Hard

I had trouble at the first. I never had enough wood or crystals to use the runes the way I wanted to. My first two missions had only gotten me to advanced destructive and advanced summoning magic with no level 4 spells! I had Fireball but not Ignite.

I sent all three stacks of defenders off to distract the patrols. I was never sure exactly what that did. Around the end of week one I was about to cross the bridge where the prison sign is and here came Andreas. I figured I was going to have to fight him, but that didn't work out so I reloaded and ran. He didn't seem too keen on chasing me and soon went back to whatever patrol route he was following.

I explored for a week improving my army and leveling up before I decided I had to make a run at the prison. Managed to get in and lead Helmar out without incident. Those 50 Berserkers were great! After a few days on the surface I went back underground and found the sawmill and crystal cavern! I never did fight Andreas.

Most of the mission I depended on my runelore to tip the odds. That and the crippling strike was how I kept my casualties to a minimum. There were a few occasions where I used trick of reloading and holding out a stack to change the random number seed. I don't much like doing that, but after taking some serious causalities in a battle where I was very unlucky (5 or six times my ethereal form didn't protect me and a dozen hits without one crippling strike) I reran the battle and left my defenders on the bench. Clean win, no casualties!

I pretty much cleared the entire map, got Summon Phoenix and Implosion from the Dragon Utopia just before I went after Valeria during week 2 of month 4. She had only red Haven troops along with about 600 Shieldguards. None of the creature dwellings had been built and the level one mage guild had not been constructed. Her army was pitiful compared to mine.

I spent the next few days building the Mage Guild to level 5 and one Creature building and it's upgrade. Then I went and chased down the caravan.

I had to pick my battles for a long time and I wasn't sure I had conserved my army well enough until I met Valeria and then I was sure I had been unnecessarily careful!

It was fun anyway!

ShadowLiberal at 2012-04-30 02:23 wrote:
Just replayed this mission on Heroic, with the TOTE's mod, and there were indeed lava dragons when I attacked this time, 30 of them, much tougher then the Haven army.

The first time I tried to beat the lava dragons down with everything I had, and I failed miserably.

The second time I kept my army back, only running in to kill the cavaliers that stood in the gate, and other men that passed the gate. While all this happened I cast firewall over the archers on my first turn, and then kept on using deep freeze on the lava dragons each turn.

Once the lava dragons were all that were left I sent all my melee units off in different directions, while Wulfstan continued to pound them with deep freeze, and my archers hit them. Eventually the lava dragons got close enough to one my archers that my bear riders were forced to fight. By that point the lava dragons were so weakened that I only lost 1/4 of my bear riders in their counter attack.

So in other words, it's STILL quite easy to take the town even if you sit around and wait for months.

ShadowLiberal at 2011-11-13 00:44 wrote:
Despite what this guide said I was able to explore the map and delay taking over the town for months, and than I easily won the siege. There were no magma dragons to fight, and only 700 shield guards. I did this on hard difficulty.

cjlee at 2010-06-18 21:53 wrote:
I had a very difficult time with this mission on Hard at first. Yet taking down Valeria was a breeze. My experience contrasts with everyone else who seem to think Valeria is tough but neutrals are easy. It had to do with the combo of skills my Wulfstan had.

For reasons beyond my control (i.e. bad luck), in my first two missions I was not offered any magic until level 9. By the end of mission 2 I was only at basic runelore, basic light and advanced destructive. I had only one destructive spell worth talking about, fireball.

My attack skill was what Maltz would probably call lower-than-miserably-low. SIX. My knowledge was pitiful also, at 6. Even with intelligence from enlightenment, I only had 90 mana max. Myspellpower was 14.

But what skills were they offering in the meantime? I got expert logistics with snatch.

So I started this map really badly off. Had to conserve mana, no resources to do rune of charge, etc. Every battle was very painful. My troops were cowering around the spear guys, who had to wait for enemy to get close as they had to conserve spears before I got the ammo cart. Wulfstan was carefully counting damage because he had such limited mana for blasting enemies.

I took the underground in a clockwise direction, so I had cleared the NW, NE and SE when I got to the prison. Helmar went NE, so I never went to the SW part of the underground.

When I got to the SE, I picked up boots of travel from area 4 on Maltz's map. Then I got the sawmill. Together with the 50 beserkers from Helmar, it turned the tide.

As you know, Snatch allows you to make many moves without using movement points. I was moving so fast that I managed to get to Valeria around Week 3 Day 4. That's right, even though Helmar emerged on the far NE of the surface, I even had enough time to rest and recover a bit of mana before attacking Valeria. I went to war against her with only 54 mana, but could have recovered more by waiting until Week 3 Day 7.

54 mana was more than enough!

Playing on hard, on week 3 Valeria has an army 3/4 the size Maltz faced, plus only 120 defenders and zero godzillas. All you need to decimate them is fireball!

I cast fireball only twice. Together with ignite and my beserkers, the enemy was destroyed pretty fast.

What made this map so hard during the first two weeks was the lack of wood and lack of a good offensive unit. (Six beserkers are not real offense compared to the enemy stacks you face.) What made it so easy to take down Valeria was my logistics skills. I know because I've played this on Hard before, maybe three years ago, and I got to the town in week 5 when the godzillas were a nightmare. Had to bunker down and use Wulfstan's hero attack to hurt the godzillas.

STRONGLY RECOMMEND: charge at top speed for this map. Don't waste time.
Edited on Mon, Jun 21 2010, 14:49 by cjlee

Shimdra at 2010-06-03 18:25 wrote:
Normal v2.1

While the defenders didn't seem to distract Andreas at all, he seemed to have no clear idea what he was doing and I managed to intercept him as I escorted Helmar out the Northeast exit.

I didn't spend any time collecting stat bonuses or visiting any Utopia since my army wasn't getting any bigger and I knew a town was sitting far away that I had to take. When I got there however the hero had a mediocre army consisting solely of Renegade units. In fact, the AI didn't even seem to bother building any unit structures.

I spent the next week trying for stat bonuses nearby, but had to skip the mercenary camp as the last of my movement points had to go into grabbing the caravan before it left the map, merely half a day away from the camp.

Also: are there prisons nearby you recruited these heroes from? The tavern from the town won't allow me to hire anyone.
Edited on Thu, Jun 03 2010, 14:27 by Shimdra
Dstr at 2010-03-12 20:18 wrote:
on Heroic:

I didn't take ANY magic skills and I DIDN'T restart the campaign. I'm sure after the second try I would have restarted and taken distructive magic :)
I'll tell you how I did it. My skills were: logistics, attack, luck, defense and leadership (I already used to choose it in H3 - unfortunately it distructive was a better choice as you stated :(). My troops: 50 bersekers, 135 spearwielder, 133 skirmishers, 28 bear riders, 67 brawlers, 92 defenders, 2 thanes. I had NO MORE!! than 10 defenders casualties before fighting Valeria, this is very important and there were some battles.... I took all artefacts on my way to the town (3+3=6 spellpower and +50% to cold spells-> ice bolt was doing 342 damage ;)) I took the North road after having joined the skirmishers, directly to the castle so that Valeria's troops not raise to more than 4 Magma + 220 defenders.
I didn't attack Andreas as he had a very big army and this leaded to important casualties..... He was stuck in NE corner as you said.
When fighting Valeria i was keeping casting ice bolt on marksmen first, killed 25 once ;). I didn't killed all the ranged units, I left about 15 zealots and started to kill infantry... champions, and defenders etc. They were staying behind the walls waiting to be killed :)))) stupid AI...
Valeria had 4 Godzillas and 220 defenders ;). I killed the Godzilla stack with skirmishers ... I had 90 spell points... letting me cast ice bolt for 13 times. Unfortunately zealots blinded the skirmishers and I had to use cleansing in the beginning of the battle.
anyways... it a very very hard mission ;)
oh, another thing: I didn't use any rune :) I had only charge , berserking, magic control and exorcism... my infantry defended the skirmishers.
i'm sorry I didnt play H5 earlier... I din't know it was so captivating ;) I could share ideas with you all. thanks all of you, I'm very happy with winning this without magic skills.
Edited on Thu, Jun 16 2011, 13:17 by Dstr

Grail Quest at 2009-07-27 16:16 wrote:
Update - SUPER easy on Normal. I reach the castle after leisurely reaching the level cap and visiting all stat bonuses and after having half my army smashed in the Dragon Utopia shortly after exiting the underworld.
Valeria had 36 Crossbowmen, 5 Champions, 7 Battle Griffins, 106 Brutes, 10 Zealots, and war machines. Didn't bother to hire even when I approached within sight of the castle and ran out of MPs so that I had to attack next turn. Month 3, Week 1, Day 5.

Grail Quest at 2009-07-27 03:01 wrote:
I'm playing this mission in ToE using a mod, and so far I think the defender stack is a script error, because it looks like you are meant to follow Helmar out East, go NW and smash your army against the Dragon Utopia, pick up the Magma Dragon and carefully fight with magic (plus whatever troops you resurrected after Dragon Utopia) using the Rune of Res if you have it). Continue NW and go back down. Surprise surprise, you see the Red Tent nearby. Grab the key, go south. After several weeks, the dwellings you flagged now have tons of troops. Buy them, grab the Berserkers behind the keytent, re-emerge SW. Lots of troops here to collect, although you may run out of army slots. Pick them up, explore more, finally waste your army again in the NW city.
Playing it this way right now, hoping for the best. Anyone else tried this?

Banedon at 2008-02-26 12:51 wrote:
I did this campaign easily after failing the first time (way too large Defender stack then). Wonder how wimfrits coped with the 440 Defender / 6 Godzilla stack...

Anyway the easy way to win this mission is speed, as it almost always is. Proceed as normal, but before trekking down to Helmar save the game (so as to see which direction Helmar runs in). If Helmar goes East, clear the stack guarding the underground passage first. After that, free Helmar, grab the Brawler stack (southwest) and run direct to the town. Take dwellings if they're nearby, but arrive ASAP.

In my game, if I remember right, I reached the town in the third week with a turn to spare. Helmar got himself killed by the stack guarding the underground passage, which I didn't clear (I cleared it, only for the stupid I-freed-Helmar-but-the-game-says-I-didn't bug to bust me), so no 50 Berserkers, but nevermind. Andreas got a little too close, so I beat him (with Fireball, it was no problem). Arriving early the army I faced was much smaller with just 2 Godzillas - crucial, since they're immune to Fireball so you have to physically attack them with Wulfstan. The battle was easy enough that Quick Combat won it for me. After that it was just Magma Dragons + Armageddon.

I had a pretty horrible build with Wulfstan, having gone for the Fortress ultimate (still didn't manage to reach it though), so I believe this can be done by anyone with Destructive Magic. I did get lucky though and found a Phoenix Fire Cape right from the start. I suspect however that the first artifact near Wulfstan's spawn augments one of the elements Cold, Fire or Lightning, so restarting often enough should be no problem.

PS: Your walkthroughs are excellent maltz, I refer to them a lot ^^
Edited on Tue, Feb 26 2008, 07:51 by Banedon
Naki at 2007-12-22 21:42 wrote:
Um, you have missed putting number 9 on the map (the Dragon Utopia).

Also, it would be nice to mention that the Dragon Utopia resets its state after some time, so you can visit it again to get more spells/etc.
The first time I visited it, it gave me just Town Portal + Armageddon.

But the second time, it gave me the much the better Implosion + Resurrection.
yeppados at 2007-11-01 03:42 wrote:
I did it on heroic and i got dark sorcery and destructive with ignite.
I found impossible to beat the town before exploring the map.
The defending hero army doesnt increase except for magma dragon and defenders. But exploring the map you will get a lot of stat points, a lot of army, a lot of artifact and by visiting the dragon utopia some missed spell.
Nearby the castle i had always the crown of sar-issu who gives +6 knowledge...
The battle tourned so very very easy having the puppetted enemy defenders attack the magma dragon and being halved ...the rest was fireball and about the magma dagon you can kill one each tourn by simply hitting it ith your hero orjill two with implosion.

wimfrits at 2007-05-28 05:48 wrote:
Very detailed walkthrough, good job!

Just played the map and have a few comments:

- the defender stacks that can entice the enemy patrol do not exactly 'disappear' when clicking cancel, they join your ranks. Enlisting 2 and letting the 3rd stack to entice the patrol is probably most efficient.
- taking the town may be tough, but all stacks are expendible at that time anyway since the town can reinforce your ranks sufficiently. The 440 defender / 4 godzilla army could be defeated with only spearwielders, skirmishers and defenders deployed although it was a tricky battle. It would be easier (though more costly) when deploying all units.
- As for the bonuses in 7 days; I think it does not need to be an issue; maybe only when Helmar does not pick exit number III. The 2 boosts in the NE section are far away from Merasgar, so if Helmar picks exit I or II, the player should pick up the 2 boosts in the bottom left part of the map before capturing Merasgar. If Helmar picks exit III, things are easy. Simply take the road passed the 2 boosts and the dragon utopia (and the joining magma dragon) instead of the direct road to the bridge. It requires just a little bit more movement, but not much since it also brings Wulfstan past a fresh pair of stables.
- I found that caravaning in units from the underground dwellings directly after capturing the town disrupted the gold caravan for a couple of days due to the narrow bridge (which might actually be an easier way to block it if necessary). Frustrating in my game, since Wulfstan was picking his nose for a week while the caravan went back and forth :/
merkantini at 2007-05-08 11:09 wrote:
Help, I am stuck too :(
I free Helmar from the prison but I do not get the Objective Complete nor the secondary objective to let him escape. He walks till one of the exits but does not climb up, after three weeks I get the Game over screen :(
Why does this happen? From what I saw mfisherman55 had my same problem. I have already killed Andreas, maybe this is the reason? Anyone can confirm this bug or has a way out of it? Your help will be greatly appreciated, thanks! :)

Yup, confirmed the damn bug :( You kill andreas before freeing Helmar, you get stuck forever, you don't get the objective complete and in 3 weeks you lose. I reloaded an early save game where I still had to kill Andreas, went straight to the prison and got the Objective Complete and the Secondary Objectives as normal :(
I hope this will help someone else in my same conditions :)
Edited on Tue, May 08 2007, 04:18 by merkantini
Janitor at 2007-04-23 16:52 wrote:
I used a different technique to capture Merasgar on heroic. My hero had Dark and Summoning (worthless with no spells accumulated) Magics. When I hit the fortress at Week 5, as you suggested, I did not stand a chance with a weak hero and small army so I decided to explore the map to increase my stats and army. This worked. On Day 5, Week 4, Month 3 I hit the castle with 380 Defenders, 425 Spearwielders, 118 Skirmishers, 97 Bear Riders, 41 Brawlers, 50 Berserkers, and 2 Magma Dragons. My hero stats were Attack-17, Defense-17, Spellpower-14, Knowledge-13 and 4 each for Morale and Luck. I was also aided by gaining Puppet Master from the Dragon Utopia in the Northeast corner and the generous gifts of artifacts from around the map. Even so, the battle was brutal. By that time the defender had accumulated 660 Defenders and 20 Magma Dragons. Wulfstan survived with just 238 Spearwielders. Is it possible the author designed the map for town capture late in the game to give Wulfstan a chance to level up?

By the way, Maltz, your walkthroughs are exceptional and your effort is geatly appreciated.

Ar.Pi at 2007-03-22 15:24 wrote:
Very good and interesting to read walkthrough, good job!

But why every1 say that when you Cancel for the 3 stacks of defenders they disappear and nothing happens? They actually join you and there is 11 in each stack which makes for a nice 33.
mfisherman55 at 2007-03-18 08:58 wrote:
help the prisoner just stands at the bottom of the stairway out and i have killed everything in the way. what is the secret?

Sir Charles at 2007-02-28 22:35 wrote:
The hero in Town "A", Valeria. A nod to the webmaster of Age of Heroes? I would guess so. If they want to honor someone from that site however, Sfidanza would've been a better choice IMO.

maltz at 2007-02-28 00:08 wrote:
Ok thanks a lot! I'll update the walkthrough now.
shep61 at 2007-02-27 20:32 wrote:
Maltz, good job, again. One item you missed. The three stacks of defenders in the beginning actually serve a different purpose than you mention. When you say "OK" to them, they will actually attract the Andreas to a specific location on the map and he will be stuck there forever (unless you get too close to it). If you say cancel, nothing happens. If you say OK to more than one, the last one you touch will be the one that attracts Andreas. You must have said OK to one of them the second time you played, as it worked! The three stacks correspond to three different locations in the underground. The top one will send Andreas to the North area where the stat booster and war machine factory are. I don't recommend that one, since you want what is up there. The left one will send him to the SW corner, where the red gate is. I don't recommend that one either, since you want what's behind the red gate. The one on the bottom sends him to the East end, near the stairs there. That's the one I use, as it gets him out of the way.

Also, Helmar's escape route is influenced by Andreas' location. If he's in the North, Helmar goes to the East stairs. If Andreas is in the East, Helmar goes to the SW stairs.

Lastly, if you have Resurrection and Fireball w/ignite, I usually attack Andreas before I leave the underground. He has some very useful artifacts and usually he's fairly easy to defeat with minimal losses. That's personal preference, though.

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