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I don't care.
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Celestial Heavens  → Map Submission

by Angelspit

Celestial Heavens hosts a large collection of fan-made map for the Heroes of Might and Magic games.

How to submit your map:

  • The map needs to be for Heroes III-VI, including their various expansion packs and mods.
  • The map needs to be in English.
  • The map needs to be playtested by at least one other person.
  • The finished map needs to include a readme file (suggested template) with the tester's email address included.
  • Also, include minimaps and a screenshot along with the map.

If you can't find a tester, ask for some help in the forums or use our maptesting service. That requirement is meant to increase the odds of having an error-proof map upon publication, even if further updates are often necessary. We reserve the right to reject or remove from the database any incomplete or unplayable map, or any map that contains inappropriate content.

Once your map meets all requirements, email the ZIP file to the address below:

Please allow up to a week for processing. During peak periods, all maps enter a queue to grant all new maps enough visibility on the front page. To speed up the publication process, include the minimaps and a gameplay screenshot of your map in your message.

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