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Features → Walkthroughs  → The Warlock → The Expansion

by Maltz

Map 2 - The Expansion
Size - Very Big
Level cap: 18
Carry Over: Raelag & Shadya

This mission is not difficult, but the next one (the Cultists) is one of the maps that most frequently results in cries for help, especially after patch 1.2. Therefore, your primary goal here is to build a powerful Raelag to pull through what's coming ahead.

Spoiler: view a screenshot of the surface
View a screenshot of the underground

From now to mission 4, Raelag will always start with a small army, but he is going to face rather powerful AI heroes and neutrals quite early. A might-oriented Raelag is not going to turn the tide, unless you lower the tide (via difficulty level) yourself.

An effective warlock must have either Destructive or Summoning magic. You don't have to get both as their function overlaps, and you can only cast one spell per turn. Reaching Expert level and spells in either "the Red" (destructive) or "the Green" (summoning) in this mission is your top priority. Another skill that might boost your hero later is "the Yellow" - Light magic. Resurrection helps tremendously in the next mission if you start with it, and it will also make the Warlock campaign finale an one-sided massacre. (You can learn lv 5 Light and Dark magics on this map only via the Dragon Utopia and the Mage Vault.) Besides, all magic heroes should seriously consider "the Blue", Sorcery, for the quick and cheap spells of mass destruction.

Prior to patch 1.3, Warlock's Luck does NOT affect Empowered spells, so the entire Luck skill was not very useful for a magic hero. However, patch 1.3 changed everything -- now it is fully possible to have Warlock's Luck triggered on top of Empowered spell. Warlock's damage output never went up this high before, and neither did their mana cost -- Patch 1.3 boosts high-level destructive magic's mana cost to almost 200%, and they slashed Meteor Shower to be exactly the same power as Fireball, just bigger in area!!

Starting bonus: The minotaurs gives you more confidence to rush out early.

The picture on the right is a sample Raelag build on patch 1.3. Enlightenment would be very helpful to increase Raelag's mana count for the insane mana cost now. However, Light (Resurrection) helped me so much in the later missions.

Before you do anything, if your Raelag does not know Meteor Shower yet, you should make it happen now. If your level 4 magic guild offers Chain Lightning, you can easily restart the mission and try again. If you opt for the Summoning route, then you really need Summon Elementals.

Your starting area is on the NW of the underground portion, with a nicely-built town. There are three more dungeon towns out there, all underground and controlled by the orange player. The closet town is to your east. You can reach there only through the paved road on the ground level.

You can either make a counter-clockwise circle to flag various mines first, or directly rush out with the stairway in the middle (green A). Flagging mines does not make a big difference as your town is well-built already, but it might give your Raelag a few more levels, to obtain some useful feats so it is worth the delay.

A nice battle trick for a powerful warlock like Raelag is to deploy only Deep Hydras. Keep them waiting to give them more turns to regenerate lost HP. These creatures soak up a huge amount of damage, which should give you enough time to wipe out the neutrals. While fighting slower enemies, you can deploy only the blood furies, and let them run back and forth on the battlefield, so Raelag can pick the creatures out slowly to conserve mana.

In the middle of your HQ is a Seer's Hut (1). Visiting this hut triggers the mission of brining the Tear of Asha back to your starting town, and building the corresponding structure. Throughout the map you will find a total of six obelisks, each revealing a small portion of the map. This quest is the last step of this mission, and your priority now is to take care of the orange player.

Just NE of the hut is a Tan tent. Throughout the patches (as of patch 1.3) this tent does NOT match the only gate (Red) offered on this map, so you will never be able to pass the gate even if you have obtained the key from this tent. Fortunately, there is nothing important beyond the gate; just you get an idea of how insightful Nival is.

The (A) stairway takes you to ground level. You will see a two-way portal nearby, which leads you to an obelisk (yellow O1) in the east. You don't have to visit it now as you will need to visit several more to point you to the Tear.

You have a choice of route here. It is faster to go east, and turn south. The mana well at the intersection is very useful, as you can summon creatures from down below. Defeat the garrison (2) to the south (no unit loss for a Hydra-only army), and keep going on the paved road. You will pass a witch hut on the side, and eventually hit an intersection with a stable (3).

Sooner or later you will encounter orange heroes. If you have a Destructively oriented Raelag, your units are just there to soak up a few hits. At (3), turn north and rush towards the stairway (B). You will soon see the first orange dungeon town. It is yours now!

Once you take the first orange town, a few things happen. First, you will be joined by a female Dungeon hero, Shadya, in your starting town at the beginning of the following turn. You might suspect she is actually someone with Agrael... anyways, Shadya's real identity will be revealed in the last (Wizard) campaign. If you haven't flagged the mines surrounding your starting town, Shadya can do that for you now. Shadya suffers from low spellpower and a rather-useless special ability, so she needs an army more than Raelag. You can send Shadya out to exchange armies with Raelag whenever convenient.

Shadya is going to stay with you all the way to the last Warlock mission and show up briefly in the last campaign, so it is beneficial to train her to help Raelag. Even though Shadya says she is good at assassination and some other dirty works, she always comes with Destructive, Dark and Defense. Sorcery is a no-brainer, and the last slot is up to you. If you are playing on patch 1.3, you can go for Warlock's Luck.

A second change is that the orange AI is alerted by the loss of their first town, and will now attempt to send out "messengers". The messengers are essentially their current and future heroes, who will try to make a run to the north edge of the map, through the intersection (3) and the garrison (2). Sometimes, they take the west route at the intersection. Each escape of these "messengers" means the permenant disappearance of themselves, but they will bring in a moderately-powerful yellow army at (4).

A third change is that somehow the next AI town (the middle-west one) will be fully built in a very short time, probably instantly. On patch 1.3 heroic, I noticed that the AI is becoming very good at building towns - so all of them are fully built when I paid a visit (and I didn't take longer than in the previous patches).

So you face a dilemma here. Do you take care of the messengers, or take the next town first? Don't forget that you have Shadya to share the work. You can dump all good armies to her, so she can take care of the messengers for you. Your Raelag should be able to take towns with very little loss now.

With time, you will eventually take all three orange towns, and defeat the yellow heroes, if any. You can then take your time to tour the map and pick up various stat bonuses. Stairway (E) takes you to a Dragon Utopia (5) underground. By defeating the guardians you can learn some level 5 spells if you are eligible (having Expert level on the magic skill). For example, my Raelag in the above picture learned Resurrection and Word of Light from the Dragon Utopia, and Shadya in the picture learned Puppet Master and Curse of Netherwind from the Mage Vault. These buildings also refresh themselves every few months, so as long as you reached Expert proficiency, you can eventually learn all the lv 5 spells.

I have marked the locations of all six obelisks (O1-O6) on the map. One of them requires you to travel underground (stairway F), and the other requires you to defeat a SW garrison (6). You can rescue an interesting Necro hero from the prison nearby. After revealing enough maps, you should be able to make a good guess of where the Tear is by planning long hero trails, and check whether the planned trail is on your puzzle map. If the trail shows up on the puzzle map, then you have narrowed your search area. Dig up the treasure and take it home, and you win this mission!

If you have serious trouble figuring out where the tear is, I've marked Red X on the locations where I found my tears, during my 4 runs of this mission.

stachnie at 2014-07-15 11:39 wrote:
Patch 1.6, Heroic. My top priority was to get Expert Light. Instead of Warlock Luck I took Enlightenment and Intelligence.

A little advice: take gold, check the Artifact Merchant (I restarted if there were no good arties like Bag of Endless Gold), build Shadow Witches and upgrade them ASAP, clear nearby underground and with a 2,5 week army (starting one + hire at the beginning of the week + 2 next weeks) attack town B. I visited Stables near the beginning of the week and attacked Town B at the beginning of turn, so I had enough time to come back to the crossroads just on time to block the way for enemy heroes.

After Shadya arrived with reinforcements, I had given her all Hydras and Minotaurs plus 1/4 of the other troolps and send Raelag to explore. Unfortunately, I went in a wrong direction (to the empty Utopia) but Shadya blocked the way for enemies and gradually levelled. Once I had to hide her in town B and dispatch enemy hero (Kythra) with Raelag. The battle was very tough, at the end I had only 10 Shadow Matriarchs left, but I got some good arties (Armor of Forgotten Hero, Dragon Teeth Necklace and so on).

Now I am in a good position to win - Raelag is knocking the door of poorly defended Town C, Shadya guards the central crossroads with a huge army of Hydras, Minotaurs plus some reinforcements from towns A and B, the strongest enemy heroes have been defeated - I hired one of them (Eruina) in the tavern... and she had the Ring of Speed!

gsandro1 at 2013-10-05 12:14 wrote:
Hi, I replay this campaign on Heroic 1.6, for your info the Mage Vault is located underground very near to entrance D and Dragon Utopia underground next to entrance E, they both refresh every few months.

ShadowLiberal at 2012-12-05 04:20 wrote:
Just tried to play through this mission on 'Champion' difficulty, in a mod to make the campaign's tougher. Bottom line, DO NOT LET A HERO ESCAPE.

I just lost an entire night's worth of work, because Yellow's hero kicked Raelag's butt with 6 black dragons, 57 Grim Raiders, 200+ assassins, and 21 Shadow Matriarchs.

In order to stop the heroes, make sure you have a hero with a decent sized army ready and waiting, since Raelag will pretty much always lose the race to stop the first hero, because it involves too much travel time.

Edit: Replayed that fight the next day and manage to beat the yellow hero, but he took one hell of a HUGE chunk of my army, as in I literally had nothing but two dozen assassins and 23 Hydras left. It was enough to keep advancing and take out Orange's most powerful heroes though. Still would have been easier to avoid having Yellow spawn in the first place
Edited on Wed, Dec 05 2012, 22:02 by ShadowLiberal
Zefix at 2012-09-11 02:05 wrote:
Lvl 18 and not a single Knowledge-Point besides the one from my Town - Love you "Random Seed" -.-
Even with my luckily bought Dragon-Eye-Ring 30 Mana is ridiculous

Enough of w(h)ine - running out of cheese ;) Thank you Malz for your great work with all that walkthroughs - informative AND fun to read. Great job

cjlee at 2012-04-26 18:08 wrote:
I strongly recommend NOT taking minotaurs. You start out with a nearly-fully built town (with the critical blood fury and deep hydra upgrades) and there is a sawmill within half a day south. You don't need troops and you don't need wood.

As you have an artifact merchant, I recommend you use (and abuse) it to the max. I actually was offered the -2 morale ring of broken will and the +2 luck golden horseshoe first time round. But as they cost 12000 together, I decided to restart and choose the 2000 gold - and was offered total crap instead. Just my luck as usual!
VAMPSVSZOUNDS at 2011-12-08 18:56 wrote:
The 3rd town(the one closest to the middle of the underground map) is the only one that's really dangerous.By Month 2 Day 2,when I visited thewm,they had 4 castle troops of tier 1-7 upgraded troops.I was lucky to escape the fight with 2 Deep Hydas,just because the enemy sent 3/4 of his army on a weak Inferno(Deleb) hero,which I defeated with ~10 Hydras left,and another one for which I had no mana left which I killed with 2 Hydras left.To my delight the enemy didn't have any army-full heroes to hire.I probably would have died had the enemy camped in the castle,or even if he just sent his full army with one hero.

ShadowLiberal at 2011-09-28 02:50 wrote:
Just a tip I didn't see mentioned here. Once you've captured 3 of the 4 towns, just charge towards the 4th.

Once you capture the 4th town all the enemy's heroes just disappear. I beat a barely guarded town #4 on hard when the computer's strongest hero was 1 day away from recapturing the SW town.

Shad0WeN at 2010-05-04 22:02 wrote:
- You can't hire any more heroes from any tavern once you already have 4. It is possible to get 5 or even 6 heroes if you already have the normal maximum when you get Shadya and/or the hero from the prison in the Southwest corner (a level 16 Necromancer Vladimir in my game) -- NOTE that although he comes with 2 great artifacts, the Ring of Sar-issus and Shackles of the Last Man, they unfortunately cannot be transferred to another hero =( he does have expert logistics though

- There is a ton of experience on this map and it is quite easy to hit the level cap with both Raelag and Shadya long before you could clear the entire area

- As far as what order to conquer the enemy castles goes, start with the Northern one first, then the Western one, and finally the last one in the Southeast.

- In my game the Tear of Asha was in the SouthWest corner of the map. To the left of O4 is a sawmill, and right below that a crystal mine. The tear was buried on the road directly between the two.
Edited on Tue, May 11 2010, 04:48 by Shad0WeN
Abruzzi at 2010-04-05 06:40 wrote:
The FAQs from Maltz are much better than those put for the other campaigns, its somehow fun and filled to read them.

Elvin at 2007-08-27 16:16 wrote:
I think all adventure locations are refreshed after one month.

Grail Quest at 2007-08-27 15:12 wrote:
Surprisingly straightforward and easy mission on Heroic, after an impossible Mission 1.
For the bonuses, I would go with either Cash or Wood. If you start by going the southern path from your castle, you will largely not have to worry about wood at all, so the cash could come in handy very early to buy a few extra troops or a nice artifact.
Skill offerings were very poor, and I didn't develop the Racial skill as much, but you can play a might-based army if you take Master of Ice, as you can delay enemy actions with this, especially with Circle of Winter, to hit ranged units (usually grouped together).
If money is tight, do not bother buying Minotaurs as they are generally useless. In longer fights, they might get to hit something once. In a siege, they are more or less completely useless, as the enemy AI won't bother targeting them anyway. You might try to use them as cannon fodder by fielding them exclusively and winning with Magic. This way, you can conserve your more valuable Blood Maidens and Grim Riders.
Resources were overflowingly plentiful, so don't forget to convert them to cash for buying troops. Your starting castle is almost fully built already, and so will the AI castles. They will also buy a lot of artifacts, so you may want to hold off and buy troops instead, unless the artifact has stellar utility.
If you want to use the Hydra-Regeneration tactic, remember not to take your Ballista with you (unless you can control it with War Machines).
The Dragon Utopia and Mage Vault refreshes after a few months?!
akulah at 2007-08-18 10:39 wrote:
Edited on Fri, Aug 24 2007, 07:11 by akulah
Rymbeld at 2007-08-13 02:06 wrote:
I found the tear without too much trouble, but it did seem harder than in HOMM3, with the 3d graphics and everything, and not knowing what orientation the camera should be at. Mine was on the road newar the Haven outpost, just beyond the garrison.

winterfate at 2007-07-02 21:23 wrote:
Welcome to the forums Baladain! ;)

Well...it's been a while since I've played the original version of H5...and I can't say I ever had any trouble finding the Tear myself. It took me a while, but I found it in my first play-through.
Baladain at 2007-07-02 21:15 wrote:
Man, I hope someone reads this still.
I am totally stuck.
I have turned this map into a lunar landscape looking for the tears.
running ver 1.5
http://www.glss.biz/per/puzzle.JPG - puzzle map
http://www.glss.biz/per/x1.JPG - X near center of map
http://www.glss.biz/per/x2.JPG - X near right of map.

Anybody? HELP!!!

aaelgr at 2007-05-05 11:45 wrote:
'Just NE of the hut is a Tan tent. Throughout the patches (as of patch 1.3) this tent does NOT match the only gate (Red) offered on this map, so you will never be able to pass the gate even if you have obtained the key from this tent.'
In Patch 1.5, the tent does now match the border guard.
Annoyingly, Empowered Spells hasn't been offered to me, and I've done these two maps three times trying to get it. Suggestions?
Edited on Sat, May 05 2007, 04:46 by aaelgr

windjaz at 2007-04-11 00:25 wrote:
I've searched all around O2 and the red X on the right hand side of the map. I can't find the Tear - the other red X over to the left doesn't even come close to my puzzle map. I need help!! How can I post my puzzle map for some help?

Mardon at 2006-12-04 11:32 wrote:
Either I've done something wrong or I just have bad luck. I have reached the level cap and still just have basic destructive magic. Any ideas on what went wrong?

Great work here btw!
Edited on Mon, Dec 04 2006, 04:32 by Mardon

Robenhagen at 2006-10-03 10:07 wrote:
is it possible to post a link to this page http://www.celestialheavens.com/viewpage.php?id=119 somewhere? that'd save some time

It's already there - at the top of the CH front (above the header) there's a a link named 'Walkthroughs' that'll take you straigth to the page ;)

maltz at 2006-10-03 08:35 wrote:
Yeah it is practically impossible to learn lv 4-5 Light and Dark spells in a Dungeon town. The game just doesn't allow it. You learn it from a Dragon Utopia, or a Mage vault.
wasdqwerty at 2006-10-03 08:31 wrote:
ive been trying darn hard to get light magic....still cant get it...anyway where would i get the resurrection spell? all the high level spells offered by dungeon mage guilds are all summoning and destructive

maltz at 2006-09-28 06:04 wrote:
If you post your tear picture then we may be able to look for it for you. So did you find the method described in the last paragraph of the walkthrough work for you?
Webdragon at 2006-09-28 02:58 wrote:
Nice walkthrough. It's a great help. Only got one BIG problem! - I can't find the Tear - no matter where I digg for it :-( so I'm unable to complete the scenario! I've spent like 5 hours JUST digging in the dirt!

Anybody who can give a more precise location of the Tear?

maltz at 2006-09-11 22:40 wrote:
> so, what do i do if i don't get light nagic offered to me?

Light magic is not a must, but if you insist, you should have done the "trial level up" at the beginning of a mission.

This means that you will activate the cheat console and give yourself a ton of EXP to boost the character to the level cap. (save the game first) Since the skills that will be given to you are decided by a random number generated at the begining of a mission, you will have a good idea of whether you can get the skill you want or not. If you don't, simply restart the mission and don't waste your time. If you do, load the save and proceed.

stijn at 2006-09-10 21:49 wrote:
is it possible to post a link to this page http://www.celestialheavens.com/viewpage.php?id=119 somewhere? that'd save some time
relvap at 2006-09-10 20:56 wrote:
so, what do i do if i don't get light nagic offered to me?

should i start over till i get it, or can i do without?
talking about the next missions, of course

maltz at 2006-08-28 04:37 wrote:
Yeah, in one of my missions the puzzle map even rotated 90 degrees (IIRC, C5M5).
ekowd at 2006-08-28 03:00 wrote:
I found the tear of asho twice in the surface near 02. It is on the path to E under the tree. The puzzle map is not clear because it is actually top view of the path (90 degree from suface) (which we cannot get on the game, the maximum veiw is I think about 60 degree from surface.
Hopefully ubisoft can solve this problem with making the pulzzle map in color and we can rotate/zoom in it.
Aceyalone at 2006-08-24 23:52 wrote:
Can someone help me find the Tear? I successfully cleared the upper and lower levels of the map (without using this walkthrough) but I still can't find where to dig for the Tear. The puzzle map looks nothing like the game map.
halfa222 at 2006-08-16 22:06 wrote:
Very nice job on the walkthrough, struggled thru it several times without one and having it now makes me want to cheer. Thanx much for ALL the walthrough's GREAT SITE

Lady Farquad at 2006-08-16 15:00 wrote:
Cheers! Big hug for you guys.

stefan.urlus at 2006-08-14 07:33 wrote:
well done guys, excellent effort from all involved

Psychobabble at 2006-08-14 01:21 wrote:
Great work on getting all the walkthroughs done... go team! :)

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