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I don't care.
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Features → Walkthroughs  → The Warlock → The Cultists

by Infiltrator

Map 3 - The Cultists
Size - Very Big
Level Cap - 26
Carry Over: Raelag & Shadya

This is a rather straight forward mission in the Warlock Campaign. Basically, you need to completely clear the map of the enemy SoulScar clan. Unlike the previous mission, this one puts you in a much more subdued position. You start out without a castle, and the enemy has seven (yep, seven). Obviously, it all boils down on how well you built Raelag in the last two missions. If you have leveled him nicely and have high Spell power with Expert Destructive Magic (and learned the high-level spells), Empowered Spells, and even Warlock's Luck (highly recommended for patch 1.3), then you will have a good time wiping out the enemy with Raelag's special ability.

Well, maybe not. On heroic, this mission is widely regarded as one of the toughest among all, simply because the AI heroes are bumped up a lot after patch 1.2. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to survive. If you are playing on patch 1.3, your mana runs out twice faster, but you might get a Warlock's Luck on your first Empowered Meteor Shower, saving your day. Resurrection s extremely helpful. Although it has been toned down in patch 1.3, you can still save up to 2/3 of your casaulties if you cast it at the right time (which is near the end of the battle).

Spoiler: view a screenshot of the underground

Let's start from the beginning. As always, three bonuses are available - 14 Assassins, 4 Dark Raiders and one Shadow Witch. I strongly suggest you pick the Witch as even though you start out with 1 Matriarch, the Witch will be useful as a secondary spell caster and as such be an easy choice amongst the three bonuses.

Shadya starts out with Raelag as well, and thankfully she has reinforcements. The Shadow Matriarch I mentioned above is just in front of you, so pick her up. Don't be too hasty with the Blood Furies, as they are hostile. Clear the Blood Furies now, such a waste. :( On post-1.2 heroic, especially 1.3 (where you use up mana very quickly) you probably want to fight them with Shadya, to save Raelag's mana for the real fight on the end of the day.

Transfer almost all units from Shadya to Raelag. You probably won't need her power for the first week at least (simply because you don't have enough troops). Your total army with Raelag should now consist of: ~80 Minotaurs, 30 Blood Maidens, 1 Shadow Witch, 1 Shadow Matriarch and 24 Assassins. Not much, but most of the damage output will be done by Raelag, if you intend to win this scenario.

Above you is a Hut of the Magi, which will reveal a small portion of the Surface. The war you are fighting will only take place in the underground, so why reveal a part of the surface? As you may have noticed, the Soulscar clan is aligned with the Demons, and they will continually send heroes (with increasing strength) to fight you. There will be a total of three waves, spawning as soon as you own 2, 4, and 6 towns. The demon Heroes will have to take the path which is revealed by the eye of the Magi, so this will serve as a warning system to you. The Demons will invade strictly from Point D marked on the minimap.

The enemy Warlock has 7 heroes who are relatively strong. Depending on difficulty, they will start with a moderate army with lv 18-19, or with a big army (which enables them to crush you on quick combat) with lv 22-23. Sooner or later they will come after you. On heroic, rest assured at least 6 of them will show up during the first two weeks, and the first one attack you on the end of Day 1, and the second on attack you on the end of Day 2!

Start by taking Castle #1. The enemy hero stationed here will come after you sometimes. Hopefully you'll fry everything else with Meteor Showers or Chain Lightnings before your units are killed off. Note that the units you deploy on the battlefield decides the random seed how the battle will go, so if you definitely cannot win a certain battle, try to hide some stacks, and maybe luck will come to your side. You should be able to take Castle #1 by the end of Day 2.

Now that you have one castle; it's essential that you secure the other one who lies just north-east in close proximity. Undoubtedly the enemy will have another high level hero waiting for you there as well. (or come to you directly when you hit End Turn this time) Hopefully you have enough mana left. You can quickly upgrade the wall and pray to Asha, if that boosts your confidence. If you are playing on a lower difficulty, then you actually have about a week of free time now. You can use Raelag to flag all mines to the south, and then take Castle #2 before the end of Day 1, Week 2 (so you can hire the fresh units from it).

From now on, every castle assault will look similar. You just need to feature some high-hp units to soak up the damage, while quickly use Meteor Shower and Chain Lightning to paint the floor with their blood. Once you have these 2 castles, you have a bit of breathing space, as the small peninsula is under your control.

Well, hold your breath on heroic. Your nightmare just started! There are still a handful of powerful heroes rushing straight to you, and they are not less powerful than the ones you've just beaten. The first wave of demon army will knock on your door on the third day as well! It is very likely that you cannot hold out both towns, even if you didn't really lose any significant army yet (learned Resurrection from mission 2?). You might need empty up Castle #2 and focus on defending Castle #1, which is much better built and profitable (as you should have put a capital in it). The demon army will take Castle #2 (and build it up a bit, until you take it back later rather easily).

On heroic, don't even think of going out with Raelag before you take out 6 mighty heroes (there are 7, but one usually gives up the entire army to another and go back to recruit.) Don't even think of flagging mines that are deep east. These powerful heroes are coming to you in a stream, and they will use up your mana (especially on patch 1.3).

The toughest hero is usually Lethos. His army is bigger than the others, and he likes to pay a visit to the Dragon Utopia on the way here. He'll usually get Implosion there, plus a handful of great artifacts to make him even harder to beat. If you are lucky, though, you can get the Emerald Slipper from him (50%+ on your Meteor Shower and Implision, can't beat this deal). Generally speaking, unless you can't make it back in time or you have no mana, always fight with Raelag. You will lose much less units with Raelag (because of his Intimidate special). <[>Your hard days will be finally over when you take care of the initial wave of assault. There won't be anymore in the short term.

If you are not playing on post-1.2 heroic, then take over whatever mines and resources lie around. Though you are separated by water, there are two portals (marked by red lines) which lead to your way, on the far corners of the peninsula. I strongly suggest you use Raelag for the conquest out there, but not give him all the troops. Raelag will gain troops from the castles he takes over, whereas you need a lot of defense for Shayda.

If you rush out with Raelag rather early (i.e. not on post-1.2 heroic), then whichever portal you take with Raelag, you can expect mighty heroes to come out of the other route. Another problem is the demons assaulting your towns. They will always teleport in the bottom-right corner, so your first two towns will be in danger. More reason to keep a good amount of forces for defense.

What is done and how it's done from here is almost just like in a normal scenario. You have to take over every castle. I marked the way I took on the minimap numerically, but depending on the AI decisions that may or may not be the best way. There are two "outer" castles on the edges of the map, two "inner" ones, and one stronghold in the northwestern corner. The stronghold is protected by a garrison, which should again, be no match for Raelag's magical arsenal even on heroic (where you will see a few dozens of Death Knights). Alternatively, if you are confident enough, just to a grand counter-clockwise tour of 6-3-7-4-5. On 1.3, your mana will run out after the garrison, so you probably have to take Castle #4 before #7.

Before you finish the mission, there are quite a few stat bonuses scattered around. There are five islands on the ground level; each can be accessed by a two-way portal in the underground level. Each island contains one stat bonus. One of them has a Witch Hut and another contains a Sylanna's Ancient (level up tree). There is also another confined underground area accessible from another two-way portal; there is a witch hut inside.

By the way, the Inferno heroes tend to ignore town 1 and 2 when Raelag is not around. So once you've secured one side of the portals, you can also send Shadya out to the other direction to capture towns. You should be able to squeeze the blue to only 1-2 towns left in the first month.

Once you have taken control all castles, victory will be yours! Congratulations if you beat it on post-1.2 heroic!


Ansive at 2014-12-26 21:09 wrote:
I wanted to try Summoning for the first time with this hero.
But when I got to the 3rd map I could barely beat the first two heroes on Heroic.
It seemed to me more broken than the Barbarian Campaign in Heroes 4 where you had to beat hundreds of Pirates and Scouts with almost nothing but the Level 12 Hero.
So I had to start over again, drop Summoning and also Logistics.

The goal for the new run was to get the Resurrection spell and the Intelligence skill. Sorcery would have also been nice, but I think Enlightenment is more powerful.
In the 2nd map I reached the Witch Hut at level 16 with Expert Irresistable Magic, Luck, Destruction and Defense. I also had Basic Enlightenment. The Witch Hut gave me Life Magic! I got Resurrection from the Mages tower.

In my opinion, one way to win this 3rd scenario is to get:
- meteor shower (you can do thousands of damage with a lucky empowered roll)
- expert luck with warlock's luck
- empowered spells
- enlightenment with intelligence for a huge bonus to both spell power and mana pool (most of the bonus stats will go into spell power and attack, note that intelligence does not boost the mana regeneration)
- light magic with resurrection
- boots that boost earth damage

One lucky meteor shower will have the enemy running scared most of the times.
Also, I think Enlightenment is somewhat bugged (in a good way), by the end of the game Raelag had 24 more stat points than Shadya (33% more!). Two points come from the Arena in the first scenario. And I would expect Enlightenment to give 15 stats by level 30. So 7 points are unaccounted for.
Wheeler Dealer at 2013-10-30 21:56 wrote:
Hard 1.6. I have been able to win when I played Heroic but all the reloading just gets too tedious. Maybe I'll have to try this one on Heroic to see if I really can win.

As it was, there were a couple of critical reloads on Hard for this Mission.

I was angling toward the Ultimate Skill so I took Destructive Magic, Sorcery and Luck for Raelag. I added Enlightenment to go with the curious Defense Raelag was given at the start. Shayda came to me with Destructive and Dark Magic along with the still curious Defense. I added Sorcery and Logistics. She never got Empowered Spells even at the end of this mission. That made her less useful than Raelag for big battles.

She led armies of creatures to fight and Raelag took large stacks of Hydras along to take punishment while he did his awesome destruction. Toward the end of this mission Shayda got Puppet Master and Town Portal from the Dragon building. A hired level 20 Hero got Scholar and that made everything much easier.

The second day I took a city. I was developing nicely, mines of all types and prospects of shadow dragons by week end when I was attacked on Day 5 by a strong army with a high level hero. Some emergency hiring and maybe a reload to get a good hero in my town and the Blue Hero retreated. Raelag followed and took the second city on day 1 of week 2, great timing!

Before I could even get comfortable, I was attacked at the second town. Another reload, first to attempt a defense and then to get as many creatures out of town as possible to join up with one of my principal heroes. The Blue hero left a small garrison and headed southeast. This allowed me to retake the city before a castle could be built and then hunt down the blue hero with pretty much all my troops commanded by Raelag.

I was told about now to watch out for the Demons but they never moved.

I split my forces and sent Shayda and Raelag to explore. Now Blue attacks again and I'm scrambling back to safety. At the beginning of week three I was able to hire a Level 18 Kythra. She took a stack of minotaurs and went exploring. She was eventually trapped but she ran and I hired her back.

About week 4 or 5 Shayda captured the SW city and I was feeling better. Then she got trapped down that dead end before the week turned so she couldn't hire reinforcements. At one point I had to roll back two days to get out of this and that wasn't a sure thing. She had retreated behind the city's castle walls, bought some emerald slippers to pump up her Meteor Storm and and nearly won. I thought the big stack of Minotaur Guards she had might live long enough, but they were too close to the gate and when it collapsed it was game over.

I replayed the battle hoping to keep the minotaurs out of melee longer. The first time around I thought I was very lucky that Lethos had grouped most of his troops in one corner and I was able to pound 5 of his seven stacks repeatedly with Meteor Storm. This time I substituted Mass Decay for the first Meteor Storm and it made all the difference!

There was one more tight spot. Shayda was on one of the islands when a blue hero with a bigger army came through the portal, the match-up was rated "hard". She Summoned 20 or so top level creatures and that swung the danger level to "low" and the next turn she won the battle.

After this it was downhill! Mop up was boring compared to the difficult start!

At first gold was always a problem. I couldn't hire the creatures my towns were spawning. I took gold from every chest for the first part of the game. Then when I got up to 4 or 5 towns then the concern became experience for Raelag and Shayda. For a long time I took only experience from chests hoping to get to level 25 and then go use the tree on the west island. Neither ever had to use the tree to reach level 26.

After Shayda got Puppet Master I sent her to finish off the last stationary demon hero. I think she got level 25 from that battle and Raelag who had recently made 25 was promoted to 26 when that secondary objective was met.

It was fun1 Dealer
Edited on Wed, Oct 30 2013, 18:03 by Wheeler Dealer
SteelPanther at 2013-05-27 09:58 wrote:
Not sure if this is a bug in the game, but playing with Normal difficulty (patch 1.6) the inferno heroes didn't move throughout the whole mission - I had to send Raelag up the south stairs to fight them

ShadowLiberal at 2012-05-01 22:49 wrote:
The main difference I've found in the difficulty in Heroes 5 is that the computer starts with more units, and that's it, they don't really play any better on Hard or Heroic.

That and starting with less resources, and neutral stacks being larger and growing faster.

It's because of this that you really NEED light magic in Heroic. When you're going up armies of 120+ assassins, 50+ blood furies and Minotaur's, and a sizeable number of raiders and hydra's, plus a hero with powerful destructive magic, there's really no other way to win but reviving your own men.

In Mission #3 early on both you and your enemy basically just have an army of meat shields, since both sides have very powerful heroes and magic. You may be able to win one or two battles if it's a race to deal more destructive magic or summoning magic damage the fastest, but after that you'll run out of meat shields, especially against armies of over 100+ assassins. Raelag and Shadya can only have so much power when you start this mission, and the enemy heroes start at higher levels then you do.

That's part of why Light Magic tends to be overpowered in campaigns, because you can preserve your army much better with it.

cjlee at 2012-05-01 17:33 wrote:
Hi Shadow Liberal

I appreciate your reply!

And I appreciate even more your praise! But it really wasn't hard (it was even extremely easy) to win on Hard difficulty without light magic. As I mentioned earlier, my Raelag and SHadya were both fully developed, meaning they had level 18, visited all stat bonuses, had all spells in their respective schools.

At the start of this map, my Raelag had no Summoning perks but was Master of Lightning (stun effect); my SHadya had two dark magic perks that I never used and Master of Ice which I used a lot.

On Hard, map was easy enough that I had Raelag hunt down Demon heroes for the challenge. (As you know, Inferno really loves an open battlefield so this was merely for extra challenge.)

I think one of the greatest concerns I have for walkthroughs is that sometimes they advise new players to depend on luck (not the in-game ability but the roll of the dice probability). It is very, very hard for Warlocks to get light magic and it is also an unnatural build that relies on access to mage vaults, dragon utopias and other castles in order to get light spells.

I feel a walkthrough writer is entitled to give whatever advice he likes, but it's not very helpful if his advice requires players to restart until an unusual ability or configuration is obtained. This map should be winnable on Easy no matter how badly a player built Raelag; it should be winnable on Normal for the average Level 17 Raelag with 1 expert spell school; it should be winnable on Hard for any Raelag at level 18 with 2 expert spell schools and all stat bonuses in previous maps. It should be winnable on Heroic if Raelag is a well built standard warlock (Destructive, Summoning, Sorcery, Enlightenment) in the hands of a good player like Wimfrits.

As I'm nowhere as good as Wimfrits, I don't consider myself entitled to win on Heroic. But when I lower the difficulty one notch and actual difficulty plunges to joke levels, it makes me shake my head and grouch.

Do you know that for Warcraft there are only 2 difficulty levels? Yet the game is extremely well balanced. I wish Heroes of MM could be just as well programmed.

The problem lies with the scripting. That which makes this map so hard on Heroic, makes it easy on other difficulties.

You get attacked too much early and too often. On Heroic that's fatal. But on Hard, once you survive the first two enemy heroes, you can counterattack and grab a second castle. That's because the first two enemy heroes are the guardians of the two castles nearest you.

The enemy is obsessed with Raelag so it won't take them back. And with 2 castles, you can outproduce any Demon attacker. Also, programming several more enemy heroes to attack Raelag in-castle is risky for the programmers. Raelag may be wiped out too easily to make this map winnable, but the enemy may also be donating free experience and free assistant heroes.

That's what happened to me. Once Raelag had 2 castles, I bunkered down and kept passing hydras and minotaurs (via Shadya Delivery Services) to Raelag. Raelag didn't have to hunt down the enemy alpha high level warlocks. He didn't have to penetrate the shroud and run the risk of being far away from home while the enemy attacked. He didn't even have to worry about a powerful enemy hero killing Shadya. Nival delivered all the high level enemy heroes on the map straight to Raelag's castle and they never bothered with Shadya cowering in a nearly empty castle. All Raelag did was sit tight as enemies made suicide attempts on his castle turrets. I even dragged out battles and lost extra troops so that I could target a perfect time to wipe out the enemy without him fleeing (i.e. cause enemy hero to abandon Blue's side and become hireable by me later).

This mission reminds me of a tadpole - a big head with pathetic tail. After the initially tense first 3 weeks, the mopup was pathetic. With 6 high level warlocks, it was a boring cakewalk. Very draggy since Raelag had to visit so many stat bonuses.
Edited on Tue, May 01 2012, 14:12 by cjlee

ShadowLiberal at 2012-04-29 02:38 wrote:
cjlee, on Heroic you really have no choice but to do a lot of reloading in the first 2 missions (and some cheating to see what skill offers you'll get so you know if you need to restart or not) and make sure you get Light Magic if you want to win on Heroic. Unfortunately you have only a 2% chance of getting it, so it can take a lot of reloading.

Too many enemy heroes have high level destructive magic (and high power & knowledge) and too much army for you to turn such overwhelming odds around on Heroic without Light Magic.

And you're right, lack of mana can be a big issue early on in this map. My last playthrough I took quite few causalities the day after I captured town #1, because another hero attacked Raelag before he could regain all his mana by resting in town. I only had enough mana to summon a phoenix and fire elements to win the battle, and the hero had destructive magic to get my units hiding behind the castle.

Congratulations on beating this mission on hard without Light Magic on either of your heroes though, that's not something that I've been able to do.

cjlee at 2012-04-28 06:34 wrote:
This is definitely the hardest heroic mission I've ever played. i am an experienced player with lots of 'black dragon' ratings from various campaigns on the hardest settings, and I am having a lot of difficulty.

Both my heroes were at max level 18 from past mission, with all spells. Raelag expert summoning and destructive; Shadya expert destructive and dark. Both never offered light magic, so that isn't an issue.

Problem was that I gave both logistics (it is my custom and has proven extremely useful most of the time). But expert logistics and pathfinding take up 4 skill points which could easily be given to enlightenment or spent on things like erratic mana.

Lack of mana is fatal in this map. I've fought it tons of times on heroic 1.6 and there is just no way I can win with my Raelag and Shadya builds. I've won this on hard before with the same Raelag build (logistics, summoning, destructive, sorcery, defense) but on heroic...


I prayed to the Deus ex Machina for help... also known as myself (since I am the God controlling things outside the Machine). Lowered difficulty to hard, and sigh. It became a cakewalk. Lethos was a laugh and the other enemies even worse. I found myself deliberately losing troops (ie dragging out the battle and not wiping out enemy ranged with fireball) because I was worried about them fleeing.

It is really very, very hard to script a map well enough to offer just enough challenge at each difficulty level. Looks like I have to admit this is one map I have never beaten on heroic.
Edited on Sat, Apr 28 2012, 15:30 by cjlee

ShadowLiberal at 2012-01-28 14:20 wrote:
I replayed this mission on Heroic, with the all campaigns in TOTE mod, and had a different experience this time around. First my builds.

-Summoning & Light Magic, Sorcery, & Enlightenment
(I found Destructive magic wasn't that useful on Raelag, so I went for Enlightenment for more power)
-Dark, Destructive, & Summoning Magic, Enlightenment.
(I found Shadya pushed onto the backburner & rather useless when I gave her Light instead of Summoning last time. I would have gone with sorcery instead of enlightenment, but it wasn't offered, but Enlightenment was by a witch hut)

First things first, Shadya can take out the throng of blood furies with no causalities by fielding just Minotaur's and using vampirism.

Second, for me the first demon lord moved and attacked me (perhaps because it's the TOTE mod), the other 2 just sat there and leveled up and gained more troops doing nothing.

I had Raelag invade town #2 with an army of 30 blood sisters, he won without causalities due to only 1 scout guarding the place. Once week #2 came Lethos and Grawl and both invaded town #2 at the same time, Lethos 1 day earlier then Grawl. Lethos had a HUGE army, rated 'deadly', and I was certain that Raelag was screwed with just 30 blood sisters and a week's spawn of the first 4 tier's of creatures, however I got REALLY lucky. Lethos decided once I was down to just 5 minotaur guards and summons to cut and run, even though he was probably just a few turns away from victory.

With Lethos and his 127 assassins, 50+ blood furies, and 70+ Minotaur's gone I was forced to abandon town #2 to Grawl since I could hardly take on his army of demons with just 5 minotaurs. I hired another hero at town #1 and sent them towards Raelag to give him town #1's reinforcements. Red took town #2 back from me, then Raelag took it back with town #1's reinforcements, fortunately Grawl was kind enough to build the dragon spire and buy up most of the artifacts for me, so I got a lot in return for losing town #2 for a day.

Next Shadya had to fight off another invasion at town #1 from Yrbeth with little more then a minotaur meat shield and summoned phoenix.

I seized a few more mines near my base and at the start of week #3 had to defend against Segref's invasion with Raelag. Then I sent Raelag to conquer town #4 the day before the next week began.

Week #4 I tried to go conquer town #7, but got lost along the way and realized I could only take town #3 before the week was up, so I seized it, causing the next demonlord, Deleb to come. Deleb had a moderate sized army but level 1 stats, and she didn't move.

At the end of week #4 I lost town #4, so I decided to take over town #6 next so the computer could attack me from fewer directions. I lost town #3 in the process, but not before shipping the entire week's growth off to town #1.

With town #6 under my control, and by now a large army on Raelag the counter attack was swift. Raelag's 30+ deep hydras were able to defend and regenerate (aided by regenerate spell and arcane shield) while summoned phoenix and elements killed everything. I seized town's #3, #7, & #4, and then left one of the computer's super heroes with a huge army standing outside town #5 while Raelag and Shadya leveled up to the max and got all the stat boosts.
Wolf13 at 2012-01-04 14:13 wrote:
Played this map on hard years ago and it was a bit challenging but OK.

Now with 1.6 I'm starting the campaigns on heroic and considering this mission as impossible.

I'm starting the mission and have two tough fights with the two first heroes, but it cost nearly all my starting troops, that I have left 6 Assasins and around 20 Minotaurus (beside the 30 Maidens, but they survive in a fight against another hero only 1-2 rounds).

It is day 3 and I captured the 2 towns, but the next blue heroe is awaiting north of the north town and on day 4 the next two heroes of blue are coming from the south with armies the size I was able to beat, but not without losses and my pool of troops is empty, that I can with luck win one battle, but not 3.
VAMPSVSZOUNDS at 2011-12-08 20:05 wrote:
right now,I have 3 heroes with ONE ASSASIN:Raelag,Shadya,and a secondary.Lol.Barely survived the Yrbeth fight,with 1 turn to spare.

edit:the second-last big hero clash ended in my victory with,you guessed it,1 assasin.This time though,I captured my 2nd town,and the demons are out too.However after this final hard hero is out,I'll be able to put up a decent fight,especially as I've hired Yrbeth,so now she can help out in mine flagging.
Edited on Thu, Dec 08 2011, 15:35 by VAMPSVSZOUNDS

ShadowLiberal at 2011-09-30 02:50 wrote:
Ugg, I'm having a really difficult time doing this mission on Hard in patch 1.6. I made a few big mistakes in building my heroes that are starting to cost me dearly.

1) I gave Raelag Destructive and Dark magic. Destructive magic helps some, but it's just not able to keep up enough, though Warlock's luck is starting to help some. The Dark Magic on the other hand is proving useless because #1 the enemy heroes stacks are too weak to bother puppet mastering or blinding or even frenzy. Also, #2, Puppet Master is giving me a much higher initative penalty then Markal had, I guess because Markal had more power then Raelag and Shadya? Either way, by the time my puppet mastered unit gets a turn I no longer have control over it.

2) I didn't give Raelag summoning magic, big mistake. Shadya got Summoning magic, and her phoenix is single handedly making her more powerful then Raelag. I've had Shadya clearing out creatures guarding mines with an army of 1 assassin and summons. You can't do that with Destructive and Dark Magic (though you can get close).

3) I skipped Light Magic on both Heroes, and the lack of creatures after all of these endless battles (and the constant destructive magic killing off my creatures) is starting to kill me. I'm close to week #4, and the computer still has 7 heroes according to the Tavern (though their strongest hero is now a low level wizard, so maybe the heroes are finally getting weaker), while I'm so low on creatures that I've been giving all but 1 assassin to Shadya.

4) Because I'm so low on creatures (see above) I never have the strength or the numbers to advance and seize one of the other 5 towns. I've tried twice already to send Raelag & Shadya (from different routes) to seize a town, only have to quickly turn around and flee back to my base when I run into an enemy hero moving towards my base on the same path (with a difficulty rating of hard).


I restarted my game, and took Light, Destructive, and Summoning magic on Raelag, as well as sorcery. This build was much more powerful. Raelag's Phoenix ripped through the small armies that the early heroes attacked me with, leaving him free to aid it some with destructive magic & resurrect most of his army before the Phoenix killed everyone.

I went with Light magic and Sorcery on Shadya, though honestly I think she would have been better with Summoning magic rather than Sorcery, her lack of the Summon Phoenix spell relegated her to defense until Month 2, when she had enough army to seize town's #3 & #6 while Raelag defended the area around town #4 & #7.
Edited on Mon, Oct 03 2011, 22:45 by ShadowLiberal
Abruzzi at 2010-04-05 09:32 wrote:
Weird, i only found 3 Islands above, and i searched the WHOLE underground, no more passports. Maybe this has been edited in Patch 1.5...

Peredhil at 2009-07-08 11:53 wrote:
You cannot use a memory mentor in Warlock campaign or anywhere else before ToE.Unless(not sure, just guessing) you're playing original campaigns in ToE version.

Heroic 1.6
The first 16 days were quite difficult;after killing all 7 magnificent warlocks,praise the Light(magic),the counteroffensive was swift and decisive.One bug-the first demon hero could not compute the path to my castle so he just stayed in the SE corner where he spawned.Subsequently his brethren did too.The same thing happened with first 2 necro heroes in C5M1;Finally Raelag came after the horned idiots and complete the secondary objective by killing all three.It did help a little(I used Shadya to take 1 town too),but it would have been manageable even without this bug.

And yes,Utopia gave Town Portal.Twice,to both heroes.
Edited on Sun, Jul 26 2009, 05:24 by Peredhil
Dharlee at 2009-07-08 04:54 wrote:
I notice that (at least on an easier game like mine) because of level limits you cannot learn Town Portal in the previous scenarios and in this one you can't (so far at least) build a lv 5 mage guild. So no hope of learning TP yet it seems. Also in my game Destructive magic was never offered so I had to go with summoning. I sure hope there is a memory mentor somewhere in the near future.

These walkthroughs are simply incredible guys. Thank you so much from a "gaming granny" who needs all the help she can get! =)
ahoover at 2009-02-06 03:52 wrote:
A skill that not many have mentioned that REALLY helps on this map is logistics. If Raelag and/or Shadya have expert logistics, defending the main 'island' is far easier. It also allows Raelag to hit blue quickly at the beginning of the map instead of waiting until later when the AI's heroes will have larger armies. While it is painful to have to give up having Enlightenment or Light Magic, you should still be ok assuming you have either Destructive or Summoning.
RiccElijah at 2008-04-26 13:17 wrote:
I read you need Destructive or summoning or even light spells to beat this map.. so is it impossible to beat it with Enlightmen, War machines, Luck, Defense and Attack?? sholud I start the campaign from the beginning with a different skill choice?
akaihane at 2008-02-17 09:27 wrote:
I decided to try this on heroic 1.5 and I feel the greatest challenge is to do this without the use of light magic. What are the chances of getting expert light at level 18? I've played numerous times with warlock on tote and I know for a fact that the chances of getting light magic offer to you early game is almost next to 0 esp when you start off with defence. I don't like to cheat and use trainer to check if your specific game will give you light magic or not. That simply defeats the purpose of a challenge.
Anyway after numerous trial and error to know roughly when the heroes are coming , I beat this without the use of light magic.
If I was given a choice to remake my hero , I will get enlightenment-intelligence first before going for warlock's luck. Expert sorcey with erratic mana and arcane training is no brainer.

I think the most important here is surviving the first 2 weeks so I'll roughly write out how I did it.
Day 1 , park Raelag & Shadya near the surfur mine.
Day 2 , Raelag will dark ritual and shadya will take all troops but the minotaurs and assassins(thats all Raelag needs to defeat both the first 2 heroes) and move to towards the gold mine capping all the mines on the way. You should be able to do this with no loss if you had build Shadya well on mission 2. For range , just field the 2 shadow witches and slow them while your hero bomb them.
Day 3-7 , After defeating the first 2 heroes , you will have very few minotaurs left , I had about 10+. But this is fine because you will have 1 week of 2 towns creeps of scouts/maidens/minotaurs/riders and 2 weeks of 1 town creeps of hydras/dragons. YES dragons , you can build it before the end of week 1 if you do this right. Now its capping mines and taking resources time. Both your heroes are capable of taking out all the creeps with 0 to a couple of useless units loss. If you still don't know how to do that then something is wrong. Make sure you hire 2 extra heroes and use the junk units from other races as your meat shield during creeping. Have a route to ensure that you can cap town 2 on day 1 week 2 and immediately retreat from it after buying ALL the units.
Week 2 , make sure either hero is station inside town 1 on day 1 with full mana. In my game , heroes came on both sides of the portal. Also starting on week 2 , make sure you buy ALL level 20+ heroes. Use them at what warlock is best at , suicide missions with 7 random useless units. Just stay around town 1 and wait for heroes to come at you but make sure one of your heroes are near town 2 on day 7 so you can cap it again on week 3 day 1. After week 2 , it should be easy from now and you should be able to hold both towns and move forward. Have one hero stay to defend against inferno heroes and the other move to cap the other towns. If at anytime you face an impossible hero to defeat , just send your 20+ level heroes on a suicide mission to weaken them.

Grail Quest at 2007-08-28 15:05 wrote:
Found it utterly impossible on Heroic. At the end of Day 1, an Orange hero charges down from Town #1 and kills a chunk of my troops. I can take Town #1 on Day 2, but there are no reinforcements to buy there, and whether I am inside or outside a town, the hero from Town #2 couldn't be defeated.


Blood Furies in the beginning: On Heroic I got 115 of them, and they split into 4 stacks, in 2 groups that were 1 tile apart. I fielded only Minotaurs in a corner, and curiously, the furies Defended for 2 of their actions before moving. 4x Circle of Winter with Master of Ice finished them all off before they could hit anything.


Noticed the Inferno heroes appear when you capture the 2nd, 4th, and 6th cities. They beeline for the city you just captured, ignoring all heroes that are not blocking their path, and they stay in the city.


The Dragon Utopia gave me Town Portal! Anyone else get this result?

Edited on Tue, Aug 28 2007, 18:50 by Grail Quest

Angelspit at 2007-07-09 18:48 wrote:
I'm having some problems hitting the level cap in this scenario, possibly because I shared the experience between both Raelag & Shadya (maybe I should have focused on the demon guy). Raelag was all leveled up before that scenario. Should I worry about it or just head to the final battle?

maltz at 2006-10-09 01:48 wrote:
> Don't you mean raise dead? I'm pretty sure that's what they're casting.
On a closer look, it was indeed Raise Dead. Sorry about my mistake. The AIs in patch 1.2 loves to use them. Guess who gets punished in patch 1.3... :)

DaemianLucifer at 2006-09-09 21:26 wrote:
I don't know about 'little problem'! On Hard, it's a slog. As you say, if you attack on one flank they counter-attack on the other, and because you lose if either main hero goes, you have to have your defensive flank guarded by a lower-level hero recruited from a town tavern. I challenge anyone to do this on Hard/Heroic without lots of reloads.

Why?I had just two or three really hard battles on hard.Dont know for heroic.And I didnt use tavern heroes for anything else but dwellings colecting and creature transport.

wimfrits at 2006-09-09 21:13 wrote:
If you are playing on heroic and has enlightenment on raelag, arcane intuition would allow you to learn resurrection from any high-level AI heroes. (Somehow they all can cast resurrection even they do not have the light magic skill.)

Don't you mean raise dead? I'm pretty sure that's what they're casting.
NickMP at 2006-09-09 12:11 wrote:
I don't know about 'little problem'! On Hard, it's a slog. As you say, if you attack on one flank they counter-attack on the other, and because you lose if either main hero goes, you have to have your defensive flank guarded by a lower-level hero recruited from a town tavern. I challenge anyone to do this on Hard/Heroic without lots of reloads.
differ at 2006-08-17 06:21 wrote:
i've replayed this mission numerous times and i never get Resurrection from the Dragon Utopia. I do however keep getting Word of Light spell instead. Am i missing something here?

sigh... doesn't look like i have another chance to learn it before Raelag's Offer right?

maltz at 2006-08-10 18:03 wrote:
The portal transfers seem to be fixed. You are right that there is a 6th pair of portals bringing you to a small area in the middle, with a witch hut.

Lady Farquad at 2006-08-10 17:50 wrote:
I only found 2 islands... I thought I had swept the entire map... Are those portals random?
The third portal takes me to a location underground unaccesable otherwise with chests and neutral stacks
Edited on Thu, Aug 10 2006, 11:53 by Lady Farquad

maltz at 2006-08-10 13:45 wrote:
Thanks for the great walkthrough! Just a few minor points here:

1). There are five islands on the ground level; each can be accessed by a two-way portal in the underground level. Each island contains one stat bonus. One of them has a Witch Hut and another contains a Sylvana Ancient (level up tree).

2). On patch 1.2 heroic the enemy heroes start at level 22, and will come towards you starting on Day 1. All of them cast lv 5 spells possibly as an inherent AI bonus. I made an effort to survive their initial wave of assault.

3). Town 3 and 4 are usually the best-built AI towns. So it is really nice to take them first as suggested by Infiltrator. I usually leave Town 5 last.

4). The Inferno heroes come when you own 2, 4 and 6 towns. They try to ignore town 1 and 2 when Raelag is not around. So once you've secured one side of the portals, you can also send Shadya out to the other direction to capture towns. You should be able to squeeze the blue to only 1-2 towns left in the first month.
Edited on Thu, Aug 10 2006, 07:50 by maltz

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