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Features → Walkthroughs  → The Warlock → Raelag's Offer

by Maltz

Map 5 - Raelag's Offer
Size - Big
Level Cap - 40
Carry Over: Raelag & Shadya

While the programmers have probably convinced you that Raelag could take over the world all by himself in the previous maps, they will prove you wrong here by boosting the neutral numbers so much that your jaw will drop. There is only so much damage an Empowered Meteor Shower or Implosion can inflict, even with combined with Warlock's Luck (patch 1.3, giving you 4000+). You need a powerful army to secure victory, and you are given one!

Our glorious Warlock campaign finale is actually a grand escape. Your objective is to reach the opposite SW corner of the map, with BOTH Raelag and Shadya. Your enemy - the blue Inferno AI owns three towns, and steadily builds up its forces. These Inferno heroes will come to you when they have the upper hand; otherwise they hide in their towns when you get close. You have the option of destroying them all, or simply ignoring them.

You might think a town or two will give you some fresh troop supply, but unfortunately that is not the case here. Whenever you conquer an Inferno town, the tower "crumbles" and it is gone permenantly. Therefore, try not to lose any creature during battles against neutrals, and feel free to skip the difficult ones. The good news is there are several high-level Dungeon and Inferno creature dwellings on the map. At certain places, neutral creatures will join you for free as well.

Your way out isn't at all straight forward. The paved road is guarded by a total of nine garrisons. Some of them are particularly formidable. Here is the composition of these garrisons on heroic, Week 1 Day 1:

AD = Arch Devil; PL = Pit Lord; SC = Succubus; SM = Succubus Mistress; CB = Cerberus; HH = Hell Hound; HD = Horned Demon; HO = Horned Overseer; FM = Familiar; IM = Imp; FE = Fire Elemental

Garrison A: 500 FM, 98 CB, 3 AD
Garrison B: 340 HO, 300 CB, 55 SM, 25 PL, 15 AD
Garrison C: 400 CB, 8 AD
Garrison D: 1000 HH, 85 SB, 50 PL, 30 AD
Garrison E: 400 CB, 8 AD
Garrison F: 3000 FM(!), 600 HH, 180 SC, 35 AD
Garrison G: 800 CB, 350 SC, 50 PL, 30 AD, 400 FE(!)
Garrison H: 300 HD, 300 HH, 55 SC
Garrison I: 600 IM, 200 HH, 35 SC, 3 AD

Fortunately, You are not expected to tackle all of them. There are slightly longer routes to take to bypass the most difficult garrisons. There are two inter-connected underground passages, as well as a mud-road detour as well. There are other enemies you have to face underground, but they are mostly optional.

Note: People used to be able to skip the garrisons with the "Instant Travel" spell, which was conveniently offered in the Inferno towns as soon as you conquer one. However, since patch 1.1 this spell is no longer offered.

Starting Bonus: This mission has more might than magic, so the golden horseshoe (luck +2) is your friend. On patch 1.3 you also benefit from the increased chance of Warlock's Luck.

Your heroes start out in the NE corner. There is a Hut of Magi (1) on the roadside, telling you where to go -- but you don't need to. A little further down the road lies the Boots of Swift Journey (2), which is very useful in this mission. Since the movement points are determined at the beginning of the day, you can put on the boots before ending a turn, and swap it for the golden horseshoe before a battle.

Next, you have to break through Garrison A, the easiest garrison among all. After that your have a few choices of where to go:

(Option A) Stay on the the paved road, break through Garrison B, and challenge the NW Inferno town. You can eliminate one of the three towns right away, but you will lose some troops.

(Option B) Take the Blue Keymaster Tent (blue K) in the east, and pass through the Blue Gate (blue G) in the north. Enter the underground passage nearby (3).

(Option C) Take the Red Keymaster Tent (red K) in the north, and pass through the Red Gate (red G) in the east. Enter the underground passage nearby (4).

If you have the Resurrection spell, I would recommend option A, because you can to take down both garrison B and the NW town without losing any unit. (Hint for a perfect resurrecting castle assault: deploy assassins only, and resurrect them near the end!) Then, you can challenge garrison C, E, the SE town, garrison H, the SW town, and finally garrison I.

If you can't resurrect, then the underground passages might be more friendly to you. Option B and C are roughly the same. Let's discuss option B as an example.

Option B: After taking care of some 1000 Familiars/Imps, visit the mana well, and give Shadya a not-very-useful but durable unit (such as hydras). Now she is ready to visit the Blue Keymaster Tent (blue K). The creatures on the way are quite weak and she should be able to kill them all with her Destructive spells alone. In the meantime, send Raelag and all other units to the the Blue Gate (blue G), and unlock it once Shadya visits the tent. (Someone must have a strong arm to throw the key!) Just below the Blue Keymaster tent is a small group of minotaur guards waiting to join Shadya.

The underground passage here (3) carries an Inferno theme, and so do all the creature buildings you can see. You really don't need them as there are better things ahead. If you follow the road west and south, you will eventually face a stationary blue hero. Take care of him, and the stairway behind this hero takes you back to ground level at (4), with a Hill Fort (for upgrading units) just north of it, and quite a few blood furies willing to join you for free! From here, you can aim directly for the exit (8), after passing through the final garrison I.

The Inferno hero based on this SW town (Grawl/Deleb) might have a large army if you come here rather late. I have also seen reports about an unreasonably powerful Grawl even by Week 3. During my four runs on this mission (heroic, patch 1.1 - 1.3), Grawl and Deleb were always managable, though. (By the way, this Grawl here IS Grawl himself, unlike the previous mission.)

Alternatively, you can go through the only pair of underground portal (P). You will be transported to the other underground passage (5), which carries a Dungeon theme. The nice thing about this Dungeon passage is that you will be able to recruit some shadow/deep dragons along the way. Moreover, there are some nice dungeon creatures waiting to join you not very far ahead. There are two stat bonuses along the way, too.

There is another stationary blue hero waiting at the end of this Dungeon passage. The stairway behind this one takes you to (6), just south of the SE blue town. Again, there is a Hill Fort to the north for you to upgrade the dragons. Also, if you follow the mud road east, you will be greeted by lots of friendly bikini babies (shadow witches) and hydras at (7). These free witches give a huge boost to your ranged power, so don't let them wait for too long! (Er... actually they grow at ~10% per week, too.) You can also hire some other dungeon units here at (7).

If you have decided not to bother with the blue army, you don't have to go back to the paved road north from here. Follow the mud road west, and there is a small garrison H. Keep going west, and you will hit garrison I, and the exit (8) after it.

When both Raelag and Shadya pass the final garrison I, a scripted event takes place and you have to defeat an Inferno hero, Veyer, who is not hard at all if you have conserved your troops along the way. This is the final battle of this exciting warlock campaign. Congratulations!

Final Note:

The ultimate challenge of the warlock campaign is to defeat all garrisons here, even the craziest ones! One skill that helps a ton here is Light Magic and the Resurrection spell. You could have learned it from a Dragon Utopia or a Mage Vault back in mission 2 or 3. Note that you cannot resurrect magic-immune black dragons, so it is up to you whether to let them out and take the heat.

The problem for the starting 15 black dragon is that they are not powerful enough to wipe out a super stack (such as 3k familiars) in a blow, and they will suffer from the counter attack. However, since you can now eliminate the blue towns in a blitzkrieg, you can flag their gold mines (3 in total), and keep hiring more dragons. The garrison size will NOT grow in time, but you will. I'd like to make Shadya running a "dragon recruit express line" in the SE corner. Without logistics, she should be able to recruit 3 dragons per week, while Raelag is "cleaning the map" elsewhere.

The 400 fire elementals in garrison G will be a huge headache. Also, the 3000 familiars in garrison F stole all Raelag's mana, so nothing could be resurrected. By the way, I have heard that if you mind control the familiars (Puppet Master, etc.), they also steal mana for you!

Finally, Raelag is going to appear in the last (Academy) campaign, so it is not completely useless to give him a few more stat points and levels in this mission. :)

Sunlover at 2014-03-14 20:47 wrote:
Just finished Raelag's scenario on Hard, version 1.6. The hardest chapter, by far, was the 3rd one, The Cultists. I kept trying to play on hard and kept getting spammed with enemy heroes going everywhere with overpowered armies and beating me down. I *finally* did it, thanks to 1 magical item that showed up - Boots of the Long Journey. That enabled me to race back and forth to my 1st 2 castles defending them the 1st 2 times. Without that, I'm not sure I would have won it.

Anyway, to vil2 who posted a few days ago - not trying to be an ass, but why on earth would you *not* take Empowered Spells? Did it just not show up for you? If so, I'd start over again. God knows I probably tried this scenario 20 times before I made it (with the above Boots on chapter 3), but the last scenario, having Empowered Implosion helps a ton. I was also blessed with Mana Regeneration and Arcane Training, which greatly boosts the # of spells you can cast.

1st time I tried this I made an error letting Shadya lag 2-3 days behind and at the end that didn't pan out. So then I re-ran it all and kept her close to me, giving her the Boots of the Open Road while I had the Boots of the Long Journey.

Veyer at the very end ran like a little *****; he didn't even fight, haha! :D

My last 2 level bonuses chosen, since I was going for max stats, were Dark Revelation and Secrets of Destruction for the +2 on Spellpower over Intelligence. I figured I was doing pretty well on mana. I also got blessed with Scholar, so right at the *very* end when I met Isabel, I picked up all the higher level Light Magic spells, including Resurrection. Not that I needed it by then.

Finished with 16 Black Dragons, around 55 Deep Hydras, 300-ish Assassins, about 45 Shadow Matriarchs and miscellaneous others.

Stats at the end on Hard were:
Raelag - level 30.2ish - 22/18/33/27, with 270 mana. He has Expert Irresistible Magic, Expert Sorcery, Expert Logistics, Expert Destruction Magic, Expert Light Magic and Expert Enlightenment. I was gunning for Dark Magic but didn't get it for my last 2 traits...got Expert Light and Enlightenment. Enlightenment helped me a lot more than Light, I think I cast Mass Haste and Mass Righteous Might maybe 2-3 times the last scenario. I *think* I got all the stat bonuses but given sketchy details on a few of these walkthroughs, I am not sure. One thing that massively helps, if you are going for max stats, is to hit the 5 "islands" via the portals in Chapter 3 and get the bonuses there - there are a lot of them.

Onto Findan and the Elf chapter on Hard now :)
vil2 at 2014-03-12 00:47 wrote:
Just finished it on hard for the third time.
I am totally disappointed as I DID NOT have empowered spells. What is the reason of this ? I'm so frustrated because I wanted to play Raelag the destructive-style. Anyway.

This map is bugged. If I end a turn with either one of my heroes in a garrison or in a sanctuary, the game crashes. I've had this problem as I wanted to go underground through the teal guard. There is a sanctuary just west of there, and there were two red heroes lurking in the area, beyond the garrison. So I wanted to hide Shadya inside, because sha had very little troops, but I couldn't due to this bug.

So I put my Raelag just in front of the garrison (without attacking it) and sneaked with Shadya towards the teal guard. For some reason, the red heroes don't go undergound, it seems, so as I went underground safely, they stopped chasing me. If I'd go in the sanctuary, the game crashes, and if I'd go in the starting area, the red heroes would have killed Shadya.

Then we went towards the dungeon road. As we went back to the surface, we met a freaking Grawl with 45 Archdevils and about 60 pit fiends. Without empowered spells, my magic was insufficient to destroy him (I had my 15 starting Black Dragons, + 2 dragons I just bought). I was utterly destroyed every time.

So I hid my 2 heroes downstairs, and waited for a couple turns, but Grawl was camping upstairs. Finally, I decided to go back towards the Inferno road. Back to the surface, Grawl was still here, with 45 AD this time. I just couldn't reach the final garrison with Shadya because he attacked me every time. What did the trick was that I destroyed the Inferno town with Raelag and rushed to the final garrison, while I hid Shadya in the underground. Fortunately, with the destruction of the town, Grawl did not attack me (stupid IA...) and went back wandering in the middle of the map. I waited for 2 turns, and rushed to the frontier with Shadya.

Anyway, I do not like this mission. I have the feeling that nothing is coherent :
- first this might-oriented scenario : a magic-oriented scenario would have been so much better, because the obvious way to build Raelag is Magic (at least, it seems the devs wanted to do so)
- then this overpowered Grawl (I met him at week 3 by the way and had no casualties from the previous fights, plus my Raelag had quite decent stats) : do they test their maps ? Come on...How can they possibly fix miscellaneous things like spelles availability and let some enemy become unstoppable, even on easy ?
- and finally, this surprising IA behaviour, which does not attack you although he could totally win.
Overall, I liked this campaign, Raelag is a cool hero and there is a good difficulty. I think I'll try it on heroic. But this last mission is rather anticlimatic.
Edited on Tue, Mar 11 2014, 20:58 by vil2
Sunlover at 2014-01-30 20:39 wrote:
I have to mention this (playing through again on Hard) - where this walkthrough says "(Option C) Take the Red Keymaster Tent (red K) in the north, and pass through the Red Gate (red G) in the east. Enter the underground passage nearby (4)." -> it should really say (5). I was going to try and contact Maltz but I don't even know if he has an email address, much less pays attention to these boards anymore.

Also, for what it's worth, if there are any other "stats junkies" out there, it would be nice if these map screenshots had icons for where the stat boosts are - maybe denoted by a star or another icon, and the text edited to mention that to the players. There is not a lot of detail on the walkthrough pages where there is no downloadable hi-resolution map available for things like stat boosts. When there are comments like (at the end) "so it is not completely useless to give him a few more stat points and levels in this mission. :)", it's hard to know which routes or paths might contain those stat boosts. [Just as an example, I just played Route B, and outside of the attack bonus tent close to G, I didn't encounter any stat bonuses.] Just some thoughts to improve this as a guide for others...thanks for reading. :) [note: route B is appallingly easy if you can get Shadya to stick close to you and get a move on. ;) ]

[note 2: I found if you stay on the surface, there do not appear to be any stat bonuses there. I will try route C in the future and try and make note of if there are any.]
Edited on Thu, Jan 30 2014, 17:12 by Sunlover
Wheeler Dealer at 2013-11-02 22:07 wrote:
1.6 Hard. I cleared everything.

I had a few anxious moments when I met Grawl. My scouting report said the battle was normal, which meant I was probably taking heavy casualties but winning. (Heavy at this point looked like anything over a few!) I tried to just ignore him and found his actions most peculiar. He would take only two or three steps toward me each turn. Then it dawned on me that he was summoning troops! The difficulty level was up to hard!

I went back a couple of turns and accepted the battle at the first opportunity. Ouch, I lost 15 Black Dragons, 45 Dark Raiders and about 30 or 40 Minotaurs! Raelag fought most of this scenario with a huge stack of Shadow Mistresses 300+ Assassins and other odds and ends as available.

Shadya proved quite valuable. She had expert destructive magic but no empowered spells but she had expert dark magic and had gained Puppet Master from a Dragon Utopia (it was the only spell above level 2 that she had in that school, well maybe Suffering). In battles that didn't include familiars, undead or elementals, she could go in with nothing but Deep Hydras, use Puppet master to turn the battle and then use it later to prolong the battle while the Hydras regenerated. Most Battles started with her using Puppet Master, Mass Slow and then haste on the Deep Hydras.

She even won the battle against the largest garrison (400 fire elementals, 30 arch-devils, 800 ceribi, etc.) that way. She did lose 20 of 70 Deep Hydras but it was basically the last battle.

In the end I finished in one day less than three months (day 7, week four and month 3). The final summary said I still had 772 of 811 creatures but I know that's not right.

Markal was a scholar so Shadya will be much better prepared if there is more for here to do.
xiilus at 2013-03-30 05:53 wrote:
I've completed this map a few times before, but I was very surprised at the end of my latest run. Before fighting Veyer, I sent Shadya over to hang out with Isabel and Markal, without really thinking about it. I had forgotten that I had made Isabel a scholar; she taught Shadya Town Portal, Frenzy and Blindness! I sent Raelag over to her for Town Portal as well.

Just keep in mind that if any of the 4 heroes have scholar, both warlocks should be able to learn Town Portal at the very least. Not that they do much later, but the idea of Isabel teaching advanced dark magic to Shadya had me laughing pretty hard. She very well may be the dumbest main character in any game I've ever played.

Raelag as summoner works great for mission 3, but here Shadya shined, winning most of the garrisons with Vampirism and Puppet Master; I only detoured around the garrison with a million mana suckers. If they had provided 15 Red Dragons instead of Black, then this mission would have been a total joke with Vampirism. But it was effective enough on the other units.

ShadowLiberal at 2012-01-29 03:37 wrote:
I kid you not, but I just completed this entire mission on Heroic difficulty with ZERO causalities, and fighting EVERY single battle with Raelag, and clearing out every single neutral stack on the map. I took out EVERY single garrison, and all 3 of the demon towns, and all the demon heroes, without losing anyone.

The way to do this involves three things.

1) Light & Summoning magic on Raelag. The most important spells being arcane armor, summon phoenix, summon elements, regeneration (need the all campaigns in TOTE mod for this), resurrect, and word of light.

2) Most battles can be won by fielding ONLY deep hydras, with their regenerate ability, while summons do all the killing. Raelag can resurrect the hydras near the end of the battle if necessary.

3) You need the right artifacts to do this. Flag all the gold mines, and trade all your resources for gold when possible. Each month have Shadya (or Raelag) buy up EVERY artifact the two merchants sell. The artifacts you should especially favor are ones that do the following.

-Reduce your mana cost, or boost your knowledge (for fights against mana draining imps)
-Ones that penalize your opponents speed/initiative/morale/luck or boost your own.
-Ones that eliminate range penalties.
-Ones that prevent enemy heroes from fleeing battles.

The fight that's going to be the biggest pain is garrison F, with 3000 familiars. I fielded assassins/witches/furies for that, and killed almost all the imps before they even got a turn. Then I wiped out the rest of the demons without losing anyone.
Edited on Tue, Dec 11 2012, 18:22 by ShadowLiberal
tsangsir at 2010-01-10 15:26 wrote:
I played Normal difficulty. Option B really make the game easy. But Grawl looked interesting: 87 AD, 134 PL, 292 Nightmare, 345 SM, 866 CB and 1161 HO. Overestimating the efficiency of "dragon recruit express line", I took over 1 year to accumulate around 100 Black Dragons and finished him off with Shadya's puppet master. With expert enlightenment, she got over 1.6M experience. She also looted around 20 artifacts, mostly useless and many duplicates.
VAMPSVSZOUNDS at 2009-06-11 18:31 wrote:
My Grawl at hard had 25 AD,not too tough.By now my Empowered Implosion deals 1800 dmg(patch 1.0)
Tasdin at 2009-02-21 13:37 wrote:
Something doesn't make sense, I tried this map on EASY and on week 3 Grawl came to me with 37 arch devils... should I just run away from him?

yeah, nevermind, I tried rushing this map via option B - didn't go through the two way monolith - stairs took me to SW town, where Grawl attacked me with "only" 27 archdevils, and about a kazilion other inferno *******.
I finished him using tons of destructive magic (patch 1.1, so I had plenty), and I only had 350 assassins left (and 40 hydras from Shadia), garrison I was pretty easy, and then the fight with Veyer was just plain annoying (I won, though)
I still don't it makes sense, that just because I am on easy I managed to kill Grawl. If I would have went through the Dungeon theme, he would've kicked my ass... and I'm on EASY!!! Friggin' easy!
Overall I built my Agrael not so good.
I thought I were to get both summoning AND destructive, and it didn't make sense that I'll have 3 types of magic, so I took luck instead of light magic which definetely helped me.
Summoning was such a mistake, I was about to conjure a phoenix just one time in the whole campaign, but then I saw that with distructive magic I could just end the fight now.

Edited on Sat, Feb 21 2009, 13:01 by Tasdin

Grail Quest at 2007-08-30 19:14 wrote:
An astonishingly easy scenario on Heroic, and almost all the way through you can get by unscathed unless you tangle with an enemy hero, whose actions you generally can't block. Made it to the finish line before the end of Month 1!
Shadya actually performed better as she had the option of Puppet Master to seize control of the insane-sized stacks of imps and cerebuses in some of the garrisons. She did very well considering I sent her on the Blue Borderguard path with only 20 Hydra and 1 Dragon, she did fine except for the last city, which I declined to take and waited for Raelag's troops.
Also, if she has Decay and Mass Decay, she can sometimes inflict more _net_ damage with these spells than with her Destruction spells. In long fights with lots of enemy units, it can be worthwhile casting that instead.
Goes to show that everyone should take Sorcery and Dark Magic, regardless of their hero type. Dark Magic solves a LOT of problems. And if your mana pool is deep, you can even wait until all your hydras are ressurrected by continuously Puppet Mastering units that do not have no-retaliation attacks until you are ready.
Convert all chests to XP. You will be doing very little recruiting anyway, and in the worst case you can convert resources to gold.
And definitely rush, and do the overland route to take out the cities first.
Imps drain mana, so it's better to fight them with Shayda and her Puppet Master. If she has any left, she can still grab control of a Gated stack of imps to prevent them from draining her mana. If they are Familiars, you can in this way get some mana back by sucking it from the enemy hero.
The best bonus is the Horseshoe, IMO, especially if you developed Luck, and most expecially if you have Warlock's Luck. The boots are an interesting choice, but I found 3 pairs of boots on the map, one guarded by hell chargers near the start, so go for firepower with the Horseshoe.
All in all, an excellent scenario to highlight Dungeon's capabilities. For once, I used Hydra a lot, and it was interesting taking on groundpounders without Blood Maidens. Overall, however, I feel the Warlock campaign poor, as you received huge Knowledge bonuses (especially at the start of Mission 4), so that racial drawback is not enforced, whereas the other races must make do with their stat distributions.
Edited on Thu, Aug 30 2007, 22:18 by Grail Quest

Ceres at 2007-08-05 13:20 wrote:
Grawl just owned me. I hate him.

DaemianLucifer at 2006-12-13 04:08 wrote:
Someone did:

Try rushing through the garrisons and destroying the towns asap.After that,you can take your sweet time clearing the map.If that doesnt work,going through the underground and straight for the last garrison might.
Edited on Thu, Feb 08 2007, 15:35 by maltz
fhare at 2006-12-13 03:42 wrote:
I must be doing something wrong, I keep getting my a$$ kicked here. Is the 1.4 patch version that much harder? Anyone done this map with 1.4 yet?
DigitalMocking at 2006-11-23 20:02 wrote:
I went option B, and was through the tunnel by mid week 2 and on my way to garrison I to finish, Grawl came along and just destroyed me, 40+ arch devil, hundreds of other units, its not even a fight.

And this was on normal difficulty. Very discouraging.

sisko at 2006-11-13 14:23 wrote:
I took option A, having the intention of destroying the castles and waiting my time to build up again, ended up having raelag behind the finish line. Shadya in a sanctuary and one annoying enemy hero, which i couldn't win from anymore. What i found out was, if raelag is behind the last garrison the enemy ignores him, take a step out and he goes after him. So i stepped in and out a couple of times and everytime he went towards me, away from me. etc.
This way i could get shadya in safety. Just barely,(one movementpoint less and she would have been killed) but i made it. (was my 3rd try, so i just wanted to get it over with and get on with the sylvan campaign :)
NickMP at 2006-09-16 19:08 wrote:
On Heroic, wasn't too awful, though I'm grateful to the walkthrough for explaining that we need to get BOTH heroes through to the border - an event to that effect, or at least a clarification in the objectives, would be nice. I parked Shadya in the Sanctuary in the middle of the map and left her to read improving literature while we got on with the job, but then had to go and get her...

maltz at 2006-09-11 22:41 wrote:
The later one will overwrite the earlier.

Majkel at 2006-09-10 05:21 wrote:
I competed this map twice , each time with a different build for Raelag . Which RAelag would be in the last Academy , or Better Zehir missons ??

maltz at 2006-08-10 21:50 wrote:
Welcome. Actually I will help out with the expansion mission walkthrough soon.

Do I sound "professional"? That would be the work of psychobabble who edited every single walkthrough mission for me. He is the professor!

Lady Farquad at 2006-08-10 17:44 wrote:
Thankyou soooo much Maltz
Are you a professor? I wish you had gone for the expansion first, but I managed...

maltz at 2006-08-10 15:33 wrote:
Wow spell power 25 sounds like a record low for me. However, you probably have gained more points in the might aspects that have helped you a lot in this mission.

theGryphon at 2006-08-09 18:16 wrote:
I took option C and wiped out all the map, I mean "everything", except garrison G :D. My army was too worn out after I finished Grawl. Probably I was kind of late and he had like 40 AD, 80 PL, 100 HC, 150 SM, 450 HH, 500 HO and 800 IM. At the end Raelag had more than a million exp points! But his spell power was only 25 :(

maltz at 2006-08-03 14:00 wrote:
I am curious... is the garrison smaller on lower difficulties? That 400 elementals took me 8-9 blasts of empowered implosion. Woo :hoo:

Orfinn at 2006-08-03 06:43 wrote:
This mission wast that hard , played on normal and even my Raelag didnt have any magic schools :p I didnt go for any town but wiped out any resistance on my way to the finish line, I barely got Shadya through the last portal, thanks to that I left her somewhere underground, the enemy was sure on her heels, but luckily I cleared the mission by an acceptable margin.

DaemianLucifer at 2006-08-03 04:52 wrote:
I took the path A,and it was quite easy.Destroyed the inferno towns completely.Then waited a week or two,and stormed the rest of the garnisons.And those 3k familiars were so easy to deal with blood furries+haste(I took the power of speed :devil: ).

maltz at 2006-08-03 04:17 wrote:
Yeah! Except 3000 familiars. Now only if we have some "potion" thing as in HoMM 4... :D
Edited on Wed, Aug 02 2006, 22:18 by maltz
metalic at 2006-08-03 01:44 wrote:
While you have a spell power of 40+, nothing stands in your way.

Conclusion, I love warlocks.

Kalah at 2006-08-03 00:47 wrote:
Yeah... I beat that garrison. No problem. I'm the man. You know. Like - THA man. *snif*

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