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Features → Walkthroughs  → The Ranger - The Defense

by Maltz

Map 3 - The Defense
Size - Very Big
Carry Over - Findan, Talanar and Dirael
Level Cap - 24

Spoiler: view a screenshot of the surface

Although the map size says "very big", this map is rather simple. When I say simple, I mean the landscape is not complicated; I don't mean the mission is easy. It is far from easy on heroic, especially after patch 1.2. You start the mission with a mandatory siege battle, defending the Sylvan capital. This is the only battle in the entire campaign story that you are supposed to lose.

However, before your troops die, you can make good use of them. Concentrate your attack on the skeleton archers, and you should be able to wipe this stack out. Your castle moat might also do you a favor by killing one or two high level creatures.

After this, it is Findan's turn to assault the castle. They AI's will concentrate their fire on your sprites, and then the dancers, so keep them defending all the time to delay your hunters from being the next victim.

If the enemies stay inside the castle wall, you will have a very difficult time especially after patch 1.3 toned down the ranged damage from outside the wall. Fortunately, the AIs are scripted that when it loses its ranged force, its melee units start to rush out (and get ganged up by yours). The key is DO NOT rush any unit in before that happens, or they will never come out. You know they are coming out when their melee units start to move. This may happen only after the AI loses a fraction of their ranged power.

It helped me a lot to march my treant forward, blocking the castle gate to take the heat. The AI units will come out to attack the treants from multiple directions. Then, our other units can now mop up to get rid off them. Try to conserve your emerald dragons as much as you can (don't fly them in!), because you won't be able to replenish them for a while, and they are very useful elsewhere.

This castle assault is very important for the entire mission. If you fight it well, the subsequent battles will become much easier. If you learned Resurrection back in mission one, resurrect your sprites back before the end, as they will save your most-valuable-hunters in the coming battles.

Now you have the capital back, which is good. Let me explain a little what lies ahead. You are up against the teal player, who owns two towns, one Sylvan and one Necro. The Sylvan town on your SW is relatively close to your Sylvan capital, so it is a good idea to rush it with Findan. This is particularly important on heroic.

The bad news is purple heroes are coming to attack your capital constantly (similar to mission 5 of the Haven campaign). In fact, the next purple hero has already spawned while you are celebrating the liberation of your Sylvan capital! It only takes two days for them to start the siege. You get no more chance to retake the capital. You lose this mission as soon as you lose the capital the next time. In patch 1.3 you will see 3 more purple heroes in the first week, so it is possible that your low-level hero cannot survive, and you will have to keep Findan home to defend for the first week.

After the first week, you can expect one purple hero every one or two weeks. The strength of the attacking armies grows slowly, too. If you are playing at a high difficulty, you really don't want to keep Findan in the capital, because the purple heroes never stop coming, while the teal AIs never stop building until you force them to. ;) Here is what I recommend:

On Day 1, hire a new hero, swap his army with Findan's, and send Findan on the boat with the new hero's little army. You will use this new hero and 100% of Findan's leftover army to defend the first few purple heroes. The key here is to leave ALL your shooters (hunters and druids) with the new hero or you will lose simply too many melee units from their liches. Findan does not need the hunters to take towns, but you need them to defend towns.

You might also want to hire yet another hero to sail out to collect debris and chests. There is a bunch on your east, and after passing the whirlpool there are two more piles nearby. You can collect a couple dozens of logs from the initial investment of 10.

When the first purple hero comes, try to kill them off as soon as you can, even if it means losing a dragon. Ancient treants are excellent at blocking a breached wall, while the unicorn takes care of any enemy unit trying to get inside. Sprites and war dancers will become your damage sponge. Without them the enemy will target your hunters, so don't feel bad about their loss. After patch 1.2 the AI hero might drop some mighty spells (such as chain lightning) on your hunters. Too bad - there is no way to avoid it. On 1.3, though, the AIs seem to lost the ability to cast these spells, possibly due to the 200% mana cost.

After the first defensive battle, you can set the favorite enemy for your defending new hero. You can "update" your favorite enemy list whenever a new purple hero spawns (right click on it to check what it carries). I would highly recommend liches, and possibly vampires. They are very hard to kill.

The initial waves of assaults are the most difficult. If you have lost almost all of your hunters and druids (which happened to me every week after patch 1.2, but not 1.3), you might need to use Quick Combat at some point to save an otherwise impossible battle. Just to stay alive - your pain will be over soon.

Meanwhile, quickly sail Findan to the west and then south after you see the lighthouse. Your goal is to land at the shipyard at (1). Then, the Sylvan town is only two day's travel to the west. Now it is the time for Findan to summon all emerald dragons. These flying units are excellent for a quick siege battle. You should be able to take the Sylvan town with minimal loss before the first week even ends. Also, you will see an undead teal hero hanging around. Your emerald dragons will make sure they stay dead this time. If you don't see this hero around, be careful that he will try to make a run at your new town. Hunt him down as soon as possible.

Now you have two towns, and the teal player only has one. You can finally flag mines, so your victory is coming slowly! Your next goal is to get a lv 5 mage guild in one of your towns (better at the new Sylvan town, because Findan is nearby). Since patch 1.2, heroic, you have few starting resources and you don't really want to waste any of them on the buildings. Patch 1.3 made some adjustment to the resource requirement, but you are still very short on the rare-material side. If you haven't got it already -- you are shooting for the Resurrection spell. If you get Word of Light, which is almost useless, then try the other town. If you don't get it in either town, too bad. (I would restart the mission right here, but you can certainly press on and see what you can make out of it. You get 2 more chances to learn it in mission 5, but you can't get it early.)

On higher difficulty your capital is probably falling apart, so you may want to start rush Findan back to accumulate some army. It would be a really good idea to ship the new Sylvan town's growth back to the capital. In addition, there is a landing dock at (2), and a hunter's cabin nearby. If you are patient and would like to have 7 more hunters per week to defend the city, you can hire another hero to ship hunters to your Sylvan capital weekly. The teal heroes might be chasing after your low level heroes, and they will try to summon a ship if you leave one hanging. Better be careful than sorry.

Once you have Resurrection, you have successfully turned the tide of the entire campaign. Your emerald dragons, or everything Findan carries rarely dies from now on. Now Findan can break through the two garrisons (3 and 4) with a dragon-only army and laugh at the defending stacks.

After passing both garrisons, you have a choice of taking the remaining teal town or rescuing one of the two Sylvan prisoners in the jail at (5).

Note: One obvious change of patch 1.3 is that the two heroes you are about to rescue will have a pre-set level of 28, and 5 skills paths pre-developed (see the attached pictures). This means that you no longer have the freedom to develop their 6th skill, unless you happen to grab something useful from the Witch Hut underground in this mission. The two heroes also have very miserable stat point distribution -- highest spell power for a hero who knows little magic, and lowest spell power and knowledge point for a hero who use exclusively magic. Good job, Nival. Or maybe that's why they are incompetent and ended up in prisons.

The jailed hero at (5) is Talanar. He is a typical might hero, with no magic ability at all. He suffers from some low ATK and DEF stats, but he is still an awesome hero due to his Nature's Luck ultimate ability, which makes all physical attacks lucky (rainbow).

If you choose to rescue Talanar first, you can send him directly back to the capital to defend, and watch rainbows fly to the moon. If you are playing at a lower difficulty, or you have seriously messed up Findan's build, it would be nice to give Talanar Enlightenment or Light Magic to fix his weakness. Otherwise it doesn't matter -- you won't bother giving Talanar any army in the last mission because Findan is simply a better army leader. Make sure that Talanar learns town portal and summon creatures in this mission, though. (requires lv20 hero & lv5 mage guild)

The teal town is manned by a moderately powerful Necro hero. If you are fast enough, you might have scared him back to his castle by now. If you are slow, then he might have attacked you already. At this point you are definitely more than capable of disposing him without losing any dragons.

After wiping out the teal player, you need to rescue another hero, Dirael, a summoning specialist. She is held in an underground prison (6). The stairway leading to it is SW to the Necro town. Prior to patch 1.3, Dirael also starts with Nature's luck and does not give up a precious skill slot for the now-redundant Luck skill. For the 2 skills you can customize for her, I would highly recommend Light and Enlightenment, which boost her mana (Intelligence) and spell power (many more fire elementals), as well as giving her the precious Resurrection spell. She will become very useful in the last mission. Dirael is an army by herself!

Note: Patch 1.2 and 1.3 seriously toned down Dirael. Her Nature's Luck special ability is removed since 1.2, and in 1.3 she does NOT receive any extra stat point from her preset Expert Enlightenment skill. Combined with the removal of stacking elementals, she is now much less useful in mission 5.

Once you rescue Dirael, take your time to level the two heroes up (not necessary for patch 1.3) and explore the map. Your only remaining objective is to stock up enough troops in the garrison. (See the in-game mission objective to reveal the exact numbers you need.) If you have been buying units there, then you might have already fulfilled this objective unwillingly. To avoid the frustration of not being able to level up everybody to the cap before the map finishes, do not stock emerald dragons in your capital (you only need shooters for the defense, anyway).

When you are done exploring and levelling, take both heroes back to the Sylvan capital, swap them in and out the town, and the mission should be completed.

Note: Some people have reported bugs that the mission cannot finish, even if they have done everything required. If this happens to you, try this: Move Findan inside your capital, and the other two outside. Then purchase a new hero from the tavern. Also, you might need the latest patch (1.3 when this article last updated).

vil2 at 2014-03-18 19:26 wrote:
The purple player did not attack my capitol city before several weeks. As he came for the first time, he stayed stucked on the shore for several turns.
It was cool for me, as my Findan was able to conquer town 2 and come back to learn Resurrection in the Capitol, while killing the purple hero with his 15 emerald dragons. Besides, this made the defending hero in the capitol much more solid because he did not fight during the first weeks.
Then the purple attacked two or three times my capitol, but the defenses were tough enough.
I don't know what caused this behaviour, maybe because as he came for first time, there was my Findan (with dragons) AND my capitol (well defended) so he was stucked because he did not know where to attack.

Another point worth mentioning is that as I encountered a teal enemy hero, he was quite stronger than me (30 Wights and 15 spectral dragons, plus an according army). I could not kill him even with my resurrection spell because he was raising undeads troops. My 14 Emerald dragons were dying. I tried the fight many times, and as I tried a quick combat mode, the result was that the enemy fled and he killed only a single emerald dragon. Worth it : I met him again the week after and was able to wipe him very easily.

Anyway, mission was much more easy than anticipated, good point !22
Edited on Tue, Mar 18 2014, 15:36 by vil2

ShadowLiberal at 2012-04-22 13:31 wrote:
The way to get the necromancers to come out of their hiding place is to send your hero onto a boat. Once the enemy gets close enough go back to shore and back to town.

Also, town portal could potentially be used to.

Oh and I never noticed any scripting problems when I was playing through this mission. And my level #1 hero was attacked once or twice when I played through this mission.

cjlee at 2012-04-22 05:15 wrote:
The key to completing this map is... don't play too well!

Do I sound like a moron? Well, that's the problem Ubisoft created. Apparently Maltz (no disrespect intended, you're great Maltz!) didn't kill enough troops during the siege defense. Then when it was Findan's turn to save the city, Maltz must have suffered considerable losses. My Findan killed the enemy with few losses (I didn't have resurrection, but I literally got lucky. All my attacks dealt pretty awesome damage because I'd stacked up the luck perks last mission).

Result: Even though I gave Findan the 20 Emerald dragons, I was able to leave a pretty large army in the incapable hands of my newly hired-level 1.

It turns out that this army, totally unfortified by any hires, is sufficient to keep all subsequent necromancers at bay! (remember, Findan's bunch are all upgraded and you get an un-upgraded Syris Thalla)

At the end of the first month the level 30 necromancers have barely ventured out of their corner before fleeing back at the sight of my Level 1 hero defending the castle. Even combined, their armies are rated "threat level, normal." Which is utterly ridiculous because I'm basically fielding Findan's starting army minus the losses and minus 20 emerald dragons.

Problem is, the Necromancer 'hiding zone' where you can't attack only has space for TWO heroes. When both don't dare to venture out, no more Necromancer heroes can spawn and all the scripts are messed up. The whole game ends here unless you split up the garrison defending Syris Thalla and give away some troops to another hero.

Even more infuriating, Ubisoft has made it such that you can't hire anybody, not out of lack of dwellings or lack of money, but because they have scripted the game so badly. Unless the threat level says 'high', your damned opponents will NEVER attack you meaning the scripts will be screwed up.

(I'm responding to Peredhil at 2009-07-26 05:12 as well as my own experiences playing this map several times over the past few years)

ShadowLiberal at 2012-02-03 00:02 wrote:
You're going to have to split up Findan's army in order to advance, otherwise the necromancers will overwhelm you.

If you got resurrect earlier then I'd suggest leaving everything but the 20 emerald dragons to guard the town. Findan's resurrect can keep them alive, and defeat the enemy heroes himself.

Oh and Nature's Luck on Findan rocks, if you're playing in the TOTE then aim to get it in this mission, it'll make things much easier.
bkknight2602 at 2011-07-18 00:46 wrote:
One critical item in this mission, that had me stumped. When the objective is to fortify(?) the garrison, the trrops MUST be in the garrison part of the town. If you have them in the front with a hero the objective is not met. After a lot of trial and error I found that by moving the hero with trrops back and forth completed/uncompleted the objective.
Edited on Sun, Jul 17 2011, 20:47 by bkknight2602

Sequoa Throne at 2011-03-04 23:49 wrote:
Thanks so much for the walkthrough!

Peredhil at 2009-11-13 14:28 wrote:
Playing on heroic,I've encountered that necromancer twice: in w1d6 near second Sylvan town(about one third of that army-5 spectrals,7 wraiths...) and in w3d2 on the road to Necropolis(10 spectrals and so on...).Findan had 20 dragons and Light with Resurrection.The enemy fled after first blows(tactics helped).Easier than the garrisons.

Pave at 2009-11-05 20:42 wrote:
Ok, it's official. I really do hate the Sylvan campaign. I'm doing re-run of all the campaigns and before I got to Sylvan I was actually having fun. I don't remeber how I managed to beat this mission the first time I played it, but now I just can't get through it. I managed the initial battle with 18 dragons alive, I keep killing purple heroes without many problems, I took the second Sylvan town and I headed towards the garrisons. The problem is I encountered a necro guy with at least 5 weeks' worth of full upgraded 7-tier necro troops and it is still week 3. There's just no way my (at this point only) 16 surviving dragons can get through 15 spectral dragons, 25 wights, 30 archliches etc. Have you all somehow killed this guy and consider him only a minimal nuissance and that's why I haven't seen him mentioned here or am I just having one of those days?

Peredhil at 2009-07-26 09:12 wrote:
Heroic1.6.Findan knew Resurrection,so he managed to maintain most of his army alive.He captured both teal towns in 3 weeks with his 20 dragons,and the rest of the troops remained in garrison.However, purple heroes were very reluctant to siege my town.(I shipped reinforcements from second town every 2 weeks);Deirdre wait until 3d week, ,then merged armies with Kaspar;but when I recruited all troops,the cowardly b***h turn and run back to monolith area(where I could not catch her );more cautious,Kaspar just stayed and admired my capital;however those frightened heroes caused an avalanche of script errors,culminating with freeze game.Twice.So badly that I needed to reset my PC.Then I lured them out with a trick as old as the Heroes series-the single unit hero,backed up at strike distance by the real army.They gladly took the bait,every time.Only then the errors reduced greatly.Such a good way to script heroes behavior ....
Edited on Sun, Jul 26 2009, 15:10 by Peredhil

Grail Quest at 2009-07-05 18:36 wrote:
After a long hiatus, I came back to slowly finish off H5, picking up where I left off at the Sylvan Campaigns.
On my first attempt at NORMAL (after trying the Dungeon campaign on Heroic, I quit that frustrating sometimes impossible-for-me difficulty), I noticed two things: (1) You start with more or less no renewing resources unless you venture out. This means if you leave a garrison behind, you are forced to upgrade buildings to stack your units. (2) You can leave a partial garrison behind and mix and match troops. The recommended garrison is more than good enough on Normal and you can make up attrition with at least upgraded dragons.

I restarted early and tried a mad dash to take the eastern town, hoping to find the source of the Purples. No luck, but it did show that if you have Expert Logistics, a mad rush by Findan, stopping for nothing, can see him take both Teal cities and still be back in time to defend against the second major hero.
On Normal, the first major Purple (level 24 Kaspar) can be defeated (narrowly) by a LEVEL ONE hero if you manually control combat and have a full two weeks of growth, including 5 Emeralds and lots of unicorns and treants.
I had Wyngaal holding the fort after the initial wave of quick weenie Purples and sent Findan with his initial army out to take the towns. Wyngaal won with 8 unicorns, 5 treants, 16 druids, 30 Master Hunters left. Findan, who had Ressurrection, returned from the mainland utterly victorious with his full army.
(I saved the replay and can post a YouTube if anyone is interested).

The walkthrough suggests Findan turtle Purple in the combat to re-take the capital, but I don't know how to do that as at some point, although the troops are shooting at my sprites, the enemy hero starts cutting down my dragons. Raven had higher initiative than Findan and I was lucky to use Ressurrect once, and lost only 2 dragons in the initial battle.
mshare17 at 2007-04-07 22:13 wrote:
To win this scenario (1.41 patch), you need a certain number of some units in garrison in Syris Thalla. On the objective screen, click on the garrison objective and it will tell you that you need 50 elder druids, 30 silver unicorns, and 10 green dragons (emerald works).

I would like to thank all the contributors to the walkthrus, I never would have gotten this far without your help.

VodevilX at 2007-04-01 12:36 wrote:
**** i cant complete it with 1.41

Phate at 2007-02-20 19:44 wrote:
Does anyone else hate Findan's haikus?

casdragon at 2007-02-19 21:31 wrote:
On heroic, I find the best strategy is to give Findan all the offensive troops (Dragons, Hunters, Sprites, Unicorns) and set out to take the 2nd Sylvan town. The more defensive troops (Treants, Druids) stay at the capitol with a level 1 hero - who will rise up in rank very quickly. It's tough for those necro armies to take out 20 ancient treants who have taken roots behind castle walls.

I would build up both mage guilds to level 5 to maximum the chance of getting resurrection. Also, word of light isn't that bad of a spell to have for the defending hero if they can learn it.
wasdqwerty at 2007-01-07 13:20 wrote:
why did alaron turn into a tree?

sisko at 2006-11-19 11:45 wrote:
There is some kind of exploit in this map. The first battle which you suppose to lose, i managed to kill all except some zombies. What i ened up doing was having mylast single 1 druid in the left back corner, and the enemies creatures didn't do anything. I already killed all the shooters. So with a lot of patience, and my always able to shoot hero, i killed his entire army. If it wasn't for the fact that the enemy suddenly started to realise he was losing after i killed the last non zombie, i could have won even. Needlesly to say, the next battle was quite easy and i didn't lose any creatures.

Darrow at 2006-08-31 22:30 wrote:
I found this mission to be relatively easy at Hard difficulty on version 1.0 and very difficult at Heroic on version 1.2. The approach of this Walkthrough just didn't work for me. The level 1 hero left behind could barely survive the first assault and fell to the second one which came just a few days later. What DID work was to send the level 1 hero with 16 Emerald Dragons to the landing spot near the Hunters' Cabins (thus avoiding the swarm of Plague Zombies waiting at the boatyard near the second Sylvan town). He flagged all of the open mines on the way to the objective and easily overwhelmed the defenders. From there it was a matter of luring Orson and Zoltan to spots where Findan could ambush them to make safe the new acquisition. I kept Findan as the defender of the Capitol until the frequency of the Purple assaults slowed down to the point that Findan could leave long enough to knock out the garrisons and still return in time to defend the next wave of Purple. Once I freed Talanar from 57 Colossi and 28 Titans that guarded his prison he took all of the troops except the dragons and easily defended the Capitol while Findan and 21 Emerald Dragons rescued Dirael and mopped up the rest of the map. I got Resurrection, but not until late in the mission at the second Sylvan town.
Edited on Sat, Sep 02 2006, 22:55 by Darrow

grumpy_dwarf at 2006-08-12 23:45 wrote:
Here is another way (granted on Normal). I didn't develop light magic so, but I did develop summoning magic. I took the first two towns and swung to the East. I then summoned everything that I had in the original town to defeat the first Garrison. I fed back mana to indan during the battle with the druids. After defeating the Garrison, I positioned Findan so Town Portal got me back to the original Town to defeat purple with Findan. I essentially did the samee thing for the second Garrison as well. From there on, the hero bought to guard the original town was strong enough to fend off attacks... Not sure how well I will do in the next missions on the alternate path.....

maltz at 2006-08-10 04:57 wrote:
I am half way through this mission on heroic patch 1.2. They did tune up the difficulty a bit by making the attacking heroes slightly more capable (such as casting powerful spells). I lost 2 emerald dragons when Findan assault the castle, but was still able to take the 2nd Sylvan town on Day 7 Week 1. The invading purple heroes are very powerful, making me lose almost more than 70% of the defending unit every week. However, since I have more gold than resources, I am thinking of shipping the troops from the 2nd Sylvan town to help defend. On the other hand, Findan has just learned resurrection, so he rules the world now.

After I finish this mission, I will update the walkthrough.
canerata7 at 2006-08-09 09:42 wrote:
Okay, I managed to do it! (Beat the whole game on heroic! It is possible after all)

I don't know the exact changes they made with patch 1.2 but it is obvious that they made it harder. Purple attacks so frequently with powerful armies that even you leave Findan to defend, at some point you lose, having few resources to build (at least on herioc).

What worked for me was to leave a secondary hero to defend and building Mage Guild level 3 asap. After first battle your 2nd hero should gain few levels, choose Basic Summoning Magic and get Phantom forces. That's the weakest point in AI. He always target phantoms first. Do not phantom your archers or druids until you kill their liches. Just clone unicorns or blade dancers. Also arrange your units that your clones are away from your archers because liches will attack your archers to kill clones.

Another unproved trick is to move your battle dancers to the squre next to castle doors. This make AI attack them first, somehow. After you kill their liches start cloning archers.

Also I suspect how you arrange your units at the start of a battle effects turns. I have an order that helped me a lot or maybe I just lost my mind.:P
Edited on Wed, Aug 09 2006, 03:43 by canerata7
GatorG at 2006-08-03 15:56 wrote:
I think they've changed some things Maltz...I've played this map a couple of times throughout the patches and I don't remember having to leave Findan in for the first two Purple heroes either. But now they whittle enough of your forces down that you can't survive the later heroes. Yeah, when you get time...see if it's changed for you.

IMHO...keeping Findan in for the first two heroes saves you more time and effort now...but I'm always open to better strategies...I'm just putting out some alternative strategies to test...

maltz at 2006-08-03 13:57 wrote:
I haven't played this map on 1.2 yet (the patch came out during my Academy campaign). I will try to get to this mission in the near future and do some updates of strategies. So far I've noticed that the neutrals are modified.

The purple heroes only grows stronger, so the later you let your lv 1 hero to face it, the harder the battle is. Or the initial purple heroes were more powerful than the rest?
GatorG at 2006-08-03 11:16 wrote:
Ok, I'm on this mission in 1.2 also on Heroic difficulty. First, you wait a turn and grab the money chest. Then, verify that the purple hero bought a dragon (meaning you don't have to purchase a dragon dwelling). If not, restart. You can't hold back your Dragons because the Necro army destroyed me when I tried that strategy.

The best I've done so far is 5 Dragons left and little of the rest of my army hurt. You have to garrison Findan for the first two purple heroes while a bought hero gathers all the resources in the water (going through the whirlpool also) because you lose too much if you try the level 1 hero. Buy a Capitol with your 10000gp.

After the first two necro heroes i bought a boat. Then, I took findan to take the next castle (with a garrisoned Necro hero) with something like 15 master hunters, 13 upgraded treants, and 8 druids or whatever. I won the battle with one upgraded treant left. It's a balance of leaving enough to defend your capitol and yet still be able to take the next town.

Take the level 1 hero to your capitol and buy another hero to get in the first boat and see if you can capture the hunter lodge to the east and get back in the boat without a teal hero killing you. (I was able to do this on the end and beginning of the week so I had 14 hunters). Take these hunters either to the level 1 hero or findan by boat because if you don't the teal player got in the boat and attacked my capitol the same day a purple hero was attacking and I couldn't win both battles.

This is the point I'm at now. A level 5/6 hero in the capitol and Findan with no army, but a second castle captured. And working my way up to a level 5 magic guild in the second town.

Basically this map is a map of balance and surviving until you can get strong enough to push further.

(Note - I haven't tried the strategy of attacking the purple hero outside my capitol yet though to see if i lose fewer creatures).

G (-:

maltz at 2006-08-02 13:36 wrote:

Please tell me what you had in Findan's army after the first battle if you did it with patch 1.2
Just curious, what is the difference between 1.2 and before on this mission?
canerata7 at 2006-08-02 09:18 wrote:
This map is just impossible in Heroic v1.2!!! It's just impossible!
Please tell me what you had in Findan's army after the first battle if you did it with patch 1.2 ( Heroic difficulty please, don't tell me "man that was easy...")

maltz at 2006-07-27 18:46 wrote:
Once the hero has Expert Light Magic, you can make them visit a town that has the Resurrection spell in its lv 5 mage guild, or "touch them" with another hero who has learned it, when one of the heroes has the scholar feat.
Edited on Thu, Jul 27 2006, 12:46 by maltz

Orfinn at 2006-07-27 17:50 wrote:
Hmm its mentioned Resurection quite often here, Im supposed to teach other heroes Res by gaining the enlightment skill in the beginning of the campaign? Or just scourging the map for boosters making my other heroes be able to learn Res too?

maltz at 2006-07-27 15:25 wrote:
Ops I forgot the favorite enemy part. I will add them in now. Thanks!
GatorG at 2006-07-27 15:18 wrote:
Nice information about restarting the mission if you don't get resurrect.

Another hint, if people want to do it, is that the purple hero sometimes buys the dragon structure for you...lol. If you want to keep restarting until they do. Saves a good bit of money and resources can be hard to come by. Although it can take 10 restarts+ to get them to do it.

A second hint is when you're going for the second town with Findan remember to swing east first (after landing west) and grab the gold mine and other mines before going west and taking the town.

A third hint is to remember your favored enemy. The purple hero changes the make up of their army and you should change your favored enemy accordingly (and on Findan also if you get a chance).

A fourth hint is to remember to visit the +1 morale after each battle. G (-:

edit - I haven't played patch 1.2 yet, so I don't know the changes they've made.
Edited on Thu, Jul 27 2006, 09:51 by GatorG

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