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Features → Walkthroughs  → The Ranger → The Refugees

by Psychobabble

Map 1 - The Refugees
Size - Big
Level Cap 12

Spoiler: view a screenshot of the surface


Master hunters are the best sylvan creatures for their level, imo, so I'd definately recommend that you take four of them over 2 druids, especially as you'll be able to reinforce that stack much quicker than you will the druids.


Your true objective in this map isn't immediately apparent. It seems that it is a defensive map where your aim is to keep the necromantic hoards from overrrunning your borders. But in reality you only need to defeat about 2 to 3 waves of Necro army, and at the same time preparing for a fairly tough inferno invasion led by a hero named Biara. Biara arrives during the first week of the the second month. If you get a chance, always try to kill inferno stacks, especially the high-level ones, this way you can make them your favoured enemy in the Avenger's Guild. Prioritize unit production in starting town (1), so you can quickly gather a powerful army to flag important mines and clean neutral stacks. Of course, you should also be trying to get Findan, your primary hero, to the level cap as well, but that won't be too difficult.

Patch 1.3 changes the resource requirement quite much. You will be short of gem and wood initially, so your first goal should be to flag the Saw Mill just NE of the town. Then, quickly rush back to take over the hunter cabin just to the south of 1. Also, on Day 1, hire a new hero to help pick up resources to conserve Findan's precious movement points, and to give Findan some more army to start with. Doing these will give your army a much needed early boost.

To get the resources flowing, take over the ore mines to the north of 2. Given some unfortunate restrictions on building upgraded creature dwellings in your primary town, you might feel like your army is constantly behind the curve, especially on heroic difficulty. You will be able to upgrade units in a Hill Fort later, but you should have Sprite and Master Hunter upgrade as soon as possible. Master hunters get the Warding Arrow ability, which pushes back the enemy's action. Try to split them up to multiple stacks and the enemy probably will have trouble even getting a turn! Deploying nothing but sprites will get you a flawless victory against slow enemies (Zombies, Footmen, etc.). Save out your Ammo Cart by not luring the enemy into the striking range of your Ammo Cart. Also, there are other things to do with sprites:

In this battle, I've position four single sprite stacks one square out of the reach of the enemy stacks. Instead of running all the way forward like they should, this seems to make the enemy take just one step forward (so they are just in range of your creatures for their next turn). Of course, you can just move one square back and repeat the process, while you're whittling the stacks down with your shooters and hero. This doesn't work forever - I think if the enemy gets within two turns movement of your non-sprite stacks they rush forward - but it certainly helps against certain neutral stacks.

As for where to travel on the map, it would be nice to take the hunter cabin at 2 early, but it seems to be always guarded by master hunters, which are not worth attacking early in the game. You are quite weak in the first week, so don't walk too far of or challenge too powerful enemies. If you can, flag the gem mine just SW of the town. That will help a lot. While you will be short on resources, there are tons of resources lying around on the map. Later on, you can send Findan and his squire hero on the road to collect them.

During the first week you should be attacked by a scripted Teal (Necro) hero on one of the garrisons. Your garrison should be able to get rid off them for now. The next heroes will have no trouble running over your garrisons, though. If you don't see any Teal hero attacking your garrison during the first week, you might have a bugged game, and you better be prepared to restart as this mission will never end without the scripted event working. The patches seem to solve this problem (1.1-1.3 all work fine).

At the beginning of the second week, ship your new troops to Findan and go out exploring. If you have enough non-upgraded units, you can walk towards the Hill Fort to the south of 3. Now if you are using patch 1.2 and beyond, you can skip the next paragraph as the following exploit has been fixed.

If you are playing on versions before 1.2 then you are here for a real treat, if you're not averse to taking advantage of bugs, er, "undocumented features". You can take the creatures here into your army by switching stakcs from your army. I suggest you split off a few single sprite stacks to do this with. Now you might be thinking that stripping your garrisons of their defences is going against your main map objective, and you'd be right. But luckily, you only lose the map if the teal player captures two of your garrisons, so it's reasonably safe to take the creatures from one of the garrisons. But do make a proper save before doing this, if you're unable to beat back a proper attack on one of your other garrisons (at 5, 6, 7 and 8) then you might get overrun in two places and lose the map.

Don't worry if you've upgraded to patch 1.2 and above. Things are still managable on heroic and you will be able to visit all 11 stat bonuses (which brings you 12 extra stat points) just in time -- if you know what you are doing, of course.

As you travel around you should be building up Findan. I recommend focussing on Luck and Logistics at this stage in the campaign. Elven luck, which has prerequisites of basic luck and soldier's luck, further increases your damage during a lucky shot by 25%.

This Sylvan campaign is probably the most difficult among all. On higher difficulties, you should really consider the skill choices. You need something that really makes you fail-safe in tough battles. Light magic is widely regarded as the most friendly campaign magic school, simply because it makes troop conservation very easy (Resurrection). If you ever reach Expert Light here, rush towards the Mage Vault and see if you can learn Resurrection. If you can learn it here, your life will be much easier later. Also, just NW of the Hill Fort you can defeat a stack of Cavaliers to learn Righteous Might - very powerful if you pick up Master of Wrath.

Dark magic is always versatile especially against HUGE stacks, and it is also suitable for Findan's low spell power. (Rangers' primary attribute is Defense and Knowledge.) Even better, patch 1.3 makes Puppet Master way better than before by removing its cancellation upon taking damage. Now you might also want to grab Sorcery if you like the "manipulative" way, as it just makes Findan a much better caster.

One of the special combos a Ranger could adapt is War Machine + Imbue Arrow + high-level Destructive Magic. Patch 1.3 made this more difficult by double the amout of mana required for high-level Destructive magic, though. By the way, if you are thinking of the ultimate Ranger skill for Findan, you can cancel the idea because Findan's starting Tactics ruins everything. Fortunately, you'll still be able to see it in your other heroes later in the campaign.

Getting Expert Avenger isn't a bad idea either; it will help you greatly in the boss battle if you can get double damage on nightmares and succubi. It's a little risky to visit Witches Huts (there are 3 in this mission) without knowing what they offer, because the skill you get might not be from the skill tree you are focussing on and your development will get messed up by being offered useless skills in other specialties. Of course, you can always save your game before a visit.

If you're looking for places of interest to go to, there's not too many, but the Unicorn Horn Bow at 9 is useful (negates ranged penalties for shooters) and there's a gold mine at 10. Each of these are quite well defended, though, so don't bother getting them if you're going to take heavy casualties.

After beating about 3 waves of Necro heroes, Biara (Red player) will appear just outside the garrison at 6 early in the second month. You better be ready for it. If you can swap army from the garrison (pre-patch 1.2), it is a good idea to have a hero (not necessarily Findan) sitting just outside this garrison to take take all the creatures out of it just after Biara appears, because she will overrun it with few casualties if you leave them there. Send those creatures back to your main town.

Also, it's essential to get as many creatures as possible upgraded in the Hill Fort. It is usually necessary to have a chain of 2 or 3 heroes (can involve Findan as the final heat) going from the town to the fort, and back to town to receive the upgraded latest week's growth. Biara will head straight for your town - and she will reach your town on the third day that she passes your garrison, so make sure you are able to get Findan safely holed up in there before she arrives. If you've been able to take out some inferno creature stacks, set up the highest level upgraded inferno creatures possible in your favoured enemy list and then wait for her to attack. Once you beat Biara, the map ends!

Sunlover at 2014-07-23 16:25 wrote:
Just a side note: you don't always get Resurrection at the Mage Vault even if you have the Expert Light Magic skill; oftentimes it seems to grant Teleportation. Useful if you want to throw some Ancient Treants up close and personal against demonic hordes, but not as much as Resurrection of course. Anyways, since no one mentioned it by name to this point, thought I'd mention the other commonly granted spell.
hprwhg12 at 2014-03-23 17:32 wrote:
I think I may have found what causes the bug for Biara to not move. True this is only been done once but it was something significant imo.
DO NOT touch the seer hut or shrine just left and north of town. or even fight the gargoyles or zombies protecting them. Maybe even leave the raksha ranis standing on the hill above the luck pond alone too.

I will now discuss how I came to this conclusion as briefly as possible.

I chose 10 crystals. followed the walkthrough getting saw mill, hunters cabin ,and ore pit. But left seer hut and shrine alone for fear of losing troops and figured I would come back to them later.

I took my second hero along the top road heading west picking up the loose resources and followed it all the way to end and going all the way inside the green alcove just above the final border gate to see the area. I then had him return going down the middle path and kind a did a zig zag pattern with the roads and collecting resources, revealing my whole side ending up in the green alcove by the bottom right border guard in the beginnig of week 4. Also just below the defense stat protected by archers south of town there is a tiny alcove with a chest and an artifact protected by succubi, but they are not really you can step past them. I mention this because it may also be part of Biara not moving.

Back to week 1 with Findan: I farted around the town being over cautious with which battles to fight and returning to town to grab fresh troops on week 2 day 1.

I should mention now that I was aiming for getting resurrection from the mage battle building just south of town (crazyiii here is where you can get resurrection)because it offered me light magic first level up.

I then had him go straight down to attack the skeleton archers protecting the spell stat
I saved just before this battle thankfully because this is where I came back after finishing map becuase after this battle they gave me the choice of expert light and luck. Thinking Luck would not be offered again I chose it. Ha then I did not get expert light because of the surprise of biara actually attacking)

I took the spell stat fought for the attack stat. I left the monks protecting the knowledge stat alone and went to the open spell stat and went as far down as the movement fountain then returned back to town for fresh troops. I then too him to attack the imps and blood maidens guarding the gem mine to the ghosts protecting arena. followed by the inferno troops on a hill and the minotaur just below them.

BAM Teal finally attacked my second to bottom right border guard on day 3 week 4 month 1. right around the time the second hero was finishing his run. I lost the battle and teal just stayed right there at my gate. I had Findan return to town to gather as many troops I could and headed down to take back the gate. Teal with another hero then tried to attack the botttm right gate but it did not happen all he did was take one step to and one step away back from the gate going back and forth one step ata time his whole movement but the battle did not engage. A bug apperently but I was thinking okay maybe this bug will override the biara bug. I took back the gate and WOOHOO biara ran through the middle gate day 6 week 4 month 1 and headed straight for my town. I won the map but never got expert light or ressurrection. So I saved day 1 on the next map and loaded my save mentioned prior putting me back to week 2.

This time I chose expert light and thinking biara is going to come decided to start going on a killing spree starting with the zombies protecting the shrine and then following up with the gargoyles protecting seer hut. As soon as I grabbed the seer hut and saw Teals lands revealed I got a feeling that biara was not going to show up. I was right she never moved.Teal also did not attack my gate until week 1 day 2 month 2 and no other teal hero tried to attack after the first. I let a week slip by and no bugged attack on my gate by a second hero. I took back gate and biara showed up and never moved..I was pi**ed.

So i loaded back again from week 2 and this time I repeated my first run through except took expert light and got resurrection from mage battle building. but I did not get the shrine or the seer hut and left zombies and gargoyles and raksha ranis alone.

Teal attacked same gate on day 3 week 4 month 1 same as first run through but a second teal hero did not try or do the bugged thing it did before and I thought OH NO not again. So I skipped a week again to see if he would but then took back gate and poof biara came through on day 6 week 4 month 1 HOORAY!!!

So sorry for how long this is, but I needed to explain what happened. The only thing I did different with the second run through was taking shrine and seer hut and fought zombies,gargoyles, and raksha ranis. Along with my gut feeling that when I reveled teals land it was the wrong thing to to do. So maybe it will work maybe it wont but it did for me and I am greatful

ShadowLiberal at 2012-01-29 19:15 wrote:
I just played through this mission on Heroic with the TOTE's mod, and Biara showed up in the second half of month 2, week 1 for me, before any of teal's heroes had even attacked my border garrisons.

I panicked, realizing I hadn't visited 4 or 5 stat boosts yet, so I rushed Findan to them. When Biara got close to my town I abandoned it and fled with the week's growth in one of my heroes to Findan.

When Biara took over my town she stopped moving, just standing right outside the town. I got a new mission to retake the town within a week, so I spent 2 more days claiming the last stat boosts, and then took out Biara with Findan's army, and won the mission without needing to even retake my town.

ShadowLiberal at 2011-10-08 02:59 wrote:
Like others have said this map has changed in recent patches. It takes longer to get attacked, Your garrison also stands zero chances of winning when you are attacked, so forget reinforcing them, just reclaim them when they're defeated.

Also, I don't see a need for logistics to have enough time to grab all the stat boosters. You'd be better off picking something like leadership. My Findan easily reached +5 morale, the max that seems to be allowed apparently. I don't know about you but I like that kind of a morale bonus instead of being a bit quicker moving around the map and seeing farther.

Edit: I was unable to finish this mission without the automatic win cheat. Biara showed up on the map, and I saw a cut scene about her arrival, but Biara then did nothing on her turns. Teal's heroes also got smarter once Biara arrived, and started to hit and run my gates (running back where you aren't allowed to run).

The ranger units need to learn an important lesson, once your enemy attacks you at the border they've ALREADY declared war, so no need to be scared of invading them, duh.

Another Edit: Forget what I said earlier, Leadership was a horrible skill choice for Findan, I would have been better off with War Machines or Dark Magic in that slot, or even Logistics.
Edited on Sun, Dec 25 2011, 13:36 by ShadowLiberal
balder at 2011-09-27 14:49 wrote:

To enable cheats using the console, the first thing you need to type is "enable_cheats"

Text should pop up, saying that cheats have been activated.

To instantly win the scenario, activate the cheat console then type in "@Win ()"

Hope this helps. I had to scour the thread at http://heroescommunity.com/viewthread.php3?TID=18589 before I found out how to activate the cheats. The cheat guide doesn't say that you first need to type in "enable_cheats"
valkyrie at 2011-03-29 09:03 wrote:
Is anybody still playing this game? Well I am, so here goes...
I completed this on patch1.6 normal difficulty, and didn't experience any bugs. Teal didnt attack any of my garrisons(maybe this is a bug), so I just fiddled around, reached the level cap, built up my town, built up an army. Just as I was about to panic that Biara wouldn't attack, she appeared! This was approximately Week 2 Month 2. Easy battle in my town, THE END.
My suggestions if Biara doesnt appear: 1) hang in there, she'll appear eventually; 2) Restart mission on a more difficult level
King_Nothing- at 2010-10-21 12:08 wrote:
Im using patch 1.6 btw
King_Nothing- at 2010-10-21 12:07 wrote:
I tried to cheat my way past this mission because of the bugs, but i can't get it working. I have edited my files as this page http://www.heroesofmightandmagic.com/heroes5/heroes5_cheats.shtml
suggest, and i can get access to the console, but for some reason it just give me an error message when i type @win() can someone explain it?
obanvar at 2010-05-22 22:12 wrote:
Just want to help all those like me, who suffered long months trying multiple solutions on this mission, waiting for Biara to appear but she never did...

If you have patch 1.6 (like me), Biara will be SOOO FU%$ING BUGGED on a mountain, so she will simple not come and you won't be able to complete the mission!!!

Solutions?? try this one: just re-install the game from version 1.0, and then install a previous patch!!. I used 1.4 (you have to install 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 first, in order to apply 1.4 finally). It seemed that she was not bugged at all on patch 1.4, she finally came by Day 5, Week 2, Month 2 (I was playing on Normal), I beat her ass and went on to Mission 2 :-)

After you pass the mission, OF COURSE you have to install patch 1.41, 1.5 and then 1.6, to fix some video bugs, if you have any (and I did have them, 'cause I'm playing on a laptop Dell Latitude D520, 1GB Ram, with an Intel 945GM graphics card with 224MB Video (yeah, it is crap, but if you combine it with the 3D Analize program, the game runs pretty good and smooth, with a Normal config on Video Options, so it turns to be no crap at all if you use the program and apply ALL the patches ^_^)
Da_Vane at 2010-04-17 07:52 wrote:
You might want to check to see if the starting bonuses affect your start up situations for each game. It seems that whenever I choose the 4 Master Hunters, I end up starting with 4 Master Hunters and 20 Hunters, yet whenever I choose the 2 Druid Elders, I start with 20 Master Hunters and 4 Hunters. All these games are patch 1.5...
johnny at 2009-11-06 14:16 wrote:
Hi everybody! I see that not only myself is having problems with Biara's appearance.
First of all, I'm running Version 1.0 and no matter what I do, this mission is bugging the hell out of me.
Why Biara is not coming? I understood that is might possible to be a bug, but how could it be, logically you can not continue the rest of the missions if this one is bugged!
Please, what can I do, please, I played almost a week and I'm trouble sleeping!
RollingWave at 2009-09-17 15:44 wrote:
For Findan, the best combo you can probably go for (and you need it for the last mission) is war machine -> ballista -> imbue ballista -> triple ballista + master of ice or fire (I'd usually think ice is more flexible) a imbued triple ballista with ice ring and master of ice is simply devastating.

Still, I'd take light magic before destruc, just in case . in the event that you miss out on destruc magic (a certain possibility) then imbue it with weakness. and always use ur ballista to hit the biggest / highest defensed stacked, I was able to reduce a 30+ def unit to 0 in one turn lol

Peredhil at 2009-07-26 09:38 wrote:
Heroic 1.6
I'm really not fond of the maps with plenty of places to explore and next to no time to do this.If in C4M1 I've almost cleared all stacks,here I was far from that.First 2 weeks leveled against walkers (not losing a single sprite), then learn resurrection and circle to hit all stat bonuses.Flag a couple of mines too,and get the Unicorn Bow in the last days.
First 2 necro heroes failed to compute the path to the garrisons.Same as in C4M3.So they spawned and stayed still(and Orson,the Teal's garrison hero, happily took some of their units on a ride).The 3d hero took one garrison in W4d6 and met his doom (her actually,it was Raven) next day.M2w1d3 Biara blast through garrison and charged to her glorious(and very short lived) end.I've almost feared a more severe bug,leading to restart,but then I've checked the situation hitting End Turn for 2 weeks .
Edited on Sun, Jul 26 2009, 15:07 by Peredhil

Blake at 2008-12-27 08:12 wrote:
Well I've got patch 1.6 installed and Biara charged in to her death as planned.. although I was only playing on easy..
vostok1961 at 2008-11-04 23:25 wrote:
Hi there,
I also had the nasty problem that Biara does not come (with patch 1.6). End of the day, end of the day but nothing happens. So I used a cheat to continue to the next map.
Here is guide how to achieve this.
You are interested of "Instant Win" option.
Good luck and enJoy.
Edited on Tue, Nov 04 2008, 18:26 by vostok1961
fosforo at 2008-09-11 18:33 wrote:
I've played this mission before the installation of the 1.6 patch and all was ok.
Now, after installation, the mission does'nt finish because Biara still remains in the low-left corner of the map (outside the boudary) and she doesn't move any muscle. I'm in the fifth month of the mission!

MOreover and differently from how I remember, the necro troops start to attack my garrison very very late (after the first month). I'm sure that before the patch the first attack was in the first week.

This mission was originally bugged, then fixed in patch 1.2. How can is possible that after other 4 patches it doesn't work again?

Meentje at 2008-06-26 16:59 wrote:
Someone please help, i'v played this mission a dozen times and i have never finished it.... not even on easy!! the game is patched until 1.6 (is that the problem? i hope not..) the first problem is that tael's firts attack is at the end of the first month, and destoys my garrison without much losses (he uses raise daed al the time) then a few weeks later, he attacks again, runs over my garrison, and before i can supply that garrison with new troops, he attacks a third garrison.... mission over. I have never seen biara... what to do! has enyone got some tips for me to complete this mission?? i mean, it must be pathetic to loose the mission on easy... a dozen times... Please help me!
Edited on Sun, Jun 29 2008, 02:15 by Meentje
akaihane at 2008-02-18 05:15 wrote:
What is Ubi doing? Its still bugged in Heroic 1.5 and I've tried twice already , no biara at all.

Capt_Tripps at 2007-09-10 19:55 wrote:
I tried the Mage Vault on an earlier play-through and was not given the Resurrection spell (I didn't pick Light Magic). I played through again and picked up Enlightenment (Expert) and I was given Resurrection. Of course, the first time I didn't have to defeat Phoenixes.

Oh yeah, don't forget to go to the Mage Vault. I forgot since I had the Resurrection Scroll. Luckilly I still had a save from right before the final battle. I didn't quite make it to the town, but the Demon stack went for me instead of the town. Not choosing the favorites didn't hurt too much.

There's also a 50% fire protection sheild by a stack of Spectral Dragons at the top left of the map (next to the large body of water).
Edited on Tue, Sep 11 2007, 20:38 by Capt_Tripps

Mardon at 2007-08-24 11:21 wrote:
Installed patch 1.41 and 1.5. Now it works. However the teal waited to attack until second month.

Mardon at 2007-08-23 10:47 wrote:
I have patch 1.4 installed and the teal never attack. I've restarted the map 3 times and I can't open the console to cheat past it as decribed in this thread: http://www.celestialheavens.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=3862
This is very frustrating. . Is there any way out?
sunruh1 at 2007-08-08 00:11 wrote:
i'm stumped!

teal has 1 garrison. do i lose if they take a 2nd? so far with 1.41 it seems that way.

Corribus at 2007-06-13 14:32 wrote:
Is there an "end map" cheat?

winterfate at 2007-06-13 05:43 wrote:
It's bugged... ;|

You only have two choices:

1. Cheat past it.
2. Restart.
3. Patch it (but you would still have to restart the map, so you still only truly have two choices :)).

Corribus at 2007-06-13 03:57 wrote:
This map is retarded... and it didn't end after I beat Biara. I still have the "defeat demon army" objective still unchecked. So what the heck do I do now?
craziii at 2007-05-04 02:19 wrote:
I spent 3 hours on this mission, then realized something was strange :( came here, n found out why :( I had to start over :(

edit: forgot to ask, how do I get the resurrection spell in this mission? I thought the scroll only allow the usage of the spell on that mission, the user doesn't learn it?
Edited on Thu, May 03 2007, 19:24 by craziii
NickMP at 2006-11-05 23:03 wrote:
BUG: There is a blue keymaster's tent near the Hill fort which thinks it's a blue gate - when you beat its guardians and try to get the key, it gives you the 'you need the key for this' message. If it worked properly one could get at the real blue gate near 6, which appears to protect a cartographer. Anyone find a way round this? Does it matter?

EDIT: I'm advised that this is a quirk if you start the scenario before 1.3 and then download the 1.3 patch. So shouldn't be a problem for anyone now.
It's a nice scenario - another different 'feel'. You spend quite a while nervously building up and watching probing forces lurking outside, then they start to erode your defences. The penultimate one is pretty tough, and Biara more so. Don't rush battles too much - it's not hard to reach the skill cap, and you don't wan tto take losses too quickly: you want to build up big stacks to wallop the NPCs and then the enemy.
Personally I like the Undead thread of the story so it goes against the grain to be fighting them, but that's li...death.
Edited on Wed, Dec 13 2006, 16:40 by NickMP

maltz at 2006-10-20 21:41 wrote:
After taking a garrison, the AI Necro hero usually stops and wait for Findan. Not sure whether what you see is a bug, but at least it is different from my 4 precvious runs of this mission.
Slaughter1311 at 2006-10-20 21:14 wrote:
using version 1.3, did NOT get attacked until the second week by orson with an army that just walked right through two garrisons in three days. is this a bug?

maltz at 2006-10-11 02:14 wrote:
Interestingly, when I check up the console, I can see the AI spawn the teal heroes and Biara, but also a lot of error script complaints -- and it still worked every time!
Webdragon at 2006-10-10 13:53 wrote:
Like Jolly Roger, I'm SICK of this stupid mission to! I'm past month 12(!) and still no Biara (v. 1.3). This is indeed mission impossible :-((
UBI shoukd really get there act together and solve this problem/bug or what ever it is :-/
Great walkthrough though!
Jolly Roger at 2006-09-28 19:28 wrote:
Some good news, I reinstalled the game (v1.0), skiped turned and in the beginning of month 2 i had Biara. Of course I was totaly unprepared but at least this mission is now possible to pass. Hope this works with you.
Something strange I noticed, the teal was VERY strong he attacked me tree times with a total of 5 Spectral dragons, >30 vamp lords, etc. etc. It was as if he had a Necropolis town.
Still I would be very grateful if someone can tell me how to activate the cheats (I have tried what is widely known but it wouldn't work) because I don't have much ime and I'm SICK of this stupid mission.
Jolly Roger at 2006-09-28 17:23 wrote:
I don't get any Biara, too, and it is month 3 already. Tried to cheat but the cheats wouldn't work. Thought to reinstall, but now I see it is no use. Please, help!
differ at 2006-08-19 16:23 wrote:
very strange, i just tried a game where i just skip every turn until month 2 and still i don't get Biara. rolled back to 1.0 and still no Biara.

how do i just cheat over and skip this mission? i'm getting frustrated at this bug...
differ at 2006-08-19 16:09 wrote:
played it twice again and still no Biara. re-installed HOMMV on one occasion as well.

this really is crappy. i wonder if taking the stacks from the garrissons triggers the bug?
differ at 2006-08-19 04:01 wrote:

DaemianLucifer at 2006-08-18 18:22 wrote:
i am into month 5 and Biara never shows up. Teal is still going up and down collecting creatures.

Indeed so.Restart,or cheat over,or get someones save.
differ at 2006-08-18 17:54 wrote:
i am into month 5 and Biara never shows up. Teal is still going up and down collecting creatures.


Necaradan666 at 2006-08-06 00:07 wrote:
> am I the only one?

I just think you need some more experience at recknisin the land, I always get the tear on the second dig at the most

maltz at 2006-07-27 13:54 wrote:
Just replayed this mission on patch 1.2, heroic.

I think the difficulty has been tuned up quite a bit. First up, Biara, who sieged my town on Day 6, Week 1, Month 2, is raised from lv 8 to lv 12, bringing ~4 weeks worth of inferno troops. Her stats were comparable to Findan's and she can cast not-so-powerful resurrection.

The teal heroes no longer lose to the garrison. They have no way to lose now. The best we can do is to replay the battle and try to kill as much as we can.

I still managed to visit all of the stat bonuses on the last day, while defeated a total of 2 waves of Teal heroes. When I fought off Biara, I only had about 70 master hunters left, some druid elders, 2 ancient treants and 1 silver unicorn. The inferno units kept gating beside my hunters, which was very annoying. However, I am reluctant crowd them together or Biara will cast some nasty group effect spells.
Edited on Tue, Aug 08 2006, 20:47 by maltz

pathos at 2006-07-26 11:56 wrote:
Like to know how to complete Ranger, mission 5?
On normal I found it very hard with no creatures stacks joining and there are some very big creature stacks ie:- 12 Spectral Dragons.

I am amazed at all the cut scenes, there are so many.
I am completing the game on normal first then will start again on hard and then heroic. But I hate these level like Ranger 5 where you have to dig for treasure as it takes me ages matching up the puzzle map with the game map, am I the only one?
vdupuy at 2006-07-24 18:53 wrote:
Indeed, you can't swap troops with Garrisons anymore. Heroic just became quite a bit more challenging...

DaemianLucifer at 2006-07-24 15:35 wrote:
Got a bad news here. People have been reporting that one can NO LONGER swap army from the garrison post patch 1.2. Now I would really want to see how people can step on all of the stat boosts on heroic... :)

So what?I played on hard,and I didnt have to empty a single garrison.I was attacked by blue just once(which is weird).This is v1.0

maltz at 2006-07-24 14:39 wrote:
Got a bad news here. People have been reporting that one can NO LONGER swap army from the garrison post patch 1.2. Now I would really want to see how people can step on all of the stat boosts on heroic... :)

magerette at 2006-07-21 22:47 wrote:
thanx for the tips--this has been the hardest campaign so far--map 3 is kicking my rear on normal but i now see i have the wrong build on findan-been trying to get the "ultimate skill' which is impossible, apparently--thanks again for the walkthru and invaluable help.

pathos at 2006-07-21 21:07 wrote:
If you separate banks of pixies then arrange then in a line so one is behind the other, they gain an extra movement allowance and can go closer to be able to attack. High level pixies become sprites and have a double attack of spray if two enemy are next to each-other dealing extra damage.

Also in the Ranger quest mission 4 - The Archipelago, is it possible to save the isle of Tieru?
I played the level not stepping foot on the boat and followed through the lan masses and underground passages to reach the bridge.

I found that mose woodland creatures will join and all other creatures put up a fight.
On level four collect the money from the chest as there are two upgrade towers you will find and cash in resources as there are no towns.
sone chest have large experience, the biggest i found was 6000 pts so if you get one of those take the exp and not the gold.
Maybe there is more to this level but I am on level 5 now and it is of little concern to me

stefan.urlus at 2006-07-21 01:07 wrote:
i really liked this map, helped myself to the stat boosters for a bonus and grabbed the cabins early, made for a reasonably easy map

maltz at 2006-07-20 15:19 wrote:
Another interesting challenge here is to visit every single stat boosters on this map (there are at least 10 of them!), as well as all three witch huts, while trying to defend your garrisons, and get them all before Biara shows up. This is still doable in heroic, as you can "borrow" army from the garrisons.

I would suggest borrowing the armies from the "5" garrison to start, and visit stat boosters in that area, and slowly work your way up north-west.

Orfinn at 2006-07-20 13:11 wrote:
finally! nice walkthrough :)
GatorG at 2006-07-20 11:15 wrote:
my tip would be that "if" you can empty the garrisons you just stay close enough that teal can't take two garrisons...then, you wouldn't lose. it's a good tip that relies on a very small portion of luck.

edit - I would love to hear how to do "The Defense" on Heroic also. I've retried that map and couldn't do better than capturing two towns before the Necromancers finally beat me down. Although I still have a couple of things to try, but it wore me down...lol. Would be interesting to hear anyone who beat it on Heroic.

Alas, they are making this map easier now...for an "old" timer it was a pleasure playing some difficult maps...in a sense...lol. G (-:
Edited on Thu, Jul 20 2006, 05:20 by GatorG

Psychobabble at 2006-07-20 04:21 wrote:
Thanks for the comments guys, some good tips there. A few responses

Not sure why, but i cant take any of the creatures in the garrison, even though u guys sayin its possible. Im sure it would be easier if i could =/
I explain how to do so in the walkthrough! You have to swap your stacks in.

I emptied all garrisons, save one which teal reached before me, using secondary heroes heading directly for them. The map was easy after getting the troops to findan,
I did that, but then teal captured two of the severely weakened garrisons and I lost the game. Figured that probably wasn't the best tip to give everyone :).

Gyler at 2006-07-20 03:46 wrote:
Not sure why, but i cant take any of the creatures in the garrison, even though u guys sayin its possible. Im sure it would be easier if i could =/
burbon52 at 2006-07-20 02:41 wrote:
A few useful tips:
1- After the first attack by the teal player, I thought it would be a good idea to strenghten the defences (i.e. garrisons) so I sent a hero to each one of them. Teal army never attacked me again. Must be a bug, but a useful one.
2- After getting the Light magic, use your skill points to get expert life magic and then go to the wizard's tower (or whatever it is called) and it will give you resurrection. (at least that's what it gave me). With virtually unlimited armies, thatnks to resurrection) the rest of the campain will be pretty smooth.

Sikon at 2006-07-20 02:33 wrote:
I got Destructive Magic in the first witch's hut, so I reloaded. Got Light Magic in another one in the same game, though. The rest of my preferred skills - Luck, Logistics and Attack - were offered naturally.

The main reason for Light Magic is Resurrection, which allows Findan to fight most battles without losses after you get this spell (I got it in Syris Thalla on map 3).
Edited on Wed, Jul 19 2006, 20:34 by Sikon

Gaidal Cain at 2006-07-19 22:40 wrote:
I emptied all garrisons, save one which teal reached before me, using secondary heroes heading directly for them. The map was easy after getting the troops to findan, who proceeded to clear everything. Finding Boots of Speed (or whatever they call them nowadays) helped with that.

Nebs at 2006-07-19 21:41 wrote:
One thing not mentioned, but quite useful, is Ressurection scroll which is just south of point 10, on second road from the top, close to dancer's dwelling. Though, guarded by champions (and for me there were always some paladins as well).

Campaigner at 2006-07-19 20:59 wrote:
I got a few valuable tips to add.

You can reach a witchhut on day 1 so restart until you get what you want. I was offered: Luck, Light Magic, Sorcery and I can't remember more.

I restarted 25 times trying to get Warmachines to go the imbue ballista route but never gotted it. I settled for Light Magic. Then I gotted Advanced Luck from another witchhut to the west.

Oh, and I can't wait to see the walkthru for map 3 of this campaign. On Heroic I've had to restart from a very early save 4 times now! It's excrutiatingly hard! (Very tricky atleast) An entire month without a single mine!
Edited on Wed, Jul 19 2006, 15:01 by Campaigner

Angelspit at 2006-07-19 15:09 wrote:
Hush, that article has not been announced yet. :)

maltz at 2006-07-19 14:43 wrote:
Thanks for the great walkthrough! Just a little suggestion: Light magic is very, very useful for this campaign, especially in higher difficulties towards the end. (Resurrection) If you see it offered, better take it.

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