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Celestial Heavens  → Downloads

by Kalah

Celestial Heavens Downloads Page

This page displays the major downloads you can make from Celestial Heavens.


Celestial Heavens has a a large collection of Heroes maps made by skilful, dedicated fans, whose activity over the years has resulted in hundreds of maps for your playing pleasure. Thousands of hours have gone into building them, yielding thousands of hours of playing time and extending the shelf life of your Heroes games.

Heroes I maps available here.
Heroes II maps available here.
Maps for Heroes III-V, see our map search page.
For campaigns, see our campaigns page.


On our patch pages you will find links to patches for your games; Heroes of Might & Magic I-VI, Might & Magic 6-9 and also Dark Messiah. Some of them are hosted directly on Celestial Heavens; some by Ubisoft or other sites and in other cases we have put up links to them.

Heroes of Might and Magic text collections

Game Guides: There are many fan-made guides and walkthroughs available for the various games, and on this page we redirect you to them all.

  • Skill Summary – The Skill Summary is another Aurelain-design; a comprehensive Flash-based guide replicating the skill tree of Heroes 6.
  • Skill Wheel – The Skill Wheel is a comprehensive Flash-based guide designed by Aurelain, showing the correlation between the various skills in Heroes 5 and the prerequisites needed for acquiring of a certain ability.
  • H5 Unofficial Guide page - Celestial Heavens released their unofficial guide to Heroes 5 a little while ago, with tremendous response from the community. The guide covers up the shortcomings of the official pamphlet released with the game in a spectacular manner, and is available for download as a .pdf file; in a coloured version for viewing on screen, a colour printable version and a black/white version.
  • H5 Official Manual page - UbiSoft have announced the release of a second fan-made manual, bearing the producers' seal of approval. Available for direct download in English here.
  • The Basics of Heroes V Scripting ver. 1.0 for H5 & HoF - Supplementary material for the official editor documents by Pitsu. Also describes the scripting language.
  • The Basics of Heroes V Scripting ver. 2.0 for H5, HOF, & ToTE - Supplementary material for the official editor documents by rdeford. Based on Pitsu’s original scripting guide.
  • The Basics of Heroes V Scripting ver. 2.01 for H5, HOF, & ToTE - Supplementary material for the official editor documents by rdeford. Based on Pitsu’s original scripting guide. Updated, August 2008.

Mods: Celestial Heavens host a number of modifications for Heroes games; the two prevailing ones being the Wake of Gods for Heroes III and Equilibris for Heroes IV.

  • WoGIn the Wake of Gods is a fan-made expansion pack to HoMM III Shadow of Death. The project was started by programming genius Slava Salnikov, and improvements continue to this day.
  • Equilibris – The Equilibris mod is a fan-made balance add-on to HoMM IV, the goal of which is to balance out the obliqueness of the original, since there will be no further official updates. In short, Equi makes the game better.
  • H5 mods – mini mods for Heroes 5, changing small things like creature appearance, stats or the adding of buttons.
  • Quantomas' unofficial enhanced AI patch created for Heroes 5 ToE 3.1. To comment, go here.


  • Go here to find a selection of useful Heroes IV material.
  • Resedit is a global editor for Heroes I-IV. Created by Alexander Karpeko, it can be used for various editing tasks.
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