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Features → Walkthroughs  → The Mage → Zehir`s Hope

by Psychobabble

Map 5 - Zehir's Hope
Size - Big
Level Cap 40


Finally, a set of bonuses which are somewhat worthwhile. I picked the titans because they're awesome creatures and they go in Zehir's army, which is the one which most needs a boost. However the Dragon Scale Shield is a very powerful artifact and if you feel like a spellpower boost then feel free to grab it.


In my first run through this map, on hard difficulty, I found this map particularly difficult. This map involves a series of fights with each of your heroes and all of the fights were easy, except the ones with Zehir who was definitely the weak link in my chain. This was probably because I rushed through the early maps as quickly as I could, not taking any time to pick up stat boosters, hit the level cap on level four or find the summon phoenix spell (I did try with the latter; it just wasn't offered to me). My second time through, on heroic difficulty, it was much easier, attesting to the usefulness of hero development through the campaign.

You start the map with four heroes at the ends of the four long pathways. Each hero has to take on a garrison (the orange squares) and these battles should be done with the aim of taking almost no casualties. There's no need to converge all your heroes onto the town at 1 because sending one hero in will trigger a battle with all four.

The battle for the first town (Biara) is tougher and you should expect to take some casualties, although these should obviously be minimised as much as possible. Biara (heroic 1.3) casts a spell called "Inferno Chain" when she gets a turn. This spell is similar to Chain Lightning that it hits four units in a chain, but its damage does not reduce through the jumps -- each hit deals full 820 damage. You might resist this magic if you have magic resistance (unicorns, or the Luck feat) If you hide a lot of stacks, Biara might refrain from using this spell, probably because she would hit her own units with it!

You have to cycle through all four heroes to defeat Biara, in the order of Godric, Findan, Zehir and Raelag. Towards the end of battle, remember to use the archangel's Resurrection ability and the hero's Resurrection spell with any heroes that have it. These battles will give you a taste of the style of battle on this map which involve a lot of creatures getting summoned, both at the start and as you kill certain entire stacks.

Out of these four battles, the one involving Zehir will be the easiest as you can simply "Banish" (gained through the Summoning Magic Feat) almost all stacks of Inferno units. It is so cheap that you would think it is not fair for Biara. In addition, Raelag will have an easy time as his meteor shower can make short work of the closely packed summoned enemies, and his black dragons are immune to Biara's spells. Be careful with Findan and Raelag's dragons, as the AI is smart enough to trigger their counter attack that will also plow through your own units. Try to isolate them from your other units.

Once you win the four battles, which isn't too difficult, all your heroes will be teleported to 2 to prepare for the final battle. All units lost are lost, though.

If you have used any spell points in the previous battle there is a magic well at 3 which can replenish them. The final battles are for the control over the shielded town at 4. There are two phases to the battle, each fought by all four heroes in turn, for a total of 8 battles. There are no rest in between, so if you lose, you have to restart from the beginning.

The first round ends when you destroy the magical wall which is a central feature of this battlefield. The wall usually takes three catapult shots to destroy, though this will be less if you have war machines or get a successful luck roll on your catapult's attack. Your objective in this first battle is not to kill all the enemies, it is to defend your catapult because if it gets attacked by an enemy you will lose the battle. So hang back and keep your creatures positioned so that a large sized enemy (eg. bone dragons) can't attack the catapult because they seem to do so if they get the opportunity. You should also, obviously, try and keep casualties to a minimum because there is one more battle before you finish the map and the campaign.

If you feel like your creatures are dying more and killing less than they normally would, then take a look at the demon sovereign's stats, which were all in the mid 40s. This is the reason that the second round of the battle can be a bit difficult for Zehir and Raelag. Fortunately, Zehir can always Banish them in one go, and Raelag has powerful spells to achieve similar effects.

I think I found a combat set up which should be able to get you through the final battle no matter how weak Zehir is, just in case you cannot Banish. As I noted earlier, Raelag has the easiest time of these battles with his powerful direct damage spells. He also happens to have an army which can take a lots of beatings, with scores of hydras and almost 50 shadow dragons. So for starters, switch Zehir and Raelag's armies, but make sure there is one space left in Zehir's army (leave the blood furies out if anything, they die very easily). I found the key to keeping Zehir alive, on top of this, was Findan's 50+ Ancient Treant stack, so fill up Zehir's final slot with them. You should now be able to win the final battle. In each round, place the treants in the corner and do nothing with them except hit defend. Their special ability gets them unlimited retaliation if you do this which is great, because you'll likely have poor morale and so otherwise would almost never get a chance to attack with them. In the first round, place the hydras and black dragons on the two slots next to the catapult to defend it (I found the hydra stack usually died, this didn't matter too much). In the second round, do as much damage to the Cerberus and Succubus stacks with your dragons and other creatures before they die (them being the only creatures your treants can't retaliate against). Then use raise dead to keep your treants healthy and summon elemental to do some extra damage. You should be able to win this battle by doing this. If you don't, then the strongest stack behind the shadow dragons is either the titans or archangels, depending on how many casualties you took in previous battles, so add them in, though the morale penalty will be pretty annoying with three alignments in the army.

Once you win, then that's all, there isn't anymore... except one last round of bad voice acting and another 'unexpected' twist in the final cutscene :). The HoMMV campaigns are finally over and hope you have some favorable moments along the way!

Bravehome at 2015-07-04 21:06 wrote:
Final Battle(s) fairly easy on Hard, due to following:
1. 3 of 4 heroes had Magic Resistance, with Expert Luck, made fighting Demon Sovereign simpler.
2. 2 of 4 heroes had Expert war machines, with Catapult, wall simple.
3. 3 of 4 heroes had Expert Attack, with Archery.
4. During Wall fight, held out Tier 1-5 troops.

Oooh, those glowing Isabel eyes!
Sunlover at 2014-08-13 00:52 wrote:
1.6, Hard

(frowns) I'm...more than a little baffled that people in years past have *****ed about Zehir's army being weak in the final battle. Did none of you do any army swapping between heroes to bolster otherwise weak players? Zehir, by far, thanks to his Banish ability (woe to you if you didn't pick or receive this option earlier with Summoning Magic!), suffered BY FAR the least losses.

SO much so, that I transferred them to Raelag, who everyone seems to think walks on water. Raelag fights the most massive enemy armies laden with tier 7 creatures ever. And I was unfortunate enough not to get Dark Magic. Result? No Puppet Master takeover of an Arch Devil stack for me, no resurrecting of Black Dragons because...they're Black Dragons...Titans get eliminated (that I donated over from Zehir), and the last stack I have standing is half of Findan's Ancient Treants. By the time I realize I'm outnumbered, I drop Empowered Armageddon and nuke everything except 2 A.T's and 10 Arch Devils. Needless to say, they started a bonfire (see what I did there...with wood...fi...never mind) This was, by the way, the battle vs the Sovereign; not the pre-battle with taking down the Wall.

This makes about the 6th-7th attempt I've tried on this in the last 2 days; without success. Raelag, without Dark Magic, just doesn't have enough oomph to get it done. (Ironically, Findan and Godric both had Dark Magic and life was relatively easy for both of them.) Going to load up Raelag with 2/3-3/4 of everyone's Tier 7's and see if he can hold them off long enough to take out the Arch Devil stacks. And yes, I do know morale becomes a factor when mixing up many types of armies -- which isn't helping when friendly army stack turns get skipped, but...kinda out of options. :p
Edited on Tue, Aug 12 2014, 21:01 by Sunlover
Wheeler Dealer at 2013-11-21 01:43 wrote:
1.6 Hard

Zehir had the easiest time. Banish took out all the summoned troops every time for no mana.

After I got a look at the size of my army I went back and chose the Artifact instead of the 6 Titans. Since I expected Zehir to win using dark magic to turn the enemy on himself, maybe with a Phoenix to help if the going got tough I really didn't think he needed more troops or the artifact so I gave it to Godric.

I think all four heroes got to the end with over 40 of their level 7 troops. I got to the last battle with Raelag and toward the end he had 44 Black Dragons and still hadn't lost an entire stack of anything. I started to cast Empowered Armageddon but backed off for fear that this might not be the final battle!

I'm tempted to retry the whole thing on Heroic but some of the battles are such a beating. Seems like sometimes you just have to restart a battle with different troops held in reserve to get a different random seed. And I routinely have to see how the enemy is set up and then reload and set my starting position accordingly. So many reloads!

I'm not sure what the comments re playing under ToE mean. I guess I'll just try loading the ToE disk and then try to start the original campaign. I gather I'll get the extra spells and additional creature upgrade choices.

It was fun again!
SteelPanther at 2013-07-02 02:28 wrote:
Zehir may be weak, but once you get phoenix and puppet master into action that evens the odds a lot! I agree with the comment to just use top tier troops for the initial battles, saves the supporting troops for the final one.

katia0203 at 2012-07-01 18:57 wrote:
I was thinking that, since Godric had very little trouble at all with either of his battles, maybe giving Zehir a small chunk of Archangels might be useful. The titans just aren't strong enough and don't seem to get to go often. My Zehir only has 85 manna -_- and the other heroes have around 150. I have no idea what happened there, but it's what he has. Summon phoenix and elementals would be a good bet, but it eats up a ton of my manna, leaving a small amount to resurrect or deflect missiles. I'll see what I can do :)

ShadowLiberal at 2012-07-01 01:19 wrote:
katia, try summoning in a Phoenix & elementals ASAP if you didn't. Phoenix especially are much more powerful then they might first appear, and if you get lucky and get fire elements you'll have a tough hitting archer with just about unlimited ammo.

Also try walling in a 1x1 unit with a phoenix shield, and using arcane armor and deflect missiles on your protected unit.

Also, if you're running low on non-summoned units (as in just 1 or 2 stacks/hits away from losing them all) use resurrect on a dead stack somewhere out of the way. I had to do this a few times in Markal's battle against Godric while Phoenix and Fire Elements killed everything.

It may also pay to create phantom images for a wall or a diversion or an attacker (the computer usually goes for them first, but if you make sure the target can't retaliate you can keep them alive longer if you want to use them as a hitter).

katia0203 at 2012-06-30 18:06 wrote:
I just wanted to thank Shadowliberal and others for suggesting the strategy of just deploying my level 7 (and sometimes 6) units out on the field up until the final battle. It worked like a charm (unlike the first run-through) and I was able to win!

Oh, and just so you know, there ARE girls (like me) who play...we just don't generally broadcast it to those we know :P

EDIT: Well...maybe not. I posted this thinking that Zehir was going to win that last battle...unfortunately he really doesn't have the greatest starting army and for me he has the least manna. So yeah...I won everything else but that last battle...stupid Zehir.
Edited on Sat, Jun 30 2012, 14:29 by katia0203

cjlee at 2012-04-30 22:07 wrote:
playing on 1.6 Heroic, I find this far harder than playing in earlier versions. Is it my imagination, or did Biara get a lot better? I have too many casualties.

I'm afraid ShadowLiberal's strategy doesn't work if you don't use the TOTE mod. You see, his strategy for fielding tier 7s is also dependent on the ability to cast Vampiricism. That's terribly important because you will take a lot of damage. and lose a lot of tier 7s if they are the only stack on the battlefield.

ShadowLiberal at 2012-03-02 03:00 wrote:
A few things.

1) I have no idea how good Banish was at the time this guide was written, but in the newer patches it's been so nerfed it's useless. Raelag and Zehir could only deal 330 damage each stack with Banish, which is pitiful considering they could have done almost twice that damage with Word Of Light, though Banish is free, but Raelag and Zehir had plenty of mana.

2) Round #1 against Biara, I HIGHLY recommend just fielding your tier 7 creatures for all heroes, except Raelag, field the Hydra's. I was able to keep casualities down to just war machines thanks to my magic. I found lower tier creatures usually just got themselves killed right away without doing any good if I fielded them before the final battle, which left me unable to win.

3) If you're playing the all campaigns in TOTE mod this mission got a lot easier with Vampirism. Use the above field tier 7 creatures only and use vampirism on them. Make sure to kill the undead stacks first, since you can't leech life from them.

4) If you lose a bunch of troops to Biara, reload, you won't be able to kill the demon sovereign with only half your starting army.

5) When going up against the demon sovereign with the shield to destroy just field tier 7 creatures (even for Raelag) and cast Earth Quake if you can. Right before the shield is destroyed cast resurrect on your tier 7 creatures. You shouldn't lose more then say 7 if you play your cards right.

6) In the final battles against the demon sovereign field all creatures, and give it everything you've got.
Coyote at 2011-12-25 01:36 wrote:
"one last round of bad voice acting"
The german translation isn't that bad. In fact I really enjoyed it.

As for the 'anticlimatic map' and the general course of the academy campaign:
I liked it. It was a story about the heroes and not about the factions. And I really enjoyed that.

Lookning at the remaining troops after the last fight this wasn't a particularly hard map. But it did feel like one. And that's the whole point... ;-)
Mihnea Reds at 2011-10-18 10:55 wrote:
ummm i can't finish this epic mission when i defeat sovereign the fourth time (eight if i count with the magic wall battles), i see the story (zehir casts the spell to go to sliver cities) AND then i remain on the adventure map, with no objectives completed, and weirdley i can click on sovereign's castle and fight him again can somebody tell my the end of this story???
Edited on Wed, Oct 19 2011, 14:07 by Mihnea Reds
absoluterouge at 2010-10-25 20:13 wrote:
Err...sorry to post this question here. I am new to this site. I am done with the campaigns..yay!!
And now playing the custom game. To be exact, the diplomat (searching for pendant of mastery), however i wonder if custom games have walkthrough for them? Because they do have fixed missions. If so, where can i find them here? Anyone can help?
Thanks so much.
nitro_oxide at 2010-03-31 04:31 wrote:
I think Zehir's battle was the easy one I lost the least amount of troops during it.
tionitis at 2009-12-21 01:39 wrote:
biara and the deamon sovereign sound and look very hard but are very easy
tionitis at 2009-12-21 00:44 wrote:
you can (if your heroes have it) use instant travel to get past the garrisons if they are giving you trouble

cjlee at 2009-09-16 16:50 wrote:
The final battle demonstrates how badly planned the entire campaign is.

Biara and Sovereign look pretty scary. They have high stats and can hit you with tough spells and that Chain Fireball thing. But their armies are incredibly sucky. e.g. stacks of 5 bone dragons and 50 imps on Normal. Even better, they gate in with low initiative, so you can make many moves before their troops do.

Having said that, I am disgusted with the gamemakers.

This map is way too easy, compared with earlier maps. Especially Zehir's Mission 4, The Alliance. I found The Alliance so hard - took me 5 months to gather enough troops and visit enough stats to fight Isabel's hundreds of Paladins.

The Sovereign and Biara look scary and the background atmosphere with sound effects is nice, but ultimately are far less difficult than Isabel.

In The Alliance I fought against Isabel 6 times (month 1 once, month 3 with 3 dif heroes, month 5 with 2 different heroes neither of which was Zehir.) before I could defeat her. In comparison, on Zehir's Hope I won all my battles so easily that I restarted and fought with only three stacks each, and still won. Zehir even had the easiest time, thanks to his Banish.

I think this is ridiculous. The last map is supposed to be the climax, but is totally anticlimatic. The fourth map takes way too long with your 5 heroes, 19 stat upgrades, tons of castles, XL map and fanatically training Isabel.

Wulfstan8182 at 2007-12-22 02:11 wrote:
i like maltz's walkthroughs better though...
Edited on Fri, Dec 21 2007, 21:11 by Wulfstan8182
NickMP at 2007-09-02 15:29 wrote:
Many thanks for all the walkthroughs, guys - I'd have given up at a couple of points without them. Unlike UselessZombie I enjoyed the plot, though not the ham voices (Zehir is especially annoying). There's always been a balance in HOMM between those of us who want more or less serious characters and those who want amusing caricatures - for my taste Zehir is definitely a giggle too far. But what's really good about the series is the range of different skills and spells that it brings to the fore, showing off the whole system.

winterfate at 2007-07-16 05:32 wrote:
Welcome to the forums, raptorsnz! ;)

Nope...at least not in patch 1.2 (which was the version I finished the game with).
raptorsnz at 2007-07-16 04:25 wrote:
Can you use earthquake on the magic wall?

maltz at 2006-10-16 05:46 wrote:
You can simply go to the forum and search for "cheat" for the 1.3 console details.

Just for your information, I've just updated all HoMM5 walkthroughs to patch 1.3. Sorry to the original authors if I've modified your writings (welcome to change it back). I tried my best not to delete anything that's already there (unless it is incorrect, such as typos), and just added patch-related information, plus some alternative strategies. So many walkthroughs are much longer than before. Hopefully it is not a bad read... :)
AndyWong at 2006-10-09 15:37 wrote:
How do you do the consol code win thingie? Will the problem be solved if I use 1.3? I didn't install it so far because I heard it nerfed a lot of the haven creatures.

maltz at 2006-10-08 17:20 wrote:
Yeah, it is a bug that some people unfortunately experiences. Use the console code @Win() then.
AndyWong at 2006-10-08 12:41 wrote:
Somehing weird has happened to me, as of Patch 1.2. After I defeat the Demon Sovereign, I get a little conversation where Zehir wanted to bring everyone back to Sar Elam to imprison Isabel. But after that cutscene, the game went back to the point before I fought Khabeleth as though I never fought the battle in the first place.

Anybody familiar with this?
tera_majin at 2006-09-15 18:27 wrote:
i had just finished the campaign.. btw, at the battle to destroy the magic wall, if you got expert war machine with catapult, then the battle can finish even the actual battle hasn't begin yet!! for example, my raelag's catapult attacked the wall 3 times at the beginning and the magic wall is destroyed immediately before the battle begins..
UselessZombie at 2006-09-06 06:12 wrote:
More than the misogyny, the thing that struck me most about the plot was just how much of an exact blatant ripoff it was of Warcraft 3, which was already a horrible cliched fantasy plot to start with.

-First campaign is the human kingdom, ruled by a king who looks EXACTLY like Arthus. King has sweetheart and older paladin mentor for companions. In an effort to destroy an evil, the king ends up joining the undead and driving the kingdom to ruin.

-Move on to the undead campaign, where you go around gathering powerful artifact until you can summon a powerful evil being into the world.

-Move on to a campaign involving a race commonly seen as "evil", but it turns out they were just controlled by demons, and now they're free of the demons' control and are trying to play nice. Charismatic leader rises to lead them.

-Move on to tree hugger elf campaign, where they destroy the powerful undead leader!

Mytical302 at 2006-09-06 01:15 wrote:
Never had a real problem with the last map. About all of my heroes were as high level as they could be from the last map, and the only one that came close to hurting was oddly enough Godric. The rangers ability to take out a stack before combat even began was nice, as was empowered spells by Agr...i mean raelag. The only time the mage was challenged was the first garrison, which I didn't skip on purpose. The others was just ...banish, and they were pretty much over but the mop up.

The shield wall indeed had a very straight forward tactic. Put out your heavy hitters (and good hp) stacks and just outlast. Godric actually had the easiest with this, his catapult took down the wall easy. If I had not gotten Ressurrect with him though, the garrison would have really really hurt him (probably should have used the mage to skip this fight :)). This was the easiest of the maps imo and as the last one should have been the hardest!

Gaidal Cain at 2006-09-05 21:08 wrote:
If there's one thing this game tries to teach you, it's that women are dumb, evil, and cannot be trusted. Isabel drives THREE seperate kingdoms into ruin with her stupidity, and just when you think you can trust a woman, BAM she turns out to be an evil harpy demon that betrays you. Some writer has been rejected one too many times.

Interesting. I had - briefly - thought about the general lack of female characters, but it somehow didn't occur to me that apart from that Dark elf "keeper of the law" and Freyda, the "fine piece of booty", there were only really Biara and Isabel. Someone must really have a problem with girls...
UselessZombie at 2006-09-05 19:54 wrote:

Wow, and I used to think Warcraft 3 had the worst fantasy plot ever (even though this game ripped off Warcraft 3's already terrible plot POINT BY POINT; they couldnt even come up with a new look for "Arthus"). Was there a single "twist" in the game that everyone didn't see coming a mile away?

Soooooooo......if the Sovereign could just teleport to wherever Biara was, why didn't he just kidnap Isabel that way at the very beginning?

If there's one thing this game tries to teach you, it's that women are dumb, evil, and cannot be trusted. Isabel drives THREE seperate kingdoms into ruin with her stupidity, and just when you think you can trust a woman, BAM she turns out to be an evil harpy demon that betrays you. Some writer has been rejected one too many times.

Isabel really is the worst character ever. EVERY problem in the campaign was indirectly or directly caused by her being a selfish idiot. HoMM 5 is probably the most effective argument against monarchy as a form of government ever. Poor, competent Godric could only sit there and shrug his shoulders the whole game.
Edited on Tue, Sep 05 2006, 13:59 by UselessZombie

Sir_Toejam at 2006-08-23 06:08 wrote:
[quote]There is a bug for mine V1.2 one. I saved during battle against soveriegn, then the game became a infinite loop, where we both ran out of army. But I can't win or lose...

confirmed in that this is repeatable, but I wouldn't count it as a bug, per se, as being able to save during combat is not really supported to begin with.
metalic at 2006-08-06 23:47 wrote:
There is a bug for mine V1.2 one. I saved during battle against soveriegn, then the game became a infinite loop, where we both ran out of army. But I can't win or lose...

If you have teleport, you can pass the guarding gate. Just let one of of them learn it in earlier games, and let Zehir learn scholar... and teach them all...

maltz at 2006-08-03 18:37 wrote:
The AI is quite smart that it moves its little units up to your dragons, and trigger a counter attack that damages your own troops. Just be careful that don't move your dragons within one tile of your other units, or the chance is your other unit will be gone in a few seconds. :D

Psychobabble at 2006-08-02 04:17 wrote:
it was dead easy. I did it with default arimes and didn't even use Banish once. For some reason I kept waiting for a gif fight but they were all easy. I wasn't even close on losing any of them.
What difficulty level?
kingu at 2006-08-01 23:33 wrote:
it was dead easy. I did it with default arimes and didn't even use Banish once. For some reason I kept waiting for a gif fight but they were all easy. I wasn't even close on losing any of them.
Red Guy at 2006-07-19 22:11 wrote:
In the last battle with Findan i was left with only 15 trents becouse i focused him on ultimate avenger + destr. magic.It worked greate in his campaign but with no sylven town he was very weak (the funny part is that he had the highest stats of all heroes)

Psychobabble at 2006-07-04 06:38 wrote:
...I probably should have thought about that ability :)

Qurqirish Dragon at 2006-07-03 14:14 wrote:
* yes, if Zehir has the banish ability, which he was certainly offered, you can keep most Zehir stacks out of combat or give to heroes who need them more. Titans and maybe golems or rakshasas are more than enough for him.
<br>* In battle where you have to take down the shield with your catapult, do not even place all your armies on field. It is a waste of low HP units. Two to three most durable units of each army are enough.
<br>* most of your heroes probably have instant travel spell. Thus, you do not have to fight the garnisons in the begin of the map. If I am not mistaken, it is even enough if one hero jumps over and triggers the battle. The rest are then teleported automatically.<br>Edited on Mon, Jul 03 2006, 01:14 by Pitsu

Although, if you didn't level up enough, those garrisons are good experience, and you start with plenty of forces to take them out.
delix21 at 2006-07-03 07:35 wrote:
yeah, Zehir just pwn em all.

Pitsu at 2006-07-03 07:09 wrote:
* yes, if Zehir has the banish ability, which he was certainly offered, you can keep most Zehir stacks out of combat or give to heroes who need them more. Titans and maybe golems or rakshasas are more than enough for him.
* In battle where you have to take down the shield with your catapult, do not even place all your armies on field. It is a waste of low HP units. Two to three most durable units of each army are enough.
* most of your heroes probably have instant travel spell. Thus, you do not have to fight the garnisons in the begin of the map. If I am not mistaken, it is even enough if one hero jumps over and triggers the battle. The rest are then teleported automatically.
Edited on Mon, Jul 03 2006, 01:14 by Pitsu

Sikon at 2006-07-03 05:22 wrote:
Agreed, Zehir's battles are probably the easiest. Banish, banish, and more banish.
LinkStatic at 2006-07-03 03:39 wrote:
Oddly enough, i didnt find Zehir's battles as difficult as you did. In fact, i found them the easiest. A single banish unsummoned nearly all my enemies, and then the killing of the imps meant a win even before the summons ran out (I saw 2 succubus in mid-summon after i killed the imps, then i won.)

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