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Features → Walkthroughs  → The Mage → The Alliance

by Psychobabble

Map 4 - The Alliance
Size - Very Large
Level Cap 30

Spoiler: view a screenshot of the surface

This set of bonuses is the worst set so far. I have the treants highlighted here, but they're somewhat randomly added to Godric's haven army and are pretty useless. (In some other games they appear in Zehir's army). But you'll probably have learned phantom forces by now - not that it's of much use to such high level heroes - and you don't really run into any enemies which do fire damage making the shield pretty useless. I wouldn't really bother with any of these.


You control three heroes for most of this map, Godric (starts at 1), Findan (2) and Zehir (3), and lead them through a map with makes some attempt to break things up into three parts. It doesn't work all the time and I kind of missed multi-hero armies playing this map, but it was still fairly enjoyable. At the start you might notice that Findan has been reduced to the level cap from the previous level (25) even though he was probably a number of levels higher (31 in my case). This means you'll probably get a level up without being offered any skills or abilities, which is a bit weird.

Similar to the previous mission, this map offers tiny neutral stacks which poses more challenge in the boredom department. The AI features very little resistance. It is impossible to level all your heroes to the cap, and you will probably stop at level 28 even with the help of two Sylanna's Anicents. There are quite a few stat bonuses to pick up (a total of 19 stat points), but to make all heroes visiting all of them is another challenge of your patience.

Your enemy at the start this map is far more terrifying than the AI engine - it's the ridiculously long enemy turn times. Despite having more than adequate system specs I'm not the only one who has experienced this, though I guess things might be acceptable if you have a really, really good computer. Given this, your first task is to knock out teal player which will speed things up a bit. Send your three heroes straight for the nearest towns at 4, 5 and 6, ignoring anything which isn't directly on the path to those towns. So you will end up flagging a few Saw Mills, Ore Pits and others. They will come in handy.

After that, Teal's only town is at 7 which Findan should be able to capture within a couple of days by heading east then north then back a bit. A message saying that Teal player has been defeated should pop up soon after that. In the meantime, sent Godric to capture the Tan towns at 8 and 9 while Findan captures 10 and 11. Finally, the AI turn time should be at a manageable level. In case you're wondering why I haven't given you any tips on how to capture all this territory, it's because you don't really need any. The AI is pathetically weak and even on heroic I was able to do all these battles simply by using quick combat.

Once you've captured all the towns, save the mission objective at 17, You can now concentrate on getting Zehir up to the level cap, if you so desire. If you don't want to bother with doing this, you can finish the map pretty quickly from here. Simply build up your forces at one of the haven towns for a week or two to get through the garrison north of 16 (still quite easy). Once you do this you'll meet up with Raelag and Shadya - the heroes from the Dungeon campaign. I don't know about you but I developed Raelag to an insanely powerful level of destructive magic, with a particularly nasty empowered meteor shower which did nearly 1400 damage, 2800 with a successful (Warlock's) luck roll. (Note: patch 1.3 made it possible to have Warlock's Luck on top of Empowered spell.) Agrael's spells make the battle to get to and capture 17 ridiculously easy so you can finish the map right here if you like. Even if you didn't build up Raelag very well, the final battle isn't very tough so you can possibly just finish it on your own, especially if you use Zehir's summoned phoenix.

Some people experienced a buggy Isabel with a ridiculously large army (But still manageable since the player has unlimited resources and time to outgrow Isabel.) If the game functions normally, Isabel has a quite-small army and can be possibly rushed even with the hero's starting army on heroic.

Alternatively, you could take a little more time and get the most out of the map, which might make the final battles a bit easier, especially if you prefer to use Zehir. Gaining new levels when you're in the high 20s isn't so easy. If your Zehir is still weak, you can concentrate on building him up. Otherwise you can spread the experiences evenly to Findan, Godric and Zehir, to make them all level up to 26. The neutral stacks are so ridiculously small, so you have to convert most chests into experience.

There are still large sections of the map which you haven't cleared properly. Start going over them with Zehir until you reach level 28. Level 28 was a good level for me, because I finally got arcane omniscience:

I found this skill rather useful - being able to cast summon phoenix, puppet master and resurrection in the same battle is as fun as it sounds. (Actually, you could cast all that as early as mission 2, if you max Zehir's Light and Dark.)

That isn't the reason I singled out level 28 for special treatment. There's two Sylanna's Ancients on the map, which means once you get to level 28 you can use these trees to get you to the level cap. One of the trees is to the east of 13. You get here by going through the portal at 12. The portal has 4 entrances/exits, one at 12, one to the east of 13, one to the north of 13 and one at 14. The area at 14 houses the red keymaster tent which will get you out the gate to the north of 13. There's really not much more to this map than that, other than the odd stat booster. Give both Zehir and Findan level ups from the Sylvanna's Ancients and then finish the map as described above.

hprwhg12 at 2014-03-27 14:05 wrote:
1.6 heroic not ToE

I notice that if you have built up your characters properly through out their campaigns that you should take your time. Go slow. Kill, pick-up, and visit everything. The longer you take the stronger neutral, teal, and tan get giving more exp. when defeated. The longer your outside hiring troop building sit the bigger army you can get at the end.

After you defeat teal, don't enter tan lands until all three have gone to every stat boost. Build mainly money and defense for Necro towns and save for Haven.This take time too. Tan will make some attacks.

Once that is done move on to tan and get every stat boost for all three before getting Raelag and since you have a sick amount of money and resources build up Haven first then Necro.

Once you get Raelag have him grab all stat boosts, while having Zehir, Godric, and Findan collect their respective troops from outside troop hire. They have a somewhat decent army mainly for show. But since you have 4 Haven towns obviously you will have a huge Haven army. No matter what Isobel has, 4 to 1 odds will take over very quickly. You probably have close to a million gold. so you can probably buy a huge army and win. I got Zehir to lvl cap just from fighting and two trees As for Findan and Godric . I had to choose which to lvl to 30 with final battle. took me exactly 6 months ending on month 6 day 1 week 1
Wheeler Dealer at 2013-11-20 19:29 wrote:
1.6 Hard

I got Godric to 29, Findan and Zehir to 28. Realag came in at 30 + some points toward 31 and lost XP the first time I used him in a fight. Shadya came in at 29 and made 30 from a Tree.

I did find the treants handy for Zehir. When fighting ranged stacks I would send in only he treants and let Zehir kill 'em. Otherwise they kept picking off a few small creatures every skirmish.

I stated building up the necro towns as I captured them. I thought that Zehir commanding an undead army (he had Dark and Summoning Magic with all the spells) might be where I was headed. He wasn't using his Artificer Skills and there wouldn't be any morale penalties. But I ended up never buying a single undead creature.

I only built a level one mage guild in each city. I was pretty sure every hero had every spell he would ever use. Turns out Godric got Fireball from another hero, he had Magic Insight to go with his Expert Light magic.

Probably 80% of the battles were won on automatic without loss. I played quite a few just to see if I could save one or two creatures. Almost always I could win with no causalities.

I hit every stat boost with every hero and leveled up at the trees when there was nothing else left to do. I thank the programers for an easy to use coordinate system. (Hold down the control key). The only difficult battle I had was my first attempt at the center Haven city. I tried to take it with Findan using little more than his starting army. I backed up and brought in Godric who had probably double his starting Haven army by this time. He won with the loss of 11 marksmen.

I finished the last week of month 3 so I didn't experience the growth of Isabella's troops other have bemoaned.

Lots of opportunities to cut days off trips from here to there using Instant Travel and Town Portal. At first it seemed I would need gold from chests to build up my cities but in the end I should have taken only experience. I should have let Shadya and Raelag just do errands and avoided fighting or opening chests with them.

BTW, apparently under 1.6 you cannot hire heroes from the taverns to avoid a crash when you meet Raelag and Shadya.

For my my final battle I gave Zehir the Haven army and it was too easy. I had about 70 Archangels and 100 Paladins, 300 Inquisitors, 300 Imperial Griffins, 400 Squires and 900 marksmen. I was experimenting with spells I rarely use. It was the only battle where I didn't worry about casualties and I still took very few.

Maybe I will try again and try to get Zehir to 30 commanding a huge undead army! :)

ShadowLiberal at 2012-03-02 00:37 wrote:
Make sure you do three things on this map, no matter how boring and simple it may be, it'll make the last mission a bit easier.

1) Get ALL the stat boosts here on all four of your heroes. Especially focus on the knowledge stat boosts for those with less then 300 mana, and attack and defense stats for Zehir & Godric (who have had less missions, and less stat boosts to visit then Findan and Raelag)

2) Get ALL spells you're missing in your spell books for any heroes. Zehir was missing Arcane Shield, and Godric Puppet Master for me, both got them from the 8 level 5 mage guilds I built.

3) Level up Zehir and Godric to level 30, or as close to it as possible. Prioritize Zehir first, because he gains skills still. Hope you get lucky enough to gain a knowledge point or two on Godric if you didn't take enlightenment & intelligence, as Godric will be running low on mana next mission.

The Chosen One at 2011-04-26 10:07 wrote:
The first Sylvanna Ancient is in the bottomright.
The SECOND Sylvanna Ancient is slightly above the town Northcross (top left town). Use your right mouse button to find it. Its very hard to see.
VAMPSVSZOUNDS at 2009-06-16 13:57 wrote:
Isabel in my game had 50+ Archangels,300+ paladins,2k squires, 200+ imp griffs and less than 70 marksmen/conscripts.
She actually has a Tear of Asha and trains/recruits.In Month 4( I put all heroes to visit stat boosters) I attacked Izzy with Findy.His stats:42 attack,35 or so defense,27 spellpower,30 knowledge,3 luck,0 morale,the build:see my post on Sylvan M5:with Nicky,plus Know ur enemy(+10% to Avenger chance)with 2k marksmen,100 paladins,50+ archangels,100 inquisitors,200+ imperial griffins and some squires.It was an one-sided battle.PS:Izzy was not the strongest knight,a hit from her arch angels killed only 10+ paladins.
stachnie at 2008-03-28 12:38 wrote:
I have played the campaign at Hard, v. 1.6. I had absolutely no problems in defeating Isabel and it was very easy to eliminate Teal and Tan. I wanted to develop heroes as much as possible (all stat boosts and Sylanna Ancients, Zehir and Raelag to lvl 30 etc.) so I managed to attack Isabel in the middle of Month 5. I had flagged almost all Haven dwellings so without any training my army was: 249 AA, almost 300 Paladins, more than 2.5k Marksmen etc. and the strongest Isabel's stacks were less than 30 Paladins and 11 AA (it seemed to be fixed since the beginning) so as you can imagine, it was a one-side battle.

Capt_Tripps at 2007-10-06 03:32 wrote:
I just finished this level (version 1.5). I never had to fight Raelag or Shadya (Isabel's army was a pushover). Of course I had a HUGE army. Given the cinematics, I was wondering if there are alternate ending to this level.
CatherineMcClarey at 2007-10-04 18:27 wrote:
Aha! I just spotted it NE of town 9; look for one of those fairy ring things and then move your cursor around the surrounding trees (it'll change to the "rearing horse" cursor when you've found the right spot).
CatherineMcClarey at 2007-10-04 18:15 wrote:
I just noticed the screen shot detail at the end of the walkthrough, which shows a Sylanna's Ancient near one of those fairy ring things. Still haven't spotted it on my map yet, though; found a few fairy ring things, but none next to a Sylanna's Ancient. Help!
CatherineMcClarey at 2007-10-03 18:50 wrote:
Where is the 2nd Sylanna's Ancient? I've cleaned out most of the map (all except for the NW corner, where Blue and Green are), and found the one Sylanna's Ancient in the SE corner (as detailed in the walkthrough), but haven't yet found the other one.

Elvin at 2007-07-21 14:28 wrote:
I remember I had captured all towns and built angels and cavaliers everywhere :D Of course that was my first time and I did not have good dark magic.

Pave at 2007-07-21 12:51 wrote:
Well, Ive been having some trouble with this mission. I have no idea how long I would have to wait to outgrow Isabel....She has something like 2k of archers, 500 champions, some 100 archangels, not to mention 1,5k of squires and a cute band of gryphins...
Edited on Sat, Jul 21 2007, 08:52 by Pave
raptorsnz at 2007-07-18 08:43 wrote:
I found this misson hard. Isabel had around 168 champions, 35 arch angels, 350 crossbowmen. Is this the ridiculosly large army or the normal army?
shubigi at 2007-03-09 05:17 wrote:
"When I pass the garrison where Raelag and Shadya stay behind and after the movie, I'm getting - green player defeated and you lost the game."

thats prob because you have too many heroes-max is 7. so dismiss some extras so that raelag and shadya can join...worked for me!

i have a ridiculously large isabel army-just cant seem to defeat her.argh

casdragon at 2007-02-19 22:10 wrote:
Yes, I agree with the others who feel the Academy campaign is a let down. It has 0 replayability in my opinion even though I couldn't get arcane omniscience. Banish is far more useful than what AO could ever be.

Queen Hera at 2006-12-16 08:21 wrote:
To eduhome & bo_nk who stated "When I pass the garrison where Raelag and Shadya stay behind and after the movie, I'm getting - green player defeated and you lost the game" - I'm sorry I don't know what suggestions to offer. I used Godric & approached Raelag first - so whether the Hero you use makes a difference I couldn't say.

Queen Hera at 2006-12-15 10:46 wrote:
Per Psychobabble "it's the ridiculously long enemy turn times."

Thanks for this info, I thought it was my computer playing up so rebooted. (also great walkthrough)
Silverfox05 at 2006-12-10 23:30 wrote:
HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I beat everyone in mission 4 Mage campaign but it is not over. What do I do now?
eduhome at 2006-10-25 17:38 wrote:
I have de same trouble into this level that bo_nk.
When I pass the garrison where Raelag and Shadya stay behind and after the movie, I'm getting - green player defeated and you lost the game.
Could someone help?
bo_nk at 2006-10-08 16:15 wrote:
sorry for the stupid question:
i cannot get to Isabel!?!?!
when i pass the garrison where Raelag and Shadya stay behind and after the movie, i'm getting - green player defeated and you lost the game.
i cannot get what i'm doing wrong???
any suggestions???

magerette at 2006-08-26 19:54 wrote:
maltz wrote:
What's going on? It is very boring to fight... 47 horned demons in mission 4, with 3 superheroes! What happened to those 470, even 1470 horned demons in Dungeon & Sylvan mission 4? ARGH...

Couldn't agree more!! This mission was so dull I had difficulty finishing it; almost just stopped and loaded a new game I have waiting. If it hadn't been the next to last mission I think I would have.
My biggest gripe with this whole campaign is that it is a Haven campaign and not an Academy one at all. There is no opportunity to use the specializations of your heros, and you pretty much are fighting level one enemies all the way thru this one. Plot wise I spose it made sense, but as far as gameplay--very disappointing. (Walkthru was excellent,tho- as always.)
yipp at 2006-07-28 08:12 wrote:
Thanks Maltz, my basic idea was only to use haven forces... after I had to destroy my favorit hero, Mr. Markal. : (

maltz at 2006-07-27 14:50 wrote:
> she's able to build 47 Pals with 13 A-Angels within three weeks on normal?

Er... she starts with them I guess? You can take over all 8 towns and build up a bigger force withint 1-2 months.
yipp at 2006-07-27 11:01 wrote:
Guys - I'm freaked out on this mission... How in hell is it possible to beat our lovelly Isabel? Even with A.O.

Pretty please with sugar on top, could someone explain how in name of Tieru she's able to build 47 Pals with 13 A-Angels within three weeks on normal?

maltz at 2006-07-22 20:01 wrote:
Somehow the neutral stacks on this mission (and mission 3) are ridiculously small on heroic. They were only 1/2 as big as the neutrals on mission 2!

What's going on? It is very boring to fight... 47 horned demons in mission 4, with 3 superheroes! What happened to those 470, even 1470 horned demons in Dungeon & Sylvan mission 4? ARGH...
Edited on Sat, Jul 22 2006, 14:02 by maltz
Red Guy at 2006-07-19 22:04 wrote:
This map was pthetic (as the prev. one) no chalange at all.If you spend some time developing your heroes in their campaigns you can complete this map in 1,5 week (with logistics).Good thing the last map was fun but i think that this "academy" campaign is simply buged.Sylvan was much harder (esp. if you didn't take light magic with findan )
yipp at 2006-07-14 09:02 wrote:
Hi! Even if the AI is not the strongest one, when I reached Tallongard she was already sitting in with 150+ champions and 35 Archangels. No matter what I did, I couldn't keep up with even 3 towns against her upgraded monks => champions... (I tried it twice...)
Now I've restarted Zehir's campaign, and try to reach arcane omnisience. If I could pupet master some of the creatures in the town, I'd had some chance... would I?
With Realag I don't have a chance, as haven army's morale is not the best one.

Pitsu at 2006-07-11 12:05 wrote:
RIP, you can try to restart and try it again (with cheats if you wish) or download savegames and start from someones else save. Neb's savegame: http://www.celestialheavens.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=2934&highlight=
RIP at 2006-07-11 11:58 wrote:
hello...i read all about this walkthrougt and and i find a lil bit add. problem is on mision 4 on the Mage campain... i conquer all the comp towns. I even conques the last town by beating Isabel . I got a mesage afther to objectiv complet... but my mision is not over...i cant jump to the last mision.. i am stuk in there whit no enemy left...plzzzzz help i dunno what to do next..

dallasmavs41 at 2006-07-05 00:25 wrote:
Yeah, I had alot of trouble with this one, and a walkthrough is certainly nice for others to use..

Psychobabble at 2006-07-04 06:32 wrote:
"now I would love to see a walkthrough for the Sylvan campaign"

I did think someone was going to step up to the plate before I finished this walkthrough, but it fell through so I'm starting on Sylvan now. It's the toughest and longest of all the campaigns, though, so it'll take me a while to do properly.
Edited on Tue, Jul 04 2006, 00:32 by Psychobabble

Qurqirish Dragon at 2006-07-03 14:21 wrote:
As I have mentioned on the boards- once you get Arcane Omniscience, you get the added benefit of your other heroes learning every spell that their magics skills allow, since zehir will need to have scholar in order to get AO. So if any of your heroes missed a spell in their respective campaigns, be certain to have them meet with Zehir. (well, not Shadya, but that's another story...)

Phate at 2006-07-03 12:38 wrote:
nice... had some trouble with this one

VortexD at 2006-07-03 11:28 wrote:
Nice work, can't wait to start with this campaign...

Orfinn at 2006-07-03 08:16 wrote:
Great! :) Now I would love to see a walkthrough for the Sylvan campaign, that and guides for the rest of the warlock campaign......

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