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Features → Walkthroughs  → The Warlock → The Clanlord

by Infiltrator

Map 1 - The Clanlord
Size - Very Big
Level Cap - 12
Carry Over: Raelag

Spoiler: view a screenshot of the surface

The Dungeon Campaign feature the Warlock, a typical Magic hero that utilize its destructive power to extreme. The story begins with The Clanlord, where you control Raelag, an obscure new Warlock who hopes to claim the throne of Clan Shadowbrand (which lost their Chief recently). In order to do that, you must defeat the seven other candidate warlocks after exactly one month of build-up.

You and every other warlock are sealed off and given a month to prepare. Once a month has passed, you will all be teleported into the underground, and fight each other to the death. The winner, of course, will be the last man standing. Now, onto the walkthrough.

As usual, you can choose one of the three starting bonuses, including:

  1. 6 Extra Assassins
  2. The Marketplace built
  3. 10 Ore

Go with the Assassins, the other bonuses are not worth the extra boost the Assassins will grant you in the beginning. Raelag starts out with Basic Defense and Vitality, not my first choice when building a Warlock but his specialty - Intimidate, compensates it more then enough. Intimidate works the opposite way as Agrael's specialty, by lowering the enemy units initiative (instead of raising your own) as your level goes up. It ensures that Raelag will have a lot of turns to cast his spells.

The other four skill slots are open for your choice. On lower difficulties you will be fine anyways. However, you MUST have either Destructive or Summoning magic on high difficulties, as in mission 3 and 4 you'll start with very little army, to combat very large forces right from the start. Later on, mission 5 is mostly based on huge forces, so a Might-build would do a better job there. Even so, Mission 3, probably one of the most difficult missions among all, is where everyone's headache comes from.

Patch 1.3 toned down Meteor Shower, and made high-level spells much more mana-costing, so even the Magic route would become far more difficult now. The only good news is that Warlock's Luck now affects Empowered Spell -- but there probably won't be enough mana to cast them daily. (e.g. 38 for Empowered Meteor Showers, the weakened version!) Sorcery would be very useful as it gives double mana regeneration rate, and discounted mana cost (both Arcane Training and Erratic Mana).

Although the map size is huge, you'll only see 1/8 of it. Your opponents are working hard on their 1/8th of the map, and so should you! (Actually the other heroes stay idle all the time, but that doesn't mean they will be weak.)

Your 1/8th has one mine of every kind, a stat bonus arena, and a few artifacts. The neutral creatures guarding the buildings vary from game to game. The only thing fixed is theor tier level, and the first group of Imps guading the Ore Pit just north of your town. If you are lucky, you will get a lot of slow-walkers (e.g. zombies, golems, footmen, spectre) that you can easily defeat with blood maiden / fury and a little patience. These fast ladies can act twice while the enemy only acts once, so you can run them back and forth, to let Raelag slowly finish off the enemy. If you are unlucky, you can get almost exclusively ranged units guarding virtually every dead end. If the latter happens to you on heroic, restarting the mission would be a wise decision on Day 1!

A flawless (just slow) victory by 5 tired Maidens!

The Tavern is disabled for your town, so you'll have to trek back and forth with Raelag to get new troops. Start by building the School of the Unseen Hand (Scout building), followed by the Level 1 Mage guild, and then proceed to make the Blood Arena and consecutively its upgrade. Now you can face off most of the melee units guarding the mines. The Boots of Swift Journey located just south of your town is guarded by level 2 creatures. If you get archers there, then leave it till you get Deep Hydra. (You know what to do, right? Just deploy the hydra and keep them waiting.)

There are two creatures buildings: a Scout building on the very east, and a Maiden building on the very southwest. The blood maiden can be upgraded to blood fury, which is the most useful tier-2 creatures of the game, esepcailly during non-ranged, non-magic neutral encounters. Their building is guarded by tier-3 creatures. The scout building is not guarded. Try to flag them early, and visit them every week.

You will be short on resources, so you have to decide on what creatures buildings to have. Other than the very useful Blood Fury, the Dark Raider and the Deep Hydra can make a large difference. Minotaurs are a little too slow and vulnerable to make a difference. The Shadow Witches are a little expensive (building and hiring), but they are very powerful nontheless. It would be wise to build up the mage guilds as long as Raelag can learn from it. Meteor shower used to be the all-time favorite (level 4 spell, requires Advanced Destructive Magic). If you cannot afford the castle walls, then don't bother. You will have enough creatures to pass the mission.

There is a set of two-way portals (blue arrows in the minimap above) that might save you some travel time. A mana well is conveniently located close to one of its exits.

Clear out all enemies, even if it's just for the sake of experience, but be wary of creatures such as Magi, Druids, Sucubbi and Hunters. If you pick Attack followed by Tactics, your furies can reach them in their first turn. (However, on high difficulties they will surely survive and revenge on your furies.)

Once one month has passed, you will be warned, and the next day, teleported to an isolated location where the only option is to go into a one-way entrance teleport. You lose control of your town now, so if you've picked Elemental Vision, it stops functioning for now. Walk into it and you will be teleported with all the other warlocks in an underground arena. Here, I suggest you head immediately to the northern part, let them kill each other and then finish off any of the survivors, as if you fight too many they will kill your Blood Furies with spells and you will lose a lot of your damage output. If you feel like "The Man" then just rush in and kill them all! Most heroes are actually very weak. If you have conserved your troops well, you'll have no problem to finish them all.

Once you are done with them, the Dragon guarding the exit will disappear, and the Ring of the Shadowbrand will be yours for the taking!

stachnie at 2014-07-15 11:10 wrote:
I have restarted this map perhaps 100 times (1.6, Heroic). Most restarts were due to tough guards in the starting area (I wanted to capture windmill and ore pit and unlock the portal with no or very low casualities, Boots had to be guarded by slow walkers). I also restarted if Crystals were not guarded by slow walkers (they are necessary to build Deep Hydra). Another reason to restart: Archimagi, Vampire Lords or Elder Druids guarding Arena (I NEEDED this +2 bonus). A few times I had no Expert Light at level 18 (next map), so again. Or Week of Fever at Week 4, when I had dwellings built but not enough money to buy creatures. Or too weak army to survive combat with Eruina, Vayshan and maybe also some other hero.

Anyway, finally I managed to pass through this mission, and I managed to get Basic Light. Now I play the second one, and I am in a good position to win. My build: of course Destruction (possibly with all 3 mastries), Sorcery with Arcane Intuition, Light (I want at least Master of Wraith and Master of Blessings) and Defense (Vitality, Protection and maybe Evasion). In Map 2 I got Enlightenment and Intelligence.
Edited on Tue, Jul 15 2014, 07:13 by stachnie
VAMPSVSZOUNDS at 2011-12-08 16:07 wrote:
Needless to say,a tough mission where autosaves are your best friend,so are Destructive magic+Sorcery+Expert luck with wwarlock's luck.I went in the underground with only 1 Castle growth of Furies,Dark Raiders,Hydras and 14 Assasins,because I slammed into all the tougher stacks with the intent of coming out alive.Before that though,I had to fight a stack of 32 Unicorns,split into 4,with only 13 Assasins to get Warlock's Luck on my last levelup,which I managed with cornering my Assasins,then striking iwth Ice Bolt x N,a Fireball,my normal attack and never allowing bigger-than-1-Unicorn stacks to hit my Assasins,and lost 8 of my 'sins.I also got Expert Destructive on this battle.OFC I hid in the top of the map,and then I had to face Eruina.Man,does Luck make a HUGE difference!Rolled three times in a row(on Fireball) on Eruina's Assasin-Minotaur-Deephydra-Fury,then on the Dark+Grim Raiders,then also on the opponent's Hydras and Assasins.Also I got Luck on a Hydra attack on the Dark and Grim Raiders,lowering their numbers by ~1/4 on that hit.Exp Luck+Exp Destruction+Fireball is too good,even though I had solely used Ice Bolt for neutrals(and mostly emerged out badly).The level cap is hittable if you trasform late chests into exp,as I did(I had an excess of ~15k after buying my last creatures,which I happily spent on a Dragon scale Shield and a Necklace of Lion.).

ShadowLiberal at 2011-10-29 02:59 wrote:
A few of my suggestions on skill choices for tougher difficulties.

1st, get Light Magic, the resurrect spell is a must in missions 3, 4, and 5!

2nd, Summoning Magic is better than Destructive Magic, if you can only pick one of the two pick Summoning Magic. Summon Phoenix will make your life infinitely easier, and is exponentially more useful then destructive magic when against small and medium sized armies. Spells like Arcane Armor, Firewall, and Phantom Forces will also help a lot.

3rd, Dark Magic won't help you when it matters most, in mission #3. Far too often in Raelag's campaign the enemy's armies are too small for puppet master and frenzy and blind to be worth casting. Most often you'd be better just ripping the enemy apart with Summon Phoenix or Destructive Magic, or reviving/buffing your own units.

4th, Sorcery is probably a must have, since even though you'll get lots of knowledge, you need to reduce the mana costs of all the spells you'll be casting.

5th, Enlightenment may be a good choice as well, just for the mana boost, and the increase to the Power and Attack stats. I didn't pick it though, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't.

Shad0WeN at 2010-04-02 21:27 wrote:
This first map is quite difficult (but not impossible) to clear on Heroic without significant troop losses. I restarted a few times to get more favorable neutral stacks in the visible starting area. Aside from that it took some very careful planning and tactics. Of course the Blood Furies will let you clear slow, low initiative walkers/flyers using hit & run tactics, but I would say by far the most useful creatures were Deep Hydras which allowed me to clear the most number of dangerous stacks (even some shooters) without losses using their Regeneration abilities. The only thing you can't really deal with without losses are casters, but fortunately I only had one stack of Elder Druids guarding a couple of treasure chests and not a mine or something. I got Vampire Lords at the Gold Mine, which I was able to handle with a combination of Deep Hydras and destructive spells.

Was able to build every day for the first 2+ weeks until I got Tier 1-6 upgraded (except for upgraded Minotaurs) and the Capitol. Also got the Resource Silo for sulfur early on because the Sulfur Mine was guarded by a big stack of Master Hunters I had to wait to clear. Did not have enough resources for Fort, Citadel, Castle to boost creature production but honestly I don't think it mattered much as I was strapped for cash much of time. I took gold from all of the treasure chests and still managed to hit the level cap on the last couple of stacks before even fighting in the underground.

My build order involved mostly trying to build the creature dwellings as quickly as possible and get them upgraded. Week 2 I got "Week of Gold" and Week 3 I got "Week of Gems". Week of Gold certainly helped with my Town Hall but unfortunately I was not able to get the Gold Mine until like day 5 or 6 and no Capitol until beginning of Week 3. The Trade Guild in the Dungeon had the Endless Bag of Gold for 10000 but I didn't build it until later and probably couldn't have gotten it during Week 2 anyway.

The Boots were guarded by a stack of Plague Zombies and I grabbed 'em as soon as I got Blood Furies. The magic shine just Southeast of the portal was guarded by some Blade Dancers and gave me Eldritch Arrow so I decided not to build up the Mage Guild right away, which would have detracted from my creature production. Secrets of Destruction also gave me Circle of Winter so I wasn't missing that Mage Guild too much (aside from Summon Creatures -- but I timed my return trips to the castle carefully) since there is that magic well around anyway. I was not able to build up the Mage Guild until the very end but had just enough resources to make level 5 to go along with Expert Destructive Magic.

As far as my hero build goes I went with Enlightenment, Destructive Magic, Sorcery, and Luck in the available slots. Going into the final battle arena I have 67 Assassins, 42 Blood Furies, 31 Minotaurs, 16 Grim Raiders, 12 Deep Hydras (split into 6 x 2 for defensive purposes), and 8 Shadow Witches. I also have a nice Trident of the Titans thanks to the Trade Guild, to go along with Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning, and the Master of Storms ability =P
Edited on Fri, Apr 02 2010, 17:41 by Shad0WeN

Peredhil at 2009-07-06 23:09 wrote:
The first mission encountered on heroic which gave me some troubles.And that thanks to the huge number of restarts required in order to get some decent stacks guarding five key locations-ore mine,boots,portal,maiden building and some resources in front of it.About 1 in 72 chances to get something nice.In truth, less, for example 75 overseers in 1 group can be handled by 5 furies.In 3 way-too-happy groups,it's almost mission impossible.And also you cannot beat -on heroic- all the heroes in tournament.I kicked only 3(2 powerful and one less).Well,I still managed to clear the map, except 2 stacks of archmages and 1 of priests guarding resources.Lv 1-5 upgraded creatures, no Citadel, Mage Guild lv 5.Quite a trouble-not sure if it was intented in this way or just poor playtested....

Grail Quest at 2007-08-28 17:51 wrote:
By the end of the second mission, Knowledge (plus bonuses from Dungeons) can easily be 10+, so you may want to go for Counterspell or Arcane Insight instead of focussing on mana. In Mission 4, you are given a permanent Knowledge bonus of +7, so you will start that mission with maybe 20 Knowledge and it will be rare if you have less than half at any time, unless you don't let your units do any work. Blood Furies and their ability to run circles around slow units can clear a lot of huge stacks with very little magic support.
Edited on Wed, Aug 29 2007, 10:14 by Grail Quest

Grail Quest at 2007-08-12 16:14 wrote:
Just started this mission, and I must say on Heroic, it is truly idiotic. EVERY stack around me is in the 50-99 range. The weakest are Imps, and they drain Raelag of mana immediately, so he can't help much. I can clear some stacks, but it's a week before I can get more units and unless I clear stacks, I can't get resources. BAH!

I decided to conserve troops and go for assassins, blood maidens, and grim riders, plus a Castle to boost production. During the tournament, I got attacked once in the first round, and lost everything except 4 Grim Riders and about 40 assassins. The others killed themselves, but the victor came through with troop numbers seemingly unchanged! I expected they would bomb each other with spells and emerge more or less like I did, but no. So, hideously outnumbered, I lost and restarted. On my next pass through, I built a few hydras and couldn't buy all my troops, but went in with a nice force. EVERYONE came after me immediately, including the two heavy hitters.

When a walkthrough tells you to restart the game if you get a lot of fast or ranged units guarding resources, you know this map hasn't been playtested all that well.
Edited on Fri, Aug 17 2007, 20:15 by Grail Quest
Rymbeld at 2007-08-11 01:53 wrote:
I went into the Fight at level 10, with
Advanced Irresistable Magic
Basic Defense
Basic Sorcery
Basic Summoning
Basic Enlightenment
Empowered Spells
Elemental Vision
Magic Insight
Master of Earthblood
36 Assasins, 23 Minotaur Guards, 8 Blood Fury, 8 Shadow Matriarch, 13 Grim Raiders, 9 Hydras.
I ran down the hall and let everyone fight it out and by the time it was my turn only one Hero remained. I kilt 'im.
Lord Bio at 2007-07-03 12:01 wrote:

I'm trying to build a mostly mage using Raelag and like your suggestions. However, what I want to know is if one must have logistics (I know its almost pure utility in its uselessnesses, but still I've tried, and failed, playing without it.) I prefer two schools of magic, definitively Dark and probably Summoning. Once again I know you said light, but I like being able to Conjure Phoenix. Which skill do you think is more vital, Enlightenment or Sorcery though?

Also, what do you prefer as a decent all rounder Raeleg? I'm thinking Defense, Offense, Logistics, Destruction and Sorcery.

Thank you for any advice you can give to me.

maltz at 2006-07-12 18:00 wrote:
On heroic, this mission is not supposed be a "hero again wipes it clean" cake walk. The creatures are all different every time (except for the Imps on the wood and ore.) Some of them were much easier than the others. One should pick their targets carefully. After the 3rd week and a few levels, things should become much easier.

Resource is scarce and one shouldn't attempt to build everything. The minotaurs and hydras were not necessary as they seldom made an attack before the battle ends. Since meteor shower / chain lightening make the boss fight very easy, one doesn't have to invest too much on troop production (but DO get the lv 4 mage guild, even lv 5.) I only go to the final battle with blood furies, assassins and dark riders, and I still pulled out almost unharmed.

And for the logistics, attack and defense lovers -- On heroic, I promise that you will smile harder when you go for the Magic route.
Edited on Wed, Jul 12 2006, 12:04 by maltz
csarmi at 2006-07-12 12:24 wrote:
I'm building a renegade warlock as well. Logistics, attack, defense, summoning, sorcery :)
csarmi at 2006-07-12 05:46 wrote:
I only talked on-topic in this thread.
I think I'm still going to get most of the mines and resources, probably even the druid elders will be killed (I have tactics + grim raiders + blood furies). I cannot afford castle or Citadel though. I can build it, but then I won't be able to buy the creatures so what would be the point. Btw it's a good idea to fight things on maps cause I'm starved for gold and the map is full of it.

I cleaned most of the area btw and only lost one Blood Maiden so far (my fault) on day 3 against the demons (57 demons guarding the boots), plus the usual assasins/scouts in the starting fights (about 6 total).

Horde of Blood furies and lots of dark raiders are on the map too, but they don't seem to join me :(
Edited on Tue, Jul 11 2006, 23:48 by csarmi
Wulfgar333 at 2006-07-11 22:43 wrote:
If anyone has successfully played Raelag's Offer, please contact me its the only game I am totally stuck in....and I see no solution, been everywhere except parts of underground which I have been over and over, there are no openings left. gphillip@nycap.rr.com and use Raelag's offer as topic, thank you.

Pitsu at 2006-07-11 20:53 wrote:
I hate this map. :(
<br>Archers are everywhere where tehy shouldn't be.. and of course the gold mine is guarded by lots of elder druids, which are close to impossible to fight. Actually, I have 3 stacks of elder druids, 1 stack of magi and 1 stack of liches ...
<br>it's like game over I guess

You are now back on topic and talking about the first dungeon map? I had serious problems with it on heroic until i realized that there is not point in conquering any other mines than the wood and ore. A couple of slow walkers give you enough experience and attempt to "clean the area" is a suicidical strtategy. It only weakens you. It is not a traditional map, and has different priorities.

Gaidal Cain at 2006-07-11 20:47 wrote:
Agree- the first map is incredibly annoying with its level 4 guards and tight timeschedule. I had to reload several times until I got Grim Raiders, which were defeatable. Trying to go against Elder Druids were just a slaughter.
csarmi at 2006-07-11 20:24 wrote:
I hate this map. :(
Archers are everywhere where tehy shouldn't be.. and of course the gold mine is guarded by lots of elder druids, which are close to impossible to fight. Actually, I have 3 stacks of elder druids, 1 stack of magi and 1 stack of liches ...

it's like game over I guess
csarmi at 2006-07-11 09:19 wrote:
Actually, the Blood Maiden dwelling can't be taken too fast... it is guarded by horde of steel golems and lots of minotaurs (both have to be defeated)... okay blood furies might help here (the golems can be hit and run)...

Okay I took it fast by abusing Blood Furies and the scout dwelling too. The guide misses the really important things though: how many dwellings you can build (what's enabled, what's disabled), how many mines you have to capture, etc.
Edited on Tue, Jul 11 2006, 09:05 by csarmi
csarmi at 2006-07-11 07:47 wrote:
I'm not about to play any heroes game without logistics. Speed is everything.

Gaidal Cain at 2006-07-09 09:12 wrote:
To answer your questions: Yes, there's a "secret" way- the underground.
And no, you don't have to capture everything. All you need to do is to bring Raelag and Shadya through the garrison in the southwest.
chaosholm at 2006-07-09 06:01 wrote:
This goes to maltz - I have to agree that Raelag can become a most cunning warlock though it seems to me 'Logistics' is a hard one to miss... Fortunately there a plenty of places where you can purchase a pair of travelling boots (to use instead of 'Logistics'). But I always find 'Logistics' to be an almost 'must have' (I guess that's one of the things that makes us different players...)
<br>I have one question though - am I to destroy everything on the map in 'Raegal's Offer' before being able to continue to the next act, or is there some secret way out, which I just haven't discovered yet?

Edit: Once again I'm back... I've killed everything in sight (ALL enemies), wrecked every town and taken all mines... but still... I'm stuck in 'Raegal's Offer' - there seems to be no way out of there.... Can anybody please help me?

maltz at 2006-07-07 16:20 wrote:
In respond to chaosholm:

I just finished the entire campaign on heroic. Here are a few of my observations:

1) With all kinds of knowledge, mana + feats, I have 330+ mana on mission 5. Legions of familiars and Imps drained ALMOST all of my mana -- but I still got a little left! Those little mana points left made my day in the hardest battle, the garrisons). Just for this purpose I would love to maximize my mana pool.

2) Warlock's luck NEVER activates with Empowered spell! (patch 1.1). This is very disappointing. I took Luck purely because I want to have double damage on empowered spells! In fact, I never need any significant army in missions 2-4. LUCK IS USELESS FOR THE SPELLCASTER! (but useful for an army commander). LUCK does help on the 5th mission, but you can pick the horseshoe artifact at the beginning, and use some of the idols/foutains.

3) With destructive + sorcery, I never feel the need for Logistics in any of the 5 missions. It is not as useful as other skills. (think of what you can trade it with, a SUPER pheonix, mass slow, or some never-dying army, oh yessss!)

If I would replay this campaign, I would pick the following skills:

-- Destructive Magic (master of ice, master of storm, secrets of destruction)
-- Sorcery (magic insight, mana regeneration, erratice mana)
-- Englightenment (intelligence, scholar, arcane intuition)
-- Light Magic (master of wrath, refined mana, twilight)

That would make Raelag a perfect spell caster. He can probably pull out of every single battle without any loss (due to Ressurection). Raelag should be able to learn Resurrection from one of the two Dragon Utopias in map 2 and 3. Phenoix is good, but when you are summoning them, you still take losses.
Edited on Fri, Jul 07 2006, 10:25 by maltz
chaosholm at 2006-07-07 10:17 wrote:
When does the next walkthrough get out? I'm stuck in 'Raelag's Offer'... Anyway - I have to agree with maltz' choice of skills - unfortunately I had to choose 'Enlightenment' instead of 'Offense'... which basically is of no use, because Raelag learns most of the spells anyway and his knowledge-skill becomes very high as you get on with the campaigns (no need for 'Intelligence'). And - just a hint - when you get your extra hero (another hero in.. act 3??) - make sure she gets 'Logistics' as well as Raelag - and experience... you're stuck on her for a long time ;-)

maltz at 2006-07-06 13:39 wrote:
> I suggest you take Offense, Destructive Magic, Luck and Logistics.

As for Raelag's build, I would replace Logistics and Offense with Sorcery (magic insight, mana regeneration, erratic mana) and Enlightenment (intelligence). Sorcery premits fast casting and more mana, and enlightenment boosts spellpower, mana as well as other stats that is equivalent, if not better than the result of expert attack.

This entire campaign (on heroic) always have the main hero(es) starting SOOOO weak. By maximizing Raelag's spell casting capability, he conqueres map after map with negligible forces even on heroic. I only give him hydras to soak up the damages. I never need blood furies (they die way too fast in significant battles).
Edited on Thu, Jul 06 2006, 07:40 by maltz

DaemianLucifer at 2006-07-02 01:42 wrote:
Where's the red "keymaster" on the EXPANSION scenario? I know, a "duh" question!<br>Edited on Sat, Jul 01 2006, 18:08 by cunningman

There isnt any.There is just a tan keymaster in the underground.They both were tan,but because they look like theyre red,nival decided to change it in the patch.But they changed just the gate,and not the tent.
cunningman at 2006-07-02 00:07 wrote:
Where's the red "keymaster" on the EXPANSION scenario? I know, a "duh" question!
Edited on Sat, Jul 01 2006, 18:08 by cunningman

DaemianLucifer at 2006-06-26 20:04 wrote:
Nice guide. A couple of things. I played the mission on Hard and I'm pretty certain I didn't start with a Fort, so maybe thats only on Normal and/or easy difficulty.

Same here,and no fort.

I picked the same skills except exchanged Logistics for Sorcery to take advantage of the Warlocks high spellpower. You probably already mentioned it in your Dungeon Guide, but you can minimise casualties in easier battles by parking your Raiders next to the enemy and then attacking with your Blood-Furies for a double-no-retaliation strike. With Raelags special ability you can even execute this type of attack after the enemies first turn, and then retreat to your own half of the field before the enemy gets to take their second turn.

But dont never put your raiders between two stacks and attack them both with hydra sine your raiders will be hit then.

Qurqirish Dragon at 2006-06-26 17:18 wrote:
I think the comment was meant to be that on Heroic you woun't start with enough resources to get to citadel / castle, not that you got a fort on lower levels.

Gnoll_Mage at 2006-06-26 16:50 wrote:
Was this guide up before the link to it was posted? Or am I going crazy?

Infiltrator at 2006-06-26 13:52 wrote:
Well I mentioned you don't start with a fort - which can be a problem on Heroic :)

Sikon at 2006-06-26 11:57 wrote:
I played on Normal and didn't start with a fort either.

Jerrie at 2006-06-26 08:56 wrote:
Ow, I didn't know you could run away from your contestants. Playing on normal, I went for the one in the north, for he was the easiest looking, and battled everyone in a row. This took me two turns, and I can't remember them attacking each other that much in the mean time.

stefan.urlus at 2006-06-26 07:59 wrote:
nice guide, is really close to how i did the mission actually

well written

Infiltrator at 2006-06-26 07:57 wrote:
Depends on the enemy initiative :)

But yes Raelag is most efficient against any type of army. You can park the Raiders but most of the time you can just defeat them with spells and furies, as Raiders aren't cheap and don't have a lot of defense :)
tonym at 2006-06-26 03:05 wrote:
Nice guide. A couple of things. I played the mission on Hard and I'm pretty certain I didn't start with a Fort, so maybe thats only on Normal and/or easy difficulty. I picked the same skills except exchanged Logistics for Sorcery to take advantage of the Warlocks high spellpower. You probably already mentioned it in your Dungeon Guide, but you can minimise casualties in easier battles by parking your Raiders next to the enemy and then attacking with your Blood-Furies for a double-no-retaliation strike. With Raelags special ability you can even execute this type of attack after the enemies first turn, and then retreat to your own half of the field before the enemy gets to take their second turn.


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