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I don't care.
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Features → Walkthroughs  → The Triumvirate

by Psychobabble

Map 3 - The Triumvirate
Size - Very Large
Level Cap 25

Spoiler: view a screenshot of the surface (1.6 MB)


Once again, none of these bonuses are worth much in the greater scheme of things. The four Rajas are probably the best pick here as they can stay alive while you kill the enemy off with your spells, such as a phoenix. Endurance is a pretty useless spell for you and one which you'll have plenty of opportunity to learn on this map if you haven't already. And you won't want to be casting lightning bolt either, though if for some reason you've learned chain lightning or really like to cast direct damage spells, feel free to take the trident.

The difficulty of this mission and the next hit a record low, which is ironic considering how many powerful heroes will be participating. Neutral stacks contain even fewer numbers than the campaign's first mission, such as "15 assassins" on heroic (sounds insulting, indeed). There are no good default armies featured in AI's towns, either.


This map feels a bit like the missing sixth map of the Haven campaign. Not only do you get Godric back, but three out of the four towns you can capture are haven and all of them can be fully developed. So you'll be running around with Haven troops and a high level haven hero which is slightly odd for the middle of an Academy campaign. This is also a map which quite a few people seem to get themselves stuck on prior to patch 1.2 (due to bugs), so pay attention and make sure you do things in the right order!

Head along the path east. If you turn south, you can pick up 66 available peasants. If you prefer a speedy conquest then you can ignore them, and take your first town a few days early. The garrison is not supposed to be fought now. Your first objective is to free Godric from underground, and there's a little sign here pointing towards his dungeon. The army in the garrison is meant to be very difficult to defeat with your starting forces, but if you built your Zehir right (pheonix, resurrection, puppet master, etc.) then it is still managable. So ignore the garrison for now and keep going east to take the stairway down.

Once down there head straight east, flagging the mines as you go. Veer south with the road, until you hit 2 where the prison sign is. Turn west and at the end of the passage at 3 is Godric's prison. Release him and give him the peasants if you have.

You can send Godric west to flag the Haven creature dwelling at 4, and take Zehir the long way around the underground (east then over to 4 via the southern passage) to pick up all the goodies. You'll be much more starved of resources than experience on this map, so be sure to pick gold over experience.

Send Godric above ground as soon as possible, and enter the garrison. The troops in the garrison will join you (the only time on the map that any Haven troops do, though) and you're ready to start the main part of the map.

Godric should head over and capture the town at 5 while Zehir is still coming out of the underground. Once he's done that where you send your heroes is pretty much up to you. There's no pressure on this map at all and you can complete the objectives at your own pace. The only thing I would keep in mind is that you will be quite resource short, so don't get the upgrade buildings yet. You will also not have enough money later to buy all the available creatures, so you can actually ignore two out of the four Haven towns (<5>, <7>, <9>, <10>).

Since there isn't any significant AI army out there, you can send out Godric very soon. Whenever you go to 11 and visit the Redwood Observatory, Findan will join you and the mission becomes even easier. With Findan you can capture the remaining towns in a week or two!

You might find that you have a lot more resources than gold - the trading post just near the town at 5 is a great way to convert those resources. There are a total of 3 Sylanna's Ancients (level up tree) on this map, in 6, 12, 14, so you can skip a lot of small neutral stacks. The area at 8 is probably the most useless detour of any map ever seen - nothing there but a Stable at the entrance, and some not-so-good views.

You should be getting quite proficient with using Zehir's summoned phenix by now, for two reasons. First, you get some pretty images:

And, more importantly, a creature with incredible stats:

The phoenix is very durable, but it has a weakness to wraith's (the glowing upgrade) Harmful Touch or a pit lord's Vorpal Sword. Don't lave the pheonix within their reach. Here is a fairly evil combat set up to get the most out of the phoenix:

It's a little tough to see there, but it was a stack of inquisitors in the corner surrounded by three 1-unit peasant stacks. I kept my larger stack of peasants off the battlefield and a backup stack of crusaders off too. Put a firewall in front of these units and a phoenix next to them and you're practically invincible. If a peasant dies you just get an elemental stack in its place (thanks to Zehir's ability) and between the firewall and the phoenix nothing survives long enough to get through to the inquisitors, who cast haste on the phoenix and then shoot any survivors. Against strong shooting troops, you can make sure your phoenix travels the battlefield in one turn by making sure there isn't enough room for it on the two back rows (where the phoenix normally summons). Even if you only have small sized creatures, you can block all the space off by spreading out the creatures two spaces apart on the 2nd last row in the tactics phase.

Once your hero has captured 9, you might want to send him on a boat to 12, where there's another Sylvanas Ancients, a hill fort to upgrade your creatures and a most-welcome gold mine. There is a fairly useless Necropolis town at 13 (don't build anything except a town hall, plus some mage guilds if you're looking for spells). There are two gold mines to the NW of the town, plus an artifact merchant.

Once you've explored the map, hit the level caps and sent your hero's around to gather as many stat boosters as you feel like (there's a couple of useful spellpower boosters around 13), then get ready for the final battle at 15 which is a 3-stage attack. Zehir and Godric each fight Markal on a normal battlefield then Findan finishes him off in the town. You don't need to do anything to make each of these battles happen (except walk towards the town at 15) but if you have not found both Godric and Findan the game will crash at this point.

These battles are not very hard, but you should bring as many creatures as you can afford. Turning peasants into marksmen is a good idea if you can afford it. Markal may cast puppet master, which can get annoying, particularly on your phoenix, but it is not a problem if you have expert-level Mass Cleanse (Your sprites' cleanse level is too low, so forget about it). (Markal does not cast it always. Sometimes he does nothing but regular attack!) Actually, there are better things for Zehir to do (after Mass Haste and Mass Slow) -- Banish. It is a feat to be picked up in Summoning Magic. With one Banish, you can instantly unsummon ALL of Markal's summoned creatures on the field!

You can split your Haven armies in three parts. Among them Findan will face the hardest challenge (a castle assault), so flying and ranged units are most useful for him. Your priority in these battles is to kill the starting troops. Ignore the undead summoned along the way - they all disappear when the starting troops are all gone. Once you finish each of these battles (if you lose, just wait around another week or two to build up your forces - there's no time pressure) you're on to the next map.

Bravehome at 2015-07-03 03:51 wrote:
Had trouble with this map on Hard playing 'conventional' release Godric, until I read Omnivore's comment. Took the 3 peasant huts, proceeded with Zehir to immediately bypass the Garrison by leaping over trees near peasant huts, took the first town and gold mine and built it as much as possible with limited resources (conscripts/archers/griffins). The enemy is weak but will attack, usually leaving before doing too much to Zehir's growing army. Then when strong enough, take town 9 on map (only one built up in my scenario) and go to town (haha) with improved units. Other towns/heroes laughably easy after that. Rutger came wandering up (dazed from events I presume) with 1 conscript for example, after I had taken town 9! Then when all four towns yours, release Godric and level/skill up. BTW you can get 1 'extra' hero from a town to assist in defense of town 9 from the sea.
Edited on Fri, Jul 03 2015, 10:16 by Bravehome
hprwhg12 at 2014-03-26 19:37 wrote:
1.6 heroic

Do not let Rutger go underground. He will get a WAY bigger un-dead army

I went slowly killing and picking up everything with Zehir (no logistics)on the way to Godric. Once there Zehir remained/emptied the underground and I had Godric run straight for the gate stopping for nothing until through. I then had him clear the path to the first town. Took town on month 2 week 1 day 2. Ellaine showed up immediately but was simple, she ran half way through and I lost 2 monks with my lvl 20 Godric with resurrect/puppet master/triple ballistic.

While waiting for Zehir to finish down below, I decided to have Godric sit in town building troops because I had mad resources and money and knew Rutger was not far behind. He showed up on day 1 week 3 month 2 with his big army but said "normal" compared to Godric still sitting in town. Zehir had finished below and was one step from the +2 arena.

My forces were too strong in town with Godric, so Rutger ran for Zehir. Zehir being "no chance" with or without summon phoenix. I had him instant travel across the dead trees and headed back down. Rutger followed slowly the first turn grabbing the attack/luck/and +2 arena. I continued further underground. Rutger ran straight for Zehir. I got about a quarter of the way in before he was literally two steps away. I used town portal and got away lickety split.

Having both heroes at home and Rutger days away. I figure I will make a break for it and see if I can take over his other towns and he can have the first one. Rutger decided to stay below and take over everything. It took him at least a week and a half. Meanwhile with both Zehir/Godric I took over all three of his Haven towns in that time.

It now stated that I was "low" with Rutger. I took Godric, who had just taken over the third lower Haven town, back to the first town. Zehir was far away going for the gold mine you get by boat. I was 2 days away from first town when Rutger popped-up top side. Next turn Rutger ran a little and then instant traveled over the dead trees and his turn was done. I made it to town and I traded resources and bought what troops I could, at this point the money had been wiped clean building the other towns up. I had no movement, but I was ready now with a decent (not great) army and still saying "low". Next turn he only took a couple of steps so I figure he must of summoned creatures. Boy did he. It wasn't haven troops anymore either. he now had 90 shadow dragons, 120 Wraiths, 275 Vamp Lords,400 Specters,875 Zombies, and kept his 16 angels and 28 paladins. HOW? he only had 60 magic points and had previously used instant travel. I tried, but no way.

So I loaded back before I started heading for third town and headed straight for Rutger, who was still below. Again when I was a day away from attacking him he changed his army. Different this time though His angels/paladins where now upgraded and had 24/35 respectively. He also had 125 upgraded monks along with the 90sd, 125Wr/ 275vl 400sp and no zombies.

Frustrated I just loaded all the way back to where Rutger first showed up and just had Godric attack him and I won. He ran. I then proceeded to take over the three haven towns again. Rutger appeared only once with a puke army and ran again , when attacked. Once the haven towns were mine. I got Findan and he took over Necro town where Rutger was hiding with nothing. Seeing inside necro town it only had skeletons,zombies and ghosts. Also the third lower Haven town was barely touched and did not have angels or paladins.

So where did the Huge un-dead army come from? How could he summon so many critters with so low magic points? or with the second reload where did upgraded angels,paladins, and monks come from? I owned three out of four Haven towns and the one that was still his did not have these buildings. Why didn't he do this tactic and come for me a few days after I had defeated him? or when Findan was coming for the Necro town with him in it. Is that suppose to be Rutger Hauer? Looks like him too.

I have no clue. All I will say is when Rutger was underground he got an army from hell but when I kicked his butt before he went underground he stayed a weak kitten.
Wheeler Dealer at 2013-11-19 18:27 wrote:
1.6 Hard

The only battle that presented any challenge was when I first past the garrison and Rutger came after me.

I chose to explore the dungeon first, seemed more fun to follow the story line. When I got back topside and passed the garrison with Godric's now substantial army (I had collected all gold from chests and bought 40,000 gp worth of troops from that first military outpost before emerging. That plus the garrison troops gave Godric an impressive army.

I think I could have beaten Rutger with Godric but it looked like the casualties were going to be unacceptable, even though Godric knew Resurrection. I sent Zehir instead with his original troops plus some single peasants. I caught a break and the battlefield gave some good cover to help me keep me keep my little band alive. Using puppet master and frenzy I used Rutger's troops to fight for me. I don't think I ever got around to summoning my Phoenix.

I did have a lot of trouble with his Imperial Griffins. Had to restart a couple of time to deal with them. When they launched their battle dive I missed my chance to puppet master them and then they were in the middle of my troops so frenzy wasn't a good option.

From there I took my time to finish the map. I fought Markal the first week of month four. By then I had added over 100 Archangels and 144 Inquisitors and got Sandro's Cloak and the Unicorn Bow from the artifact merchant. The fights against Markel were trivial once I knew each hero had to fight.

I could have had a much bigger army, the towns were producing creatures much faster than I could buy them. I even had a couple thousand peasants chipping in as well and a bag of gold and a sack of gold. My daily income was about 19,000 gp per day and I still only bought Archangels and some of the shooters.

And what's with the advice about hiring another hero to go get Godric. I wasn't allowed to hire another hero at any point.
SteelPanther at 2013-06-29 11:18 wrote:
Just been playing this on 1.6 normal, also hit Rutger and another lvl21 hero - sent Zehir at both of them with some conscripts, gremlins and a dozen griffins. Using a phoenix and some puppet-master spells easily handled both. This gave Godric time to capture the cities.
eriktheguy at 2013-03-08 05:32 wrote:
Has this strategy changed since 1.6? When I take the teal town I will be attacked within a week by Rutger. He has 8 angels and 12+ knights before I even get production for those units up and going.
EDIT: normal difficulty

EDIT2: So I redid it teleporting past the barrier. You can take the castle in the first week and then hold off all attacking knights behind your walls with summoned elementals and firetraps.
Edited on Fri, Mar 08 2013, 05:36 by eriktheguy
xiilus at 2012-12-31 04:55 wrote:
I inadvertently made the first 2 fights with Markal very difficult. I play with the ToE mod, and I gave Markal Last Stand. He just kept summoning up ghosts, and fights had a tendency to go like this: miss, miss, stack knocked down to 1 hp, miss, miss dead. In that time, he'd have summoned up 3 more stacks. In one attempt, he had over 20 stacks on the field.

Of course, I know I didn't need to fight the summons, but the main stacks proved problematic because he'd use raise dead. 2-5 attacks to kill one stack, just to have him raise it again and start all over. The sad thing is I rushed through the Necropolis campaign and Markal was only a fraction of the power he might have been. But that one ability in this fight makes it a nightmare.

Then there's the ultimate irony: My only hero with Word of Light was Findan, and in the 3rd fight, against the castle, Markal doesn't get the extra summoned units. Godric of course had Light magic, but somehow missed the one spell that would have made the fight a breeze. Zehir was Dark and Summoning, the former not much use versus undead, the latter with my Phoenix missing half the time due to incorporeal.
Abruzzi at 2010-04-10 12:49 wrote:
In this one, Zehir was even faster than Godric! The first Skill offered to me in the first lvl for Zehir was Pathfinding, hah, Ironic, seeing that all the four Main Heroes had Pathfinding, and that on the expert lvl.
kaptcatb at 2009-08-27 05:59 wrote:
captupe teal town in weak 1 with Zehir . Then hire hero , hire army and send this new hero to Godric prsion . With Zehir captupe other towns - you just need 7 stacks in hero army ( for example - with 50-60 goblins and 24 archers i kill 3 weeks of grouth ) . If you have Phoenix , Resurecton , Mass haste this mission is joke
in battle with Markal - 400 peasants \ 300 marksman \ 100 grifin \ 40 knight \ 25 angels are enough . Dont waste your time | like me | i send a legion army - 150 angels , 250 paladins , 300 prest ..... waste time
Edited on Thu, Aug 27 2009, 07:41 by kaptcatb
aynako15 at 2009-08-26 09:26 wrote:
i see. didnt think about that. although i never really recruited anything until i had all the towns, seeing as i was just running around taking towns at random :D but i can see that working too.

Grail Quest at 2009-08-25 19:20 wrote:
By "use up", I mean to not worry about losses, or if you encounter too many unavoidable losses (not everyone will have a light-magic resurrection build, even though it's a strong tactical choice). Eventually the forces will be too small to be of any good, in which case you'd swap them out for just Haven units.
aynako15 at 2009-08-25 18:54 wrote:
I played on v1.6. I Just a question: what do you mean use up findan's and zehir's armies? cuz if they lose u fail the mission. But i finished the mission (and campaign) a couple days ago. I went for a strange kind of "rush": just take all their towns, dont allow them to get reinforcements.

To be precise, I took 7, then town 9, then 7 again (it was defenseless) then doubled back and took town 10, praying that they wouldnt attack me. When i got Findan, then i was finally able to beat them off for good. But it took me a good while to figure this mission out. hope this helps anyone in a similar situation.

P.S: here's something that helps. if they manage to take town 5 after u've taken it (and obviously skedaddled Godric in the direction of the peasant huts) u can lock an enemy army in place by waiting until he starts moving away from town 5, then moving godric to it. he will then head back to town. do the same with godric: head back to the peasant huts. he will then start moving away again. rinse and repeat. the ai didnt chase me past the garrison, though that may differ from difficulty to difficulty: really helps when there's one less big army after zehir

oh, and about those "instantly respawning armies": i was just fuming at this point, although i do wonder where they got those creatures from O.o
Edited on Tue, Aug 25 2009, 14:58 by aynako15

Grail Quest at 2009-08-22 16:01 wrote:
Aynako: What version are you playing with? In my game, I rushed and got all the cities before freeing Godric. You're not supposed to do that because you're not supposed to be able to clear the garrisons that early and without help.

I think the map-builder's idea is to get Godric, which also gets you Findan, then have Godric convert the first garrison to his side, giving you troops to take the first town. Against the Haven heroes, you are probably supposed to use up Findan's and Zehir's armies while massing Haven units.
aynako15 at 2009-08-21 13:33 wrote:
apparantly, everytime i refresh the page, i post again -.- so sry bout that
and yeh, the garrison does join. still, those armies of ruther and elina just keep on coming. anyone got any suggestions?
aynako15 at 2009-08-21 13:31 wrote:
"The difficulty of this mission and the next hit a record low"
"Since there isn't any significant AI army out there...."

Im sorry, but there are two instantly respawning armies led by erina/ruther that beat the absolute !@#$ out of you during the mission. the garrison troops will not join you. they simply disband. When fighting ruther, he will lose no troops. how can you possibly do this mission?
aynako15 at 2009-08-21 13:13 wrote:
"The difficulty of this mission and the next hit a record low"
"Since there isn't any significant AI army out there...."

Im sorry, but there are two instantly respawning armies led by erina/ruther that beat the absolute !@#$ out of you during the mission. the garrison troops will not join you. they simply disband. When fighting ruther, he will lose no troops. how can you possibly do this mission?
aynako15 at 2009-08-21 13:09 wrote:
"The difficulty of this mission and the next hit a record low"
"Since there isn't any significant AI army out there...."

Im sorry, but there are two instantly respawning armies led by erina/ruther that beat the absolute !@#$ out of you during the mission. the garrison troops will not join you. they simply disband. When fighting ruther, he will lose no troops. how can you possibly do this mission?

Grail Quest at 2009-07-15 02:33 wrote:
Started playing this campaign by taking the Haven towns and garrisons -- oops. On 1.5 Normal, there were only a couple of Teal heroes and the AI didn't recruit more. Also, I could only recruit one hero and no more.
VAMPSVSZOUNDS at 2009-06-15 19:52 wrote:
Findan is the strongest hero among the three so better give fewer troops(eg 150 Marksmen,30 Inquisitors etc) to him.
CatherineMcClarey at 2008-12-16 04:21 wrote:
A powerful Haven hero comes after Godric a few days after he recruits the teal garrison. In my recent replays of this scenario, I first had Irina attacking Godric (not so bad -- have him take the first town quickly and build the Fort & Citadel before Irina gets there; her idiotic army runs about IN the moat and does a lot of Godric's work for him). Completed the scenario that time, but restarted (because Zehir's build wasn't going to get him to Arcane Omniscience by the end of the next scenario, unless I redid this scenario) -- now I had Rutger's more powerful and much less stupid army coming after Godric instead. Having Zehir give Godric his peasants helped a bit, but if I tried having Godric recruit more peasants from the huts, Rutger would catch him in the open, without a town wall, moat or arrow tower to help. I might try 1 more time giving Godric Zehir's peasants, and then rushing to that first town, building Fort & Citadel, and upgrading the peasants to conscripts, but against Rutger it still may not be enough. If that's the case, I'll just have to restart the scenario from scratch, and hope that someone other than Rutger comes chasing after Godric instead.
omnivore at 2008-03-20 19:15 wrote:
Thank you for all the walkthroughs, but I don't have such clear sailing. I get assaulted by a ridiculous army powered by Rutger, whether I get Godric fast or slow. This army does not defect to Godric, whether he is the attacker or defender, and mauls me every time.

It's very frustrating to be stuck on a mission this close to the end, especially when I thought it was going to be clear sailing.

(edit:) Never mind I think I've found the workaround. Instead of going to release Godric right away I used a spell I've never used in all this time of playing M&M V: Instant Travel. I bypassed the garrison and went to capture the first city. Rutger came but he had a much more manageable army. Even thought he wiped out most of my starting army I had enough left, with Phoenix and the judicious use of one stacks, to capture my town and started up my Haven army.

One caveat though: I think you have to rescue Godric before you try to rescue Findan, or the scripts don't work right.
Any advice?
Edited on Fri, Mar 21 2008, 19:20 by omnivore
NickMP at 2007-08-28 08:20 wrote:
Oh, one other point: the cutscene where Findan explains what needs to be done to defeat Markal confused me - I thought we had to find the things referred to on the map before tackling Markal's final hold-out. Thanks to the walkthrough for clarifying it!
NickMP at 2007-08-28 08:18 wrote:
Another very helpful walkthrough. Note that oce Godric is released he can go and do something else (like explore the underworld) and the garrison will still surrender to Zehir instead, though you'll get a Godric cut-scene. However, be careful with Godric if he doesn't have significant forces - I sent him exploring the surface past the surrendering garrison, and he was pounced on an killed by an alert enemy hero.
That was on Easy, and a word of encouragement to peope who play like me - it's OK not to treat the game as a tremendous puzzle. If you want to enjoy the scenarios as a reasonable challenge but not get stuck because you can't figure out how to take town N before it gets a million titans defending it, a good trade-off is to play easy or Normal but avoid gamey AI-beating techniques of the kind mentioned in the walks-through - they're needed to win at Heroic, but for me they interfere with enjoying the game as a semi-realistic fantasy. Don't ansalyse it to death, just play as if you were really Zehir and let yourself make mistakes.
My main problem is that I like Markal and get very irritated by the jovial Zehir...

Gaidal Cain at 2006-12-28 11:08 wrote:
Like the crowd here, found this to be pretty easy until Markal. When fighting with Zehir, Markal cast banish, getting rid of my precious elementals and phoenix. Hmmm. How will Zehir defeat Markal? He has expert dark magic but never got mass slow and what's-his-name's coat is not available in the artifact merchant store. Any advice, guys? (Do girls ever play this game?)

Turnabout is fair play, so you can use Banish yourself to get rid of the summoned undead...

winterfate at 2006-12-28 07:52 wrote:
(Do girls ever play this game?)

Some do, nononsense. It's complicated I guess. You see, "girls" tend to tell us "boys" that we are geeky and/or immature for playing video games (not all girls obviously, but some). Because of this, and the old stereotype that only men play video games, I guess that's why "girls" won't admit to playing :).

As for your question...why don't you keep recruiting reinforcements from your Haven Towns? (you aren't on a time limit, so eventually you'll have the forces to defeat him).

Good luck! ;)
nononesense at 2006-12-28 05:49 wrote:
Like the crowd here, found this to be pretty easy until Markal. When fighting with Zehir, Markal cast banish, getting rid of my precious elementals and phoenix. Hmmm. How will Zehir defeat Markal? He has expert dark magic but never got mass slow and what's-his-name's coat is not available in the artifact merchant store. Any advice, guys? (Do girls ever play this game?)
robermi at 2006-11-06 23:45 wrote:
One thing about Rutger... if you attack with Zehir you will get beaten. However attacking with Godric is easy. A large portion of his troops desert him when he is attached by Godric.
robermi at 2006-11-04 14:05 wrote:
I am not sure that we are playing the same game. One week after taking the second garrison, which I decided not to pass through, Rutger a lvl 21 Knight attacked. Att 6, Def 16 with a massive army that included Angels (10), paladins (36), squires (100), archers (260) and over 1K of peasants. The peasants alone could take out my phoneix! I am playing on normal as I have not played Heroes in years so that may have something to do with it but regardless the above is a significant army!

maltz at 2006-10-15 20:48 wrote:
Just fought Markal on 1.3 heroic. First tried without counterspell, and he did nothing but attack, or summon more troops in. (Back in campaign 3 he did have the entire set of Dark and Summoning Magic.) So I guess he is just not scriptted to cast nasty spells...

Gaidal Cain at 2006-10-15 09:09 wrote:
I thought I read it in some community-made manual that the AIs can't cast lv 5 spells, or perhaps that means easy and normal. If what you said is true then this sounds like a nasty trick to incapacitate AI heroes. I'll try it when I get there myself.

Yup, on easy and normal, the AI won't cast spells above level 3.

maltz at 2006-10-15 08:23 wrote:
I thought I read it in some community-made manual that the AIs can't cast lv 5 spells, or perhaps that means easy and normal. If what you said is true then this sounds like a nasty trick to incapacitate AI heroes. I'll try it when I get there myself.
Tennmuerti at 2006-10-13 15:41 wrote:
Nope, he casts Puppet master on my troops allright, if I don't counterspell. Its the reason I tried counterspell for my first time ever anyway.
Edited on Fri, Oct 13 2006, 09:58 by Tennmuerti

maltz at 2006-10-12 22:30 wrote:
Aren't the AI heroes restricted from casting lv-5 spells on Hard? (only lv 1-4).
Tennmuerti at 2006-10-12 18:32 wrote:
Interesting fact: Markal is scared of counterspell like a litle baby. I was amazed when instead of using puppet master on my stacks he started using banshee howl and auto attacking :) didnt cast a single spell his entire fight with Zehir.
I don't know if this is true for all versions and/or all difficulties. (mine was with 1.3 on hard)

Majkel at 2006-09-10 05:18 wrote:
I was just completing this map , when a question came : does Markals army is more powerfull in next months ??

maltz at 2006-07-22 01:18 wrote:
> erisipelotrix

I now get this problem, too. I am not sure whether this has anything to do when I finished mission 2, where I instantly jumped to mission 4. I had to quit to main menu, then manually start this mission.

Edite: But I found a solution. I installed patch 1.2, and restarted this mission from the mission list on the main menu. I got the cutscene, and played this mission normally.
Edited on Sat, Jul 22 2006, 08:31 by maltz
erisipelotrix at 2006-07-14 17:55 wrote:
Can anyone help me? I have a big bug in this scenario and can't overcome it. I freed Godric as i meant to (even tried the way of this walkthrough), but in the objectives window the quest haven't been checked (neither was any cutscene). I restarted the misson several times, but the same problem occurs every single time. However i didn't played the scenario until i get to Markal so i don't now how the game progress will be affected (probably a crush because of the uncompleted quest?) But strange that i can control Godric... And i have to admitt, when i finished the Liberation map, scenario 4 loaded in without any cutscene. Than i was able to load the Triumvirate map from the main menu. Maybe there is some connection between these two bugs. (i encountered with this bug in the necropolis campaign too, when scenario 2 jumped to scenario 4, but with loading the 3. mission from the campaign menu i solved that) Any suggestions? :(

Warlock at 2006-06-28 20:39 wrote:
Yeah I was amazed at how useful Banish was throughout this entire Campaign. I picked it up early hoping for the ultimate (but given that I was not offered Attack until the very last mission - I never got it) and at the time I kind of thought it might be worthless - what with it being sort of situational (vs. Inferno heroes it's great, everything else it kind of relies on them using a lot of phantom forces, etc). But yeah, tons of summoned guys in this campaign. I only wish Godric and Findan had the spell too :D

Warlock at 2006-06-26 18:28 wrote:
I didn't find this one that hard. Once you get Findan it's pretty much smooth sailing. Just wander around and capture all the towns. Then build up a *massive* army of Archangels :) The hardest part is the battle with Markal, but my main problem there was I didn't realize all three heroes would be fighting him, so Findan and Godric were ill-equipped creature-wise. Couple reloads and it was fine. Just remember that you don't need to kill the summoned guys at all. Focus entirely on the starting creatures (the ones that don't blink in the ATB bar) and it's pretty easy.

Gaidal Cain at 2006-06-26 18:11 wrote:
On the other hand, it's hardly Findan who's in the most dire need of those extra levels...

Qurqirish Dragon at 2006-06-26 17:34 wrote:
One note: if you didn't get Summon Phoenix (I didn't get that until map 4), summon elemental does wonders as well. By this point, you should be summonning 70+ elementals for each casting, and they can definitely do quite a lot.
Another note, which really helps if you didn't develop Godric in the Haven campaign: Get Zehir to learn Arcane Omnicience (you most likely will get it in map 4), since you need scholar to learn that, Zehir can teach Godric every spell that Godric can learn. Findan, most likely, already has all the spells he can learn, but he may be missing one or two if you were unlucky. Zehir can teach him those.

Another note: Findan enters this map at the level you finished with in the earlier campaign (for me, he was level 31), but due to the level cap, his experience will be reduced to the max for this map. Next map, his level will be reset to the new experience level, and he can start earning quick levels again! (well, 40k/level isn't "quick", but it is much faster than 1 million+)

Pitsu at 2006-06-26 09:29 wrote:
Some what i remebmer from the final battle:
* IIRC elementals cannot be puppet mastered
* wrigths harm touch can instantly kill your phoenix
* banish ability is great to clean the battlefield from all the groups that Markal summons
* Puppet master is cancelled when a creature takes damage. Use your own low damage area effect spells (stone spikes) if you do not have expert cleansing. Additionally a single huge stack is better than several small. Your single stack (e.g.a thousend of marksmen) may be hypnotized, but if there is no other creatures in your army, the enemy creatures attack and dispel the spell before it is your turn.

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