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Features → Walkthroughs  → The Necromancer → The Lord of Heresh

by Rapier


  • Obtain Amulet of Necromancy
  • Caputure Godricís Daughter
  • Bring Godricís Daughter to Lorekeep
  • Capture Hikm
  • Markal and Isabel must survive

Carry Over:

  • Markal
  • Isabel

Spoiler: view a screenshot of the surface (1.2 MB)

Bonuses at Start:

  • 3 Liches
  • 1 Bone Dragon
  • Cape of the Lionís Mane

The cape of the lionís mane is worthless as it increases moral, which the undead are immune too. Which of the other two you want depends on your preferences, although I think the Liches are better for the final fight you have to on this map.

Guess what, you are going to fight Godric!

The old general can be tougher than the final campaign boss, depending on how much, and how well you have developed him in C1M5, and C3M2. Godric's army builds up very quickly, so you better fight him as soon as possible. Hopefully, you have built your Markal to become a never-stay-dead Necromancer. Here is an example on the left:

Fortunately, this map is relatively small, as it is basically a zoomed-in version of C3M2. The mines, stat bonuses, and even the Sylanna's Ancient (level-up tree) are all in the same place. Also, if you have learned the Town Portal spell for Isabel and Markal, it will save you quite a few days of travel.

This scenario will be over quite soon, so you can forget about building town upgrades -- just focus on money. Get the Towns Halls and Capital on Day 1 and 2, and then perhaps the Castle Walls to increase your troop production. You can upgrade troops with a Hill Fort south of Lorekeep later, with a discounted price. So it is really pointless to build any upgrade buildings in your two towns.

Note that Isabel's Haven troops starts leaving her to join Godric on Day 2, so try your best not to leave Haven troop with Isabel when you hit End Turn. You really don't need to dismiss her troops, as you can hide them in the castle, or simply swap them to a level-one hero. You can also convert them to undead in Lorekeep, and make Isabel command undead units as well. Just put all armies on Markal for the final boss fight. (Unfortunately, you cannot make Isabel fight Godric in this campaign finale.)

For Markal, get all the troops from the Necropolis, and then head west as fast as you can, while collecting as many skeleton archers as possible. Your goal is to collect a large group of Wraiths half way to Isabel's castle. The Hut of Magi in the north reveals Godric's castle, so send a low-level hero to visit it sooner or later.

Before picking up the powerful reinforcement, you will first meet a large number of Rakshaka. Now it is the time to make the Necromancers proud! Mass Slow, Puppet Master, Frenzy are all wonderful spells to use in this fight. You should be able to avoid losses, since you can always raise them back before the end of the fight. You can cast Mark of Necromancer on the enemy, so your mana is constantly high.

After picking up the undeads, visit the prison just east of Newpost, and collect Freya from the prison (you must visit it with Markal) and then head back along the road towards Lorekeep. You don't have to go all the way back, as...

Angels will ambush Markal on his way back. Again, make use of Puppet Master, Frenzy, Blind along with Raise Dead to make sure you take no losses. After the fight, you get an artifact -- the Angel's Wings have been automatically equipped on Markal. This artifact makes Markal "fly" all over the place, and only Markal can equip it. You will eventually use it to access Godric's castle, and you can also use it to fly to the northern islands to pick up stat bonuses for Markal. However, if Markal is going to travel almost exclusively on paved road for a given day, removing Angel's Wings will enable Markal to travel farther.

Now you are actually ready to fight Godric! However, if you have developed Godric into a power house in the past, then Markal is in no shape to win at this moment. You need more army! There are plenty of creatures on the map for Markal to convert to skeleton archers. Also, you can convert Haven troops to undead units back in Lorekeep.

If you want to fight Godric early, try to do it on Day 1 of Week 2. This way, Godric doesn't have time to get a second week's worth of reinforcements, but you do! You can use Isabel to quickly transfer Haven units to Lorekeep (with Town Portal), convert them to join the fresh undead units from Lorekeep, and upgrade them in the Hill Fort with a low-level hero, and ship the units back to Markal, who flies over the mountain to fight. You can do all of these in one day!

If you don't fight Godric on Day 1, Week 2, there will be two Orange heroes coming to you by sea, at the beginning of week 2. One will land close to Newpost and try to steal it from you, while the other will land on the shore just south of the Hill Fort, trying to take your Lorekeep. These Orange armies are not as powerful as the spawned heroes back in C3M3, though, so they are actually excellent sources of skeleton archers. The screenshot below is what you and Godric can look like on Day 5, Week 3, Month 1 (heroic, patch 1.3).

Godric's army consists of a wide array of Academy units. Focus on the ranged units (Titans, Archmages and Master Gremlins) first, and then worry about the other troops. The Titans, although small in number, can hurt a lot! If you have trouble defeating Godric's Academy army, there is something really wrong with your Markal. Either you should come back later with a lot more units, or you have built him into a mediocre Jack-of-all-trades.

Don't feel too happy when you defeat Godric's Academy army, because that's far less than half of the fight! Godric now automatically summons in Haven troops, within the same battle. If you have no means of regaining mana (Mark of Necromancer, activated by the Spirit Link feat under Dark Magic), be conservative with it against the Academy army. The size of Godric's Haven troops has been drastically increased in patch 1.2, and largely toned down in patch 1.3 (as Markal was weakend significantly as well). The screenshot on the upper right happens later during the same battle, when Godric summons his reinforcement. Note how little Markal's undead army has been reduced to (as Raise Dead is almost useless now).

If somehow Godric's action initiative comes directly after Markal (as in the picture), try not to cast Mass Effect spells as Godric will immediately replace it with his positive (Light Magic) version on his own troops, meaning your action is totally wasted! For example, if you cast Mass Slow, and Godrci casts Mass Haste, then only Mass Haste stays. When this happens, cast some regular spells (such as Puppet Master) to bring your action slightly behind Godric, and overwrite his positive spells then.

You really have to fight hard against Godric's Haven army. On heroic (patch 1.3), it starts with 25 Angels, 10 Paladins, and hundreds of Footmen and Archers. These numbers grow extremely rapidaly. Two weeks later, you will see 50 Angels, 20 Paladins, 650 Footmen and 250 Archers (see picture to the upperr ight). On patch 1.2, you would expect double that number!

A Pheonix (with expert Summoning Magic) can be extremely handy here, and you can actually cast Raise Dead on the phoenix to bring back its HP! (Conjouring a new phoenix costs 28 mana, with Arcane Training, on patch 1.3.)

It is worth mentioning that Puppet Master is now much more effective in patch 1.3 (although it sometimes fails for no good reason), as the puppet effect is NOT cancelled while the target takes damage. This means that if you nailed Godric's Angels for this spell, the Angels will be free-hit for all for about 6-7 turns, if Godric does not cleanse them! (see below) And AI Godric is usually not smart enough to cast what is best for him.

Make your best to Puppet Master the Angels, and kill the Paladins as soon as you can. On heroic, the Paladins get unlimited lay on hands to remove Puppet Master and Frenzy. Since your undeads die pretty fast and come back pretty ineffectively now, it might be just your Phoenix fighting, so keep Markal alive by raising spectres/ghosts and other units here and there. Hopefully, you will eventually outlast Godric and win this campaign. Contgratulations!

A human designed Godric is probably the most challenging fight you can get in the campaigns. Finally, make sure you have the patch because the fix to frenzy makes a lot of difference, as before if you used frenzy in this fight, you had to use it on an archer unit, since all the melee units just defend.


Ansive at 2014-12-06 21:23 wrote:
Damn. Was not expecting that.
147 angels, 1900 footmen and 60 paladins. (day 6, w2, m2)
No chance without frenzy.

Kalah at 2014-09-09 19:53 wrote:
It sure is fun watching these articles still being used and discussed. :)
Felix Krull at 2014-09-05 13:44 wrote:
Whee! That was easy.

I took my own good time and only attacked Godric after cleaning up the map, by when I had 100 arch liches, 12 black dragons, 1k archers and 100 vampire lords. Godric messed up his spellcasting bad, doing deflect missile while there were vampires and dragons loose inside his walls, even dropped two curse of the netherworld, the clown.

PM on the 150(!) angels, and that was all, she wrote. I lost my stack of vampires to the 2.5k footmen, but I figure I could have taken it home with zero casualties, if I hadn't stepped on their corpses.
Edited on Fri, Sep 05 2014, 11:01 by Felix Krull
vil2 at 2014-03-05 21:52 wrote:
I can't believe how easy I just beat this mission just by changing my strategy.
I followed this guide and tried to rush Godric but I was utterly destroyed again and again every time his Castle troops spawned, at week 2 or 3.
After many, many tries, I decided to explore the map. So my Markal went by sea north, while a secondary hero went south for the ring of Sar Issus and the Sphinx.
After a quick cleaning of the island (and a good bunch of resurrected troops on day 1 - mainly Wraiths and Lichs), I visited the prison, took the wings, and went for Godric's castle.
Due to a bug (game crash), I couldn't kill the attacking orange hero. But nevermind, I rushed Godric and put isabel in the sanctuary.
With roughly 50 wraiths and 50 lichs, I have totally humiliated Godric. I couldn't believe I've had so much trouble with the other strategy. I think that the stat boosts (knowledge, especially) and the ring of sar issus (50% reduced mana costs) made the fight extremely easy because I was really able to spam my spells and replenish mana with mark of necromancer.
So if you have trouble like me, just get those bonuses, visit the prison, and storm Godric's castle.
Edited on Wed, Mar 05 2014, 16:53 by vil2
Wheeler Dealer at 2013-10-26 06:50 wrote:
I'm replaying, it's still fun and it's been so long I don't remember most of the details. I'm patched to 1.6 this time around and playing on Hard, not Heroic.

I didn't rush until I got the message telling me I had to finish before the double eclipse in one month, Ended on day 2, week 3 month 2. Godric was as well built as I could make him, maxed out in both his earlier appearances.

Markal Was quite the magic user, Expert Dark and Expert Summoning supported by Expert Sorcery and Expert Enlightenment. Spellpower 34 and never a mana concern.

I used Puppet Master 1st, Frenzy 2nd then summoned an Phoenix and some elementals (fire). After that I just cast Raise Dead every turn. Well, I did use Puppet Master again when the 22 angels showed up.

I didn't see the huge numbers in the Haven reinforcements that I've read about here. He had 22 angels (not archangels) and 25 paladins plus some footmen and archers, There seemed to be something wrong with my Phoenix. It took down all 25 paladins with one attack, over 3400 damage on a lucky hit!

I think all through this campaign I had an easier time because I gave Markal Scholar. He got all the adventure spells from Isabel and then passed on Summon boat to the hired heroes. I don't think anything but Summon Creatures was available without Scholar.
xiilus at 2013-03-30 06:15 wrote:
This is possibly the most likely map for the ToE mod to backfire on you. I am a big fan of using it, mainly for having options in what troops to field; alternate upgrades gave Heroes V much higher replay value for me. In many cases it makes the campaign easier, but when the enemy uses Divine Vengeance, beware!

I had made Godric quite a potent Light magic caster, and even as Markal was wreaking havoc with dark magic, Godric was punishing the hell out of my units. I had to replay the fight a few times to prevent my troops from doing any damage at all; his fliers would cross the field quickly, and before I knew it my troops would retaliate and become vulnerable to Godric's unspeakable wrath. My Wraiths killed just 12 Sultans, and that was was enough for Divine Vengeance to kill a dozen Wraiths per cast, and he had the mana to cast it about 20 times

Although as bad as DV can be, I shudder to think what would happen if Godric realized he had Word of Light.

ShadowLiberal at 2012-01-22 01:47 wrote:
OMG, I just replayed this mission on Heroic, and attacked Godric at the end of Month 2, Week 1, Day 7. His academy army was a decent size, and started ripping my stacks of dead apart, to the point that I had only 33 Wraiths, 400 zombies, 60 liches, and 400 skeleton archers left, and falling fast. For some reason Godric kept on casting deflect missle on each individual unit, rather than use the mass version of it.

Then I started summon in reinforcements, 100 fire elements, and a super phoenix with 88 attack/defense and over 600 damage an attack, and man did things start to turn in my favor quick! Especially once the phoenixes took out of the Titans. I used Vampirism on my Wraiths and regained the 15+ I lost earlier to the titans to, plus thanks to Earthquakes Godric's castle was completely demolished. Things were really looking up!

Then Godric's haven units showed up, and my jaw dropped. 140 Angels! 1300+ Footmen! 54 Paladins, and 370 archers! Since I knew the paladins could undo a puppet master on the angels I puppet mastered the Paladins and got them killed fighting the footmen. The Angels on the other hand ripped my 52+ Wraiths to shreds in one hit! And then they took out the zombies.

I puppet mastered the angels and had them and the Phoenix slowly take out the 1300+ footmen. Godric used Frenzy on my Skeleton Archers, which caused them to die attacking the fire elements, so then I started reviving dead troops to prevent an instant lost if he did the same thing to my liches. Eventually I managed to kill all 140 puppet mastered angels, and won the campaign.

ShadowLiberal at 2011-09-21 00:12 wrote:
I just beat this on patch 1.6, so here's my advice.

I didn't rush to storm Godric right away. At first I slowly fought my way to claiming the mines and raising more dead troops. I fought off the two orange heroes when they showed up. I then sat around for a couple of weeks grabbing treasures, and raising hordes of troops.

Fly to the south east island, and answer the riddle correctly to claim the gold prize, I got 50,000 gold out of it.

Make sure that the Tavern says Markal is stronger then Godric before you attack. Once you're ready to attack Godric trade all your other resources for gold and upgrade your army if you haven't already, then attack with Markal.

Godric doesn't use what spells are best for him. I was blinding and puppet mastering his army, and he just attack my own troops with Word of Light or use deflect missiles on his own men on his turns.

Also, you probably raised a large number of Wights from fights, so using Earthquake to break open Godric's castle to send them in isn't such a bad idea. I had 72 of them, and they were single handedly able to kill almost everyone in any stack they attacked.

(Note I did this on hard)

Edit: Another piece of advise on the Hill Fort, the upgrade costs depend on tier level of the creature
-Tier 1: Free
-Tier 2: 50% Normal Cost
-Tier 3: 100% Normal Cost
-Tier 4: 125% Normal Cost
-Tier 5: 150% Normal Cost
-Tier 6: 175% Normal Cost
-Tier 7: 200% Normal Cost

So It's not true that it's cheaper to upgrade units all the time at the Hill Fort, however unless you're upgrading a lot units it is cheaper to just use the Hill Fort, due to the cost of building the upgraded builds in Markal's town.
Edited on Tue, Oct 02 2012, 10:10 by ShadowLiberal
Kaet at 2011-08-06 15:55 wrote:
how can i get to the Godricīs town???
rrwillem at 2011-03-14 12:44 wrote:
Dont know if it is still usefull, but you probably have auto-combat on. Happened to me once as well and I didnt get the wings. I tried again with auto-save and it was solved.
danil40 at 2010-07-22 10:01 wrote:
thanks shadowen maybe it will work if i have 1.6

Shad0WeN at 2010-07-22 05:09 wrote:

Haven't played this in awhile but if I remember correctly you encounter the angels after you abduct Freyda from the prison (near the haven town) and go to transport her to Lorekeep (the necropolis) by traveling along the road. You can't finish the scenario without the Angel Wings artifact so if you aren't getting the fight with the angels then something is probably wrong. Played this on Heroic 1.6 so I don't know if any changes were made to this particular map.
Edited on Thu, Jul 22 2010, 01:11 by Shad0WeN
danil40 at 2010-07-21 09:17 wrote:
version 1.5
difficulty easy

I don't see any angels or get attacked by any angels.
Is there maybe a special place on the map that you should check?

Please help me.
VAMPSVSZOUNDS at 2010-07-18 12:54 wrote:
I fought against a maxed Godric,with very good skills:Retribution,Light and Dark with all spells,and high attack and defense(~25 for both).

First time,I took my time until Month 2 Week 2 or 3(picking all statboosts and whatnot) and went in with a mediocre force:8 Bone dragons,35 wraiths,100 VLs,50 liches(unupgraded),200 spectres,400 zombies and 1.5k skelly archers.Whenever I summoned a Phoenix he PMd it,and I couldn't make his Rajas slay his 15 Titans before he cast Magical Immunity on them,as the closest target was the stack was Steel Golems,and I couldn't have PMd them fast enough to kill the stack,and then only the melee-weak Archmagi could be driven against the Titans,so the titans killed everything in conjuction with the Rajas and everything left.

Second time,I accumulated a very big army,about 35 bone dragons,65 wraiths,100+ archliches,200 VLs,400 spectres,600 plague zombies,2.5 skelly archers.This time frenzied Rajas killed Golems,then rolled eagle and rainbow against the Titans,whick killed them on spot.Then I frenzied Djinn Sultans,which killed Gremlins and died from a lucky Raja retaliation.Then I frenzied Rajas,which killed Archmagi and rushed to the gates,then I PMd them to come forward to be pounded.
Second phase was easy,the 45 frenzied angels killed everything else,then came out via PM.Game over for Godric,and I still had leftovers.
evadof44 at 2009-10-25 11:51 wrote:
i never got to fight the angels so never got the wings is there away to still a way to fight godric

Peredhil at 2009-08-01 09:23 wrote:
Just build both the best.You'll fight Godric with Markal in C3M5 and you'll fight Markal using Godric(and other two heroes) in C6M3.Very funny.
Mark of the Necromancers is crucial(Spirit Link I guess in earlier patches).You'll get almost infinite mana with judicious cast in combat.
Anyways,patching the game means that you might be forced to restart the campaigns(or at least some maps...I'm not sure about saves).
Well then.You can find the patches here:
It's worth it,I've played 1.0 normal two years ago and there is quite a difference.
ylayarocks at 2009-08-01 08:37 wrote:
friends, how do i upgrade the patch? I currently have v1.0 , coz seems the game would b easier according to the walkthroughs and some comments i read here. Thanks. @peredhil:really? Then what should i do? I mean i built markal and godric so well and regret it when godric must fight markal :( with what i have now, what can i do? Or should i build markal to get the skill u mentioned for markal?and is that necro bone skill u mentioned really that important?frankly i really wish i can continue with what i have now (those i've told u below). But i couldnt beat godric, (thanks to my care for all of my heroes under my control) *sigh...

Peredhil at 2009-07-30 20:12 wrote:
As a matter of fact it would be wise to develop Godric as good as you can.You'll fight him in 1 map, but you will use him in another 4,including for fighting 2 bosses at least.Considering,you need a tough hero.Just build Markal good too ,AI don't use a good hero at full potential.
ylayarocks at 2009-07-30 07:41 wrote:
@peredhil: yea u r rite. But it pissed me off. Forget it, i'll rebuild markal. And now i'm playing the haven campaign,currently on the last mission where i punish godric by preventing him from having useful combat skills,i do that coz i hate him so much on the last mission of markal's. And i build isabel so well(the last time i built her, i've missed much stat points for her, ..) and she done all the clearing. I allow godric to fight the last enemy hero after isabel cleaned the garrison leading to nicolai ;) and oh, now i know why in the walkthrough of the fall of the king mission said 'though later on,he (godric) will give u headache' lol. Thanks peredhil :D

Peredhil at 2009-07-26 08:35 wrote:

The real problem is Haven army;if the Academy one looks scary to you.....
Depending how well you developed Godric, this may work:Mark of the Necromancer on the target that will receive most damage;Dark magic to control the crowd,destructive to thin the herd.Assuming you do have Puppet master/Frenzy.raise what you can ,your troops should just defend(place units to protect each other-but beware the fireball from magi).Your damage output will be done by ballista -that is why you picked war machines for,right?,some destructive magic and frenzied/ puppeted stacks;in any circumstances do not attack with wights a powerful stack,they are too precious to swallow a retaliation blow;
You might want to get Ring of Sar-Issus-50% less mana for spells;it's on the island in SE;don't be late,Haven army is growing really fast;
Also read the other posts here,,really helps.
And,the sixth you forgot of is Markal's backbone-necromancy ;)
Edited on Sun, Jul 26 2009, 04:37 by Peredhil
ylayarocks at 2009-07-25 03:05 wrote:
and my isabel doesnt have training skill. She's only lvl 24 too. Please dont tell me i have to restart the whole campaign... And i dont have summoning magic too...*tears..
ylayarocks at 2009-07-25 02:54 wrote:
and my isabel doesnt have training skill. She's only lvl 24 too. Please dont tell me i have to restart the whole campaign... And i dont have summoning magic too...*tears..
ylayarocks at 2009-07-25 02:50 wrote:
i never able to beat godric. My markal is lvl 29(dark, destructive, war machine, leadership, logistic, and i forgot the last one. All expert). I have 32wights (the joining darkraider), 7wraiths, and etc. Godris has 12 titans n 63archmages etc. How do i start the strategy? Everytime my markal's turn came, i got confused witth what to do. How long should i wait until i go 4 godric? Please help. Thanks. Oh,btw, i play on heroic.

Peredhil at 2009-06-29 02:09 wrote:
W4D7.Fight one good developed Godric(maxed Dark,Enlightenment, with Intelligence, Sorcery and Light with Guardian Angel).Markal was pretty much the same, with Summoning instead of Light.In 28 days I've cleared all the map including the sea.
My army: 67 Wraiths, 41 Wights, 62 Archliches, 85 VLords, 228 Ghosts, 114 Steel Golems and 31 Earth Elementals-the lucky joins doesn't matter in the end.Isabel's training really helped to increase Wights number.
Godric had : 12 Titans(plus extra 5 thanks to G Angel), 26 RRaja, 43 Djinn Sultans,63 Archmagi, 66 Steel Golems, 90 Obs Gargoyles, 244 M Gremlins
and then 131 Angels, 52 Paladins,1630 Footmen, 650 Archers.
Easier then I thought.(I've played the campaigns once in 2007 1.0 normal), even on Heroic(1.6).I had 270 mana - with Mark of Necromancer and Ring of Sar Issus(always found on SE island) as bonuses,Godric had no chance with only 135 mana.
First rounds- Frenzy/Deflect Missile(AI seems obsessed with this) and Cleansing.Then Raise Dead, Lightning Bolt/Resurrection.When the last Titan fell, Godric had exactly 0 mana and I summoned Phoenix and send it to pay some respects to his archers.Frenzy again and then Puppet master for a free-for all-to-hit stack of Angels along with Decay to speed things up a little.Lost 8 golems and 9 Wraiths I forgot to raise.
Actually on Heroic ,except for getting the wanted skills, maps 2-4 in The Cultist were most challenging(first 1-2 weeks,that is).
Well, let's see The Warlock....
Edited on Sun, Jun 28 2009, 22:12 by Peredhil
akaihane at 2008-02-15 15:21 wrote:
I beat this on week 1 day 4 with a max out godric. I lost 0 troop fighting him just sending the 19 wraith in battle. The key to this is having both dark and summon. Cast pheonix then arcane armour on your wraith and just let your pheonix kill everything while you use PM/Frenzy on them. Their troops had no chance against pheonix if you attack during the first week because their numbers are really low . 20 angels , 8 calvary , 300 foot , 100 archers etc
The only thing that can kill this strat is that you gave godric banish but who in the right mind builds a knight with summon unless you know you gonna fight someone with strong pheonix.

Grail Quest at 2007-08-10 18:50 wrote:
61 Archangels!! Are you kidding me?!
Dark Magic was absolutely essential, and Implosion came in handy too (combined with a spell power of 29...), to take down Titans and whittle down the Archangels even as they killed the 600+ footmen for me. And the Wraith -- beautiful. It's Harm Touch cleared Godric's Magical Immunity on the ArchAngels, allowing me to do it to them again.
Clear the Champions first as they can undo your Dark Magic. Keep your cannon fodder outside the city and win this one with magic.

Honestly, I can't see how anyone could possibly finish this campaign without decent amounts of Dark Magic.
The focus on magic increases insanely through this campaign. With troop losses, Isabel would be useless had she not strong magic. I sent her walking around with a single angel, and she was clearing huge stacks of griffins on her own. Yay!
Tip: Have Markal clear the stack of Champions on the north side to raise about 20+ Vampire Lords. With them on your side, you can comfortably rush without a lot of magic. After that, accumulate Wights and Wraiths. Wraiths in particular, as you need a giant stack to outlast the siege and help you keep Godric from using too much Magical Immunity.
To have won against such odds, on Heroic difficulty! WOO!

Angelspit at 2007-02-04 16:18 wrote:
Godric's reinforcements were a nasty surprise: for a moment I thought the campaign was over, but now I will need to restart the map. I think I'll go back to Normal for this one as my Markal could have been developed better. I'll try an early rush for fun.

Demiurg at 2006-12-05 15:14 wrote:
First time I crept, thinking time would be on my side, as I had all resources, but Godric's army was too huge when I finally got there.

Second time I basically followed the walkthrough's rush-tip and everything went smoothly. For once it was preferably to rush the town as well, using Earthquake and a summoned Phoenix, as Godric kept using mass deflect missiles, which made my Skeleton Archers pretty useless.

Also, the Cursed Ring you can buy in the Merchant's Tent is useful, as it decreases enemy luck with -2. The first time almost all attacks from Godric's side had the benefit of luck.
Edited on Tue, Dec 05 2006, 08:15 by Demiurg

maltz at 2006-10-14 06:32 wrote:
Congratulations for beating Godric on day 5. Dark is a really nice skill for Godric, but unfortunately it doesn't work against Markal.
afterthought at 2006-10-13 20:31 wrote:
Just beat this map against a maxxed out Godric at level 24 with Markal at level 28 on 1.3 Heroic.
Markal had 100 mana and just under 30 spellpower for this level.

Attacked on day 5! And won on my first try. I had much more difficulty the first time I played this on normal, I probably waited nearly a month to attack that time.

Didn't cast a single mass dark spell, though I did win entirely because of dark magic.

For me, the Rakshasas were right next to the Titans, Mages, AND Goblins, so I Frenzied them and used them to destroy the other stacks, which they did very quickly. To speed things up, I puppet mastered the archmages just before they were about to get thier turn and had them fireball themselves (+goblins +titans). I love doing that!

After that, I earthquaked the fort to dust, had wraiths kill the genies and the archers (which I think came from Isabel), and then I put mark of the Neco on the Rakshasas (they never moved the whole fight, just spammed dash) and fed myself back to around 70 mana before the Haven troops. Similar story for them - Frenzied the footmen and archangels and then decay + confusion let me wipe out the angels slowly but surely.

Godric had 80 mana and every light/dark spell in the game for me, but he never casted dark (understandable since you are Necro) and he never casted cleansing (I was ready to load my quicksave if he did that!).

I purposefully timed my Frenzy/PM to be on units which were about to go, but even still he had many chances to cleanse. He ran out of mana about halfway through the Academy units part of the fight.

DaemianLucifer at 2006-09-30 10:31 wrote:
Youll get a cinematic in the begining of sylvan campaign.
wasdqwerty at 2006-09-30 09:25 wrote:
is there supposed to be a cinematic of nicolai being ressurrected? i was so disappointed i dint see anything like that...i expected real cool cinematic of the ressurrection

DaemianLucifer at 2006-09-16 04:32 wrote:
You can always give her a single peasant and follow her with a squire that will give her the troops to fight,and take them back later.

Mytical at 2006-09-16 04:25 wrote:
The understanding I have of this is Godrick starts with a certain number of haven troops, and adds what deffects from Isabel. So if you have a large number of deffections, the haven is going to be more powerful. If you have few, it will be weaker. So for those who use the ability to add army to Isabel (through cheats) or just keeps piling army onto isabel to keep her doing things, this will cause the last army to be stronger. Only Haven troops defect, so giving her a different type of army helps. Also I believe if she is garrisoned they don't defect (I never garrisoned her so I dont have a clue). Also, if you are down to a few of one stack they do not defect.
tera_majin at 2006-09-16 02:03 wrote:
the same thing like khlo happened to me also. at the first time i thought that godric's haven army is that the haven army which defects isabel. moreover, i think his academy army is stronger than his haven army.
khlo at 2006-08-26 05:33 wrote:
I've just finished the mission last night, but how come I did not see what you guys have described? I did max Godric in previous mission and I waited until the last day to fight him. After I beat his academy army, his haven troop only had 5 angels, 2 cavaliers, 6? footman and ?? archer. This is too easy. I don't have the patch and playing with normal difficulty.
NickMP at 2006-08-19 18:38 wrote:
Another good scenario, giving new things not met in earlier maps: defecting troops, ambushing angels, flying heroes.
At Hard, you don't need to be quite so clever. I had built Godric to be good but not fantastic, and he ran out of mana at the crucial moment.
Alternate strategy that worked for me (but might not be enough at Heroic): base Isabel in Newpost and build to defeat the Orange invasion when it comes (you won't accumulate anything huge enough to help Godric when they defect, and you can use the 'not with Isabel' trick if you want, though it's a bit too gamey for my liking). Meanwhile, Markal roams around building up skeleton archers and strength. An Orange hero will land from the SE (curiously, when you beat him and explore, you'll find he started in a lagoon with no exits): beat him and use the hill fort in the SE to make up for whatever higher level capability you didn't build at Lorekeep. Then fly in and fight Godric. At Hard, fighting around week 5, I found the Haven reinforcements were 25 each of angels and cavaliers, which I was just able to beat by constantly reviving dead wraiths - very cose thing though. Although I did take Puppetmaster in the previous scenario, it didn't seem available this time - perhaps I have the wrong prerequisites. But at Hard, at least, you don't need it (or frenzy either). As in other areas of the game, there is more than one way to fight: heroic might for your forces, decay for the enemy titans, and constantly restoring the dead.

maltz at 2006-08-02 03:05 wrote:
I just fought this Godric myself with patch 1.2 (heroic). I went there on Week 3 Day 6. This Godric was lv 24, with stats 26 23 13 12 and Light, Luck, Enlightenment, Attack.

Godric's Academy army isn't a concern, but his Haven army was way bigger than I knew before: 95 archangels, 38 paladins, 450 archers and 1000+ footman. That footman stack was a moving nuke! I frenzied this stack and wiped out every other Godric's stack, and it still had 1000+ left! (Due to his enraged ability, this footman stack has an attack value of 98!)

Thanks to spirit link, with virtually unlimited mana I was able to out-run Godric's 180 mana (!) and wear this stack down with one phoenix after one. At several points I had to keep myself alive by raising the sepctre stack and flee like no tomorrow. It was really fun! Great adjustment with patch 1.2.
Edited on Tue, Aug 01 2006, 21:09 by maltz

magerette at 2006-07-30 17:11 wrote:
Since I started replaying all campaigns due to patch issue, this is the one scenario I've really been dreading. I played this map for untold hours on normal the first time thru, and somewhere around 2 a.m. was thinking I had finally beat my perfectly designed, max leveled Godric, when he summoned his HUGE army of Haven troops, swollen by all the high level units that had defected over the course of a long, long game with Isobel. Should have read this walkthru first ;) Thanks for all the help.

Gaidal Cain at 2006-07-26 15:14 wrote:
Well, after finishing the Academy campaign I think those who max Godric whenever possilbe is the smartest. :) (I doubt the author, at the time when (s)he wrote this, finished the entire campaign.)

Meh. Getting him to the pont were he doesn't have any free skill/ability slots is easy enough anyway. Zehir has a much harder time.

wimfrits at 2006-07-26 14:33 wrote:
Perhaps I shouldn't install the patch then...
This is much more fun! ;)

maltz at 2006-07-26 14:22 wrote:
> to wimfrits:

Wow that looks weird. I played this mission twice on heroic, facing him Day 1 Week 2, and Day 5 Week 3, respectively. He both had about 25 AA and 30 PL, and about 100 others. Let's say his angels grow at 11% per week (heroic growth for neutrals), then it would take about 19-20 weeks to do that! Surely you didn't battle him on month 6...

Maybe it is just a coincidence, but some people have also reported HUGE finall boss armies on the Sylvan campaign. Perhaps you can install the latest patch and try this mission again.
Edited on Wed, Jul 26 2006, 08:29 by maltz

wimfrits at 2006-07-26 14:01 wrote:
Errr... I'm currently busy with the battle with Godric.
After defeating his academy army (11 titans etc.) Godric summons :

192 angels
xxx champions (I forgot)
1k archers
2k squires

Which is fine by itself, if it were not for the facts that :
- my army is about 5% of his
- his army resists frenzy
- his army resists puppet master

I still think I'll be able to beat him, but these are some insane odds. Seems like a bug to me. Anyone else got such numbers?

maltz at 2006-07-26 13:50 wrote:
> ... youíre stupid enough to max him on level 2
(spoiler follows)
Well, after finishing the Academy campaign I think those who max Godric whenever possilbe is the smartest (at least not stupid).
Edited on Mon, Jul 31 2006, 10:13 by maltz

Gaidal Cain at 2006-07-04 21:37 wrote:
One Haunted Tower and a Graveyard, I believe.

Ozymandias at 2006-07-04 20:08 wrote:
I'm confused. the walkthrough says that Markal should collect all the troops from Necropolis, then that I should hire another hero at Lorekeep, to collect all the troops there. But Lorekeep is the only Necropolis I see, and there aren't any troops left after Markal takes them. What am I missing?

maltz at 2006-07-04 00:52 wrote:
The above walkthrough states that "Attacking Godric this soon is the best way to win this scenario". I don't think this is true.

I fought a well-built (lv 24+10) Godric twice (on heroic), one on Day 1 Week 2 with 549 skeleton archers, and the other on Day 5 Week 3, with 1760 skeleton archers. I barely made it in the first case, while I won way too easily in the latter case. The skeleton archers rule! If you have difficulty beating Godric on Day 1 Week 2, try to come back later with much more skeleton archers. The island on the north not only has some Paladins to join you, but also has some 300+ Minotaurs, which is a very nice boost (plus some stats upgrades).

Skullmane at 2006-06-20 08:54 wrote:
Oh, the orange took it over.. Should of read first...

Skullmane at 2006-06-19 10:01 wrote:
Huh, why is the haven town orange in the map?
Bob Morane at 2006-06-19 08:27 wrote:
You can enven use your haven troops with Isabel if you buy a second hero to move them along with her. The second hero follows Isabel, she takes the troops, attack anything, then gives the troops back to the sec. hero for the end of the turn, and she can take them back the next turn. I did this as i wanted to level her and take all bonuses, i guess she will come back later as the campaign is "Queen Isabel's War". I'll see later if i'm right.
UnDefiler at 2006-06-17 18:02 wrote:
Don't dismiss the Haven troops straight off; the trick is to leave the Angels/whatnot in the castle, and Isabel outside empty-handed.

They won't defect if they're not in Isabel's army. Tested multiple times.

You can then later convert them to Undead units with that converter thingy in the Necropolis. Just don't touch them until the "defected" thing appears, but none will go if they're in the castle and not with Isabel. After that you're free to use them.

I had a tough time, Markal had the Tainted Earth skill which kept breaking my Puppets whenever they moved, and my Godric had somehow thought Magic Resistance would be a good idea at the time, which made everything I cast go to hell, so...lol.
Edited on Sat, Jun 17 2006, 12:07 by UnDefiler

Bandobras Took at 2006-06-17 03:31 wrote:
On the other hand, if you don't max Godric, you won't have as strong an advantage in the Wizard Campaign.

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