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Features → Walkthroughs  → The Cultist → The Conquest

by Angelspit


  • Cross the border
  • Capture all Sylvan Towns
  • Defeat Gilraen
  • Agrael must survive
  • Destroy the source of druid magic (secondary)
Carries Over:
  • Agrael (max. level: 24)

Spoiler: view a screenshot of the surface

Important Note: The Conquest is a scenario that gives headaches to many players -- it is quite a challenge at the Heroic level. The first thing to do if you have problems is to download patch 1.1, which weakens Gilraen to some extent and fixes a script. But you will need to restart the mission after you apply the patch. Patch 1.2 and 1.3 made this mission a little harder. However, from time to time some script error occurs, and Gilraen does not do anything, killing all the challenge and fun. At the beginning of the scenario, you must choose a bonus among the following:

  • 2 Pit Fiends
  • 43 Horned Overseers
  • 4 Nightmares
The Pit Fiends appear to be an interesting option, but you will probably lose one in your first battle against Gilraen. The Horned Overseers will probably live through the whole scenario, but their lack of speed make them less valuable. The Nightmares are probably a decent choice, as they can sometimes reach the enemy rank before the enemy gets an act, and from time to time frighten the enemy with their melee attack.

Timing is crucial in this scenario. Many players restarted at least once before they found their way around. However, there is one exception to speed -- taking the first castle before the end of the first week will make things more difficult. The first thing to do is to complete your army with the Imps in the castle and in the dwelling to your right. While you could consider building up your Inferno town, most people ignore it and use Sylvan troops instead, even though that is inconsistent with the plot; that is what I did as well to make Agrael's life much easier.

After tagging the flag, you can head South and recruit the Horned Demon and pick up a pile of gold to the East. However, since there are quite a few mines coming up, you can ignore the rather-useless demon and this small amount of money, and charge straight east to fight Gilraen, who's waiting for you in front of a garrison (1). This is not a very difficult battle, but you should be careful not to lose many units, as you will need them for the next two weeks. Split out one-unit familiar stack to absorb the counter attack from the blade dancers, and mob them up with your main stack of familiars and hell hounds. Your nightmare can charge right into the master hunters and neutralize them there. You can also phantom clone your familiars, hoping to draw some attention from Gilraen's arrows. Note: on lower difficulty levels and earlier patches, Gilraen actually runs away as soon as you touch him.

Follow the road East and South, fighting any creature that blocks the way. Choosing your optional battles carefully since you should not lose more than a few familiars at this point. Stop to pick up any resources you may find as they will be required to build up your castles. The mines are critical, but they are lightly-guarded fortunately. Make sure you rotate the camera while moving down the road as a few resources are hidden behind the trees. You will soon see a Sylvan castle (2) further down the road. Do NOT capture it right away because this would trigger a weekly event that spawns countless stacks of Sylvan creatures everywhere on the map. With the proper timing (i.e. Day 1, Week 2), you will be able to reach the second Sylvan castle before any reinforcement arrives (starting Day 1, Week 3).

Continue to the right side of the castle and keep capturing resources and mines. The sulfur mine is guarded by Cerberi, which should be an easy target. The gold mine is guarded by Inquisitors, which may be too costy for you on heroic, though. Your can also consider the wood pile and campfire just east of the sulfur pit, guarded by steel golems. No matter what you do, come back to the castle door at the end of Day 7, Week 1. The troops defending the castle will fall easily on the next Day (Day 1, Week 2).

Start building your Sylvan castle, focusing on the the economic buildings and the hunter cabin. There is a good chance that you will lose this town to AI (if it functions normally), so don't pour all your resources here. A tavern would be nice, since a secondary hero could chain units to Agrael. By the way, it would be really helpful if you hire a new hero now in the Inferno town, and ship fresh inferno troop to Agrael. Cerberus (upgraded from Hell Hound) is probably the most valuable creature you are going to have in the next two weeks.

Agrael should leave this S town (and might very well never come back) and move up the road on the west side. Capture the gold and gem mines, the mercury lab, and turn right at the fork to head for a group of mages blocking the road (3). The stack of Phoenix to the west is a tough fight, so avoid them. The mages guarding the crystal mine are no piece of cake either, but at least less devastating. By this time, your reinforcement from the Inferno town should have arrived. Keep moving up to the Coliseum, picking up any bonus that's available, and turn left until you meet a stack of Earth Elementals (4). If you have pixies / spirtes / cerberi, then deploy one stack of them only, and enjoy a perfect hit-and-run victory!

Now make a straight run towards the NW town (5). This castle attack is very easy before patch 1.2. After patch 1.2, this town is guarded by quite a decent Sylvan army. Fortunately, the AI likes to put this army on some low-level hero and send him away (Talanar is probably the one you will see), so it is very likely that you can steal the NW town before Talanar makes his way back. You might not want to fight Talanar before taking the town, if you are playing on heroic. It will cost you a lot of troops, and you can't afford to lose this much this early. Nevertheless, still try to dispose him as early as possible.

From now on, the NW town will be your headquarter. Do pour your resources in it. Hire a new hero to flag mines nearby if your Inferno low-level hero is stuck somewhere in the middle. When Week 3 comes, you will be overwhelmed by the number of the Sylvan party. Your next priority is to stop the Sylvan army from spawning by killing off the druids at the center of the map (marked by a yellow D)

Starting now you can mix Sylvan army into your rank. The hunters, sprites, druids and unicorns are all useful. Patch 1.3 lowered the cash requirement for dragons, so make sure you grab them soon as well. The Sylvan troops will take a huge morale hit; hopefully you have the Leadership skill, or tag some morale bonus along the way. You can reach the druids via the intersection at (6). However, you need to be a little more prepared. Try to ship some army from the S town if you still own it (hunters and sprites, mainly), and gather one more week worth of troop from your NW town. Build up the mage guild to level 3, so you can summon creatures from the NW town later. Now you are ready to kill the druids at once! Try to do it as early as you can, because Gilraen feeds heavily on these Sylvan army spawns, and on heroic the number he gathers is INSANE.

The druid fight is a race of time. Forget about gating and charge with everything you have, especially the Inferno troops. You can afford to lose all your Inferno units here as your Sylvan army reserves are rapidly growing back home. If everything goes well, you should be able to kill the druids around the beginning of Month 2 or even earlier than that. At this point, Gilraen should have come out from his NE town (7) and starts to roam the map to pick up resources and neutral creatures. Due to AI's huge bank account, it is very likely that Gilraen has at least one of the neutral stacks joined him. This probably makes him impossible to defeat for now, and he might actually come directly after Agrael if the power difference it too large.

You can visit a Redwood Observatory just east of the flag that leads you to the druid circle. This reveals a large area of map that just covers the NE Sylvan town. If you see almost no army stationed inside the town, then Gilraen has come out and will probably look for you soon. If you see quite a large army in town, Gilraen is probably in town and has never moved, and will never move.

If Gilraen has come out, your next priority is to take the NE Sylvan town (7) by stealth. You can lure away Gilraen with some other secondary hero, and rush the NE town with Agrael. Gilraen is scripted that he will attempt to protect the NE town when Agrael gets close, so don't conclude you've got him too early. By the way, Gilraen is smart enough not to assault a castle where Agrael is defending, so you can drop that idea of fighting him inside the castle wall. When Gilraen is not too much more powerful than Agrael, he will not actively challenge Agrael. Actually, he tries to avoid Agrael even though he has a good chance to crush Agrael on the field. Therefore, it is possible to squeeze Gilraen with Agrael step by step, to finally gain an edge to rush the NE town.

If Gilraen stays in his NE town and never moves, you can simply take your time to build up the two Sylvan towns you own, and crush him when you are powerful enough.

As soon as you take the NE town, you can finally relax. With the weekly new creatures in both well-built Sylvan towns, you will be able to crush Gilraen in the near future. Now is a good time to visit a few more stat bonuses on the map. As soon as you take all Sylvan towns and defeat Gilraen, you win this mission. This mission has been made harder on heroic with patch 1.2 onward, so you can really congratulate yourself when you beat it now!

Note 1: There is a Scroll of Frenzy located at (8). On heroic Gilraen will always get it before you (if he ever leaves home), and happily cast Frenzy over and over again on your most powerful stack. Sometimes you can use this misfortune to your advantage, by moving nearby stacks away from the frenzied one.

Note 2: In the area marked by (9), you will find a double-mana well that makes Summon Creature almost free. Besides, there is a keymaster tent nearby that unlocks the high-level Inferno creature dwelling SE of your starting area, but you are not going to need it anyways.

Also, just SW of the keymaster tent you can find a tree with an old face and a different brownish color. If you think it looks familiar, it just appeared in your cut-scene a while ago. This is no ordinary tree or treant! It is called a Sylanna's Ancient. Throughout the campaigns there are about a dozen of them. Each of the Sylanna's Ancient gives each character ONE chance to level up, with a small amount of fee (2000G or 10 gems, for example). If you have trouble leveling Agrael to level 24, or you want to rush this mission without missing any potential level, Sylanna's Ancient is your friend!

DecayingDebris at 2015-01-03 18:38 wrote:
Ty,i finally did it :) . Do everything that he wrote and you should be okay guys.
facanfutyulo at 2014-11-16 18:36 wrote:
Heroic 1.5
I write my solution becouse this map can give headache very Easily I have expert logistic and teleport assault (most important) and i follow the way to earn Urgash's Call. I have many restart to find this way

Choose the nightmares, but you lose at least 1 if Gilraen hit by his attack

-Restart the game till you got a good skills from the witch hut
-Fight good with the gated troops, split your troops to 7 and use mark of the damned ability and block the enemy creatures movement
-Don't attack the first castle, than you have a month to get some strenght so fight and grow your heroes as you can
-Save a lot becouse it needs to trick Gilraen
-Gilraen is come to his main castle cross the emerald dragons map (8)
-Save and place yourself to Gilraen as close as you can but he cant reach you
-In my game Gilraen dont pick up the frenzy scroll and rush over me
-Go to map (9) and fight all creatures who cross your way than run around the road and pick up the frenzy scroll map (8)
-then charge your main casle as fast as you can and make sure to reach his main casle before the new Week has started,
-the defensive army is very weak at the point (in my game 50 sprite-s and 50 peasants) so you can take the Sylvan main castle
-the main castle is lvl 34 so you are beyond the heaviest part, take some dragon hunter and druid and kill Gilraen
-Capture the remaning town, (dont need to kill the Druids on map (D) )
-and victory

I hope this can help some player
hprwhg12 at 2014-11-07 04:40 wrote:
Heroic 1.6
It is difficult, (a fair bit of raping IS involved Sunlover...lol) but I eventually win, with many restarts for various reasons (in a sense me raping back) by taking the S town first. I always go for expert logistics and tactics asap in 1st scenario, mainly for the second and this scenario.

I choose the Nightmares. I hire 2 demon heroes to start (a lot of restarting) put all troops on Agreal and B-line for the gate. Attack. Finish his movement. Then have secondary hero meet with Agreal, switch troops and let him fight the pukes in Agreals way. Move Agreal a step ahead of him when finished. Then switch troops back to Agreal. Taking the S town on Day 2. Well Day 3 I am one step away from taking it on day 2. Giving you a full month to month 1/2 before Gilrean appears.

Next big restart is having wood and gems being the random resource, so trees and dragons can be purchased. I pay little attention to my hell town other than for money. I have never seen the AI attack the hell town and believe they can't cross the gate. I take over what mines I can (some are guarded very well) and the +1 moral necklace to help with mixed troops. Doing all of above with as little troop loss as possible obviously.

I save Day 1 month 1, to determine where/when Gilrean will come. Once that is determined I first see if he will attack Agreal in town with hopefully a castle but wood is a problem so citadel is usually what I have, if he does I usually win (trees are a BIG help,usually all I have left). Then the rest is a piece of cake. If he wont attack me while in town I reload save and then let him take over the town, having him fight the week worth of troops inside with secondary hero so he cant instantly buy more troops, as I make way for the NW town with Agreal. Then take over NE via the upper road or if Gilrean decides to go back to NE I go back to S town, but that is rare.

Sometime I deal with the druids in between NW and NE but usually don't have the time to waste. It can sometimes be a power struggle, going back and forth owning two then one sylvan town, but Gilrean does not seem to add many more troops to his army when visiting a town. Usually he leaves troops to defend from me coming again and runs off to take back what I took or hunt down a puke hero I have running around nearby. Where as I buy/use a hero and rush all troops to Agreal as best as I can, leaving towns empty, making me consistently stronger week by week while he gains very little.
stachnie at 2014-07-04 17:38 wrote:
Patch 1.06, Heroic. I have restarted this mission many times for two reasons. 1: I wanted to get certain skills at the witch hut (Light Magic or Enlightenment). 2: After taking S town I got jammed by huge stacks of Sylvan creatures. Theoretically it could hurt both sides but I noticed that they often joined Sylvan heroes.

The key to win this mission was to avoid town S - I flagged most of the mines, got reinforcements from the Inferno town (up to Succubi, plus upgrade to Cerberi) and I headed to the NW town. It was quite well developped (Fort, upgraded lvl 1-3, unupgraded lvl 5 and 6 but no Mage Guild). After I had built Capitol and Castle I had a very difficult defensive battle against Gilraen (I had to replay it a few times) - finally I lost almost everything apart from Horned Overseers and a few Succubi. I sent a hero with reinforcements (fortunately, Elves unlocked the Hill Fort), won one-two battles using Inferno troops and switched to Sylvan ones.

As soon as I felt strong enough, i started to clear the map: flagged some mines, took the armor from Archangels, Then I left remaining Sylvan troops in NW town and took Inferno ones instead, went to Inferno town, got big reinforcements and captured NE town. At this point the map was won: I killed the druids (I was surprised by ambush and I lost a lot of troops but I didn't care), switched to Sylvan troops again and there were no heroes or creatures that could stop me. I cleared almost entire map and attacked S town. It was surprisingly easy: they didn't even built the Fort!
Edited on Fri, Jul 04 2014, 13:39 by stachnie
Sunlover at 2014-04-02 08:13 wrote:
Wanted to put in my 2 cents...played this on Hard, patch 1.06 (latest).

I tried this with about 30 variants - following the guidelines here (now FAULTY - someone really needs to edit it out now!! :O ), with Enlightenment, Dark Magic, Light Magic, Dark and Light Magic, all 3 (on top of the obvious ones like Logistics, Destructive Magic and...I forget :) ). Every one of them ended in failure. Why? Because I inevitably, somewhere from the beginning of week 2 to the beginning of week 4, took the southernmost castle.

I finally resolved to not take the southernmost castle. I had a "conveyor" for the first 3 weeks (demon), and eventually picked up Talanar, sitting from where I'd killed him at level 13. He shuttled the NE castle's troops to me once and the NW castle's troops to me when Gilraen was breathing right in his face. I didn't do it as quickly as I believe I could have done it now, and for whatever reason, when I visited the NW castle the 1st time and a level 5 magic guild was there, it didn't give me Town Portal. It *weirdly* did the 2nd time (?!??!). As soon as I got that, the game was for all intents and purposes over...I also had Talanar darting back and forth in the SE corner, luring off Gilraen, who is a blithering idiot when that southern castle isn't taken..

I let the last hero hammer away at me a bit more than I needed to; whenever they got a lucky hit in and decimated nearly an entire stack with a relatively weak army, I'd just rez my Emerald Dragon corpses. They hated that. >:)

3 months, 3 weeks was what it took me...I think I could have done it now in 3 months, 2 weeks or even 1 week if I fine tuned it. Simply put, if you take that southern castle as this guide "recommends" (admittedly it was written X # of patches ago), you will die. Even if your army gets close to Gilraen's size, you will get your face slammed into the gravel with his godlike archers, crazy sprite #s and so on (I took him on once and he had over 1500 sprites...I had about 1100...it just didn't matter). Agrael was level 22 when he finished; but that's fine because there's plenty of room to catch up those levels on the next chapter, "The Ship". :)

(I don't even want to think how badly you'll be raped if you take the south castle on Heroic and try to win :P )

ShadowLiberal at 2012-10-05 23:44 wrote:
Just ran through this mission again with the triple flaming ballista build, still had a LOT of trouble (such as a week of disease, RIGHT before Gilraen attacked me with an army outnumbering mine over 5 to 1), and have a few more tips for people who may still have trouble with this map.

1) Week #1, flag all mines you can, DO NOT conquer the first town yet until week #2, or maybe don't conquer it at all (I didn't try that, but you'll miss out on lots of relatively easy experience)

2) DO NOT fight your way up north towards Gilraen, he WILL slaughter you even with your triple flaming ballista.

3) DO NOT try to fight your way to the druids that keep on summoning more neutral stacks, you will get killed.

3) Instead, before Gilraen comes down, go north, then when you reach the dragons head towards the north west town, grabbing mines and unit spawners along the way, but make sure you seize the NW town by day 2 of the new week so you get a fresh week of growth

4) When you fight Gilraen make sure you're hiding in a castle. Take out the archers ASAP.

5) If you have the raise dead spell, then keep on using it the stacks Gilraen just killed (especially if Agrael gets his turn right before Gilraen). I managed to waste both most of Gilraen's turns, and one of his archer stacks, PLUS keep 3 of my 7 stacks alive without too much of a scratch on them. Before I ran through the same battle without raise dead and lost when Gilraen had just 1 freaking treant left.

6) Once Gilraen is dead things will be infinitely easier, just make sure to get a fresh week of troops before taking on other enemy heroes.

ShadowLiberal at 2012-04-21 03:42 wrote:
Falconian, the enemy will still have 3 towns to your 1. While one of the towns, the first one, never builds anything, the NE town starts fully built, and the NW town builds up fast.

With your town limited to just tier 5 creatures, the longer you wait the stronger the enemy will get. The more Tier 6 and 7 creatures you have to kill the longer your odds get.

To put it simply, you HAVE to strike in the first few weeks, otherwise the enemy heroes build up too big of an army for you to overcome, no matter how many creatures you gate in.

Peredhil at 2012-03-05 08:35 wrote:
Even better,assuming you have Exp Logistics and Power of Speed(aiming for ultimate)- take first Sylvan in day 2,conquer NW Sylvan in day 8-the most difficult part is to defeat the mages,but an all-out assault will do.Gather more armies from NW Sylvan and defeat druids in W2D7.Voila,you rush,don't get owned,and after that defeating Gilraen is a piece of cake.If you are efficient with tactics,you'll keep all Inferno troops alive,except for demons and imps.
And no seducing involved if you use H5 1.6,obviously,on heroic.;)
Falconian at 2012-03-05 01:28 wrote:
Not sure why this desperation on using Sylvan troops etc. Your army is more than enough to complete this mission.

Simply put: don't take the first town to avoid triggering the thing, take everything you can and develop your city. Soon enough you'll have a good enough army to destroy the guy.

The battle requires knowledge of how to play Inferno properly against Sylvan... aka do NOT rush. If you rush you get owned.
He will play classic sylvan defensive shooter, which is a flawed strategy against an hero with +20% initiative like you.

First turn, gate everything and seduce their strongest units into killing archers; this should be enough to make them a lesser threat.
Kill the dragons easily with whatever you want; you could try with horses to get a lucky fear or just kill them with leap.
Now his strongest unit are the blade dancers: he had 500 in my game and they hit the hardest of anything.
The trick is to waste their retaliation with a gated stack, then focus them to death.
Next target is sprites, easy to kill but don't skip them as they deal a lot of damage (I think in my game he had like 700).
Now your units should all be alive for the most part, as you made him waste his attacks on the gated units.
He's pretty much food for Inferno now, continue to focus their units stack-by-stack until he's clearly hopeless and will retreat for good.

With my hero I went light magic. In this order, I casted: mass stoneskin, mass haste, mass righteous might.
But I think going with anything would have worked the same, if the previous missions weren't such a rush I'd have chosen dark probably.

It's dead easy guys. Learn to gate :)

Edit: Obviously this was on Heroic.
Edited on Sun, Mar 04 2012, 20:32 by Falconian

ShadowLiberal at 2012-01-14 21:05 wrote:
Just beat this mission in heroic after redoing the entire campaign.

The only way to really turn the tide is to go for a triple flaming ballista build on Agrael, and have it ready by the start of this mission. Demon Lords can have the strongest ballista thanks to their high attack and knowledge stats.

This is only available if you use the mods to have all heroes 5 campaigns available in TOTE.

I decided after that to focus on getting Urgash's Call, since I already had 1/3 of the requirements for it.

ShadowLiberal at 2011-12-30 14:24 wrote:
A word of advise, it's after 3 and a half weeks that Gilraen and the others bust through the dragons to the north and start to chase you around (on Heroic anyway).

I agree with what Grail Quest said earlier, who the hell play tested this stupid map? This is single handedly the hardest map in the game because of how poorly thought out it was.

1) Your inferno town is limited to just a town hall and a fort and up to tier 5 creatures WHY? That makes no sense, from a balance perspective or a story one. If Agrael has those limits from being a traitor to the demon sovereign then why do any of the devils continue to follow Agrael's orders?

2) Sansa is right that the Inferno troops you get the Inferno outpost are random. I thought things may have been finally going my way playing this map on Heroic after a lot of reloads when I finally got the key to the Inferno outpost. I claimed the Inferno outpost however, and had only sucubi's available for hire! I was expecting pit fiends and devils, not the weakest unit I'm randomly allowed to get. That randomness single handedly screwed me and my already slim odds over royally, how am I supposed to beat enemy armies with a dozen Treants and half a dozen dragons without any Tier 6 or 7 creatures?

3) Not being able to capture the southern town without causing every single week to be a week of Sylvan creatures is just plain nuts. If the Sylvan can just declare every single week their own week then why can't I and everyone else in the game who's defending their land do the same thing? This makes no sense from a story perspective. It also farther screws over your pitiful Inferno town by boosting the Sylvan troop production even more then the castles do that your inferno town lacks.

Raelag's mission #3 may have been really really difficult, but it was still quite fun, and didn't give you insane handicaps of no city hall or castle in any of your towns. Nor did the enemies decide to declare every single week the week of Dungeon Creatures.
VAMPSVSZOUNDS at 2011-12-03 09:39 wrote:
3rd time doing this mission,this is quite hard BUT not impossible.The key is to get your starting town to Hell Hounds.And,as always,exploit the AI.I didn't capture the S town just as in my last playthrough,but I got the gold @gem mines.The Mages are so-so if you still have a Nightmare/you have cerberi(only by week 2 tho) and happen to have Tactics;otherwise,expect t lose all but a pack of Familiars and 5-10 hell hounds(not Quick).Then Talanar came in front of me(courtesy of my good planning,he couldn't kill me outright) with a ton of army.I tried to attack him,LOSS.I went back to distract with my mule,FAIL.I attacked the Unicorns to run in a circle,this was the closest one.I recruited all I had from the Inferno,chained it to me,but I was somewhat weakened by the 24 unis blocking the way,and whilst Talanar stopped the chase by going in Hallin,the army in Firios was too tough to bear,with 2 weeks of no-wall production against my 20 skellies,10 zombies,8 succubi 25 HH 16 imps etc.
Only the last time did I succeed,I didn't attack the Unis,instead I backtracked and let Talanar enter Hallin.Same reinforcement routine,rush of Firios.However,the AI was too dumb to pool his armies into the castle,instead sent a half of it on the open field.Nonetheless my Phantom Forces saved the day and I lost only 8 familiars and 8 HH.The castle siege was harder but nothing unbearable,and I lost 15 pixies and some other crap like that.Now that the hardest part is over,I'm expecting a fried Gilraen soon.Cheers ;)

EDIT:it took me a bvit of trial and error vs Gilraen,but I squeezed through.The key in this battle is to Phantom Force like mad your Master Hunters(I had only 25 though :/ ) and take all out with them.Sending the Dragons(I got 4 emeralds,green got none) to a tile from which they can attack the enemy Master Hunters and Sprites(I got good
Morale at this spot which almost turned it for me) is crucial.Use your hunters to wipe out half the enemy's Druids-my hunters had Warding proc too,and with 2 lucky shots they killed 10 of their druids.The Dragons will get killed by their melee but it doesn't matter.Send your(7) treants to block the door(blown up 1st turn unfortunately) and tangle the unicorns which will come soon.(That darn 11 Silver Uni stack killed in 2 lucky strikes both my Dancers and 9 Silver Unis!).Gilraen will cast Frenzy on your MH that's why you keep them in a corner,far from the Druids.They evewn Frenzied the Unis when they were near my MH's but Sprites have a cleanse,USE it.Druids bolt the enemy druids then attack whatever comes at the gate.When Agrael is almost out of mana slap a Righteous Might and attack their Ancient Treants non-stop.My Treants also tangled the Dancers until my Hunters finished them off.I limped out with 9 Hunters and 12 Druids,but heh,the battle was won,aye? ;)
Edited on Sat, Dec 03 2011, 05:31 by VAMPSVSZOUNDS
osoviejo at 2011-10-16 02:20 wrote:
If you want to select the pit fiends as your bonus, the easiest way to keep them both past the initial encounter is to not deploy them. The primary target then becomes the imps, and if you're lucky you'll lose fewer than ten before he flees. Use both buff locations, upgrade the imps on your first day build, and grab the free troops before hitting the garrison. He bails quickly.
konzky at 2011-09-01 21:55 wrote:
I think it is more fun to play this mission as it was designed (played on hard).

So I conquered the S-town in the first week, Sylvan creatures started spawning, took the NW town in week 2, finished the Druids in week 3, spawning stopped. Gilraen gave me a hard time, but I always bought my castles empty before he conquered them. Then I reconquered them before the new week. Caught him gladly in the S town. After he was finished, the rest was just a matter of time.

The spawned creatures are part of the map concept, so just accept the challenge. It's more fun!
VAMPSVSZOUNDS at 2010-07-01 19:20 wrote:
I finally did the mission after reloading a lot.Ths time,I avoided the S town(it doesn't do anything special,other than spawning countless Sylvans).In the first fight with Gilraen,I couldn't help but lose 30 familiars,my skills were quite mediocre,I didn't get luck until the end of the mission(got advanced luck after the final fight).

I had luck with a stack of skellie archers,~75,that helped later.I also hired Grawl for a mule.I took the important mines,killed all those stacks that are right before the large master hunter stack,then returned to go via the northern road.I let autocombat solve the magi battle,then headed towards earth elementals.

In the battle I used Mark of the Damned on each elemental stack in turn,gated en masse,and split Infernal troops for maximum effect,then unleashed all my attacks on the Marked guy to kill him due to Unlimited Retaliation..I barely got away with that.

Afterwards,I took over the NE town,and built it up to tier 5 with upgrades,6 and 7 withoyut upgrades,for a total of ~35 master hunters,4 dragons,13 treants,15 silver unicorns,20 elder druids and some low-tiers.At this time Gilraen showed up in the middle.By that time,I also had mage guild 5 with ressurection and Expert Light magic,so got it.I headed for Gilraen,which went for the S town,along with the NE hero that never got killed by me(she was scared by my might).

I fought the NW hero,and with ressurection I cut down on the losses,then had to fight Gilraen in quick combat(I had no idea on how to fight him with an inferior army and frankly mediocrized skill choices),then green turtled,I built up Hallin and recruited army from both castles,also killed druids in the week I got Hallin,and finally the enemy hero went out.I barely killed her with 5 Ancient treants left,them marched towards Ynthil to kill 2 more weak heroes,one with ~150 sprites,and one in town with 15 sprites.WIN!
VAMPSVSZOUNDS at 2010-06-30 20:28 wrote:
I started Heroes 5 campaigns again,now on heroic and got to this mission.I retried this campaign a lot to give Agrael light magic (happened to get leadership,too) but missed luck however.Now I restarted the mission 3-4 times due to tactical reasons.I changed tactics this time,aiming for mage guild 5 along with expert light for ressurection.Happened to hire Grawl so I can get him to learn some tough Destruction spells to help me against some tough creeps,and got luck from my first level-up.I hope that ressurection will help me to get the magi and earth elemental stacks without too many losses(atleast to have enough to get 2nd Sylvan town).The rush against elementals is too costly for me,on my best try I got past them with 10 hell hounds and 8 succubi,using mark of the damned,but the sylvan heroes were too tough to defeat.

sansa at 2010-04-05 20:06 wrote:
Heroic, latest patch.
Bonus: 4 Nightmares
Starting skills : Power of Speed,
Teleport Assault
Basic Dark Magic

1. aim : Reach key to Inferno Military Post at least Day7 Week2 Month1

Pick familiars and take NO any damage from Gilrean, learn Basic Luck in Witch Hut. Before reach Rakshasas, get Soldier's Luck (for effective Nightmare's Fear) and Weakening Strike.
Try to avoid playing Demonlord with Sylvan creatures, so take S town at the very end of the game.. It will stay dormant, and the Druid astrologists won't claim every week of the Sylvan creatures.

Hire new hero and teach him Resourcefulness before he/she starts picking resources, meanwhile , let Agrael take mines in this order: Ore, Gold, Mercury, Gem, eventually Crystal, and than to the west of S town :Wood, Sulfur and Gold mine. Kill Golems, Ents guarding Red keymaster's tent, Dancers guarding random artifact and so on to sprites guarding Necklace of the Lion.
Kill Unicorns and and then attack Rakshasas. Battle is tough but with Nightmares' lucky Fear effect and Frightful aura and Agraels' Excruciating Weakening Strike the looses are small indeed.

Hire new hero to take the Inferno Military Post if Agrael can't reach it before the date of ordered aim. Post is not fixed, so you can get even all Tier4-7 theoretically.
Town is capped with level5 with no citadel, so nice is to get succubi and nightmares to boost dwelling. I got level 5 and 7.

Buy all army you can, take Ring of vitality guarded by Assassins and random magical staff guarded by Unicorns, and so on and on through to the eastern end of the road, where probably Gilraen broke killing Emerald Dragons. I took him Scroll of Frenzy in front of his nose and won him very easy, by that time already learned Swarming Gate and Master of Mind.
Took the empty NE town(hire guardian!), and turn back west to earth elementals ( better avoid Phoenixes) where you meet a hero with infernal reinfortsments. Visiting Hill Fort guarded by water elementals - as you want, but taking NW town now is just formality, meeting with the hero who came through northern road from NE town.

Now you are probably one level to reach cap, so learn Dark Renewal/Expert Luck in Syllana Ancient guarded by Ents in the middle of the map, check if you had pick all 6 boost ups, and enter triumphaly in the S town.

Its very nice play without all that sprites and Cornish pixies swarming around, and instead with bad morale suffering-Sylvans, using Gating, which is Demon Lords primal skill:-)

Recommends for next skills and abilities: Dead man's curse, Urgash Call, Leadership, Recruitment, Gate Master, Hellfire, Diplomacy (in this order).
Abruzzi at 2010-04-01 18:35 wrote:
I am trying to pass all Heroes 5 parts now on Heroic, and came to this Mission, and thank to the stupid PC, i made it. I think im on the newest version, 1.5 or so. took the second town ASAP, then when Gilraen came to "visit me", i saw he had a too big force, still, id won in a town siege, so i waited till he gets distracted by an demon hero, to rush to south, took a chance to run for his super town, took it 1 day before new week, and took many new troops, after that, Gilraen took my second town, and stayed forever in it. i got many troops in many weeks, and took the Druids out before taking the first town. So the mission was never written in the quest log, still, killed the Druids. Than, a combined force of two elven towns outgrew Gilraen, and i won. Now to my hated mission, the Ship...
VAMPSVSZOUNDS at 2009-06-09 11:40 wrote:
I found the mission not that hard on 1.0 Hard.I fought Gilrean at the castle in the NE,with 2 emeralds from NE(i still had green dragons@treants in NW),15 A treants,25 Silverunicorn,30 Elder Druid(they got killed by Mh),70 MH,and other units.He had 5 E dragons,,15 A treants,30 Silver Unicorns,30 Old druids,70 MH,250 Wardancers and !!!500 Sprites.Tip found in walkthrough for C3M2 ToE:kill first Catapult with Mh(enemy Master hunters don't target yours yet),then flyers and archers and maybe ballista.Also on 1.0 while you raise dead troops non-undead and while the enemy flees,they stay intact.This way,from my 10-frenzykilled Mh-s I obtained 40+ after the battle.

Thlypsis at 2007-09-22 04:41 wrote:
The random spawns of weekly creatures really helped me out. I captured the first sylvan town right away, and diplomacy allowed me to pick up 100 sprites at the beginning of week two. I was behind in xp from rushing through the previous scenarios, and picking off the sylvan spawns along my path really let me catch up. Nightmares, along with tactics, were ideal for rushing at hunters before they could get a shot off. At the gates of the NW town was a stack of 200 sprites, who joined me for 21000 gold. That made the next battle oh-so-easy. I ignored the druids in the center and made an exploratory beeline for the NE town, and a group of 300 sprites joined me. They made short work of Gilraen. I ended up winning on the first day of month 2. Also, phantasmal forces on a stack of hundreds of sprites will win any battle, except against towns and double-shooting hunters.
Edited on Sat, Sep 22 2007, 00:42 by Thlypsis

Grail Quest at 2007-08-04 15:40 wrote:
Going into this scenario with Diplomacy helps you recruit the large cerebus stack near the sulfur mine. Going in with Mass Slow is essential for defeating the earth elementals with just sprites. Otherwise, if they split into 3 stacks, they can outmaneuver each stack of sprites one at a time.

Grail Quest at 2007-07-14 21:43 wrote:
Tried this scenario again, and it's still crazy hard. It's only week 3, and Talanar has broken through the Phoenixes in the northwest. I was heading east to avoid them and trying out the sprites vs. elementals strategy. Took the NW town, and Talanar took my southern one then turtled there. I got a full week of hires and charged down to see if I can retake the southern town, but Talanar got a week's worth of hires, too, plus reinforcements from god knows where. It's near the end of Week 4 when I'm camped outside the southern town, but unable to take it. Gilraen is on his way with a smallish force, on par with mine, but somehow he busted through the Green Dragons and is near the Red Border Guard. ARGH!
Theoretically, I should have been toast, and Talanar did move back up, and it cost me my army to smash his. I turtled in the NW, moving here and there but not really committing to going to either the southern or northeastern town. This had the effect of making the AI turtle as well. I noticed that if I committed in any one direction, Green in the further town would start moving out, flagging mines, and leading a sizable force in the direction of my town. Which was odd since either of them had a good chance of crushing me, and certainly if they both squeezed me with two battles or merged forces with one hero, I would have lost Agrael for sure.
Did manage to clear the Source of Druid Magic this time, but 33 Treants isn't easy to clear before getting to the druids themselves.

Edited on Sun, Jul 15 2007, 00:41 by Grail Quest

Grail Quest at 2007-07-12 20:34 wrote:
Well, I thought it through, especially as I did not want to restart because it's taken so long already, although this is my first pass through the map. With a bit of luck I finished off Gilraen.
A lucky absorption of a stack of ~150 Hunters (which I had to reload to shuffle some Sprites to a secondary hero in order to get), plus swapping out the Sprites in the final fight for a stack of 222 Familiars (they were accumulating unused in the Inferno town) to drain Gilraen of his mana so he couldn't cast Frenzy. I checked, and Quick Combat showed if I were 100 archers less, I would have lost in Quick Combat. As it was, Quick Combat won for me but I lost all stacks except maybe 3 score master hunters and close to a score of Ancient Treants.
Total time Day 4, Week 1, Month 3, which includes 2 weeks to walk to the NE town for final reinforcements, and walking all the way back. Sheesh. Gilraen popped out to flag ONE mine, ignoring all the others even if they were undefended. Duh.
I wish it had been more clear to me that defeating the Source of Druid Magic would stop the sylvan creature weeks, but honestly I'm not sure how big a difference that would have made. Once Green penetrated my area past the Phoenixes, I really couldn't afford a side trip. If I had known Gilraen would mostly stay holed up, I would have tried it, but there again, he had the superior force (with Frenzy), so I had no reason to believe he'd stay at home. On the plus side, since the sylvan neutral stacks were big but maybe not big enough, the AI may have calculated they'd probably spawn in single or dual stacks, thus negating the usefulness of Frenzy.
Definitely take the 4 Hell Chargers. In the early game, they can be frequently used to make decisive strikes (stack killed or retaliation absorbed without losses). The Pit Fiends are good for their magic, but it is far too limited and they move too slowly against Sylvan creatures. Quest
Edited on Fri, Jul 13 2007, 13:57 by Grail Quest

Grail Quest at 2007-07-12 18:54 wrote:
Why is this map so stupid? Who the heck playtested this?
(1) The typical thing to do would be to take the southern town first. Without this walkthrough, you would never know that it triggers a (broken?) event that makes every week a Sylvan week.
This in itself is OK. Yes, despite people thinking that it gives the Sylvan heroes an advantage, it is actually neutral since you too can get the increased troop count by recruiting a sylvan army.
Further, it appears that maybe because Gilraen was static for a week or so, he subsequently didn't or couldn't pick up stacks (he appeared to have some kind of cash shortage, too) EXCEPT once you are several weeks into the scenario, the stacks start becoming 100+, 200+, even 400+ SPRITES. This means no matter what, you will take significant losses just to walk past them.
I feel this is actually an engine bug because *newly spawned* stacks are 400+. How come? And there is no way a stack like that, and bigger stacks in the weeks to come, will opt to run. Certainly not from a full week of hires from a fully-built up town.

(2) Gilraen casts Frenzy WAY too much. Even on my Unicorns, which are supposed to have Magic Resistance. This means you cannot reliably assemble a superior force against him since he will hit whatever you've got. You cannot reliably defend against it because your turn can't possibly come soon enough. Neither can you move your units to avoid him because there just isn't enough room to move, nor are there alternate targets for the Frenzied stack in a siege.

(3) I camped outside the southern town and effectively boxed Gilraen in, as he didn't want to come out, and I didn't want to go in without insanely overwhelming numbers. So, were we deadlocked? Theoretically yes, until I can ship enough troops, which might be months because he has Frenzy. However, given that Sprites and Blade Masters spawn like crazy every week, I cannot ship troops to Agrael camped outside without either moving Agrael to clear the spawned stacks, or trying to survive the newly spawned stacks.
I could not also Summon Creature because the nearest town was the Inferno one.

Believe it or not, this map would otherwise be straightforward on Hard. Gilraen busts out of the NE with a strong army, but even playing badly in combat like I did (for the very first time, I'm struggling to fight battles better than Quick Combat), your army is nearly on-par. With some running around, you can outmaneuver him since you already outbuild him two Sylvan towns to his one. Only the Frenzy scroll gives him an insane advantage, and don't tell me to secure the scroll first or not take the southern town first because that is too much cheating for me. If I can only win a map because of a walkthrough that is absolutely critical, I might as well just cheat from the get-go. If you cannot play a map without a walkthrough specifying critical events or items you could not possibly know, then the map is broken.
Sheesh... And I switched to playing H5 because I got tired of stupid maps in H3:SOD.

On top of everything else, I ended up with one level where all of the skill/ability picks would have blocked me from getting Urgash's Call, which I was aiming Agrael toward. I used the Console, of course, but I can't remove a skill/ability from it.

At this point, I'm wondering if my current game is still at all salvageable. Maybe if I try to force Gilraen to fight the spawned stacks, but if he ever comes at me, I'm toast, so that "strategy" is really more dumb luck than anything else.

Agrael_MK at 2007-07-11 12:11 wrote:
If you install the patch it`s gonna be lot easier,trust me!!!
But that also depends on what level do you play the game!
If you play on heroic it will be harder of course,cause the dudes are gonna attack you more offten!!!

winterfate at 2007-06-20 22:39 wrote:

Good point...that had slipped my mind. :)

Gaidal Cain at 2007-06-20 07:29 wrote:
This is the Round Table. ;)

I think Ceres is posting from the main cite, using the site comments. Those show up on the RT forums as well.

winterfate at 2007-06-20 05:47 wrote:
This is the Round Table. ;)

The Round Table

From there, you can see the various forums this site has. :D

You may have to update your version of Firefox...that, or change some of the options it has.

I can't tell you which ones exactly because I'm not sure, to be honest.

It'd be better for you to post a thread in the Campfire about this problem to see if anyone knows how to solve it. :)

Ceres at 2007-06-19 23:52 wrote:
I'm using Mozilla Firefox.

I tried the Round Table out. And I saw you there. :) And I can't view some of the images there too...

winterfate at 2007-06-19 23:42 wrote:
Well...if you're talking about any forum located on this website (Celestial Heavens)...then my name is still winterfate. :)

I'm only a member of this website and the Ghost of the Past Mod Website, a companion website to Celestial Heavens.

If you mean the official forums (over at ubi.com), then...I don't have a membership there.

As for your photo...what internet browser are you using? (examples: Internet Explorer, Firefox) Perhaps your browser needs additional software so you can see the photo.

Ceres at 2007-06-19 12:31 wrote:
It appears to be a broken picture here. :|

Anyways I'm trying the Forums but its a bit huge and I can't find exactly what thread I need to read or post over there. What's your name there? Maybe I can ask you.

winterfate at 2007-06-19 05:01 wrote:
Your picture...broken?

It looks fine from here.

Good luck with that map, Ceres! ;)

Ceres at 2007-06-18 08:35 wrote:
Yeah, I'm trying the next one. I found it easy, but its taking me too long to finish it. :D This site is really a great help!

OT: Why my picture appear to be broken? :(

winterfate at 2007-06-18 04:45 wrote:

Just keep playing...you'll be fine. :)
It does get harder...but you should be a lot more experienced now right? ;)

Guys! I finally beat it! Thanks for all your help!

That's what we're here for. :)

Ceres at 2007-06-18 00:07 wrote:
Guys! I finally beat it! Thanks for all your help!

*me shrugs*

Inferno Campaign seems too difficult for me. I wonder how would the next campaigns would look like. :D

winterfate at 2007-06-16 00:37 wrote:
So did I, Corribus...so did I. :)

It wasn't that difficult. Only took me about 10 times.


We agree. I think I reloaded even more on the Cultist map. :D

Corribus at 2007-06-15 14:06 wrote:
Oh crap, I'm sorry, I totally was thinking you were talking about The Cultist map in the Dungeon campaign earlier. My post probably made no sense to you, Ceres!

winterfate at 2007-06-15 05:35 wrote:
I just hope they won't go on negative morale

Leadership...you need Leadership. ;)
And, cross your fingers that they don't start losing turns during a fight with Gilraen...that could lose you the fight if it happens at a bad time (been there, done that :().

Do you have the skill? If so, concentrate on leveling it up. If you don't, then try to get it when you level-up...even -2 morale is better than -3 morale. :)

Try to keep your Master Hunters alive once you get them because they are a pretty strong source of damage (they are the strongest 3rd level unit in the game. :D).

Omega_Destroyer at 2007-06-15 05:33 wrote:
It wasn't that difficult. Only took me about 10 times.

Ceres at 2007-06-15 05:30 wrote:
Thanks for the idea! I will try it later. With the chain heroes I can transfer Inferno and Sylvan troops to Agrael in less time.

And besides I think I should drop Mistress Suc and instead invest on Master Hunters (Thanks for the tip Omega_Destroyer!). I will limit my Inferno creatures to Familiar, Horned Demons and Cerebri I think. Then mix them with Pixies/Sprites and Master Hunters.

I just hope they won't go on negative morale ;D

winterfate at 2007-06-15 05:25 wrote:
Hmm... I like to have three.

2: One for each town, that would be two
1: The third to be in the middle.

It's kinda hard to explain, to be honest. But, the basic concept is to use several heroes, the first one being the source hero with all the units, and the last one your superhero that needs the units to form a chain from point A to point B. So, essentially, you can increase your forces in a fraction of the time. Moving your main hero to get reinforcements from your towns takes too long in larger maps, so you hire secondary heroes to do the dirty work. ;)

Let's see...hmm. Ok, lemme illustrate it:


A = Hero A (Source)
B = Hero B (Chain Hero)
C = Hero C (Destination)


So you have those three heroes...you have hero A meet hero B (move hero B towards hero A to save time. Meanwhile you start moving hero C left so it takes less time. It's a whole lot easier than having Hero C run all the way to Hero A.

That is the essence of the Hero Chain. :)

Hope this helps! :)

Ceres at 2007-06-15 05:11 wrote:
Ok, I'll do it.

Btw, can you teach me how to do "Hero Chaining"? So I could transfer my creatures using less duration.

Should I have a lot of heroes or one or two is enough for chaining?

winterfate at 2007-06-15 05:11 wrote:
Woah...THAT mission...in 1.0?!

AH!!!!!! :scared:

That mission is insanely difficult...(I was thinking of another mission before).

You need to capture the closest Sylvan town and try to keep Gilraen from recapturing the towns on Day 6 or 7 (when he would then be able to muster reinforcements on Day 1).

Other than that...good luck, you'll need it. ;)

It's a pretty hard map, especially before they weakened Gilraen in a later patch.

Omega_Destroyer at 2007-06-15 05:05 wrote:
Restarting is probably the best thing you can do at this point.

Ceres at 2007-06-15 05:04 wrote:
I see... I am really stuck on this Mission. I don't know what to do. Like later Gilarden will hunt me with a very, very big army! With Pixies/Sprites in 200+ and Master Hunters with 100+ and other big creatures like the upgraded Treant and sometimes with that Blue Dragon!

But me, I only got less than a hundred Familiars and Horned Demons and some Hell Hounds...


Omega_Destroyer at 2007-06-15 05:03 wrote:
It wasn't that bad in 1.0. I beat the entire game in 1.0, back when you could keep stacking elemental stacks, spam phantom forces (gotta love have 4 stacks of Vampire Lords running around), and could raise legions of skeleton archers.

winterfate at 2007-06-15 05:00 wrote:
I beat it in 1.0 myself...but it is a critically painful map.

I had some trouble beating it myself.

All I can recommend is to expand QUICKLY!
And even that may not be enough...:(

Ceres at 2007-06-15 03:36 wrote:
Is it necessary that I download the patch 1.1 to be able to accomplish this mission? Or 1.0 would still do good?

Corribus at 2007-06-14 13:32 wrote:
When I played it, Shadya was actually my better spellcaster. Raelag or whatever his name was, was more of a might hero. So I basically loaded Raelag up with a few weeks worth of troops and stuck him in the northern of the two castles in the SE "island". I then gave Shadya one week's worth of troops, and sent her going NW from the southern of the two castles on the SE "island". It was slow-going at first, but Shadya's spell proficiency gave her the edge in enough battles that I was able to capture a handful of enemy castles and turn the tide. I left Raeleg for defense of the previously mentioned castle until almost the end of the map, as I needed him to deal with the inferno heroes that kept coming from the south, as well as excursions of the soulscar from the north. I had to restart the map once or twice before I found this strategy, that worked. Aggresive from one direction, defensive from the other.

Ceres at 2007-06-14 08:04 wrote:
This mission is so hard. I repeated it 5 times and still no success. :(
Oneiros at 2006-12-23 22:00 wrote:
There's 10 or so Emerald Dragons around area 8, just north of the vampires. Kill them as soon as you can since I have the feeling that they'll join Gil's army. Heck, even on normal the army Gilraen gathered after I triggered the insane elf spawn rate just made me stare at the screen and say "WTF?!".

BTW on the unpatched version, capture the southernmost town first before killing Gilraen or you will be stuck on the map (capturing the town triggers the "Kill Gilraen" objective, killing him before this doesn't count as accomplishing that objective therefore: bug).

Shad0WeN at 2006-11-05 16:36 wrote:
Quote: "im curious to know which upgrades you all take for your heros.
i chose attack, logistics, war machines, luck, and leadership."


Took Logistics, Luck, Attack, Dark Magic, and War Machines. A tip to those who don't take Leadership and are using Sylvan creatures with Agrael: Normally the creatures would have -1 morale but there is a +1 morale necklace just to the NE of the Southern Sylvan town (between the magic spring and border tent guarded by the Rakshasa Rajas). It's guarded by a pretty sizeable stack of sprites though, so be forewarned.

For a necklace artifact I was actually torn between using that or the necklace of the bloody claw (+1 damage for your creatures - great for Sprites!), which I luckily acquired in a treasure chest just beyond the garrison where you first fight Gilraen.
Edited on Sun, Nov 05 2006, 09:40 by Shad0WeN

Shad0WeN at 2006-11-05 16:29 wrote:
Quote: "There is by the way a good reason to focus on upgrading Sylvan towns, even though as the walkthrough says it goes against the grain of the scenario - the Inferno town has its gold production capped at the third level and can't produce devils, and there are of course more Sylvan towns."


Yea you can't build some of the structures in the Inferno town. Can't upgrade to city hall, mage guild caps at 3rd level, and no Devils as well I think, which is really unfortunate because it might have actually made the Inferno Military Post useful (which you have to fight that large stack of Rakshasa Rajas to get to) since it would yield +1 Devil production in the town.

Shad0WeN at 2006-11-05 16:17 wrote:
Quote: "I still have no good strategies against caster/shooters such as magi or druids. If anyone finds one that works, let me know. (I mean without losses) I don't have imperial griffins now :("


One idea I can think of is to split your Master Hunters up into multiple stacks and use their warding arrow ability (and high initiative) to push shooters/spellcasters back on the initiative bar and then use the extra time to come up with an effective way to clean them up. Does anyone know if warding arrow hits twice on one attack whether the effect is doubled?
Edited on Sun, Nov 05 2006, 09:19 by Shad0WeN

Shad0WeN at 2006-11-02 13:45 wrote:
I noticed that the resource requirements for many of the Sylvan creature dwellings have changed with the 1.3 patch. There is definitely a bunch more emphasis on wood and less on sulfur and mercury. Seems like a good change to me because it appears to be more logical. Anyway, your biggest resource problem on this scenario is going to be finding enough wood to upgrade the Sylvan town(s). Try to grab all the wood piles that you see scattered about because you will need them! Although it takes some wood to build them, I built 3 marketplaces once I captured second Sylvan town so I could trade other resources for wood, figuring that it would be faster in the long run (want to upgrade those mage guilds too!). They should have put a trading post in the Southern area if you ask me.

maltz at 2006-09-28 23:17 wrote:
Sorry about the very late reply, but that sounds like a new bug to me. Argh... there are just so many.

Edited: The above walkthrough is now updated to patch 1.3, and its content has been adjusted based on various experiences in the past. :D

Mytical at 2006-09-13 08:43 wrote:
No idea then...guess the cheat @win() or something :(. Or start over from last autosave (before you get the message about green defeated) and hope for the best. If green is defeated and the druids are too, no clue why you don't move on. Take the opportunty to visit all skill, stat, ect boosting items, defeat all neutral stacks everywhere, and max out your main char. Then...maybe 1.3 will fix??? no idea.
xris81 at 2006-09-13 08:39 wrote:
I defeated the circle of driuds after I took out the 2 town on the top. Which means I captured the 2 towns on the top, defeated the Driuds, captured the last town at the bottom, and still stuck in the game...

Mytical at 2006-09-13 06:39 wrote:
You have to find the circle of druids and defeat them. They are somewhere between the two towns at top :).
xris81 at 2006-09-13 06:35 wrote:
I managed to take out the 2 Slyvan town on the top of the map first before taking the one below. After taking over all of them, I wasn't able to defeat Gilraen as I couldn't even find him on the map. After a week, the games says "Green Player is defeated" but I'm still stuck in the scenerio. Any ideas how to get out of this?

DaemianLucifer at 2006-08-22 20:38 wrote:
Im guessing you focused on building the inferno town.That really does make it harder.

As for the weeks,I had week of festivals followed by a week of plague but somehow I managed to win(my luck finally turned :D ),whough it was very hard.
aznricepuff at 2006-08-22 19:48 wrote:
AARRRGHHHH!!!!! I hate this mission!!!! Even on normal it was impossible. I must've restarted at least 5 times. What's more annoying is the first time i tried i was unlucky enough to get a "Week of Festivals", which gave Gilraen a huge advantage over me. I finally won by hiding behind my Sylvan castle and spamming succubi mistress attacks at Gilraen's druids/master hunters, then focusing on his dragons, and finally on his unicorns/treants. Even after i killed Gilraen, I almost lost because this second green hero attacked me with an army just a little weaker than Gilraen's ( he had 2 less emerald dragons, about 10 less master hunters, war dancers, and druids, and about 5 less silver unicorn). I was able to kill this guy but i was left with only a couple of succubi and overseers after the battle.

stijn at 2006-08-10 18:10 wrote:
i was able to hire grok, best chaining hero ever :D

maltz at 2006-08-10 12:59 wrote:
In my game I hired a secondary hero to ship me new inferno units of Week 2. The AI heroes loved to come after him. I guess that's why the NW town Sylvan hero and NE town Gilraen actually left town, making my game easier and harder later. :-D

stijn at 2006-08-10 08:50 wrote:
i got the treants from the dwelling first, with a lot of luck i was able to win the battle with 2 treants left. finished the entire map, but i've never seen ginrael leave his castle. this map was in fact quite easy, cause green never came looking for me 8|

edit: 1.2 patch installed, on heroic.

maltz at 2006-08-08 12:37 wrote:
Can you kill them with some destructive spells from Agrael?

stijn at 2006-08-08 12:33 wrote:
i'm near the NW castle (just beaten the earth elementals with 35 sprites :-)), but anwen doesn't leave the castle cause i still got a lot of my inferno units. (i did a lot of reloading to minimize losses), but i can't beat the hero when he's in the castle (damn unreachable hunters), does anybody have any tips on how i can get him to leave the castle? playing on heroic, day 6 of week 2, just beaten the elementals.

maltz at 2006-08-01 04:55 wrote:
> However, I think I already have the 1.2 version even though it says 1.0.

When I installed patch 1.2 I did have 1.2 show up on the main page, though. Did you match the patch region (US, EU, etc.) ?

Not long ago I saw a screenshot of Agrael + 12 spirtes killed 77 earth elementals. I am sure you know what to do.

Not sure why, but in my 1.2 campaigns the AIs are really more active than 1.0 and 1.1. Perhaps my 1.1 patch (which gave me version 1.0 on the main page, btw) messed up some thing and decapacitated the AI?

tha_masta_64 at 2006-08-01 04:49 wrote:
this was by far the hardest mission so far (without the new patch) even on friggin NORMAL DIFFICULTY!! i had to redo it a couple of times, after some poor choices and dumb mistakes during battles.

i chose to go with the pit fiends from the begining and only have agrael use inferno because of the gating capabilities. i was able to avoid getting the fiends killed throughout the whole mission by storing them at the castle before fighting gilraen.

also one thing i did that no-one mentioned was kill the group of archangels to the top left corner of the map and get some uber chest peice (there was another close to the castle to the northeast guarded by some dark knights - - i had gotten it one timewith a sub-hero, but was killed by gilraen right after, so didnt bother again)

i didnt bother about when to capture castles or anything, i just went through it all, killing everything from a side - i was able to kill the rakshasa rajas and get the key for the gate to unlock the devils close to the inferno castle.

throughout the whole mission, i must of run through about 10+ extra heroes. a couple of them were just to harvest inferno creatures - imps, horned, and devils. others were to get sylvan creatures and weaken gilraen.

ultimately i was able to get him down from almost 200 pixies, 120 war dancers, 100 master hunters, 70 druid elders, 7 emerald dragons, 25 silver unicorns, and 15 ancient treants.
each hero i sent at him focused on only one unit, till that hero died (which was sometimes right before the stack finished or right after, ha).
pixies were the first to go. then were the hunters. then the druids. with casters out of the way i chose to finish of the dancers.

by this time heros were drawing gilraen to the north east castle while agrael was coming from behind, just after upgrading all the devils and pit fiends to the ultimate :-D

with advanced pathfinding abilities, agrael caught up to him and (i wouldnt say easily) but we got through it. the last to go were the treants. they are some tough *******s.

this whole thing took me easily at least 5-6 hours (this last time around - not counting all the failures from before).

let me tell you, phantom forces is one of the best spells ever. it sucks though when right after you cast it, some shooter hits the stack of 200 horned overseers for like 2 dmg and they all die, but they also have a 50% chance of missing, which is pretty hot.

i dont really look forward to doing this one again!! :-P
im curious to know which upgrades you all take for your heros.
i chose attack, logistics, war machines, luck, and leadership.

stefan.urlus at 2006-08-01 03:05 wrote:
that's what i have heard too wimfrits .... that the ai didn't rush quite so much
Robguy at 2006-08-01 02:16 wrote:
No it is full version, which I payed $50 for. There is also a downloaded version patch which is what I tried to use the first time, but niother works. However, I think I already have the 1.2 version even though it says 1.0. When I followed your advice and took the first castle on day 1 week 2 the druids did not activate until the third week versus the second. Anyway I got alot farther than I did previously actualy capturing my second town, but my troops were too low in number to deal with Gil afterward. I took the castle to the west, after taking out the Phoenix's. I tried the Elementals and got stomped. Maybe it is because i do not have the Phantom Forces spell. Anyway I will try again and try to take the far norht town second this time.

wimfrits at 2006-07-31 18:39 wrote:
Also, the AIs seem to be way more active. Heroic on 1.2 is much more challenging compared to 1.1.

Are you sure? From what I hear on the various boards, AI performance appears to have decreased enormously.

maltz at 2006-07-31 16:39 wrote:
Did you download the game "DEMO"? I am pretty sure you can't download the official release from gamespot.
Robguy at 2006-07-31 16:26 wrote:
I downloaded the game form Gamespot.com. I tried to patch using the download version patch and get a Heroes V not installed. Treid the regualr patch and got same result, so I guess I'm not gonna be able to upgrade unless I figure out a way to fix it. I really want to patch so I can try this map and see if it is easier, cuz right now it is kicking my butt.
NickMP at 2006-07-26 23:25 wrote:
I've edited out a query as I've solved it: in the final battle, I "won" but only with raised-from-the-dead troops who would vanish at the end of the battle. I got the winning cut scene, then a message saying I'd lost. Re-ran the battle and won properly the next time, no problem.

There is by the way a good reason to focus on upgrading Sylvan towns, even though as the walkthrough says it goes against the grain of the scenario - the Inferno town has its gold production capped at the third level and can't produce devils, and there are of course more Sylvan towns.

You don't need to fight the elementals in the centre - gives you better central communications but going round the west side works fine.
Edited on Thu, Jul 27 2006, 15:32 by NickMP

maltz at 2006-07-25 02:01 wrote:
Patch 1.2: Gilraen doesn't flee like he used to now, which makes the opening harder. Also, the AIs seem to be way more active. Heroic on 1.2 is much more challenging compared to 1.1.
Edited on Tue, Jul 25 2006, 21:07 by maltz

wimfrits at 2006-07-12 06:44 wrote:

Its being guarded by the dragons that stand between the S and NE towns.

Death Knights in my game. Just NW of the spot where you cross the water to the NE town.
With frenzy the fight is pretty easy.

DaemianLucifer at 2006-07-12 00:48 wrote:
If you're talking to me, then "no". Gil was running around grabbing stuff, I've got control of all (except for maybe 1) town, mine, etc. but I don't see a scroll.

Where do you find it, and if Gil got it is there one for me?

Its being guarded by the dragons that stand between the S and NE towns.So its very likely gilraen got it.If you have treants hell probably cast on them and spend all his mana in some 3,4 turns,so this one can be dealt with,but it is hard.
eslater at 2006-07-11 18:46 wrote:
Did you pick up the scroll of frenzy?

If you're talking to me, then "no". Gil was running around grabbing stuff, I've got control of all (except for maybe 1) town, mine, etc. but I don't see a scroll.

Where do you find it, and if Gil got it is there one for me?

wimfrits at 2006-07-11 17:14 wrote:
Did you pick up the scroll of frenzy?
eslater at 2006-07-11 16:25 wrote:
I have all 3 towns (4 if you count Inferno) and can't beat Gil, as he's walking around with:
27 unicorn, 27 Treants, 8 Emerald Dragons, 272 Pixies, 37 Elder Druids and 88 Master Hunters.

Should i just camp out on town and build up my forces? I'm about 1/3 his size.
madcat_lives at 2006-07-10 12:11 wrote:
I keep getting 2 of his guys on me same day, 1st guy weakens me then he comes in for eazy win. When I had patch on my game would crash and it took for ever to uninstall the game.
He has 170 hunter and 30 Druids. with 20 my tree guy, that is all he needs to wins. I let the comptuer kill the flaming H*** of death for me so when they got to me they were so weak.
csarmi at 2006-06-28 04:23 wrote:
Hm I found some Magi and thought "wtf I try it for once, what could happen". There were 8+9 magi and 8+9 archmagi. After their first turn my whole army was gone.

DaemianLucifer at 2006-06-27 15:51 wrote:
Yes,casters are annoying.Especially those damn sprites.But at least you didnt have this.
csarmi at 2006-06-27 08:40 wrote:
Should I restart as well? I think not :)
It's week 2 day 1, 1st Sylvan spawned. Yes they are annoying, closed one of my heroes into the valley of the goldmine (below the NW castle). I captured the towns on day 3 and day 7 and killed some green heroes around, there's one annoying called Anwen left though...

On the southern front I killed the steel golems and the conscripts with my hell hounds (hit and run) and now trying to get my way back home.

Both elf castles are built up until hunter.
What do they mean by all dwellings producing twice the amount? They produced normal.

I hate stupid Sylvan heroes... She has 3 druid elders, 9(!) sprites, 10 hunters and some 35 blade dancers. And there's just no way to come out of that fight normally. 1 druid elder does 32 damage, 1 sprites does 12. Stupid! Plus ther ******* hero does like 35 too. I sure lose my pit fiends if I put them into the fight... or my succubi.

I won the fight losing a few sprites, imps and several war dancers.
Edited on Tue, Jun 27 2006, 07:54 by csarmi

Gaidal Cain at 2006-06-26 23:26 wrote:
I suggest you apply the patch and restart. It's a lot easier with the patch installed.
aikidoaasa at 2006-06-26 23:08 wrote:
Argh! Is there anyway to succed with the chapter when you "accidentaly" kill Gilraen before taking the town where you get to know that you have to kill him?
I've stuck. Everything else is cleared but I can't continue. >_

DaemianLucifer at 2006-06-26 19:59 wrote:
If you added succubi this would even end faster,espceially if they have 1 defense.

Btw,did anyone do the calculation for chain shot?Does it do more damage if the targeted creature is in range,even if the others arent?
csarmi at 2006-06-26 09:03 wrote:
Cause I actually used other troops as well (I just realized I could do it with my hero only). Besides, what else to do with the Pit Fiends :)
Plus the ballista is affected :P
Edited on Mon, Jun 26 2006, 04:14 by csarmi

Gaidal Cain at 2006-06-26 08:48 wrote:
OK. I had a similar amount. Though why you reduced your defense when you were only going to hit them with Agrael is beyond me. Hero damage isn't modified by defense of targeted creatures.
csarmi at 2006-06-26 07:08 wrote:
As I told you, I play pre-patch. There were 63 earth elementals divided into 3 groups. I blocked them with imp stacks (real ones, summoned ones and cloned ones) and cast mass slow on the elementals. My 4 pit fiends were enough to take all their defense down to 1 and cast 2 fireballs. Now since my hero kills 3/hit and acts 10:3 times more than the elementals, he shoots them down faster than my fodders run out.
Lucy Curtis at 2006-06-26 03:10 wrote:
How do you get to the druids? I can't seem to access them? Also is this something I need to do early on to stop Gilraen building forces or is it entirely independent?

DaemianLucifer at 2006-06-26 00:42 wrote:

You have odd ideas of what's fun ;) Though I don't remeber any Rakshasas.

They were guarding a tent(I think)northeast of the first sylvan town,near the windmill.

Gaidal Cain at 2006-06-25 22:12 wrote:
The earth elemental fight is very easy, actually it can be done with as few as 2*1 pit fiends and 5*3 imps. The hero can shoot them in time. Succubi are helpful, but they aren't really necessary, and hell hounds aren't either. So that makes me think those should probably be left home with the secondary hero to do some clearing behind... because this way I leave out the mines and such.

How many Earth Elementals was there? Just curious if they changed with the patch. I had enough of them that I really needed the succubi. Hell hounds could probably have been left, but well, the map stopped being challenging after cpaturing the second town anyway (I'm too lazy to play at my limit once it's clear that there won't be anything left to do but to go around and max out the heroes).

I scrapped the Rakshasa fight though (only did it for fun, took an hour)...

You have odd ideas of what's fun ;) Though I don't remeber any Rakshasas.

Omega_Destroyer at 2006-06-25 21:35 wrote:
Earth Elementals are pitiful in general.
Edited on Sun, Jun 25 2006, 15:35 by Omega_Destroyer
csarmi at 2006-06-25 19:14 wrote:
Yea I found the earth elementals, didn't see hill fort though. I'm hoping to capture one more town in time.

The earth elemental fight is very easy, actually it can be done with as few as 2*1 pit fiends and 5*3 imps. The hero can shoot them in time. Succubi are helpful, but they aren't really necessary, and hell hounds aren't either. So that makes me think those should probably be left home with the secondary hero to do some clearing behind... because this way I leave out the mines and such.
I scrapped the Rakshasa fight though (only did it for fun, took an hour)... and the vampires can be avoided too not that they are too hard. The magic spring is not needed. I am still not sure I will reach some second castle in time.

Gaidal Cain at 2006-06-25 17:56 wrote:
It's even called "small stacks of casters are unbalanced". Can you imagine the slaughter that would ensue if the damage of casters creatures were linear and took off at what 1 creature does 8| ?

The Earth elemetnals is just beyond the hill fort. Follow the road located north of the first sylvan town to the west.
csarmi at 2006-06-25 17:22 wrote:
hm where are the earth elementals?
csarmi at 2006-06-25 16:06 wrote:
No it's called "casters are unbalanced". And large creatures too.

DaemianLucifer at 2006-06-25 15:33 wrote:
Yea it's a funny game. I've just defeated 31 Rakshasa Rajas without losses and now comes some sprites and I gotta skip them? :(

Well its called balancing the tiers.
csarmi at 2006-06-25 15:29 wrote:
Yea it's a funny game. I've just defeated 31 Rakshasa Rajas without losses and now comes some sprites and I gotta skip them? :(

DaemianLucifer at 2006-06-25 10:02 wrote:
Ah, so you can get Gilraen to shoot the Phantom forces instead of the pit fiends? Interesting. I didn't dare to take them into the fight. Yes, earth elementals should be an easy fight. I hope 2 towns by week 2 will be enough for victory.
<br>Sprites mean losses? Why, how much spawns? Because I can defeat quite a few with 2*1 pit fiends without losing anything.<br>Edited on Sun, Jun 25 2006, 00:23 by csarmi

AI will always(well,not always but in 90% of the cases)attack phantom forces frst.

And each stack of sprites will deal you some 40-70 damage because they act first and cast the damn wasp swarm.

Gaidal Cain at 2006-06-25 09:59 wrote:
Sprites mean losses? Why, how much spawns? Because I can defeat quite a few with 2*1 pit fiends without losing anything.<br>Edited on Sun, Jun 25 2006, 00:23 by csarmi

Well, on heroic after the patch, in the second spawn wave there were hundreds of them, which would be enough to kill at least one of those fiends. Of course, by then the Second Sylvan town should be secured and Inferno starting troops possibly replaced by Sylvan troops.
csarmi at 2006-06-25 06:17 wrote:
Ah, so you can get Gilraen to shoot the Phantom forces instead of the pit fiends? Interesting. I didn't dare to take them into the fight. Yes, earth elementals should be an easy fight. I hope 2 towns by week 2 will be enough for victory.

Sprites mean losses? Why, how much spawns? Because I can defeat quite a few with 2*1 pit fiends without losing anything.
Edited on Sun, Jun 25 2006, 00:23 by csarmi

Gaidal Cain at 2006-06-24 22:00 wrote:
What you mean by remaining. I didn't lose anything on this map so far, except for the 1st fight when I lost some 30 familiars against Gilraen.

That's what I meant. I lost one of the fiends since Gilraen got to shoot before Agrael could get a chance to use Phantom Forces.

The best path to take is probably going east of your castle, but west of the road- should only be stuff that's easily beaten without losses there, and the Magic Spring will ensure mana isn't a problem. Then go west towards Earth Elementals. If one has Mass Slow (which one should have. Dark Magic is the only useful school for Demon Lords, since their Spell Power sucks), they're easy, especially with Phantom Forces (first Succubi, then whichever of imps and cerberi are strongest). An Ammo Cart will also be a huge aid here.

If playing with the patch, one should first explore the eastern road to find the +1 Spell Power object there, which Agrael probably is in dire need of (he only had 2 Spell Power at that point for me). Then one can capture the southern green town on day 1 week 2 (this is good since there won't be any of the annoying spawns around. Sprites means losses.), and reach the western town on day 1 week 3, with some time to spare if one wishes to hunt down green heroes. After this point, the map should be a cakewalk.
csarmi at 2006-06-24 21:11 wrote:
So what if they can cross the whole map. It's pretty easy to shield your important units in the tactic phase by fodders.

But I'm afraid I cannot take them out week 1 without hunters. Gotta go with earth elementals. Pixies should be enough to take them out.

DaemianLucifer at 2006-06-24 21:01 wrote:
<br>so I need 3 imps on expert
<br>shall i go northeast or northwest?
<br>hm I gotta find out whether the phoenixes or the earth elementals are the easier
<br>the phoenixes look just great with mass slow, gating and lots of fodders

Dont forget that the phoenix can cross the whole map and will act before your hero.Plus the rebirth is 100%

Btw,do the spells stay on the phoenix after they rebirth?
csarmi at 2006-06-24 20:57 wrote:
so I need 3 imps on expert

shall i go northeast or northwest?

hm I gotta find out whether the phoenixes or the earth elementals are the easier

the phoenixes look just great with mass slow, gating and lots of fodders

DaemianLucifer at 2006-06-24 20:48 wrote:
btw, can someone tell me what determines whether you can gate with a fodder or not (I mean can I always gate with 1 imp? 1 pit fiend? 2 imps? 3 imps? 4 imps?)

It depends.In the case of gating imps giving you 20% of the stack,gating 1 imp has 20% of working(I think.Ive tried it just with pit fiends).
csarmi at 2006-06-24 20:27 wrote:
Thinking back, 30 familiars aren't small losses though. Those little guys hit hard! I probably could have done that fight much better or let them kill my hell hounds instead. I dunno.
csarmi at 2006-06-24 20:21 wrote:
I fought Gilraen with imps and demons only.
csarmi at 2006-06-24 20:21 wrote:
btw, can someone tell me what determines whether you can gate with a fodder or not (I mean can I always gate with 1 imp? 1 pit fiend? 2 imps? 3 imps? 4 imps?)

DaemianLucifer at 2006-06-24 20:18 wrote:

<br>What you mean by remaining. I didn't lose anything on this map so far, except for the 1st fight when I lost some 30 familiars against Gilraen.

What dificulty was this on?And you got very lucky then,since I lost one find as well(damn druids!)
csarmi at 2006-06-24 20:15 wrote:
"Vulnerability. It's a good aid when you're fighting the Earth Elementals with noting but what has survived of your starting troops to reach the second sylvan town before green can get week 2's recuits from it."

What you mean by remaining. I didn't lose anything on this map so far, except for the 1st fight when I lost some 30 familiars against Gilraen.
csarmi at 2006-06-24 20:13 wrote:
I'm playing before the patch. It seems to me I can just walk over the map.
Pit Fiends are good, they help me do some fights without losses. (for example sprites)
I took the 1st Sylvan town on day 3, now I plan to clear the whole surrounding area week 1 and build up for hunters. With hunters and succubi I should be able to take out any large monsters (like phoenixes), even though I don't have leadership (and I won't have it at all.

I still have no good strategies against caster/shooters such as magi or druids. If anyone finds one that works, let me know. (I mean without losses) I don't have imperial griffins now :(

DaemianLucifer at 2006-06-24 15:42 wrote:
I'm replaying the map now, and it has changed quite a bit with the patch- Gilraen seems to be stationary, and the Druids are a secondary quest. I'll have to reload from a late save now since I didn't max out Agrael before going for Gilraen.

The one of the very few maps with real chalange,and they decided to make it non-chalanging like the rest? :( :disagree:

Gaidal Cain at 2006-06-24 13:31 wrote:
What's so good about Pit Fiends? I find them completely useless. They are slow, their damage sux. Is there something I don't know?

Vulnerability. It's a good aid when you're fighting the Earth Elementals with noting but what has survived of your starting troops to reach the second sylvan town before green can get week 2's recuits from it.

I'm replaying the map now, and it has changed quite a bit with the patch- Gilraen seems to be stationary, and the Druids are a secondary quest. I'll have to reload from a late save now since I didn't max out Agrael before going for Gilraen.

Angelspit at 2006-06-24 12:48 wrote:
Pit Fiends are tough and are useful to steal retaliation... but I'd still take the Nightmares or Overseers if I played that mission again.
csarmi at 2006-06-24 12:36 wrote:
Yea but that fireball has too low damage to be helpful. At least for me on map 1/2, since I used mass gating tactics.

DaemianLucifer at 2006-06-24 11:42 wrote:
What's so good about Pit Fiends? I find them completely useless. They are slow, their damage sux. Is there something I don't know?

Whats so good about them?Well Im not so sure,but it might be that they cast fireballs with a very decent damage,and have loads of HP,as opposed to other casters.
csarmi at 2006-06-24 10:48 wrote:
What's so good about Pit Fiends? I find them completely useless. They are slow, their damage sux. Is there something I don't know?

Jerrie at 2006-06-14 12:24 wrote:
Wooow, how did you get that screenshot?? Simply modding the camera constraints, or is there more to it? xD
Da_Vane at 2006-06-13 23:46 wrote:
Capture the first Sylvan town - the Sylvan spawned creatures slow the entire game down for everybody. They are weak, so with a sufficiently strong army, you should be able to take them down or force them to run.

Here's the best thing - the sylvan spawns slow down enemy heroes. The AI goes around them if it thinks it has an easier objective... like an "empty" castle. This means that Agreal can usually run them down while they are moving - usually by going through the sylvan spawns and saving valuable movement points.

Usually, you can bait all the enemy heroes in this way, and they don't usually have built up armies because the AI thinks it doesn't need them. I even managed to take down Gilraen, as he was trying to get my "bait" castle... the first Sylvan town. It seems that because the AI didn't think it needed an army, it decided not to build one properly, splitting it amongst many runners trying to take my "bait"... divide and conquer! Of course, didn't neglect to build the castle's troops - I just made sure they weren't in the castle: They were with Agrael...

sisko at 2006-06-13 17:06 wrote:
cool, what mod was used to get this screenshot. Can you actually still play when in this mode(bit hard to see, but still visible.

Angelspit at 2006-06-13 16:33 wrote:
You could try again at Normal or Hard. Most missions are very easy once you figure out what the pattern is, but at least you will have some decent opposition.

sumalmamus at 2006-06-13 16:29 wrote:
After trying this at normal with eight restarts I was very relieved when the patch came out, unfortunately it went in the other direction and the map was such a walkover I felt like I had been cheated. I accidently found Gilraen in the elven village on the NE and killed him early on before he had built any significant creature buildup. Talk about anticlimactic. I also think the patch switched me from "normal" to "easy" for my profile--the lowest one listed?

Angelspit at 2006-06-13 14:19 wrote:
I didn't bother fighting the druids and managed to finish the mission anyway, focusing on cornering Gilraen instead. I'm aware that eliminating the druids is probably critical at the higher difficulty settings, but I guess that the people who play at the level don't need walkthroughs. :)
hein231 at 2006-06-13 14:01 wrote:
i just conquered it on hard didn't waste any time just strike quickly and enemy forces to continue conquest

Nebs at 2006-06-13 08:57 wrote:
Here's what I've wrote in forums about the mission...

On 1.1 heroic I let Gilraen take back that southern sylvan town. It was anyway week 4 of first month, and he was carrying almost 100 master hunter with other troops, couldn't do anything. Was building my inferno though, and got also lv.3 mage guild for summon critters.

Anyway, as said, let him took the town, and he decided to stay there a bit. Bought all inferno army I could and went straight to the north eastern sylvan town (one where Gilraen came from). It was fully built luckily. Gilraen still stayed in south town.

Now bought 4 emeralds, and 10 ancient treants and went west for last sylvan town. Also summoned all I could've from inferno. Was a tough fight, barelly survived, but managed somehow...and now had two sylvan towns. Inferno troops not needed anymore.

But now Gilraen decided to hunt me and had to use little trick. Basically running from western to eastern town and back. Gilraen did the same, but on southern road, never catching me. He could've easily taken back sylvan towns, but seems his priority was catching me. Oh well. Good for me.

Eventually he went back to south sylvan town, and stayed there till the end of game. Now was just a matter of time to get more troops than him and end the scenario.

VortexD at 2006-06-13 07:27 wrote:
I managed to fight and win from Gilaren out of town and before the 1.1 patch. It took me a whole hour to fight him and eventually win with just the Succubi Mistresses left. I thought after that battle was over everything would be fine since I already finished the stongest hero. The flower sniffing elves obviously like to kick a man when he's down and invaded the next day. I tried not to get their attention as they took a few of my mines eveyday. But eventually they passed by my town and decided to come over for a cup of tea. I still did have my Sylvan army and some succubi, but they proved insuffcient against their greater numbers, 350 pixies, 30 ancient treants, 120 master hunters, etc... I held out until only their treants were left, but still lost...

theGryphon at 2006-06-13 03:59 wrote:
I played on hard, chose nightmares. Lost one in first fight. Captured first town on day 4. Built both towns, inferno first. Used inferno trrops until I got utterly ambushed by Gilraen on week 4 (I have not recruited that week's troops). Beat him eventually, with 6 horned demons and a single succubus mistress left (wow, that was a fight). Switched to Sylvan troops, captured town to north on at the end of week 4 (there were 5 greens waiting for me, yay). It was a piece of cake afterwards. I couldn't have beat Gilraen if it was on Heroic, because I was not well prepared and I was not in my castle. But I believe Heroic is doable...

PS: I played only after 1.1.

Rapier at 2006-06-13 03:26 wrote:
This is pretty much what I did on heroic. Take the first town on day 1 of week 2, take the second town before the end of week 2.

It's essential that Gilaren attacks you in a fully upgraded castle otherwise I don't think you can win. Although maybe after the patch it's become easier. This is the hardest map I've played so far, although I think Dungeon map 3 will get a patch to reduce it's difficulty as well.

I left the druids until much much later, I'm not sure a rush to kill them is necessary, after Gilaren it's all easy.
Edited on Mon, Jun 12 2006, 21:27 by Rapier

Psychobabble at 2006-06-13 02:11 wrote:
Good walkthrough, good hints (particularly on holding off on capturing the first town till after the first week).

Yeah, you might want to mention those druids, it's a reasonably important part of the map :)

And I fixed up a cpl of minor spelling errors....

Angelspit at 2006-06-12 14:55 wrote:
There are a bunch of druids in the center of the map. You will see them if you visit the Eye of the Magi thingy next to the southern castle.
jazzbiker at 2006-06-12 14:49 wrote:
But where is the source of the Druid Magic? I've managed to beat Gilrean, but I haven't completed the objectives and can't figure out where the Druid magic source is... :(

g1fteD at 2006-06-12 14:44 wrote:

Angelspit at 2006-06-12 13:33 wrote:
No, it was written after the patch. But I guess it applies to version 1.0 as well, since I pretty much leave you on your own for the fight against Gilraen (the size of his army is the only thing that changed with the patch, besides a script fix).

Sauron at 2006-06-12 13:30 wrote:
This walkthrough has been made before the patch (I think)

DaemianLucifer at 2006-06-12 10:30 wrote:
Although pit fiends seem like a better bonus to me,since you can haul them to the half of the map,even if you do loose one in the first battle.

g1fteD at 2006-06-12 08:47 wrote:
Is this walktrough also usable without the 1.1 patch cause i have lots of problems installing it.

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